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Let's take a little quiz, shall we? Let's say you're on a mixed-use trail, and you hear me call out "On your left!" from behind you. Do you:
a)Immediately move to your right
b)Look behind you to check where I am, then move to your right
c)Ignore my warning three times, then shriek at the top of your lungs as you leap left, directly in front of my bike
If you chose a or b, congratulations, you're not an idiot! If however, you chose c, you're the moron on the Crescent Trail this afternoon, and you should never be allowed out in public again.
Thanks for taking this quiz, I'll be fuming and trying not to have a heart attack caused by terminally stupid people. See you next time on "How Were People Idiots Today?"

Rest assured that the lack of expletives is solely because I'm cross-posting this to Facebook.
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After experiencing remarkable pain and discomfort yesterday, I've realized that I have, if not an allergy to, an intolerance for raw bananas. This blows. I quite like bananas. I like them by themselves, I like them in smoothies, I like them cut up and placed over cereal. But apparently I can no longer eat them, unless I want sharp stomach pain and cramping for the subsequent several hours. Awesome. Yet another thing to bring up to my doctor. "Hey doc, things are going well, meds working out great, btdubs, think I'm crazy allergic to bananas. Yep, bananas. So random, am I right? Anyhow, maybe I need a scratch test, since this is the second food product I've developed an allergic reaction to after years of imbibing without harm. Just a thought!" Blargh. I mean, it could obviously be SO much worse, but it is still irritating as fuck.

I got home this afternoon, and stepped outside to check on our balcony garden. While looking at the tomato plant, I noticed smudgy spots on the leaves. Upon closer inspection, I also noticed a shit ton of little green bugs all over the plant. Fuck fuck motherfucking fuck, we have aphids. In a fit of rage, I went to the hardware store and purchased an insecticide/miticide, which I applied generously to both the tomato and pepper plants. When I went back out a few hours later, all the aphids were dead. And now I feel a bit shitty. Not for killing those aphids dead, oh hells no. But for purchasing and using an insecticide. I just feel gross. There are other methods that kill aphids without resorting to deadly chemicals, and I just blew right past them in favor of Monsanto. Again, blargh.

Finally, I've realized that I actually do need to stretch pre and post workout. My hamstrings are so fucking tense you wouldn't believe it, and I know its because I didn't stretch. I just feel ridiculous stretching in front of others. Not because I'm not flexible, but because I am. Most people do a little lunge, and they're like, Oh that was a good stretch. I get most of the way to the floor before I'm like, Ok I think I feel something. So I just feel dumb doing these huge stretches where anyone else can see me. Which I need to get over, because the whole hamstring thing? Suuuuuuuuuucks.

And that's it for now. A more positive update tomorrow or the next day. Ciao!
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So I may read far too many Cracked articles, more than are good for my health perhaps, but when I learn gems like the German word "kummerspeck" it makes it all worthwhile. Would you like to know what it means? Well, it means overeating due to negative emotions, which most of us are familiar with. Ice cream binge anyone? But what it translates to is much better. Kummerspeck literally means "grief bacon." Seriously. Grief bacon. Amazing!

Work is making me hate humanity again. Or maybe just rich assholes who think its cool to go grab their coffee before its paid for. Either way. Next time you take a $3 cup of individually brewed coffee instead of your $2 cup of House blend, I will conk you over the head with a porta-filter, hand to god. And for fuck's sake, if you do take the wrong coffee and have already altered it, the way to go about things is to apologize, and if we tell you to keep the coffee, shut the fuck up and keep it. Do not keep badgering me about 'getting into trouble' because I will end you. You got a better cup than you paid for, shut the fuck up and walk away. GAH!

I regularly ignore the advice of my icons.

Day off today, which will be devoted to studying. I have a paper due this weekend, but I think I'll try to get all my OTHER stuff done first so I can just focus on that. It (hopefully) shouldn't be too bad, and then I just have the final exam left for that class. Which is good, cause I've not been a fan. Ah well. Almost done!

