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Palmer and I went out last night to a friend's birthday party. (It was his birthday as well, we'd already gone to dinner.) But anyway, went out, saw some friends, had a good time. But what struck me was that everyone seemed really surprised to see me. Not in a bad way, but more of a "Suze! You came!" I knew that I'd kind of disappeared due to work and school, I guess I just didn't realize that others had noticed as well. It was kind of nice to know that people have missed me, and now I know I need to make more of an effort to hang with friends.

I took three exams this weekend, it was intense. I'm really confident that I did well in the Environmental Change exam, did ok on Bio (there were a lot more questions about cells than I was expecting), and I think I got a 90 on the math exam. Now I get to register for next semester! Yay. I did figure out that if I take 5 classes in the spring, summer classes, and 5 in the fall, I can be done with my major a year from now. Jesus. So yes, next semester I'm taking Pre-calc, Environmental Health, Environmental Regulations, Life in the Oceans, and Health and Human Disease. (Not actually interested in public health, but I need upper level science classes for my minor, and it sounds interesting.)

I've been biking to work in my shiny new winter gear, and its working out really well so far. I did discover the hard way that I need fenders on my bike. Rode in the day after it rained, and definitely had a big wet spot on my lower back. Unpleasant. So yes, fenders are going on my Christmas list, along with a lot of other bike gear.

I have actually been putting thought into my Christmas list this year, rather than just throwing it together a few days into December. I've also already picked out a Christmas gift for my older sister, I just hope she likes it. No clue what to get for anyone else, but I'll think of something.

So I haven't mentioned it anywhere cause she asked me not to, but it is public news now so I can share! My oldest sister is pregnant and expecting twins! I'm going to be an aunt! I'm ridiculously happy for her and my brother-in-law, and I can't wait to meet these babies. In both good and bad news, she got a new job that required a move to Atlanta, so I won't be able to be there for the actual birth. But my mother (and my brother-in-law's mom) are both under the assumption that I'll go down there a few weeks after the birth to help out, so I guess that's what I'll be doing! Atlanta in May, here I come!

That's about it for now, I'll try to update more often and disappear less. My final two classes are over in two weeks, I'm sure I'll be around more after that. Ciao!
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So maybe working 32 hours a week while taking 5 classes wasn't the best course of action for this semester. All I know is that I'm burned out and sick of both school and work. While I am truly enjoying my classes, and do like very many of my regulars, I'm just sick of everything. I have a 10 page research paper due in two weeks, and all I feel is a complete lack of motivation. Bah.

So Palmer and I have season tickets to the Redskins, and apparently all it took to make me a proper football fan was a bunch of home games in a stadium, surrounded by fans, preceded and followed by copious drinking. Who knew?

I thought I had more to write about, I really don't. I'm sorry I barely post, don't worry, I'm still reading LJ, I just feel like I have nothing to talk about. Well, until I do...
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I overslept, then lay in bed for 3 hours reading. Needless to say, I'm not really feeling the studying motivation today. I mean, I'm working on stuff, but I am being way lazy about it. At least I finished my second assignment for Environmental Management and have begun work on the Research Paper Proposal for Environmental Change. Tonight I'll try to do the 3 chapters of reading for the class and participate in the conference. Then tomorrow I'll do some Bio, Saturday I'll do Project 1 for Individuals, Society, and the Environment, then Monday I'll do math. Hurrah!

It is also disgustingly hot in the apartment today, and since I overslept I didn't shower, so I'm now very damp and somewhat smelly. Not too bad! Just kind of a sweaty lazy smell. You know what I mean.

I did get a voicemail from manager telling me how proud she was of me due to the cleanliness and organization of the store, so yay for that? I mean, I'm glad she's happy and all, and it is better to work in a clean store, but I'm tired and sweaty and worked my ass off yesterday, I didn't really want to hear anything about work today. Ah well, at least she wasn't calling to yell at me.

I biked home from Silver Spring Metro yesterday. It was downhill for most of the way, so I feel a bit guilty for including it on my exercise log. But then again, for the second mile I was definitely pushing myself and was absolutely disgusting when I got home, so I guess I do feel justified. I may try going a different way next week- a bit shorter but more of a bike ride involving effort than just coasting downhill. We'll see. It was fun going 20 miles an hour with no effort!

