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Ok, this is seriously becoming an addiction. I just can't stop!

I still blame disarm_d... )

Not gonna lie, the first and last ones are my faves...
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This is all her fault:

Must... make... more!

Also, hooray for playing around in Gimp cause I'm poor and lack Photoshop! Rock on!

Oh snap!

Mar. 25th, 2010 03:29 pm
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Possibly the best thing I've seen recently, the picture at this link is brilliant! JLo's expression of "What the HELL do you think you're doing" combined with poor baby Brendon Urie's completely taken aback sad face- hilarious! This guy Kanye'd Panic before Kanye Kanye'd!

Hmm... think if I type "Kanye" 7 times in a row it'll form a sentence like "buffalo" does?

brb, off to find video, because it surely must be made of wonder and hilarity!
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Whether they never put out another album, or whether two years from now they embark on a massive world tour, Fall Out Boy will always be the band that got me into bandom, the first concert where I met up with people from the internet who then became friends, and a huge inspiration to me when I needed something to help me up from rock bottom.

No matter what happens I'll support them in their solo projects and never look back with bitterness. I love the band and I love the members, whether they are together or not. Believers never die. Long live the car crash hearts!
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For my friends who were lamenting the lack of video, please have Fall Out Boy covering Journey:

I love Patrick, but they should have played it two keys down, he can't hit the high notes in the key they were in. However, the verses sounded fucking amazing!

If we're friends on Facebook and you want to giggle at me, feel free to watch me attempt some Journey at karaoke here.
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Been taking lessons from the boys of My Chemical Romance in how to troll the internet? Well done!


Aug. 2nd, 2009 04:55 pm
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Did Ryan Ross get married last night?

(Bets on how soon someone's going to call her the new Yoko and blame the Panic split on her?)
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Panic's new demo makes my heart stupidly happy. If you haven't heard it, check it out at their website. Pete Wentz said that the new album would be a natural progression from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, and the new song certainly sounds like it.

Depending on who you are, this could be a good or bad thing. Palmer, for example, really likes Pretty.Odd., and had hoped that they would continue in their Beatles-inspired 60's rock. I think a lot of people may feel that way. People who kind of grew up with Panic's music, and they may feel that they've grown out of the emo dance-pop. Me, I'm excited. I loved Pretty.Odd>., don't get me wrong, but Fever is what got me into Panic, was my summer soundtrack, and really helped me get through a lot of shit that was going on in my life. Listening to Brendon sing about how 'only his head knows his heart is lying' is like a breath of fresh air, and really fills me with hope. I am really excited to see what else he and Spencer come up with, and cannot wait to hear the new album.

For those who loved Pretty.Odd., fear not! It seems as if Ryan and Jon's new album will be a natural progression off of that. Obviously no one can say for sure, but they were definitely the driving forces behind a lot of the last album, and it makes sense that they would continue to experiment with that sound. So, have hope!

Now, onto the scandal. Ryan is an idiot, but I can't exactly judge him. )

If you don't want to be friends with me after reading that, I get it. (I seem to be saying that a lot lately.) But, as before, I'd prefer it if you'd talk to me in the comments or PM me.

Much love to all!
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So I decided I'd dilly-dallyed long enough on the TAI photographs- so here you go! The Academy Is... at Warped Tour!

Attention, attention! )
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We The Kings )

And thats it! Up next I'll combine Reel Big Fish and The Bouncing Souls, and then the massive, massive post of The Academy Is. Oh, TAI. I may be a little... captivated... by them. Just a little.

And if I had to go to to check for an alternate meaning of obsessed, what of it?
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Art Attack was fucking awesome. Simple Plan rocked the fuck out and reminded me why I liked them, The Bravery kicked ass and played all of their songs I like, and Wyclef fucking Jean is beyond words. Unbelievable. But, most importantly of all was Cobra motherfucking Starship! And look!

Pictures, bitches! )

So yes! Awesome awesome show! I'm really excited for Warped Tour so I can see them again, cause I've had a kickass time each show I've been to. Oh, Cobra!
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Pictures of Panic at the Disco performing during the Honda Civic Tour!

Because this is a BIG post full of bandwidth eating pictures! )

So! Hope you all liked that, those were my favorites of the ones I took. Spencer and Jon are both remarkably hard to catch holding still, even a little bit, I'm sorry that I couldn't have more pics of them. But yeah, enjoy!


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