I am busy plotting my next tattoo, which will occur pretty much the second I've graduated. I'm thinking the next one will be the elephant on my inner arm. Bagheera, the crow, and the Portuguese Man o' War will have to wait a while. Expensive! But the elephant should be pretty simple. I'm currently thinking just a line drawing, but I'll talk to a few artists, get some ideas. Subvert the dominant pachyderm! (Plus I love me some oliphaunts)

...and that's it! Ciao!
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I had another expedition to the yarn store this weekend. I had originally bought two skeins of that lovely baby alpaca yarn, but after getting through them the scarf was still not long enough. So my friend Gerti and I went back out to Woolwinders in Rockville to get me some more skeins and to then hang out and knit. Well. I guess I wasn't the only one drawn to that yarn, because it was sold out. I spoke to the woman who owns the store, and she is special ordering two more skeins for me, but still, that was disappointing. So I ended up starting early on my friend Chris' Redskins scarf. I bought 4 skeins, two of a rusty red, one cream, and one yellow. Stripes will happen! And tassels! Gerti suggested that I try doing a ribbed scarf, and taught me the purl stitch. However, 3 inches in and the stitch wasn't looking that great with the cotton yarn. So I've pulled it apart and am just doing a garter stitch for this project. When I start on the fingerless gloves I'll give purling another try, but I'll probably also get a thicker yarn to do it in.

So after the yarn store we walked over to Mayorga, a local coffee chain, to drink coffee and knit for a while. I ordered my new favorite drink, a dirty soy chai. I know, it kinda makes me an obnoxious coffee drinker, but here are my justifications: 1)Lactose intolerant, must drink soy. 2)Love chai. 3)Chai is not caffeinated enough to prevent me from getting headaches. 4)Kind of hate how espresso and soy taste together, with a few exceptions. So! It makes the most sense for me to get a soy chai, and have them throw a shot in there. Tasty and prevents caffeine headaches! Rock on! Except for on Saturday, because the barista gave me cows milk. The chai and the espresso masked the taste, so I didn't realize anything was wrong until about halfway through. Which means I drank 8 oz of cows milk. I don't know how many of you are lactose intolerant, but in case you didn't know, digesting dairy products without the aid of an enzyme pill like Lactaid is incredibly painful. I was in a severe amount of pain and discomfort for the next 4 hours, alternating with bouts of nausea so bad I *wished* I were throwing up rather than feeling this. It ruined our plans for Saturday evening, and I felt like shit until I finally was able to go to sleep around midnight.

Look. I'm a barista, I get that sometimes mistakes happen. But I have NEVER made a mistake that could hurt someone. When a person orders soy, I don't assume they're doing it to be trendy, I assume they are either lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy. And I ask! Because if it is intolerance, I just need to rinse out a pitcher. If its an allergy, I need to sanitize a pitcher, or grab one that hasn't yet been used. I don't fuck around with something that can hurt people! And I'm really pissed that this barista either didn't write down that I ordered (and paid for) soy, or didn't care. I've submitted a complaint to the company, though I doubt anything will come of it. And I won't be going back to that coffee shop. Frankly, I'm not really in a place where I'm trusting anyone but me to make my own drink, because I don't want to be poisoned again. Soy. Not an unreasonable request!

Anyhow! This took longer than I though, and I have homework to do. So. Off to work on my final exam, and finish up my term project powerpoint. Til later!

Also- it might make me a hipster, but I am clearly using this icon ironically. SO ANGRY! WILL NOT BE CALM!
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WHY does every character on every tv show HAVE to get some stupid nickname from fandom? Seriously, why? I get that when you're writing fanfic you want to make the characters seem closer, or more casual with each other, or having pet names for each other, but it doesn't have to be EVERYONE! Gah!

What set me off this time was reading the TWoP forums for Game of Thrones, and people are referring to Daenerys as "Dany." Oh my god, stop it. What's next, "Visy" and "Drogy"? Obviously some of the characters already have nicknames; Eddard is commonly called Ned, Catelyn is called Cat. But NOT EVERYONE needs a nickname! Guh, its like on Supernatural where, I swear to god, people were calling Lucifer "Luci." Seriously? Luci? He's the fucking devil, just call him Lucifer!

And if fans of BSG ever referred to Starbuck as "Star" I don't want to know about it. Starbuck WAS her nickname, dammit!
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I imagine those of you in the SPN fandom, or those who read Fandom Wank have already heard about the epic J2 racefail involving the fic set in post-quake Haiti. If you haven't, or if you'd like to learn more about it, there is an excellent wrap-up post here, complete with links to not only the original fic but to other essays and responses to the issue.

