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So, I successfully completed my Lenten vow to not drink alcohol during the week. Go me! It was hard occasionally - I had a few networking happy hours during that time and had to explain why I was only drinking seltzer water. And there were definitely things that involved drinking that I would have liked to do, but didn't. But overall it wasn't too bad, and I was even thinking that I might want to continue cutting out weeknight drinking even once Lent was over. Making the occasional exception for a weeknight happy hour or other social get together.

I was thinking it, but I hadn't yet decided to implement it. Until this morning, that is. I had the day off yesterday and spent it exercising, reading, cleaning, and practicing Spanish. I felt very productive! (And the house looks really good!) To reward myself, I had a glass of bourbon while I finished reading Radiance by Cat Valente. Then I had another glass. Then I had wine with dinner. And then this morning when my alarm went off I didn't want to get up. So I turned it off and set a later alarm, which I did get up for.

Not the biggest of deals, but I'm annoyed at myself. I've gotten into the good habit of waking up at 6am and going to the gym each morning. Not only does that help me get my day started right, but I feel more energized and accomplished every day that I do it. So willfully sleeping through the alarm and not going to the gym cause I'd had one too many last night kinda sucked. And it really did illustrate that cutting out drinking during the week VASTLY improves my sleep. Like, by a lot.

So. Looks like I am going to try to cut out weeknight drinking fairly permanently. Again, I'll make exceptions for social stuff (like tonight, we're going to dinner and a movie with a group of friends, I'll have a drink) but will refrain every other night. I'm trying to think up a little reward or incentive for myself. During Lent I drew stars on the calendar for each day I was successful, and I'll probably keep doing that. But I wonder if I can, like, calculate the money I save and set that aside for something fun? Or just assign an arbitrary value (like $2) for each night and then put that in a rainy day account? I don't know. If anyone has ideas for little incentives, send them my way!

But seriously, my house looks so good right now. I kind of wish I had a free day every week to do stuff like that. Not a weekend, that's for fun stuff! (Ok, also chores.) But like, a day in the middle of the week where I could just double down and get shit done. One can dream...
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So, because we have a shoot this coming Saturday, my boss decided to give me today off. Probably so he doesn't have to pay me overtime, but also because exhausted Suze = unhappy Suze, and my boss (for his faults) does actually want happy, productive employees.

So! I couldn't fully take advantage of the day off by sleeping in because I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 9am. Alas. Whatever, my teeth are in pretty good shape. Except for one tooth, whose filling is apparently starting to put pressure on the rest of the tooth, which might lead to a crack. Therefore, I get to have a crown put in next month. Yay.

Anyhow, after that I was like, OH MY GOD, I HAVE AN ENTIRE DAY TO MYSELF. SELF, IT IS TIME TO GET SHIT DONE. And shit got done, ya'll. I have done, like, 5 loads of laundry. I cleaned out the hummingbird feeder and refilled it, and put it on the new post I got for that purpose out in the backyard so the sparrows won't frighten the hummingbirds away any longer. I also filled the NEW hummingbird feeder I got and put it on the picture window out front. I harvested all the veggies from the garden, froze the Tabasco peppers and rendered the tomatoes down into sauce. I also went through all the mail, got Coco's pet license renewed, and put my new registration on my car. Hooray! AND I took Coco for a nice long walk in the middle of the day. Shit. Got. Done.

Palmer's out having a drink with a friend, so now I'm chilling on the couch enjoying a beer. Well deserved, I might add!
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When we moved in to our new home, Palmer and I were actually pretty good about getting things unpacked. All the major and not-so-major stuff was out of boxes and put where it made sense. But other things just... lagged. So we kinda got used to a random box or two being around the house, and didn't really think about it. But my aunt came in town for Christmas, and asked to come by to see our house. Now, this aunt is very chill and wouldn't have minded the mess, but in my mind, it turned into "MUST BECOME SUPREME HOSTESS. MUST HAVE SPOTLESS HOUSE!" and so the cleaning began. The day after Christmas, Palmer and I actually spent several hours cleaning, sorting through clutter, and organizing the house.

It looked so good, you guys. You don't even know!