I found out yesterday that my grades from last semester have put me on the 2010 Dean's List. Rock on! I'm still not sure what my overall GPA at UMUC is, because I'm not sure if they ever received my full transcript from MC. I should check on that.

Enough procrastinating! I have journal articles to read and abstracts and outlines to write for my research paper proposal! Wish me luck!
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I have a truly epic amount of work that I have to get done by the end of the weekend. I am also going to the beach this weekend, followed by the Redskins/Cowboys game on Sunday. So basically, I have an epic amount of work I have to get done today. And what am I doing? Procrastinating, of course!

But only briefly. Today I have to write up a health article, read two bio chapters, participate in the online conference, do my math homework, and probably try to read two chapters for Environmental Management. That just leaves 2 chapters and the online conference for Environmental Change and Sustainability, and I can do that over the weekend. Good times, right?

Goblin is teething. This means he is attempting to chew on everything he can get his little teeth into, from power cords to Starbucks straws. Of course, this means that Loki has rediscovered *his* love of Starbucks straws, and has now stolen the straw from poor Goblin. I attempted to buy Goblin a chew toy, but he was not very interested. Mostly just bats it around.

Work is stressful as fuck. We're seriously understaffed, one of the leads is leaving at the end of the month, and the manager is annoyed that 3 of us are off next weekend. To be fair, I'm only off one day, for another football game, but two other people requested the whole weekend off. Or rather, I requested and got approval, they wrote it on the calendar and assumed they did. Ugh, we just need to hire more people (like woah) and possibly poach some supervisors from Starbucks so we can have more people who will be trusted to handle the money.

I've started keeping track of how much I'm moving about during the week, made a handy-dandy spreadsheet and everything. It currently just has weekly totals, once I get a few more weeks on there I'll start doing a running total.

That's about it for now! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
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Juggalos may be a bunch of douchebags who attack innocent women, but damn does ICP have some ridonk hilarious lines.

Anyhow, my first week of opening went fairly well. The first day was kind of bad, simply because I did not get nearly enough sleep the night before. I went to bed at 10pm but lay awake for at least an hour, then spent the rest of the night in a restless, not all the way under kind of sleep that kept getting interrupted. No fun. But other than that my first four opening shifts went well. Starting to get to know the early morning regulars, and tips are indeed better in the mornings than in the evenings. And as long as I get six hours of sleep the night before, I feel fine all day! Plus, since I park my parents car at their house, I've been walking two miles a day to and from the store. This past week I walked 7 miles to work, and then another 2 on the way to the Redskins game! Go me!

So, according to the scale at my doctor's office, I've lost 15 pounds over the past several months, and according to my parents I've begun to lose more since I started walking all over the place. Rock on! I've never been one for crash dieting, but if I can get steady exercise and start eating a bit healthier, I'm all for slow and steady weight loss.

Fall classes started yesterday. To be honest, math is going to be kinda brutal. LOTS of homework, LOTS of reading each week. Yikes. Anyhow, after I finish my bio homework I'll get started on that, then on my Environmental Change classwork. Luckily I have three days off this week, so I can get back into the swing of things regarding classes.

Of course, yesterday my computer's power adapter decided to go kaput. Like, it was working fine, and then all of a sudden my computer says its running on battery. We tried letting the adapter cool down before plugging it back in, no dice. So Palmer has ordered me a used replacement so that we can finish getting all my files from my computer onto my hard drive. Luckily, my parents had already ordered me a new computer, it should arrive this week. So, it could be worse. But it is still quite frustrating.

That's about it for now. Just wanted to write a quick update before getting back to homework. Love!
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I have a day off today! I have errands that I will eventually be running, but first I thought I'd traipse about the internet catching up on various websites. Also, since I've been totally breaking my promise to post more often, I thought I'd remedy that!

Classes start in less than one week! Well, three of them do. I went into the online classrooms to check the various syllabus (syllabi?) and it looks like I'll be well and truly swamped this semester. Good times. But seriously, SO many papers for my Environmental Change and Sustainability class, it isn't even funny. At least Math and Bio don't look too bad. We'll see what happens with Enviro Management and my multi-disciplinary course.