I'm white. I've made no secret about that, I'm a WASP who was born and raised outside of DC. Even living in such a "blue" area, I've struggled with my own subconscious racial issues. I work really hard to NOT look at everything from my priveleged point of view, and to also not make it an "exploring the other" exercise. I try my best to think of and treat other people as just that- people. And when issues like RaceFail come up, I look really hard at my own beliefs and actions, and if I find myself acting or thinking in a questionable manner, I work really hard to correct it! But most of all- if someone calls me on an action or post that is fucked up- I DON'T THROW A FUCKING HISSY FIT! I don't claim that I can't possibly be racist because [insert x reason here], and I don't say I'm so fucking hurt that someone called me racist!

That is what I find most despicable about the J2 Racefail and the one last year- if you do something fucked up, and people call you on it, FUCKING DEAL WITH IT LIKE A GROWNUP! Apologize, retract your statement (or fic, or fanart, or whatever), and WORK ON YOUR ISSUES!

Fuck, man. Fandom, as awesome as it can be (see [ profile] help_haiti), can be epically fucked up.
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This is not an entry about Amanda Palmer, and I will not be discussing Amanda Palmer or Evelyn Evelyn in this journal. My opinions on that are my own and I don't feel like engaging in discussion about them or having someone be hurt over them. Just so you know.

This is about school! More specifically, my computer class and the horrendous bitch in it. So, I have this class once a week for three hours on Tuesday afternoons. It is mostly a lecture class, but we have four projects over the course of the semester, and we get four "lab sessions" in which to work on them. Yesterday was one of those lab sessions. Our Excel project was due, so we were supposed to meet at the lab where we could either work independently or wait for our teacher to arrive and walk us through it.

Fifteen minutes into the class and our Professor has not yet arrived. Now, he has told us that he is undergoing dialysis, and we know that several times he has been delayed due to traffic. Most of us kind of shrug, decide to stay and work on our projects anyway. We pass around an attendance sheet just so we can show him that, hey! We were all here. Another half hour or so passes, and another classmate walks in. She signs the attendance sheet and is settling in when we receive an email from the Professor, which I will quote:

"Please forgive me, due to unforeseen circumstances at my dialysis center i was delayed and will not make it to class tonight. please use this time to work on your projects. thanks."

A few people groan and ask why he waited so long to send the email, but I point out that he sent it from the dialysis center and that something had probably gone wrong; this was most likely the first chance he got to send it. Everyone accepts this and goes back to work on their projects. Except for Bitchy McLate. She gets up, SLAMS her chair back into my table, crumples the attendance sheet (at which I and several others protested) and proceeds to bitch about how this was such a waste of her time. Her rant includes such gems as "I had to get out of bed to come to class", "I don't have diabetes or whatever, but it is NOT a valid reason for missing a class", "He is so inconsiderate, this is such a waste of my time", and when told (by me) that she could work on her project, "Well I've already FINISHED it, I only came because he takes attendance!" All the while slamming her stuff around into my desk and the desk of the person next to her, and finally storming out of the room.

What. A Fucking. Bitch.

First of all, Miss Entitled, you showed up to class an hour late. AN HOUR LATE. You dumb bitch, YOU are the one who is being disrespectful in that case. Oh, you already finished your project? Good for you! Some of us don't have access to Microsoft Office and need this lab time to work on ours. So how about you shut the fuck up with your bitching and ranting and let the rest of us DO OUR FUCKING WORK?! Third, go fuck yourself. No, really. You have no idea what our teacher is going through, WHY he is undergoing dialysis, or how it affects him. The fact that he sent the email late, from his Blackberry, says to me that there were some complications with his procedure that day, meaning he was PHYSICALLY UNABLE to come to class. Yes, medical issues ARE a valid reason to not come to class. His health comes before your inconvenience, I am NOT AT ALL sorry to say, so why don't you shut your bitchy entitled mouth before one of the many annoyed people in the room shuts it for you!

God, I was so fucking angry! What the fuck was she talking about, being "inconvenienced"?! She never comes to class! She has been to four classes in the two months we've had class for! Also, hello, she was a FUCKING HOUR LATE! THAT is what is rude, not someone being SO ILL they literally could not get in touch with us sooner! Jesus Fucking Christ, and the way she was talking about medical issues- half the people in the class were about to beat her up, seriously. One guy's best friend had been on dialysis, he was fuming. One girl had gone through chemo and dialysis in high school, she was ready to punch that woman in the face. Others were just as angry, including me.