And so the aunt, along with my mom and dad, my eldest sister, her husband, and their twins, all came over two days after Christmas for cocktails and appetizers. It went really well! Everyone got the tour (not a big one, cause it's not a big house), I made cocktails for those that wanted them (I make an awesome Old Fashioned), and we hung out. It went so well, in fact, that when friends suggested New Years plans, we offered to host! Luckily this was a small get-together, but still - hosted people for New Years, like a boss! And the house has actually remained fairly clean - there's some dishes that need washing, and some mail that needs looking at, but overall I'm very happy with the status of our abode.

Yesterday we went on a hike, and took Coco along with. It was a nice walk, though very muddy. Coco had a blast - ran through puddles, rolled in poop, just a grand old time overall. But the coolest thing, for me, was seeing a huge number of Eastern Bluebirds. I know they're not exactly rare (population estimated at 22 million, thanks Cornell!), but before yesterday, I'd only ever seen one or two in my lifetime. So it was incredible to walk into a bit of a clearing and see bird after bird fluttering around and realizing that every single one was a bluebird. Near the end of the walk I was almost convinced they were following us - there were a few that kept flying back and forth across our path, and definitely seemed to watching us. Not as blatantly as the sheep in the next pasture, but still. (That was a creepy sheep!)

Since I didn't mention it in my New Years post, Christmas was good. Everyone seemed to like the gifts I got them, and I got some nice stuff in return. Most used is the FitBit One my parents got me. Most squealed over is the penguin Nativity scene from my aforementioned aunt. It is a thing of beauty.

Tomorrow will be laundry and going over to the in-laws to chill. Then Monday is back to work. After so much time off, it'll be weird. But I'll have plenty to keep me busy, so that's good!


Apr. 11th, 2013 06:38 pm
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Went out to the North Bethesda coffee shop today to meet with the owners. Before I'd left, we'd discussed my continuing to work for them, just in a different capacity. After sitting down and talking with them today, it is official - I'm the social media manager for the coffee shop! Again, BAM! We have a whole campaign planned out - well, laid out, a skeleton of a campaign that we'll flesh out, and I have my rate, and my day to go in, and if this turns into a full campaign I might get more days! One of the owners wants to go H.A.M. on this, integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the website, Yelp, etc., while the other is a little more cautious. But I think we can convince her that going all out is the way to go. Because that would be awesome!

Flush with success, I decided that today needed more awesomeness. So I walked down to the local hardware store and bought some herbs for our container garden! Got oregano, parsley, and basil, along with a new pot for the basil. Got home, transplanted and watered them, and now they're sitting pretty next to the other pots. Rock on!

One less than fun but utterly necessary activity over the past few days has been a thorough clean-up of the couch. Loki waged a campaign of terror and pee against the couch a while ago, and while we battled valiantly, it has never quite recovered. Well, I was sick of it! So! The couch has been stripped, the cover washed with detergent and vinegar (twice), the frame has been sprayed down, and now all the cushion covers are getting washed and the cushions sprayed down. By the time this is over, the couch will smell like roses, dammit! Or at least not cat pee. It is already smelling better, though also worse- by taking the cover off we're allowing the odor to air out, which means that although the couch itself smells better, the apartment doesn't. Ah well. That's what Febreeze and open windows are for. Loki, the troublemaker, has just been looking askance at the cushions and covers strewn about the apartment. As if he weren't the cause of all this to begin with!

That's it for now. Back to sweating in the apartment and cleaning cat pee out of cushions. My life, so awesome.
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You'd think that after leaving my job for a part time job, I'd be less busy than I was when I was working full time. You'd be wrong! This week was the week for Getting Shit Done! Monday morning, while it was snowing in DC and therefore the apocalypse, I had a dental appointment. While it was not the most pleasant thing, and I did require a heavy cleaning, I ended up ok. My teeth, while plaque-ridden, were quite healthy otherwise. Then on Wednesday, the plan was to go get my hair cut. Except, oh no! The receptionist that booked me scheduled my appointment on my stylist's day off. Great! So I borrowed the car and drove to Tyson's Corner for nothing! Now, I realize that as a hair model, I get my haircuts for free. HOWEVER. That was a huge waste of my time, and incredibly frustrating, and if you only have 15 stylists, YOU SHOULD KNOW THEIR DAYS OFF!

