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Let's take a little quiz, shall we? Let's say you're on a mixed-use trail, and you hear me call out "On your left!" from behind you. Do you:
a)Immediately move to your right
b)Look behind you to check where I am, then move to your right
c)Ignore my warning three times, then shriek at the top of your lungs as you leap left, directly in front of my bike
If you chose a or b, congratulations, you're not an idiot! If however, you chose c, you're the moron on the Crescent Trail this afternoon, and you should never be allowed out in public again.
Thanks for taking this quiz, I'll be fuming and trying not to have a heart attack caused by terminally stupid people. See you next time on "How Were People Idiots Today?"

Rest assured that the lack of expletives is solely because I'm cross-posting this to Facebook.
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Palmer and I are on an epic mission, one which will test our reserves of strength and likely cause much heartbreak. We are trying to make ourselves like IPAs. Neither of us have ever been IPA drinkers, and have avoided beers whose descriptions include "hop finish" and the like. But after a tour of the Heavy Seas brewery in Baltimore, we realized that this was severely limiting our beer choices. Hops apparently make the beer (along with malt, obvs) and by removing them from consideration we were missing out on some interesting beers. So. Hops! We started easy, with the Heavy Seas Loose Cannon. We'd liked it on the tour, and so bought some a few days later. We liked it then, too. We've since tried some other beers, including Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, and as of right now, the 90 Minute IPA. I won't say they are my favorite beers ever- but they're alright. It probably helps that we're drinking them out of glasses instead of the bottle (so adult of us!) as that apparently allows the beer to breathe and our sense of smell to prepare us for the taste. We'll see how this goes. At the very least, we'll get to try some interesting beers along the way.

Along with much of the US, Maryland has been in the midst of an extreme cold snap. Despite these frigid climes, I've still been biking to work. I finally have the opportunity to wear my windproof pants! They've helped immensely, though it is obviously still quite chilly on the bike. The past few days I've also added long underwear into the mix- the first day because it was super cold, and then the past two days because I got a massive rip in my jeans and don't want to flash my bits around before I can buy a new pair.

Speaking of, I have new jeans! Two pairs, hopefully they'll last a bit longer if I alternate them. I also got a new pair of sneakers, as my old ones had developed a crack in the sole, and were starting to hurt my feet.

We went out to Glen Echo today to walk around and evaluate it as a possible location for The Wedding. It is pretty, and art deco, and I think it could be awesome. As with any outdoor location, we are gambling on the weather. But, at the very least, the pavilion has plastic sides that can be pulled down, and we can rent heaters in case of cold. We'll need to talk to caterers and get some estimates to make sure that we can stay within budget, but we're very hopeful. Plus, Glen Echo has a carousel that you can rent! So cross your fingers. If we get this venue, then the rest of the planning can actually begin!

I think thats about it. Currently reading Catch-22, and liking it, though it is slow going. My new job officially begins next week, lets hope I don't crash and burn. Ciao!
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So, remember that potentially good news I hinted at before Christmas? Well, it happened! One of the incubator companies at my internship is hiring me part time to do writing, website content management, and social media. There is the further possibility of doing some writing for an upcoming film project as well! The job starts at 10 hours a week, and can move up to 20. So I've already told my manager that I need to cut a day off my schedule, and warned him that he should be looking for a replacement for me. If this works out, I'll be there three days a week, and there is a distinct possibility that the internship will turn into a second part time job as well. Between the two of them, I should have 40 hours a week, paying better than the coffee shop, in my field, and not forcing me to wake up at 4am daily. So. Hooray!

The "book a week" thing is going well so far. I've created a post to keep track of the books read, so we'll see if I keep it up. Right now I'm reading three books, though I should probably just pick one and commit. It won't be Les Mis- that one is definitely a "read steadily for several months" type of book, not a "devour in three days" book. Because my god. It is LONG. But Catch 22 and Guns, Germs, and Steel are both interesting, and I'm about 100 pages into each- so it is time to choose! Probably Catch 22 first, then Guns. But who knows? After that I'll pick out some other stuff from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, cause I still have gift cards for them. Then I have a few books on my shelf that I should read. Then, the library!

I have FINALLY found a pannier for my bike. It is a Jandd Laptop Pannier and seems like the perfect solution. I can get the weight of the computer off my back, and still carry stuff in my messenger bag besides. This way, if it gets colder, I can actually wear and pack my windproof bike pants! Hooray!