Just- what do you say in a situation like that? We were all arguing back, telling her she was wrong, but I feel like I should have done more. And now I'm just left feeling angry at her, and bad for our teacher. My biggest worry is that she sent a bitchy email to him, I wouldn't put it past her. And if was indeed feeling that badly, I doubt an aggressive whiny email is really going to help. Basically I want to go up to her and be like, until you've either 1)had a life altering illness or 2)can act like a FUCKING HUMAN BEING - shut your fucking mouth you entitled bitch.

Thanks for letting me rant, LJ- you're the best!
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Listen. I am not your fucking shrink. I am not on call to talk you through every single one of your fucking neuroses because frankly, I don't give a fuck. If you have so many fucking issues that you can't fucking function, then you should be talking to a goddamn psychiatrist, not some girl on the internet you don't know. And you know what? Fuck you. You don't know me at all, I have no idea how you even found this journal/decided to be friends with me. You made it very clear that you didn't give a fuck about anything in my life, all you wanted to talk about was your new fucking problem of the week.

I have no problem giving my friends advice. Let me repeat that- talking to my FRIENDS and giving them ADVICE. There is a big fucking difference between talking to someone I care about and wanting to help them, and being used as an impromptu psychologist, talking you through everything from your fear of smoking to how long you should wait before calling a girl. Maybe I'd be more willing to help you if you hadn't made it abundantly clear that you don't give a fuck about anything but yourself. You'd ask one perfunctory question about what was going on with me, and then immediately dive into your problem of the week. Well fuck that shit.

GROW UP! Seriously, grow the fuck up. Of course its hard you fucking douchebag, its called life. Did you expect it to be easy? If you wanted an easy go of it you shouldn't have fucked up your chances at school. You should move out of your mom's house since you apparently hate her, and you should stop fucking burdening me with your problems that I DON'T CARE ABOUT, every fucking time you see I'm online. You made me stop signing onto AIM because I didn't want to risk dealing with your shit. But even then you found ways to fucking bother me all the time. I thought when I told you off two weeks ago you had gotten the fucking message. But no, yesterday you bother me yet again, when I tell you that I can't talk you get all passive agressive on me. Fuck you. You're blocked on AIM, you're blocked on GChat, and you're not welcome on this journal.

Go tell your issues to your fucking teddy bear, I don't want to hear another goddamn thing from you.

Fuck off.
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I was going to make an angry post about [ profile] therightfangirl and how they come off as a bunch of deluded, whiny, privileged brats, but I decided that I just don't care enough.

Actually, that's a lie. I do care enough, and here is why: the members of that community give conservatives a bad name. Comparing Michelle Obama to Sasquatch is not clever. Blaming anyone but Palin on her decision to quit is not "defending your icon" it is disenfranchising a woman who made a (arguably poor and ill-advised) choice to step down from her political position. Insulting Obama's children and then turning around and bashing "the liberal media" for attacking Palin's family is hypocritical. Also showing a double-standard is attacking someone who reasonably and thoughtfully points out different interpretations of Bible-verses based on different translations of Aramaic and Hebrew, but insisting that Umbridge in Harry Potter is a liberal and anyone who disagrees with you is a fucking moron or a stupid liberal idiot. I can and will go on about their despicable behavior:

-Calling yourself a Christian but rejoicing that Dr. Tiller will "rot in hell"
-Being pissy that his murderer was called a religious zealot, then turning around and condemning the entirety of the Islamic religion and culture as murderous, Western-hating infidels
-Rejoicing that Proposition 8 passed and getting pissed off when people call you a bigot
-Saying that your religion trumps people's rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"
-Defending Sanford and saying that his infidelity should have remained a personal matter while insisting that Clinton should have been thrown out of office
-Blaming the "liberal media" for harping on Adam Lambert's sexuality when Bill O'Rielly was the first to bring it up

I could go on, but since those bullet points are just from posts through the end of May, the entire list would take up too many journal entries.