Ahem. Anyhow- had Bethesda Green on Monday and Wednesday, production company on Tuesday and Thursday. It looks like the production company is going to up my hours, and BG thinks they might be able to get me a few paid days a week. Plus I have an interview with another Green organization, and a meeting with Quartermaine people to discuss my doing some social media management for them. So yes. Quite busy.

Today I did ALL THE LAUNDRY! Ok, not all of it - Palmer has the terrible habit of letting his hamper overflow to ridiculous levels, but I did get a lot of laundry done. I also cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. And went to the gym! Tomorrow I'm going to try and clean out the fridge. Basically, doing a great big Massive Clean on the apartment in my free time.

And thats it! Ciao!
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New Year is really just an arbitrary day to base goals on, I mean, what is to prevent someone from making a goal at any other time of year? Nothing! But New Years is traditional, and comes with all sorts of ideas about new year equaling fresh starts, and so we all decide that on January 1st we're going to completely change ourselves for the better.

I got impatient. Palmer and I went to La Madeleine for breakfast, and while I was sorely tempted by the pastries and the croque monsieur, I restricted myself to an oj, a fruit salad (still don't like cantaloupe, but honeydew is acceptable), and a quiche. I doubt I'll ever just be able to have a fruit salad for breakfast and be satisfied, because I love savory way too much. But if I can do things like start with a fruit salad and then have an egg, I think that'll work out far better than the eggs benedict or canadian bacon that are my weaknesses.

We stopped by World Market after breakfast, and I purchased 2 more antique style furniture knobs for my jewelry case project. I need one more (I forgot how many vertical areas there were) and then some pretty hooks for the horizontal areas. After I get all the knobs, I need to purchase paper to back the case with. I'm thinking just one paper, and maybe I'll alternate between wood and paper. Then, I have to purchase the correct size drill bit. And then crafting!

Palmer's back hurt, so we cut the shopping short and came back home, where he's been relaxing on the couch with a heating pad. I was relaxing with him for a while, then decided that I might as well clean and reorganize the kitchen. Which I've done. I've also done laundry and finally finished off that DIY dry erase board. The super glue for the magnets is drying as I type.

We also had to give Loki a bath. We gave Goblin a bath last week because I noticed he had poop stuck in the fur near his butt, and Goblin... reacted badly. We also had to cut out a rather serious mat we discovered while drying him, which has led to the decision to start having Goblin trimmed regularly. Anyhow! Loki also had poopy butt, which I didn't particularly want all over the chairs and carpet, so into the bath he went. Despite the fact that he is bigger, heavier, and more obnoxious than Goblin, Loki was the easier one to bathe. True, he tried to leap out of the tub, and eventually yowled mournfully, but he didn't writhe about nearly as much as Goblin, and actually allowed me to use soap on him. Once we got him out of the tub and were drying him, he calmed down significantly, and even let me pick him up. He's a brat, but he's my fave.

We're hanging out at the apartment until this evening, and then we'll head over to a friend's house for a small party. Should be fun.

Happy New Year everybody!

Busy Week

Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:31 pm
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So uh... my lack of motivation regarding schoolwork may have extended up until today. Heh. So I've spent several hours today slogging through statistics homework. Oh, how I hate statistics. Whatever. Almost done! 2 questions left! Go me. :)

But! I got a ton done around the apartment! I cleaned the bedroom, organized my closet, folded SO much laundry. I also cleaned the living room, vacuumed, cleared the dining table, cleaned out and organized the hall closet. And I tackled the kitchen! Went through the fridge and cleaned out grody leftovers, swept and mopped the floor, took out SO MANY recyclables, and DID ALL THE DISHES!

Finally, I took out the Christmas decorations! Now, I don't have a lot of Christmas decorations, and since we've moved to the new, bigger apartment, the few that I have look even sparser. But! I have put them up! And last night Palmer and I bought and decorated a little 3' tabletop Spruce! It is lovely, and small, and covered in ornaments! No lights, because it is wee. But it is still pretty! And oh-so-intriguing to the cats. Goblin and Loki keep sticking their heads right into the needles, and making weird faces. Thankfully they've not yet gone after the ornaments.