Somewhat related to school- my parents bought me a new laptop! My current laptop, which has been a faithful companion for 5 years, is now starting to fall apart both physically (the screen's casing is popping apart) and in regards to its computational prowess (blue screens of death, difficulty connecting to the internet, etc). So I told my parents about it and they agreed to buy me a new computer. Probably helps that a new Dell is about half the price now than it was five years ago. It will probably arrive early next week, once it does I will take shiny shiny pictures and post them.

Hobgoblin and the Lokasaur have been slowly getting better. Goblin appears to be 100% recovered, and while Loki is still sneezing a bit and has red eyes, his appetite and energy are both back to normal. And I have meds for his eyes, which he fucking hates, but at least doesn't hiss and scratch like he does at the vet. Goblin does have the bad habit of trying to play with Loki for far too long, which tends to result in Loki biting harder than he should. Goblin doesn't seem to mind too much, but I've been breaking them apart when the growling starts. Other than that they are quite sweet together, and I think Palmer and I really did get the best cat for us that we could. Plus, he is seriously adorable. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen this already, but for those who haven't:


I switch over to opening shifts starting tomorrow. I'm nervous, but also excited. Nervous because of having to get up early and function, excited cause of MADLY increased tips! Anyhow, wish me luck!
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Ok, almost every summary in the meme was guessed right, but there were three no one could figure out. Granted, one is incredibly vague, and the other quite obscure, so I figure none of this "clue" shit, I'll just tell you straight up.

8. Women do important things and have lots of romance. Holy vagueness, Batman! I chose this one specifically because it was so ridiculously non-specific. It is actually about a series of books by Tamora Pierce, the Tortall series. The description of the first book says something about a red-haired girl becoming a professional cross-dresser... anyhow, great series, love them to death, go read!

9. Teenagers fight Satan by reading aloud from stolen library books. I was actually a little sad that no one guessed the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. These were some of my favorite books growing up, and for years I waited for a book to literally snag me as I went by and tell me how to become a wizard. Sigh!

18. An unusual little girl with variably-colored hair engages in a number of bizarre and surreal adventures, accidentally wiping out all life on earth in the process. Stupidly obscure, but this is the webcomic minus, which can be read here. I highly recommend it! Gorgeous art, whimsical story.

Onto other stuff! The semester is wrapping up and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Have to finish writing a group paper (guess what I'm doing tomorrow!) plus take four exams starting Saturday and ending Tuesday. Jesus. I'm not taking classes this summer so my parents won't be supporting me, which means I'll be working full time at the coffee shop in order to support myself. Nothing wrong with that at all, its just one more thing that I don't want to think about now. I also need to figure out transferring into the University of Maryland, one more semester of online courses and I'll be begging to be shot in the face. (Oh, he's not here? Never mind!)

Gold Motel this Thursday! Empires in a couple of weeks! Summer is soon! Need to start riding my bike again, and actually working out instead of just talking about it. Rock on.
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One page into a five page single spaced annotated bibliography covering the impacts of development and urbanization on nutrient loads in streams. Why did I choose science?

Though that reminds me - I would like an icon that says 'Shopping is hard, let's do science!' If any of my awesome friends cared to oblige me, I would be eternally grateful.

Seattle recap post (with pictures!) coming soon, I swear. Just gotta finish this damn thing.

Super sekrit to Brett&Syd - Haven't forgotten, am working, just must finish paper from hell first! Sorry for the delay!
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Alas, my annual wretched cough has arrived. It began yesterday with a slight itchiness of the throat combined with achiness of the chest. I thought that a dose of NyQuil might kill it, but unfortunately the bottle was down to 1/4 of a full dose. I took that anyway, hoping that it would be enough to let me sleep through the night. Miracle of miracles it did, but the second I hauled myself out of bed this morning the cough was back with a vengeance. Ugh. The painful cough combined with wicked cramps to form a morning of suffering. Luckily the cramps have gone away (I love ibuprofen!) but the cough lingers on. So I drink tea with honey and eat Ramen (what, its steamy!) and pray that the cough fades quickly.

