Feb. 16th, 2015

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For friendly and sociable people, Palmer and I sure are recluses a lot of the time. Part of it is laziness, part of it is we really enjoy each other's company and like spending time together without other people. But a lot of it is laziness. Anyhow, we were NOT lazy this weekend! In fact, we did TONS of stuff!

Ok, so I'd been reading all week about how Jupiter Ascending is amazing and stupid and crazeballs and amazeballs and space werewolves etc., and the excitement finally got the better of me. I told Palmer that I wanted to see it, that I wanted to see it that night, and went and bought tickets. We just got an iPic Theater close to us, so I bought tickets there. For those who don't know, iPic is a "luxury" theater that has armchair seating and waitservice. I got the cheaper seats, so we had to go to the bar and order (LIKE PLEBES) but it was still super nice. And oh, Jupiter Ascending. If there's ever an instance where "Shine on you crazy diamond" is appropriate, it is for this movie. I'm stealing a thought from Tumblr which is that everything in the movie can be preceded by SPACE! and still make sense. SPACE BEES! SPACE WEDDINGS! SPACE POLICE! SPACE REGENERATION! HOT SEXY HALF-ALBINO SOMETIMES-WINGED SPACE WEREWOLVES! See? Jupiter Ascending is a treasure, it really is. An orgy of gorgeous special effects and actual orgies. A feast for the eyes! Plus the guilty pleasures of Channing Tatum (looking damn fine as the afore-mentioned space werewolf) and Eddie Redmayne doing his very best Space Voldemort. Mila Kunis is awesome (and screw people saying she's a damsel in distress - she does quite well for herself amidst extremely weird and dangerous situations!), Sean Bean is awesome, everyone is awesome. GO SEE IT! Ahem.

So that was Friday evening. Saturday we went out to breakfast at our favorite spot in Downtown Silver Spring, then headed over to Rockville to look at furniture. We need a dining room table, cause the one I bought 5 years ago is tiny, shaky, and looks silly in our proper-sized dining room. So we went to Bob's Discount Furniture and then a proper furniture showroom to look around. Each had tables that we liked, but Bob's wasn't as sturdy as we hoped, and the one at the furniture showroom was more money than we had planned on spending. We thought about them, and talked about them, and decided that for now, we'd be ok with what we have, but that we'd keep dining room tables in mind, and check semi-regularly for options.

Saturday evening it snowed, but we had Valentine's plans and braved the weather anyway. We went to Denizens Brewing Co in Silver Spring for their beer and chocolate event. Each ticket got you five tasting rounds of beer pared with a hand-crafted chocolate made by a Silver Spring-based chocolatier, plus light fare. It was a great time. Crowded, but we managed to get a table, and all the pairings were awesome, as was the food. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get something for a proper dinner, and then it took us an hour to GET home because the snow turned into whiteout conditions and no one in MD can drive. But! We made it home safely, had dinner and more beer, and had a good night overall.

Sunday was chores and hanging out. Palmer's family came over for an hour to see us (but mostly Coco) and then we got some takeout for dinner. My boss had already told me to wait until noon to come in, so I was able to stay up a bit later than normal.

This morning I was getting ready to go in when I got a text from my boss telling me to stay and work from home. We've got a winter storm moving in (it's been snowing for a few hours now as I type this) and he didn't want to risk me driving. So I ran to the grocery store really quick for some lunch stuff for tomorrow and the ingredients for dinner on Wednesday (a slow cooker dish I'm making for parents, who are coming by) and it didn't take me as long as I feared. Longer than I liked, but even though the lines were crazy, the cashiers were moving quickly. Everyone was fairly nice and calm, though people need to learn how to not block aisles with their bodies and carts. Then I got home and spent the next five hours working.

Now we're making dinner. I'm doing some red skin mashed potatoes and Palmer will be cooking steaks. I made us cocktails, but they kinda froze while we let Coco out, so we're waiting for them to thaw. After dinner, idk. Maybe I can convince Palmer to watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Or maybe we'll watch House of Cards. Either way we're safe and sound, and happy to be able to work from home tomorrow.

For those in the path of this storm, stay safe!


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