Today Palmer and I went out to Ikea to buy him a dresser. He'd been storing most of his clothes in his closet, but it was getting a bit silly, so we finally went and got him a dresser of his own. We set it up this evening, and put my old tv on top of it. It looks good! And now we can watch different things at the same time! Or just watch tv in bed. Whatever.

That's about it. Made Peasant Soup tonight, it was pretty tasty! Next time I'll cut the sugar a bit, I like my food more salty. But still, quite nombly! Tomorrow I won't be cooking, but Monday I'm having my second go at risotto. Wish me luck!
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I spent all last week working really hard on schoolwork, and I did manage to get it all done by the various due dates. But that means that this week I'm feeling super lazy and unmotivated, and all I want to do is surf the internet and watch Doctor Who. I'm on to Season 3, by the way, and I do like Martha quite a bit. I just... wish they'd written her as less love-struck right off the bat. I really liked how they wrote Rose and the Doctor's building friendship and trust, and it just seems that Martha wanted to jump on in and felt like she deserved all his trust at once... whatevs. I still like her, just wish they'd let her and the Doctor build their friendship more organically. I'm about halfway through that season, so anything up until that point is fair game to discuss. But no spoilers please! Or rather, no specific spoilers, I already know quite a bit just by having ya'll as friends :)

Knitting is proceeding apace. After a week of barely any progress due to crazy school demands, I added on about 8 inches last night. I also started in on the stripey bit, and I think the finished product is going to look really cool. I created a "project" for it in Ravelry, thought I've not yet added any pictures. Soon, my dears. Soon.

I may or may not have spent much of Tuesday on craft blogs, bookmarking projects to get started on after Christmas. The first two are the ones I need most, a jewelry case made out of a silverware tray, and an earring holder made from an old picture frame. I showed the second one to Palmer, and he said it looked awesome, and would look really cool hung up on the wall. So yay! I also thoroughly cleaned and organized our bedroom, including sorting through my various necklaces and such. I didn't get rid of a huge amount, but I did cull some older pieces that I don't wear any longer. I also broke apart some pieces that I didn't want to wear, but whose pendants (or charms, or whatever) I wanted to keep.

I've gotten into nail art recently. For those who follow me on Facebook, you've seen my early attempts. I'm going to keep it fairly simple for a while, just practice lines and keeping my non-dominant hand steady. But once I get good at that, just you wait! Awesomeness will occur!

I had the shittiest day yesterday, and I don't really want to talk about it because I already cried all over Palmer. But because he is the best boyfriend, he hugged me and then took me out for sushi and sake, and made me laugh. I love that man. I also really love sushi. How so tasty, raw fish?

That's about it! Gotta go do stat homework, then clean the apartment, then get the car so I can get to work tomorrow morning. THEN there will be knitting and Doctor Who!
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Sorry for the TMI, but Palmer and I totally bought diaper cream on Saturday due to the wicked chafing we had from moving all our furniture to the new apartment on the hottest day of the year. Seriously, it hurt to wear underwear. Not fun. But diaper cream? Wonder drug! Put it on and instantly felt better! We were able to go back to the old apartment and move even more stuff! So yes, in case of godawful chafing, use diaper cream. You're welcome.

Anyhow! Friday was our official move-in day. We managed to move everything from our storage unit, plus the 55" inch tv we had left at his mom's place, plus all the furniture (except the bookcase) from the old apartment to the new. Saturday we went to Target for much needed supplies, then moved a whole bunch more boxes. Today we completely packed up the kitchen, then cleaned the hell out of it. How did I accumulate so much crap?! Whatever. We have through next Sunday to finish moving, and we're going to use all of that time so that we don't burn out. Tomorrow I'll be cleaning out the bathroom and disassembling the bookshelf (and doing laundry), and we'll tackle the bedroom and the living room after that. It'll be all good. Meanwhile, we definitely have the new place set up to be livable, though our clean clothes supply is running perilously low, hence the laundry. Basically, super busy for the next week. But by the end of this coming week, we should be both fully moved, and fully unpacked. Rock on!