I went to check out that community yesterday because of a secret on [ profile] fandomsecrets that mentioned it. I was curious, I wanted to see what a "fan community for conservative fangirls" was like. I personally want my fandom space to be friendly, but also full of discussion and hopefully thought provoking as well. That is why I checked out the comm in the first place, I wanted to see how conservative fangirls acted in their own safe space. What I found was a cesspool of hate and misinformation* with one in every 40 entries being remotely fandom-related. Anyone who spoke from a fiscally (not socially) conservative perspective or even someone willing to listen to the other side was either immediately shot down or accused of being a troll. It was bullshit. I wish I had never clicked on the link. It is an angry community full of hatred, bigotry and bile.

I almost didn't write this post because I was worried about the reactions from conservatives on my friends list. The several that I know are conservative are reasonable, well-spoken, and intelligent people, and I respect their opinions while disagreeing with them. I think that is what made me so angry about that community- I'm used to civil discourse with people that hold different opinions from me, and I'm also used to seeing them write about their opinions in well-researched posts. There was none of that reason in the community, and it scares and angers me that people can be so convinced that they are right without putting any effort into researching what they believe in.

I am well aware that some of you may choose to de-friend me over this post. I'd rather you talked to me in the comments or by PM, but I won't be angry if you choose not to.

*One post accused liberals of "ratting out" Sanford, blamed everyone from the liberal media to the South Carolina Democrats, and had about 30 comments agreeing with everything in the post. When one commenter pointed out that the people who had brought Sanford's affair to light were the Republican Lt. Governor and the Republican State's Attorney General, both political rivals, and gave a brief history of Sanford's battle with his own party the OP responded with "Oh, wow, this would have been good to know before I posted, LOL!". It is called research, you ignorant bitch, try it out sometime!
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I'm sure many of you have heard about this, but KXRQ Sacramento's morning radio show recently had a half hour diatribe against transgendered children. Let me repeat that: for over 30 minutes two grown men spewed vitriol against children as young as five who were transgendered or questioning their gender identity. It is disgusting, and despicable, and I hope that show gets yanked off the air faster than you can say "asshole". One awesome way to help with that is follow this link to an entry that [ profile] wook77 has made compiling a list of advertisers for the morning show. [ profile] wook77 also includes a form letter that you can C/P and send out. Please, whether you're a member of the LGBTQ community, an ally, or just someone who thinks that people who berate and abuse children shouldn't receive monetary support, check out the link and send a letter. I have.
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Fandom, you're annoying me right now.

Supernatural- did you HAVE to kill off yet another black man? At first I got really excited that you had a person of color playing a major role, but the moment he called humans mud-monkeys I shook my head and stopped caring about the character. I just... I love the show, I really do. But do you think they could try to be less racist and less misogynist? Because that would be really awesome. I'm also a little annoyed that most people on the boards at TWoP are like, FINALLY! Uriel is dead! Hooray! I know that he 'had to die' for the episode, but his story could have been so interesting! What would make a specialist like Uriel, an angel in God's army for thousands of years, decide to turn to Lucifer? Instead we got a short speech about humanity sucking, then a quick fistfight, then BAM! Stabbed through the throat. I'm just... annoyed.

Bandom- QUIT HATING ON THE WOMEN! Goddamn, but I'm getting sick of this. Pete Wentz is my current favorite for calling out all the haters and subtle sexism that goes on, for serious. I've said this before and I'll say it again- It is perfectly fine to dislike a band's music. I don't like Tyga, so I don't listen to him. But I don't go around talking shit about him! If you dislike Hey Monday, don't listen to them! But quit saying that they're only popular because Cassadee is pretty! Or, on the other hand, say you love the band but hate Cassadee. That is bullshit. Cassadee is the lead singer, she is the frontwoman, they wouldn't be Hey Monday without her. So lay off!

I just don't get it. Is it jealousy? I'm jealous of their success, I'll admit it. I would do all sorts of things for RiP to get big. But I also admire them for doing it! All this hatred makes me think of Mean Girls- these little haters are tearing people down to try and make themselves feel better. But it doesn't work, and I wish they'd just stop.

Gah! Off to go listen to Hey Monday and do my homework. New friends, sorry for the ranty intro. Although I did warn you...
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If you hadn't heard already, according to her blog, Keltie broke up with Ryan yesterday morning. She posted another update later that evening. The first post has, at last count, 170 comments. The second post has 80. While many of these are simple messages of sympathy and encouragement, there are a few that do either one of two things: either the commenter has overly empathized with Keltie and believes that only they understand each other's pain, or someone is bitching Keltie out for posting about the breakup on her blog.

