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The television hutch DIYed out of bookshelves is not going so well. Or rather, not at all. Well, a little. But it has clearly become the new Dresser of DOOM in our lives, as it is still deconstructed on the living room floor. Meaning that books cannot be put away yet, so they are also sitting, in boxes, on the living room floor. We have, however, gotten the correct screws, nuts & bolts, and drill bit required for the construction of this thing. We have also gotten (and drilled) a test piece of wood to make sure that 1)we know how to use a power drill and 2)we did actually get the right stuff for this project. We did! Yay!

Palmer also got a stud finder because he's been wanting one. Next on the list? Multimeter. A multimeter measures multiple electronic things like voltage and amperage, plus a whole bunch of other stuff. Palmer likes stuff like this. I am sure we will have need for it someday.

The summer session of hell is finally over, and I know I'm going to have to retake one of the classes. The depression got too much, and the class just fell to the wayside. I literally did not have the energy to do more than one class's worth of work, and Risk Assessment was not that class. Awesome. I've also decided to drop my minor, because if I kept it, I would have to take an additional semester to get all my credits in, and if I do that I will cry and vomit.

Speaking of, I think that "I will cry and/or vomit" has become my new favorite descriptor for when I'm feeling unbearably shitty. When the AC at work broke a few weeks ago, that was my standard response after 6 hours in the 95 degree heat. I think I will integrate it into my regular vernacular, but hope not to use it too often.

Seattle was awesomesauce, though we were woefully unprepared for the trip. But we swam in a freezing cold lake, drank a lot with friends, saw two good friends get married, saw the Battlestar Galactica exhibit at the Experience Music Project, spent too much money on food, and closed out a hipster bar. Also! Had a layover in Vegas, during which I played the quarter slot machines, and beat the house! That's right! Started with 10 dollars, ended with 10 dollars 25 cents. Rock!

That's about it for now. Have a month until the fall session starts, and I plan to relax and focus on getting the apartment looking put together. Tomorrow I'm going to the Borders to try and get some cheap cheap picture frames for some of our art.

Good times, sports fans!


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