In other news! Class starts today! Well, tonight. I have a 6pm class tonight and a 4pm class tomorrow. Good times! Tonight I have Introduction to Physical Science, which turned out to be a pre-req for almost all of my environmental management classes. But hey, at least it'll count towards my minor! Palmer is incredibly excited that I'll be studying physics, and in fact insists on calling the class Physics 101. Never mind that physics will only be a small part of what we're studying, and we probably won't even get to it until the end of the semester. He is bound and determined to call it physics.

Speaking of cats in small spaces (that was a physics joke, hee!), Loki has recently discovered how to open the door to the cabinet that is under the sink, and spent all morning going in and out of there. Which worries me a little bit because there is an access hole to pipes and ducts and whatnot back there and I don't want him getting stuck in crawlspace. But he seems content to just sit inside the dark space under the sink, batting at the plastic bags I store down there in between trips to the supermarket.

What else, what else? My planner is scheduled to arrive today, but I don't know how accurate that is. A makeup store in Downtown Silver Spring had a sale on O.P.I nail polish, so I bought three bottles. "I'm dating a Royal" blue, "Do You Lilac It?" (obvious), and "Kyoto Pearl" which is a lovely silvery color. My nails are now a vibrant lilac color, which I approve of, and I'll probably do my toes tonight. My Threadless shirt has shipped but has not arrived, WHERE IS IT?! I wants it, I needs it! Oh, and my books shipped, they should get here Wednesday. Hopefully they don't require a signature, since I'll be at work most of that day. And the next day and so on through Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

For some reason, Firefox is now running off of British spelling, and insists that "color" is not the correct way to spell that word. It also doesn't recognize "downtown" which seems odd to me. Do British people not have downtowns in their cities? (I'm being sarcastic. Mostly.)

Anywho, off to waste more time before catching the bus to campus. Ciao, bellas!
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Ok, onto news that doesn't relate to massive, massive wank going on in HP fandom right now!

I am one presentation away from being done with my semester and therefore with my associates degree! Hooray! After tonight I can actually take time to do stuff in my apartment, like laundry, and cleaning. Rock on! I've had three of my four exams this week, and they all went pretty well.

Piano was nerve-wracking because I had to play in front of other people. I ended up playing Fur Elise, but I swear I should have gone with Journey. I know it better and I would have been less nervous. But whatever, I played Beethoven, made a few mistakes, but overall did well.

Chinese was also ridiculously terrifying. Luckily, one of the Korean guys in the class had shrunk down all the vocab from 6-10 into notecard sized sheets of paper and gave me one. Before anyone gets tetchy, this was allowed, we were permitted to bring in one 3x5 notecard with whatever characters and translations we wanted. So I translated 8-10 and made sure to write the measure words on the back, and ended up getting an 88 on the final. I would have gotten higher, but I got nervous at the ending paragraph and completely mistranslated it. Go me! But anyway, the 88 was enough to get me a solid A in the class, ROCK ON!

Environmental Bio was last night. I had an A in the class going in, and I'm confident I did well on the exam. But frankly, so long as I got above a 50 percent on the exam, I'll get an A in the class. The only thing that has me worried about the exam are the essay questions. I think I did well on them, but they're really a matter of opinion, so I hope I explained my positions well and in a logical manner. I should find out by tomorrow!

Tonight is my final presentation for Adobe Flash, I think it'll be fine. Once again, I have an A in the class so as long as I don't completely bomb the presentation I should be fine.

Work started last week, and so far I really like it. Everyone has been really nice to me, and they seem impressed that I actually know how to do things. According to the assistant manager, they get lots of people who used to work at Starbucks and "none of them know anything." She was pleasantly surprised when I hopped on the espresso bar and made a bunch of drinks. :D Tips are also pretty awesome, on Sunday I got 5 bucks in tips for two hours work. Compared to the 'bucks, that is phenomenal.

I still need to finish my Christmas shopping, but I should be able to do that over the weekend. Also still need to figure out what we're doing for New Years, since our annual party has apparently fallen through.

That's about it with me! Next week I'm going to try to get back into the writing swing of things, do a bunch of exercises from my old textbook. So, you may start to see a bunch of ficlets getting posted every couple of days. Just so you know!


Nov. 15th, 2009 01:34 pm
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School may be killing me, but hey! Only one month left before I graduate with my Associates! So even though I'm drowning under the workload and never post anymore, there is always a silver lining!