First group: take a chill pill. Yeah, being cheated on sucks, but you are not a special and unique snowflake for having it happen to you. Just because something similar happened to both you and Keltie does not mean that she will be your new BFF. She has her own friends and family, and while she is taking comfort in the messages of support, she is not going to single you out just because you wrote 5 long paragraphs and said you would "send her light". Yeesh.

Second group: Fuck off. It is her blog. It is her relationship, it is her life. You may not like that she posted information online, but let me reiterate: it is her blog! She can post whatever the hell she wants there! No, bitching her out "on Ryan's behalf" does not make it better. Like it or not he is a public figure, and when public figures break up with their significant others details get leaked. You can be made uncomfortable by it, sure, but there is a simple solution to that problem: Don't read it! Don't read her blog posts, don't follow her on Twitter, don't find her everywhere she is online and then get pissed off when you read personal stuff! She is a woman who has just had her heart broken, let her fucking vent and get what comfort she can from those who understand and sympathize.

Another thing? Trashing another girl doesn't make guys like you. Shocker! I know. But its true! So all you little fans who hate every single girl the boys interact with? Stop it. Hating them will get you nowhere. It will get you pitying condescending looks from me, but thats about it. Because here's the secret: guys like girls (and girls like girls, if thats what you're into) who are wholly their own person. Who are self-actualized, have their own goals and ambitions and don't let their lives revolve around whoever they are or want to be sleeping with. Remember how all those YM and Seventeen interview with guys have the guys saying confidence is sexy? That's because it is!

One thing that can turn me off anyone, no matter how good looking they are, is constant bitter trash-talking. There is a difference between snark and jealous ranting, and if you are constantly doing the second then I don't want to be around you. For example: The Fug Girls are snarky. They mock clothing, hairstyles, career paths- but they do it humorously, with more than a grain of self-deprecating humor thrown in. [ profile] fbr_secrets? You're doing it wrong. The amount of hate directed towards Victoria, Cassadee, Greta, Ashlee, Keltie, etc is staggering. And frankly, disgusting. Why would I want to talk to someone who can't think of anything to say but nasty shit about other people? That shows me that you don't care enough about yourself for me to invest any of my time or energy into you. In short, no matter how pretty your outside is, your inside is fug and it drives people away.

So, lets go over this one last time, shall we? 1)Don't overidentify with celebrities you do not know. 2)Tearing apart other people makes you look bad.

Got it? Awesome.
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Look- people are NOT nice on the internet! This is obviously not everyone ever, but if you are a member of a ranting community and you post a bitchy rant you should maybe expect people to be not so nice in return, ok?

Basically- a member posted a rant about customers that several of thought was not as sucky as the OP though. But as soon as we expressed this point of view (politely!) the OP started jumping down our throats. After a bit of back and forth I got tired of arguing and stopped responding. I didn't think much more of it until today, when the new mod decided to bitch me out for daring to disagree. Her comment, and I quote:

[ profile] buggrit_1979: This community is called [ profile] customerssuck. And you know something? Many people DO think customers that hang out after close are dicks. I know I do. It's a topic that has been discussed many times in this community, and I'm not getting why this particular post became a target for deep dickery, but drop it.

I said: I thought we were also supposed to be professionals who do our jobs. I can see why [ profile] everanddespair was annoyed, I just didn't see the suck.

And speaking of dropping it, I last commented two days ago. You're the one who picked it back up.

She comes back with: I didn't see anyplace in the post where she didn't do her job. Being professional does not mean NOT complaining later, out of the customer's hearing, about something that upsets one.

And I only found all this shit out today, or I'd surely have said something sooner.

So, let me get this straight- your community rules say that people are allowed to disagree as long as they do it politely, but as soon as I do that I get bitched at? Throughout the initial exchange [ profile] everanddespair was ridiculously aggressive with me, yet she gets defended and I get bitched at? Whatever.

The icing on the cake is the mod post that [ profile] buggrit_1979 made this afternoon, basically telling everyone who had disagreed on that post to STFU, GTFO and DIAF. That's some great Mod work there, Lou.

Well, about 15 people, including me, have already left the community and more are doing so as I refresh and check. Bug has since edited the post to a more 'snuggletimez' response, but people seem to be onto her bullshit.