Things we still need to buy:
-A second dresser. We decided on the long, low 6-drawer model, but we want to measure my car and make sure it'll fit in it before we actually spend money on it. It should fit, we just want to make sure.
-Another utensil holder. The drawer space in the kitchen is not optimal, and silverware takes up most of the one available drawer. Another countertop utensil holder is necessary.
-A kitchen workstation. There is also minimal counter space in the kitchen, and Ikea sells an awesome workstation for about $200. We just need to measure and double-check that it'll fit, but I am optimistic.

So yes. We've gotten the place livable, and over the next week we'll move everything else over and clean the shit out of the old place. Once everything is done I'll post pictures, but trust me, the new place is awesome.

Til next time!
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In an effort to be less of a crazy shut in, and because we hadn't hung out in forever, I invited [ profile] cinaea and [ profile] samanthahirr over for drinks and dinner. Which meant I had to clean! My place is never like, a danger zone, but it had gotten cluttered and messy over the past couple of weeks. So yes, much of yesterday was devoted to getting the recyclables outside, sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, and, of course, cooking! They said they'd be down with a slow cooker dish, so I decided to try my hand at Doro Wat, spicy Ethiopian chicken. Oh my goodness. SO GOOD! So very spicy as well, but so so tasty. Basically you throw boneless chicken thighs in the slow cooker with lots of onions, tomatoes, spices, butter, and water, and by the time its done the chicken is just falling apart, it is so tender. I think the next time I make it (because oh god that recipe is a keeper!) I'm going to add more tomatoes and throw some potatoes in as well. And then maybe serve it with rice, or noodles. Something. Because it was tasty, but I thought it could have used something more. But still! Ethiopian chicken! I can has!

I actually had a super busy day yesterday, because not only did I have guests over in the evening, but I had lunch with my dad in Bethesda. We decided to go to Mussel Bar, which I've been to before, but he has not. We got the Wild Shroom Mussels (heavy cream, cheese, mushrooms, and bacon in the sauce with the mussels) and the spinach salad. Sooooo tasty! Since it was his belated birthday present, I treated, and since it was such a nice day outside, we walked around to my coffee shop and I made us fruit smoothies! Of course my coworkers gave me a hard time for not being able to stay away, even on my day off, but whatever, I make a mean smoothie. And a regular commented on how dressed up I look (i.e., NOT in work clothes), which I think was meant to be a compliment. At least, that's how I took it.

Monday afternoon I drove down to Vidal Sassoon to talk with my stylist about being his house model. It was pretty funny, because basically all that happened was this: I walked in, he gave me a hug, touched my hair for like, 10 seconds, and then said, "Ok, so I'm doing a workshop in a month, want to be my model?" [ profile] cinaea and [ profile] samanthahirr told me that the new looks are all with slightly longer hair, which explains why he wanted to see mine, I'm just amused that our "meeting" lasted all of two minutes. Anyhow, in a month I should have a funky new haircut! Meanwhile, it'll just get shaggy and more Bieber-ish until then. :D

Tomorrow's plans include breakfast with Palmer, buying short sleeve button down shirts for work, taking old clothes to Value Village to donate them, and going to hang out with [ profile] lillbet and her friends in the evening. Sometime in there I'll have to squeeze in a few hours of homework. Good times!

That's about it for now. Ciao!
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I spent literally all today cleaning. Ok, not from midnight to midnight literally, but I got started at 12:30 and finished up at 9pm. That's a lot of cleaning! On the plus side, my apartment is shiny! Well, actually it is still a bit cluttered because I haven't boxed up the things I'm donating, but still- shiny!

The bathroom- oh my god, the bathroom is sparkling! I finally got some Simple Green and a scrubbing brush, and it worked like a charm! A charm that required extensive scrubbing and made me sweat buckets, but a charm nonetheless! I also scrubbed at the walls with bleach, so they are lovely now (quick aside- my bathroom has no ventilation, so mold develops on the paint quite quickly. It is gross, it is now gone. For the moment.)