Tonight is Tex-Mex and a movie with friends. Tomorrow is sushi with former coworkers. Then right back to the grindstone. But after this week and next, my early morning days will be down to 4. And hopefully even less shortly after.

Palmer and I have been looking at venues, and we've found a few promising ones. I'm going to email a few of those tonight, and try to get things rolling. Then once we have a date, its photographer, dress, etc etc etc. Wish me luck!
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Didn't realize that it has been almost the full length of September since I've updated. Whoops? Basically, the lack of updating boils down to this: I open the coffee shop five days a week and intern 3 of those days. I'm also attempting to train for a 5k while keeping the apartment somewhat clean and mainlining seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. So uh, yeah, not really posting a lot.

Ok lets see. Work is work. One of my coworkers is an 18 year old kid who regularly makes me want to shake him. He gets sullen, doesn't like being corrected even when he's doing shit wrong, and bitches about working "so hard" after a shift full of standing around doing nothing. So yeah. Sometimes I want to smack him. I'm not working with him as much this coming week, I think, so maybe I won't have a rage-induced embolism after all. That'd be nice.

Bethesda Green internship is going well. I'm there three days a week doing whatever needs doing. This week we had the StartUp Maryland bus stop at the office, and there was an event with our incubator companies and some other green entrepreneurs. Good times! Our annual Gala is in two weeks, so I'll be busy helping with that until then. Then it'll be back to focusing on the green restaurant project, and then probably helping out with the Green Fields job fair. Then we'll see, I guess.

My friend Bert wants to recruit me for his bike shop. He knows that I'm getting pretty tired of the coffee shop, and offered to pay me the same rate and teach me some basic bike mechanics before starting. I've already learned how to replace brake pads and a brake cable, so that's a start. I also now have new brake pads and a new brake cable and housing! Fancy! In a few weeks I'm going to see about getting my handle bar grips redone. The grips are the original ones that came with the bike, and they're starting to get nasty and sticky from age. I'm not sure whether I'll just go for tape, or get new grips, but Bert said he'd show me some options. Pretty soon the only original part of the bike is going to be the frame, I swear.

Football season has started up, and we've attended our first Redskins home game. Obvs the DC team is likely to suck again, but Robert Griffin III is very exciting to watch. If only our other players would stop getting injured, our offensive line prevent RGIII from getting hit so often, and our defensive line actually working as a defense, we might sometime win a game!

Tattoo, session 2 was today. )

Am obsessed with this craft cocktail bar in Silver Spring. The bartender made me an Old Fashioned, it was so freaking good. And then the other bartender made me a bourbon drink with grapefruit bitters and sour cherries, AND comped me for it, it was awesome. The drinks are expensive, but I still love it. Palmer likes it as well, but we both agree that its an "every few weeks" kind of place, not our regular watering hole. That's still reserved for Quarry House.

Long post is long. I'm going to cut this off now, and try to be more responsible about posting. And commenting. I read faithfully, but I'll try to be better about interacting. After all, I like you guys, and I want to talk to you more!
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One of the things on my to-do list has been to go to the hardware store and buy some pipe cleaners. The bathroom faucet and sink are constantly in a state of nastiness, no matter how much I scrub or how much Liquid Plumber I pour down there. I figured we could get the pipe cleaners and clear some of that shit out, hopefully prevent yet another incidence of black sludge. Well. Palmer figured out how to get the little drain stopper thing out, and oh my god, what a horror. Apparently no one has bothered to clean out the pipes in YEARS, they were so clogged. We scrubbed the hell out of everything, and let the drain stopper and part of the pipe soak in hot water and vinegar to get the last of the black sludge out of there. Palmer then reassembled the pipes, and voila! Water that flows easily AND drains easily! No clogs! Brilliant!

Also cleaned the kitchen a bit, though the rest will have to wait for tomorrow- our recycling room is full, so we have to wait until its emptied to take out our own recycling. And I don't feel like shifting around a box of glass and a bag of cardboard just to sweep, you get me?

