Mar. 21st, 2016

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I am officially obsessed with one-pot pastas. So! Apparently all of us who have been boiling water and cooking pasta in it have been doing it the wrong way! One-pot pastas are where you put all your ingredients together in one pot, add a bunch of liquid, and cook it all together until the liquid has reduced down to sauce and the pasta is tender. I am all about this. For one, it's a lot easier to clean up just one pot rather than two pots and a pasta strainer. Two, cooking everything together really lets the flavors permeate the pasta. So instead of having sauce and veggies and meat and then kinda bland pasta, you have this super flavorful creamy dish. LOVING IT! I've made two versions so far - one with tomatoes and basil (delicious!) and one with mushrooms and spinach. Oh. My. God. It was so freaking good, I can't even deal. I'm really excited that I have enough of almost everything to make it again in a few days. Hooray!

Been working to actually do meal planning on a regular basis. When I don't actually plan out meals and buy all the ingredients ahead of time, I fall into the trap of "I'm too tired and hungry, and this will take too long." But if I do actually get everything and write down what meals go on which days, its much easier to make myself cook. And I even like cooking! I'm just profoundly lazy, and I'd rather sit on the couch and have food brought to me. Sigh. I've also been trying my hand at freezer meals, which are ok. The nice thing is the ease of making them the day of - just pop it in the slow cooker! But it does take planning and prep on the weekend. Also a lot of the recipes aren't the most healthy... I did find a keeper in Salsa Chicken thought - basically what it sounds like, salsa and chicken breasts in the slow cooker for a few hours. Then you can shred the chicken and serve it over rice. This time I bought avocado and spring onions to top it and make it a bit more flavorful. Good times!

I am somewhat (ha!) obsessed with ModCloth. I just got two new skirts and a dress last week, and while I think one of the skirts is going back (its flimsier than I'd like and fits a bit oddly) the other skirt is my new favorite article of clothing. SO PRETTY.

So like I've mentioned but not really talked about, I've given up weeknight drinking for Lent. So Monday through Thursday I'm not having anything to drink. (Friday through Sunday I can go HAM!) Its been interesting. So far I've been successful, no cheating, and the health benefits are definitely there - I've lost 8 pounds so far! I think I'm going to try to keep it up past Lent, just less stringent. If I'm going to a networking happy hour, I'd like to be able to have a glass of something other than seltzer water. That being said, I was commended for my self-control at a recent young professionals happy hour. Apparently being able to attend a happy hour and not drink was a miracle of discipline.

Finally getting a haircut later this week, so hopefully I'll look less shaggy afterwards. That's the problem with short hair - stop paying attention, and you quickly look unkempt.


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