Quick notes:
-Chinese is kicking my ass, but I'm studying my ass off so I'll hopefully pull off an A
-Flash rocks!
-I joined a gym, had my first workout today. I convinced Palmer to go with me, and I think he may sign up for a membership himself. Good times!
-I have new clothes! Went Target shopping, got a couple of cute long sleeve shirts and some socks.

That's all for now! Back to making flashcards and lurking on the internet not posting.

Love you all!
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-I got a 92% on my Chinese midterm test! Holler! Seriously, I was convinced that I had bombed it. Ok, well not bombed it bombed it, but still, I was sure that I had gotten a low B. But no! A for me! And then the teacher started calling on the people with the high scores asking how they studied, and she called on me! So I got to tell everyone about the genius of flashcards! Hooray! Also, my midterm grade is a 98.3%, fuck yeah! Who is kicking ass in Chinese? Wo shi! (I am)

-I have a hilarious Halloween outfit planned out! I'm going as Kelly from the "Shoes" and "Let Me Borrow That Top" videos, creation of The Liam Show. It'll be fucking awesome, I'll walk around the party in my hideous wig asking people to borrow their tops and calling them 'betches' and 'decks'. It'll be great!

-Last night I was worried that a midterm slump had set in, and I got myself good and worked up about it. Then I came in and did my Environmental Bio midterm, and tonight I pounded out my Career Development homework. (Heh, dirty!) Anyhow, apparently my worries were baseless, because I just needed a bit of fear motivation to get my ass back in gear. Good times!

-Glee! Glee in all of its incarnations! I am definitely writing Glee fic, I have to figure out where the hell I want the story to go but I love what I have so far! Tomorrow in my class breaks I'll be writing. If I'm feeling expansive, you all may even get WIP snippets! Hee!

-Nathan Fillion. If you're a Firefly fan, watch the first minute of the latest episode of Castle on Hulu. You will thank me.

-Red wine! (Oh yeah, Gaga...) But uh, I may have had a glass or two and am all bubbly and enthusiastic and I'm making FLASHCARDS and then I'll read more fic! Hoorah!

(Who needs Adderall or caffeine when you have me around? I provide boundless energy for all!)
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Thought I'd update about school unrelated to the crazy guy!

Piano- I've already worked through the assigned book, so I've begun bringing contemporary sheet music to class. Right now I'm learning Don't Stop Believin, you know that's awesome. After that I think I'll move on to The Beatles, specifically Let it Be. My friend Nick asked me to learn that song so that I could play and sing it with his band Situation Normal. Overall good times!

Chinese- Hard, but enjoyable. There is one girl in the class who is a complete ditz, I hope I was never that young and stupid. Well, she'll grow out of it (or she won't), and I won't have to see her after this semester. But yeah, Chinese is fun, my teacher told me I have excellent handwriting for the characters, and I'm friendly with most everyone in the class. Though I did tell one guy to go fuck himself after he said that he'd be flattered to be stalked. So there's that.

Flash- Pretty fucking awesome. I'm really enjoying it, especially the "homework" where we get to create our own project based off of what we've learned. Most of what I've created is in Shockwave format, so I'll have to figure out where I can upload it to share with you all. But I did convert one project to .png so I could show my parents! Here it is:

Snakes! In Space! I giggled for 10 minutes over that one, and yes, I have a stupid sense of humor. Anyhow, I already finished the midterm project, I created an animated ad for a World War Z movie, it's pretty nifty. Next week I'll touch up a few things, maybe change the animation around a bit, and hand it in.

Career Development- Going well, I have an A, and I spoke to my teacher about transferring to UMD, so I have that paperwork to fill out.

Environmental Biology- I like the class, but its hard to get enthusiastic about it when we only meet once a week. I am definitely interested in Environmental Science, I just wish this class had more "oomph", you know?

And that's it! It is damn cold outside, but I have the space heater on so its reasonable inside. Though I will have to figure out methods of keeping heat in the apartment, other than the plastic window coatings, cause Loki likes to rip them apart. Maybe heavy cloth curtains over the windows? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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The outline of my 2nd speech for Human Communications.

Fuck yeah, I use Oxford commas! )

Works Cited )


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