The bike is back! Apparently the cartridge in the bottom bracket had broken, which is what was making that clunking noise when I pedaled. But now I have a new one! Unfortunately, the stem-mounted cell phone holder is not the right type for my bike. And we can't find the packing slip, so I can't send it back. Awesome.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping and a hardware store run, because I still need some other stuff. And that's about it!
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One of my general goals is to be more organized. I'm great at work, or (formerly) about school, but I feel like in my every day life I can be a bit scattered. Writing lists tends to work, but I tend to lose them if they're not bound into something. I do have a paper planner, but it is a bit bulky to shove into the bag I bike in. Various apps that I've tried haven't worked well, including one (LedgerList) that was just confusing and unhelpful. But today a customer recommended Cozi, an app he and his wife use to keep track of their calendars and shopping lists. I looked it up, read the description, and decided to give it a shot.

And, so far so good! It is incredibly user-friendly, easy to navigate, and sends reminders to your phone for events in your calendar. You even get to X things off your To-Do list, which is quite satisfying. So, all gung-ho about it, I wrote a To-Do list for my afternoon. It was all planned out, I was going to be so productive it would blow your mind. And then my bike tire exploded.

Let me back up a moment. My beloved bike is an 8 year old K2 Bayside, that (other than some add-ons and a new rear gear sprocket) has never had any major work done on it. Not even tire replacements. Let me also add that for about 5 years, this bike saw barely any action. So we have old tires, sudden prolonged stress upon them after several years passivity, and the owner's tendency to forget to pump tires regularly. Add those together and apparently you get a tire that goes "BANG!" right when I'm heading toward my parents' driveway.

So I yelled fuck a lot, and then took the rear tire off to assess the damage. It was clearly ripped open, no way to fix it, so I realize I'm going to have to go the bike shop. Which just completely blows through my afternoon plans. I was going to be so productive! But now I have grease all over me, and a bike that is in for repairs. (Full disclosure- the tire is already fixed, but I wanted them to check out my pedals and front derailleur because something funky was going on there. They figured it out, and they'll fix it, but the part takes a day or two to get here.) So I am bikeless.

But! Afternoon somewhat salvaged- I still managed to go grocery shopping, do the dishes, and mop the kitchen floor. Doubt I'll get to laundry tonight, and I certainly won't be going to buy a box and bubble wrap to ship my books off for re-sale, but hey- some progress is better than no progress! And that leaves me with more fun things to tick off my list tomorrow!
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I finished all my homework up that was due by today, and I decided to get an early start on the next session of classes by going through the syllabus and writing down all the assignments and readings. And then I died a little. My last two classes are 1)History of the U.S. 1945-Present and 2)Environmental Management Capstone. The reading. Oh god the reading. Like, 10 chapters a week between the two of them, not to mention conference responses and writing assignments. If I do not post in the next two months, you will know why. (It is because my books have literally drowned me in reading, that's why)

So this week went from my down time (only one class, imagine all the free time!) to "lets see if I can get a head start on this MASSIVE amount of reading, yeah? I will count myself lucky if I can complete the first week's reading this week. If I can stay a week ahead on reading I will be incredibly happy. But that is highly unlikely. Sigh. College is hard, who knew?!

I do have plans for this week though, to be slotted in between ALL THE READING! Tomorrow I aim to bike the Crescent Trail all the way to Georgetown and back up to Bethesda. Getting to Georgetown is the easy part. When I say back up to Bethesda, I do mean UP. The entire trail is uphill heading in that direction. But it should be good! I just need to remember to pack a granola bar or something so I don't die 3/4 of the way through.

Tomorrow evening is Taco Tuesday with Palmer (obvs), Duante, and Joe (who SWEARS he will show up this time). Hopefully Quarry House will not be as jam-packed as it was last time.

Wednesday I have a hair-model appointment with my stylist. Probably nothing much will happen, as there is a workshop in a month. But I imagine he'll take some of the weight off the back, making me look less mullet-y.

And that's about it! Crafting may commence at some point, if it does I shall post pictures!

Almost forgot- who has two thumbs and an A in Emergency Management? THIS GIRL!
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I work, as you may know, at an independent coffee shop. There have been... issues... in the past about getting things fixed, or replaced, or what have you. To name a few: backsplash, bean grinder, lamp, other bean grinder, leaky faucet, broken ceiling tile, air conditioning, freezers... you get the idea. But we have a (somewhat) new manager now, and apparently the owners have decided to let him fix things. So. Twice, since the new manager has been hired, I've brought up an issue to one of the owners, and both times I was told to go ahead and take care of it. That is unprecedented. I have actually been able to look up what we need, go to the manager and show it to him, and have him authorize the order. AMAZING!