Basically, neener neener, enjoy your sucky poorly run community!
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If you don't like an episode or two, sure, that happens to all shows. Something bugs you, there are too many anvils, they include a character you don't like much- whatever. Sometimes shit like that happens.

But when you bitch about every episode in the current season? I'm tempted to tell you to STFU and GTFO of the fandom. If it upsets you this deeply, for every episode, what enjoyment are you getting out of it? Seriously! All you do is bitch bitch bitch, go misogynistic, bitch about the writing, bitch about Sam, moan about Dean, hate on the mytharc, etc etc. You don't sound happy, so WHY DO YOU STAY?! Is it because you are obsessed with writing porn for it? Is it Castiel love? Or do you just want to continue to spew vitriol over every single female character that appears on the show? I mean, not to assume... but that's how it looks to me!

I have had one too many glasses of wine to continue this angry rant. Expect a slightly hungover, therefore angrier, rant tomorrow.

Left public because, check out the tag.
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Many of you may have heard of, or been linked to an article entitled The Top Seven Butterbodies on Spike. That link does not go to the article mentioned, as I do not wish to boost the site's views/rank on Google. The article is disgusting, chastising several of Hollywood's most beautiful women for being "butterbodies", or women who have let themselves go. Many people have already said this, but I call bullshit.

First off, let's take a look at some of the women he singles out, shall we?

Sara Ramirez, whom Nicky-boy refers to as "pudgy" and takes her to task for not doing what, apparently, all "big-boned" women do when they achieve fame, and slim down.


Does this look like someone who is "pudgy"? I see a gorgeous woman with hips to die for and um... huge tracts of land. Basically, a gorgeous, confident woman.

Next up, we have one of my favorite actresses, Drew Barrymore:


I've had a crush on Miss Drew since I was 5 and saw her in Babes in Toyland. Drew is a woman with beautiful wide cheekbones and a smokin' figure. Please tell me how she is fat? I really don't see it at all.

One more for your comparison: Miss Mandy Moore.


I just don't get it. How is this bubbly beautiful woman even on this list? *Look* at her body! Look at her tiny waist! Look at her bust, look at her hips! She is wonderfully proportioned and anyone who says she is fat is flat out lying to themselves.

You are free to click through links and look at the article itself, but please believe me when I say that each of the women that he singled out for disparagement is considered a paragon of good looks in Hollywood. Now, how about we have a look at the man who considers himself an expert on the female form, and perfectly qualified to make asshole judgments on them, shall we?


Nick Coles, people! First off, before I even get started on his looks, let me point out that I found this picture in the fourth ranked page on a Google search for his name. The article on Spike was posted less than a week ago; the blog post mocking him was posted 4 days ago. And it is already ranked fourth on Google search. Hooray internet!

Now I am going to get to his looks. Please understand that under normal circumstances I would say that the... ahem, gentleman in question is fine in appearance. However! Since he has taken it upon himself to dissect the looks of various Hollywood women, I feel that he has left himself open to criticism.

First off, the neck beard? Not even Kevin Smith, god bless him, can pull that off. It is disgusting. It makes me think of too many days without showering, and a general lack of care regarding hygiene that extends to god knows where. If he cannot be bothered to shave his neck then god save me from ever having to know whatever care he does or does not apply to his nether regions. Jungle wilds are not attractive, just so you know.

Speaking of hair, what is up with the exposed chest hair? Seriously! It brings to mind a sweaty middle-aged man wearing a stained wife-beater and drinking a beer at 2 in the afternoon. This may be some people's cup of tea, but it definitely is not mine.

On to the next flaw! What is up with the double chin? More precisely, what is up with his headshot posing to exacerbate the double-chin? Most people I know, myself included, who are prone to double-chins in photographs have learned how to position their heads so it does not show. But not Nicky Coles! Which suggests that he either is so confident that he feels no need to hide it, or is so delusional regarding his looks that he doesn't know to. Personally, I'm leaning toward the latter.

Basically, this completely average, if not below average man feels himself qualified to talk shit about beautiful women and in turn, every woman in America. He is perfectly fine with attempting to take these women down a notch, and while doing so make many American women question their own beauty and desirability. Basically, fuck you Nick Coles. Here's hoping this article ensures you never get laid again.


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