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Ok, this is seriously becoming an addiction. I just can't stop!

I still blame disarm_d... )

Not gonna lie, the first and last ones are my faves...
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This is all her fault:

Must... make... more!

Also, hooray for playing around in Gimp cause I'm poor and lack Photoshop! Rock on!
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Ok, almost every summary in the meme was guessed right, but there were three no one could figure out. Granted, one is incredibly vague, and the other quite obscure, so I figure none of this "clue" shit, I'll just tell you straight up.

8. Women do important things and have lots of romance. Holy vagueness, Batman! I chose this one specifically because it was so ridiculously non-specific. It is actually about a series of books by Tamora Pierce, the Tortall series. The description of the first book says something about a red-haired girl becoming a professional cross-dresser... anyhow, great series, love them to death, go read!

9. Teenagers fight Satan by reading aloud from stolen library books. I was actually a little sad that no one guessed the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. These were some of my favorite books growing up, and for years I waited for a book to literally snag me as I went by and tell me how to become a wizard. Sigh!

18. An unusual little girl with variably-colored hair engages in a number of bizarre and surreal adventures, accidentally wiping out all life on earth in the process. Stupidly obscure, but this is the webcomic minus, which can be read here. I highly recommend it! Gorgeous art, whimsical story.

Onto other stuff! The semester is wrapping up and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Have to finish writing a group paper (guess what I'm doing tomorrow!) plus take four exams starting Saturday and ending Tuesday. Jesus. I'm not taking classes this summer so my parents won't be supporting me, which means I'll be working full time at the coffee shop in order to support myself. Nothing wrong with that at all, its just one more thing that I don't want to think about now. I also need to figure out transferring into the University of Maryland, one more semester of online courses and I'll be begging to be shot in the face. (Oh, he's not here? Never mind!)

Gold Motel this Thursday! Empires in a couple of weeks! Summer is soon! Need to start riding my bike again, and actually working out instead of just talking about it. Rock on.

A Meme!

Apr. 25th, 2010 04:29 pm
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Totally yoinked from [ profile] gehayi : Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. Bicycle courier finds himself on the run from extremely ticked-off urbanites. He meets up with a woman keen on hacking people to death with a machete, a slightly mad taxi driver, and his quiet daughter, who take him on a road trip through the countryside. The four encounter a small group of soldiers living in a country mansion who intend to restart the human race. One of them wears a pink apron. 28 Days Later guessed by [ profile] moko_youbi

2. A hopeless romantic falls for a quirky young woman who doesn't believe in true love. Hilarity/heartache ensue. (500) Days of Summer guessed by [ profile] thesamefire

3. Dirty old man fantasizes about teenager, smokes pot, dies.
American Beauty guessed by [ profile] arielchan

4. A children's comedy film about an heiress and her children being drugged and abandoned. They later meet a vagabond who hangs out with a jazz band composed of ethnic stereotypes. The Aristocats guessed by [ profile] arielchan

5. Extraordinarily Empowered Girls kill zombies with bells. The Abhorsen Trilogy guessed by [ profile] gehayi

6. A man is let out of prison and is hired as chauffeur and bodyguard to a weird man who's conducting a secret war against another bunch of other weird people. The story is occasionally interrupted for history lessons or stories that are almost completely unrelated. American Gods guessed by [ profile] tablesaw

7. A pair of perfect size six California girls attend high school. In the early few books, one of the girls claims a boy from school tried to rape her because she was annoyed that he wouldn't kiss her goodnight; the other is in a motorcycle accident that makes her suddenly become more flirtatious, ending in the richest boy in school attempting to rape her when the effect wears off. A Long Runner series spawning several Spin Off series and well over 500 total books. Sweet Valley High guessed by [ profile] sayingwhatiam

8. Women do important things and have lots of romance.

9. Teenagers fight Satan by reading aloud from stolen library books.

10. Detectives solve crimes through lots of Flashbacks Cold Case guessed by [ profile] cinaea

11. Sitcom about a group of dysfunctional college students (most of whom are in their 30s) with nothing in common but their Spanish study group, in which they never study Spanish. Community guessed by [ profile] badlydrawnjeff

12. Nine people look out into the blackness of space and see nine different things. Firefly guessed by [ profile] moko_youbi

13. The man in the grey flannel suit commits identity theft, votes for Nixon, and provides an object lesson in why the women's movement was a Good Thing. Mad Men guessed by [ profile] greyweirdo

14. Four students who hate each other live together. The Young Ones guessed by [ profile] droewyn

15. A guy with an ABD in astrophysics joins forces with a flamboyantly gay singer to write mini-rock operas about riding a bicycle. Over 30 years later he gets that PhD. Queen guessed by [ profile] chrryblssmninja

16. Two cute little dragons blow bubbles and jump on them to make their way through a cave where there are wind-up toys that can kill them with one touch while the same music loops over and over. Bubble Bobble guessed by [ profile] droewyn

17. A girl has to save a fairy from a witch and learns that she enjoys reading tombstones. King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella guessed by [ profile] greyweirdo

18. An unusual little girl with variably-colored hair engages in a number of bizarre and surreal adventures, accidentally wiping out all life on earth in the process.

19. A Deadpan Snarker plays tabletop games with his extraordinarily violent friends, one of whom owns a tech support/phone sex hotline. He gets given a cat who is over twenty years old, has no bones, and is recovering from chemotherapy. Loads And Loads Of Characters come and go. He works on a catgirl comic (which is directly responsible for as many as five or six deaths) in his spare time. Something Positive guessed by [ profile] arielchan

20. Stick figures make one-shot jokes about grad-level sciences and esoteric nerd culture. The fact that 95% of the general population has no idea what the hell is going on just makes it that much sweeter for the 5% who do. xkcd guessed by [ profile] arielchan
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A love meme is going on at [ profile] seimaisin's journal. My thread is here. Leave a girl some love?

Meme time!

Feb. 25th, 2009 11:09 pm
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Stolen from [ profile] seimaisin, Random Questions and Answers! )


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