The first thing was new floor mats. After catching my foot in a hole (yes a hole) in the old mat and subsequently banging the shit out of my knee and hip, we got new mats. And more recently, after one set of blinds fell down (yeah, they were that old) resulting in sunlight streaming into the store, blinding customers, and roasting the barista on bar, I got in touch with a blinds company, and now we have some! Phenomenal! And while I can (and do) take credit for ordering the stuff, the only reason it was approved is because my manager actually gets shit done. Wonderful!

Yeah, blinds and floor mats are small things to get excited about, but let me have my indulgences. I get so few at my job.

I am procrastinating like woah and am going to regret it come this weekend, but gah. Don't want to do projects! Want to play with GIS, but know that projects should get done first. Blech! Also, Emergency Management class? You suck.

Rode my bike to Bethesda today. It was cold out, so I decided to (finally) try out some of that gear I was given. Wow. What a difference. Seriously. Wool base layer, who knew? And apparently I can wear "SmartWool" without too much irritation to my skin, though I believe I'll aim for synthetic for the next one. And hey! No one tried to run me over today! Unlike last week, where a douchebag honked at me for daring to wait for a break in traffic!

Ok. Enough. Must do project. Even if I don't want to.
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On Thursday I decided it would be a good idea to go on a 15.5 mile bike ride. Well. To be fair, I was biking to Bethesda, it was a beautiful day, I thought I'd go a bit farther. I didn't realize that I'd add almost 10 miles onto my trip, but hey. It was pretty awesome, actually. The ride down was super easy (once I passed Bethesda) and lovely. The ride back up to Bethesda was rough- I was definitely feeling it for a few miles. But once I passed River Road it was pretty easy, and I made it to my parents house 1 hour and 15 minutes after I'd left my apartment in Silver Spring.

I know 15.5 isn't a huge distance for avid cyclists, but it is the longest ride I've ever done. Yeah, yeah, I know. Whatever. Next goal is to do the entire Capital Crescent Trail, from Silver Spring down to Georgetown, then back up to Bethesda. That'll be something like 22.5 miles, and difficult coming back from Georgetown, as that's the steep part. But! Once I manage that, I plan on increasing the distance. Possibly Great Falls, MD, or possibly just doing the Capital Crescent/Rock Creek Park loop. Biking will be done!

I moved one step ahead in the "make a jewelry holder" project. I saw how-to online that was quite similar to what I want to do, with minor differences. So I took that project's suggestions of using cup screws and eyes screws for the necklaces and earrings respectively. This week I believe I'll buy the backing paper I want from Paper Source. It won't be until next week that I'll actually cut it, just because of school. Then cutting, then gluing, then screwing, et voila! I will take pictures and post once the project is complete.

[personal profile] lillbet came over today for some stitching and bitching. Have always wanted to say that. But yes, she came over bearing tea and (delicious) cookies, and we spent a few enjoyable hours talking and knitting. It was a lot of fun, and helped motivate me to actually knit, and not just think about it. :-P Definitely want to do it again. [personal profile] lillbet also suggested that I turn Palmer's and my new experimentation with boxed wine into a Tumblr. We've begun trying different boxed wines because they are apparently the next big thing in the wine world. Actual legitimate wineries are selling their wares in bladders nested within cardboard boxes, and the trend is growing. It could be fun to do some reviews, see where it goes.

I bought flats! I needed shoes to wear with jeans that aren't sneakers, so I bought some Rocket Dog flats from DSW. Two pairs, fairly similar, differing in the color and the detail over the toe. Wore one pair all of today, and it wasn't until the end of the day that my feet started protesting, so I'll count those as a win!

Off to bed shortly, as I work first thing. Ta!
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I bought a book! It is the Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting which is a getting-started book for knitting. It takes you through simple projects to more complicated ones (ending with sweaters, omg) but teaches you new techniques with each one. It seems interesting! I still have to finish my friend Chris' Redskins scarf, but then I plan on getting started! Of course, the first project is another scarf, but I'll make this one for me! Thick, chunky yarn in a vibrant color, rock!

