Mar. 7th, 2016

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H'ok, so - had a crazy busy weekend, it was pretty awesome!

Friday evening after work I went down to Dupont Circle to meet a friend for drinks. This is a networking buddy I met at a client's event, and this was the 2nd time we've gotten together. I like her, we have similar jobs, and she's fun to hang out with. Probably becoming an actual friend, not just someone in my network. ANYHOW. We went down to Kramerbooks and their attached cafe Afterwords and had a few drinks. Last time I was there was about a year ago for the Fug Girls' book-signing for The Royal We. Luckily, the veggie quesadilla app was just as delicious as I remembered.

After drinks I headed back home, and Palmer and I ordered some food, drank some whiskey, and finally finished up Agent Carter season 2. Upon waking up Saturday, I realize that we probably drank too much whiskey, but never mind that. On Saturday we went to a late brunch, then headed downtown. The Renwick Gallery (part of The Smithsonian) has an exhibit called Wonder that I was dying to see and photograph - as was everyone else in DC. When we got there, the line to get in stretched down the block, and we were a bit worried that we wouldn't even be able to get in before they closed. Luckily the line actually moved fairly quickly, so we only waited about 20 minutes. Once inside, getting around took a while cause of the crowd, but the exhibit was gorgeous. Everyone's favorite seemed to be the installation by Gabriel Dawe, which is gorgeous. But I think I liked the one by Janet Echelman the best - fishermen's netting sculpted to mimic the energy wave released by the Japanese earthquake, with multicolored lights shining all over it. Stunning.

After the Renwick, we headed over to Yards Park on the Anacostia Waterfront. They had some enormous luminescent bunnies on display that I wanted to see and photograph before they were taken down on Sunday. So we wandered around Yards Park for a bit, then headed back to the Metro to go home. Unfortunately the Metro ride made me super queasy, so when we got home I pretty much chugged an Alka Seltzer then took a 2hour nap. When I got up we ate dinner and hung out for a bit, then I went right back to bed.

Sunday the nausea was gone, thankfully. We went to brunch at my new favorite place, Carluccio's at Pike & Rose. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD, OK? Then we took Coco on a nice long walk. We'd abandoned her Saturday to do our downtown exploring, so we wanted to make it up to her with a lot of exercise. We did a 5 mile walk through Rock Creek Park, which seemed to do the trick - that evening she was zonked. (So were we!) After the walk we went to a new brewery that opened up near us, and did a flight of their beers. They were all good, but we decided on a growler of the Honey Ale. On the way home we grabbed some Chipotle, which we then enjoyed with that growler. Finished out the night watching the democratic debate, and went to bed around midnight.

Good times!

This week is busy - have a craft meetup tomorrow, lunch with my parents Wednesday, and then a full weekend of stuff going on, including a Metric concert. SO excited! So yeah, managed to get off my ass and go do stuff this weekend, here's hoping I can continue the trend. :)

Oh! I gave up weeknight drinking for Lent (which I think I mentioned before?) and I've lost 7 pounds since starting! Rock on!


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