Sep. 14th, 2015

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So, because we have a shoot this coming Saturday, my boss decided to give me today off. Probably so he doesn't have to pay me overtime, but also because exhausted Suze = unhappy Suze, and my boss (for his faults) does actually want happy, productive employees.

So! I couldn't fully take advantage of the day off by sleeping in because I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 9am. Alas. Whatever, my teeth are in pretty good shape. Except for one tooth, whose filling is apparently starting to put pressure on the rest of the tooth, which might lead to a crack. Therefore, I get to have a crown put in next month. Yay.

Anyhow, after that I was like, OH MY GOD, I HAVE AN ENTIRE DAY TO MYSELF. SELF, IT IS TIME TO GET SHIT DONE. And shit got done, ya'll. I have done, like, 5 loads of laundry. I cleaned out the hummingbird feeder and refilled it, and put it on the new post I got for that purpose out in the backyard so the sparrows won't frighten the hummingbirds away any longer. I also filled the NEW hummingbird feeder I got and put it on the picture window out front. I harvested all the veggies from the garden, froze the Tabasco peppers and rendered the tomatoes down into sauce. I also went through all the mail, got Coco's pet license renewed, and put my new registration on my car. Hooray! AND I took Coco for a nice long walk in the middle of the day. Shit. Got. Done.

Palmer's out having a drink with a friend, so now I'm chilling on the couch enjoying a beer. Well deserved, I might add!


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