I bought a second book! The Urban Biking Handbook which talks about gear and safety for urban biking, but also a bunch of how-to maintenance for your bike. I'd like to be able to tinker with my bike a bit more, so it seemed like a good purchase. And now I want to go bike touring. Not a crazy long trip, but out to the Delaware beaches maybe. (Or maybe just to Sandy Point)

After procrastinating for much of last week, I freaked out and did two papers in two days, including one 10 page paper in 4 hours. Because I'm crazy like that. This week should be a little easier, as I don't have 5 things due on the same day. But I do have to start working on two projects that are due in the next 3 weeks, so that'll be good times. Yup.

Palmer and I were super social this weekend! On Friday we went out to Adams Morgan to celebrate my friend Duante's birthday. I don't really... go clubbing at all, so I was super nervous about going to District, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. There was a big group of his friends there, and everyone was dancing and having a good time, and I ended up dancing for something like 5 hours straight. It was intense! Also, I have discovered that I shouldn't sing when dancing, because if someone snaps a picture of me doing so, I look like an idiot. Sigh. But still, super fun! And then we had Jumbo Slice. I really felt like a DC cliche on Friday, let me tell you.

Saturday after the freak out and the paper writing, we met up with our friends Stuart and Kim for dinner and a movie. Dinner was at Lebanese Taverna, which was delicious. We had drinks at Fire Station, which I don't think any of us will be going back to. It just wasn't that great, and it was super noisy and not in a good way. Then we went and saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which was phenomenal. Palmer wasn't a huge fan, but I loved it. Gary Oldman was amazing, and Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite, seriously. Colin Firth and Mark Strong were wonderful as always, and good lord Tom Hardy is an attractive and talented man. But yes, quite liked it, and I may have to start reading some Peter le Carre novels. I do love me a spy thriller!

Sunday I did more studying, then we went out to dinner with Palmer's mom and brother. We went to a Greek place out in Rockville, which served the largest portions ever. Like, I ordered a sampler which had a bunch of stuff like moussaka and spanakopita, and each "sample" was like a full sized serving! I did not finish it all, needless to say. I have leftovers that I will enjoy for lunch today! Palmer and I also got to meet his mom's new kitten, Cami. So tiny! So rambunctious!

Cut for discussion of weight )

That's about it! Going to do some more studying here at the apartment, then snag some lunch, then bike to Bethesda, do some studying there, and collect the car so I can get to work tomorrow. Tonight we're being social again, going out to Quarry House for Taco Tuesday. I am excite!
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After well over a month of not biking to and from Bethesda, I decided to get back into the swing of things. Between the holidays and my broken toe, I just hadn't had the time or energy. But the holidays are over, my toe is healing, and this is the mildest winter in recent memory, so it seemed that the time was right to get back on the proverbial horse. Well, bike. I biked home from work Monday, biked back to Bethesda Tuesday, and biked home from work again yesterday. Monday and Tuesday were frickin tough, let me tell you. The rides were not nearly as bad as they were when I first started taking this route, but they were harder than they had been before the hiatus. However, on Friday I broke a personal time record for getting home, which was awesome. It was partly inspired by the pedo-van that was driving after me for the last 2 miles, which was less than fun, but definitely got me biking faster. I don't think the van was actually following me, but it gave me a creepster vibe and encouraged me to get to a more populated area, fast. So yes, I made the 5 mile ride in 25 minutes. I know that's not super fast, but considering that 3 of those miles are gravel trail, and 4 of those miles are hills, I think I did pretty good. :)

I have been procrastinating hard-core on school work this week. Idk, I'm just not feeling motivated. I'll get off my ass and get it done, I'm just feeling lazy and blah. Whatever, 3 more months and I'll be done with school. I can bust my ass for that much longer, yeah?

Cut for talk of weight loss )

Can anyone recommend any good yoga videos, either on YouTube or for purchase? The one I have is really hippy-dippy, and while it is a nice set of poses, it is also kinda boring after one or two times.

Ok. I need to do my conference responses, and at least 1 page of my request to conduct research. If I do those, then I can watch White Collar! Yay, Neal Caffrey! (Matt Bomer is a fox, what can I say? And Peter and Neal's epic friendship/bromance doesn't hurt either!)
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So, my Christmas cards went out disgracefully late, my apologies. I had them all written out several days before Christmas, but it took me a while to get stamps. So uh, they may arrive next week. Sorry! (I did receive several suggestions that I just wait and send them out next Christmas, but that is too absurd even for me.)

