Jan. 4th, 2015

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When we moved in to our new home, Palmer and I were actually pretty good about getting things unpacked. All the major and not-so-major stuff was out of boxes and put where it made sense. But other things just... lagged. So we kinda got used to a random box or two being around the house, and didn't really think about it. But my aunt came in town for Christmas, and asked to come by to see our house. Now, this aunt is very chill and wouldn't have minded the mess, but in my mind, it turned into "MUST BECOME SUPREME HOSTESS. MUST HAVE SPOTLESS HOUSE!" and so the cleaning began. The day after Christmas, Palmer and I actually spent several hours cleaning, sorting through clutter, and organizing the house.

It looked so good, you guys. You don't even know!

And so the aunt, along with my mom and dad, my eldest sister, her husband, and their twins, all came over two days after Christmas for cocktails and appetizers. It went really well! Everyone got the tour (not a big one, cause it's not a big house), I made cocktails for those that wanted them (I make an awesome Old Fashioned), and we hung out. It went so well, in fact, that when friends suggested New Years plans, we offered to host! Luckily this was a small get-together, but still - hosted people for New Years, like a boss! And the house has actually remained fairly clean - there's some dishes that need washing, and some mail that needs looking at, but overall I'm very happy with the status of our abode.

Yesterday we went on a hike, and took Coco along with. It was a nice walk, though very muddy. Coco had a blast - ran through puddles, rolled in poop, just a grand old time overall. But the coolest thing, for me, was seeing a huge number of Eastern Bluebirds. I know they're not exactly rare (population estimated at 22 million, thanks Cornell!), but before yesterday, I'd only ever seen one or two in my lifetime. So it was incredible to walk into a bit of a clearing and see bird after bird fluttering around and realizing that every single one was a bluebird. Near the end of the walk I was almost convinced they were following us - there were a few that kept flying back and forth across our path, and definitely seemed to watching us. Not as blatantly as the sheep in the next pasture, but still. (That was a creepy sheep!)

Since I didn't mention it in my New Years post, Christmas was good. Everyone seemed to like the gifts I got them, and I got some nice stuff in return. Most used is the FitBit One my parents got me. Most squealed over is the penguin Nativity scene from my aforementioned aunt. It is a thing of beauty.

Tomorrow will be laundry and going over to the in-laws to chill. Then Monday is back to work. After so much time off, it'll be weird. But I'll have plenty to keep me busy, so that's good!


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