The bedroom was easy enough, just had to vacuum, and dust/sort the bookshelf. Picked out a bunch of books I no longer want, and set them aside. Then, dear readers, it was on to the living room. Otherwise known as the bottomless Pit of Stuff. But oh, did I clean the hell out of it. Started with the bookshelves, dusting and discarding and sorting. Found an old wooden doll my aunt had given me which had gone missing- the Lokasaur had most likely knocked it off its shelf. It had broken a bit, but the handy dandy Super Glue fixed it right up! After that, it was the coffee table's turn- dusted inside and out, discarded all the accumulated detrius, and put stuff there that actually SHOULD go in a coffee table. Cleaned off the desk and dusted there, then tackled the "entertainment center." This thing was a disaster. It isn't much, but the tangle of cords and dust behind it was horrifying. So I detangled, and dusted, and rearranged, and now it actually looks kinda nice!

Palmer arrived at that point, so I began to cook dinner (chili with noodles, it was delicious and QUITE spicy) while he swept, dusted, and vacuumed the living room. Now all that is left is the kitchen, and all that needs is a quick sweep and mop. AND THEN MY PLACE WILL BE SO CLEAN, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!

Next project- the closets of DOOM!
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Trying to start posting more regularly, since I've basically been disappeared for months. So I figured an easy way to get back in the swing of things would be to do a Weekend Update! So, let's see-

Friday I got out of work around 8:25, and managed to walk back to my parents place in 15 minutes. I'm getting faster! Got their car and agreed to look after their cats this weekend. Went by my place, fed the cats and cuddled them a bit, grabbed my computer and some laundry and went off to Palmer's. We ordered Thai food, I watched an episode of LOST, and then we were hanging out with his roommate Mike the rest of the night. It was a good time, but we drank way too much, Saturday morning was unpleasant.

Saturday we stumbled out of bed (seriously, quite unpleasant), fed my parents cats, fed my cats, fed ourselves, then sat on the couch staring at our computers until around 8pm, when it was time to feed all sets again. Palmer and I went out to Joe's Crab Shack, which is always quite delicious, and both got the King Crab legs. God, those things are sinfully good. I do wish they would put more Old Bay on the "Chesapeake Style" legs, but ah well. Unfortunately, after the meal my headache returned with a vengeance, and when we got home I went right to bed. Palmer told me that when he came into the bedroom, Loki was curled up between my calves and Goblin was curled up right next to him between my knees. I vaguely remember this, but apparently it was super cute!

Today has been fairly epic. Fed the parents cats, then attempted a trip to Target for Simple Green so I can clean my bathroom properly. I swear to god, no place in this area carries it, it is QUITE frustrating. After Target we met friends at an Indian restaurant for lunch buffet, then decided that we should all go to Value Village to go thrift store shopping. That place is irresistible, I swear. I ended up buying a Polaroid camera, a samovar-style pitcher that is now sitting in my bookshelf, and two shadow boxes with miniature kitchen implements and recipes that I will hang in my kitchen. All awesome!

Unfortunately, this evening we had to take the kitties to the emergency animal clinic. Goblin has been sneezing since we got him, and though the vet had said that it would probably run its course, his cold has been getting worse. And today Loki was totally lethargic and had no interest in food, so we decided we should take them both in to get checked out. Good thing we did! Loki is fine, just a bit under the weather (and he still hates the vet, though he didn't scratch this time- mostly because we just removed the top of the carrier to examine him and the vet had me hold him and talk to him while she checked his vitals), but Goblin's cold has turned bacterial. So! Goblin now has antibiotics that I have to give him once a day, and we have cans of tuna to feed them that should penetrate their stuffy noses and incite their appetites. Hopefully within a few days this will all be behind them.

On the plus side, they are total best buds now. Loki has been repeatedly trying to bathe Goblin over the last several days, and like I mentioned, Goblin loves to sleep next to Loki. It is quite adorable, and I'm glad they're getting along so well. Today they comforted each other after the traumatic ordeal that was the emergency clinic:

Too cute! )

Anyhow, tomorrow I have to work, but I plan on swinging by Strosneiders in the morning to 1)check for Simple Green, 2)buy some ceramic water dishes for potted plants, and 3)purchase a hanging pot for my spider plant. Then on Tuesday I will continue the epic cleaning project that I started today. Good times!


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