Christmas and the surrounding days were quite fun. Serena and her husband Ed were in town, as was Clarissa. Serena and Ed are expecting twins, due in April (which I've not mentioned here before), and we got to see the sonogram images and make noises over her expanding midsection. Ed kept calling her Godzilla, which she took with good humor.

I got a lot of bike gear for Christmas, shirts and pants and headlights for the bike itself. Just yesterday my dad helped me install the front and rear headlights and a rearview mirror, so hopefully I won't have to twist around to look over my shoulder anymore. Also got a Redskins shirt which I'll wear to the game on Sunday, and Palmer got me some sweet noise cancelling headphones. Considering that I'm taking at least two flights this year, those will come in handy. I also bought myself a Kindle. Over the past month I've saved up both my tips and gifts from customers, and I had over $400. $210 of that went into savings, but I decided that the time had come to buy myself an e-book reader, so I did! It is, of course, taking forever to arrive, but oh well. It should be delivered early next week, and then there will be awesomeness!

This past week has been a bit rough. I opened Sunday through Thursday, and by last night was just freaking exhausted. I apparently fell asleep sitting up, which is when Palmer escorted me to bed. Today has been relaxing, and tonight we're going to our friends' new years party.

So. Goals for the coming year!

-Get in shape. Vague, I know. I have lost some weight over the past six months due to walking and biking into work 4 days a week. My goal for this year is to combine that with restarting the gym and eating more healthy, home-cooked meals. Palmer and I are looking into CSAs and there are several farmer's markets in the area, so hopefully we can also incorporate eating locally into this.
-Pay off my credit card debt. Its not a huge amount, but it is several hundred dollars that I would like to be free of. So, for the next several months I'll work towards paying it off. Once it has been paid off, I'll put that money into savings. I have about $1000 in savings now, I'd like to increase that amount.
-Be more social. I spent alot of time this year holed up in my apartment, studying or sleeping. I'd like to get out a bit more. Not at the expense of my schoolwork or my health, but make an effort to see my friends more often, and go out to concerts or movies or the like. Just be less of a shut in, basically.
-Finish my degree. If I work hard and take classes over the summer, I should be able to complete my Bachelor's by this time next year.

And that's it! Happy New Year to all!
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Yes, the title may sound a bit shallow, and well, this post might be a bit shallow, but you should totes read it anyways!

Whatever. So I've realized over the years that there are a few stores that I have *issues* with. Not issues in the sense that I have a problem with their business practices, but issues in that I go into the store and it becomes physically impossible for me to leave without MUCH more than I originally planned on buying.

World Market? Went in to look, all of a sudden I have a chair cushion, a Ganesh, 4 Christmas tree ornaments (yes, in the same purchase as Ganesh. And what?) and wine stoppers.

Stronsneiders (a hardware store)? Go in for Simple Green & leave with potted plant bases and potting soil.

And now REI. I went to REI this afternoon after a haircut (all of them, actually) in order to purchase some winter biking gloves and possibly a balaclava. And then I saw the coat. Oh yes, Flist, I found a biking jacket that I simply had to own, and succumbed to my base desires. Now, granted, I had recognized several weeks ago that I had a need for a winter-ready biking jacket- I have to be at work at 5:30, and in winter temperatures I'd much rather bike to work in 5 minutes than walk in 20. But after perusing REI's website I decided that I would put that biking jacket on my Christmas list and simply continue to wear my beat up, old, men's wool coat. But then I saw the jacket. It is purple, it is fleece lined, it has side AND back pockets, plus a built-in, tight-fitting hood. OH. MY. GOD. I had to own it.

So now I do! Along with other shiny biking gear!

The jacket: Looks ugly in the pictures, but is AWESOME!

The gloves: Toasty, and awesomely padded!

The "balaclava": I got the Udapur Grey

Now, while the jacket is heavy for a cycling jacket, it is not thick enough to protect me during the depths of winter in D.C. Northern friends, laugh if you must, but it gets fucking cold here! So, now on the Christmas list are such things as wool blended shirts and silk base shirts. Possibly wool tights? The problem with wool tights would occur once I started actually working. While I'm sure they would shield me adequately on my bike ride, they would probably make me uncomfortably warm while working at a coffee shop. I could wear them in and then take them off before starting work? Hmm, possibilities.

Anyhow, I has stuff, it is shiny, unless it rains on Friday I will be testing it all out then.

Also, I am not to be trusted inside an REI by myself. I BUY TOO MUCH!


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