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Saturday started off with a rough day at work. Nothing wrong with any of the people I was working with, but 2 of them are new hires and the other does not work bar. Which meant that I had to run the shift, get change, make sure people were doing their various tasks, and handle all the drinks on the espresso bar. Fun. Apparently I was looking more and more annoyed between the hours of 8 and 9, because several people asked if I was ok. Oops. At 9, another employee arrived and began doing a whole lot of things that had been sliding, and eventually took over bar for me so I could run outside for a break. After that, things got better.

That evening, Palmer & I went out to dinner (mmm, sushi!) and then went over to the Dome to hang with friends. It was a good time, much quieter than last weekend, and I got to see a few people I hadn't in a while. I was the designated, so I woke up Sunday feeling just fine. Palmer, not so much.

Sunday morning we went to Einstein Bros to have bagels, then walked over to Strosneiders Hardware to take a look at shelf brackets. Basically, we're constructing a hutch for our flat screen out of two existing bookcases and a piece of lumber, and we needed to know what kind of brackets we'd need in order to do so safely. Safely meaning, the cats can walk across the piece of lumber without causing everything to come crashing down onto the television. Anyhow, we talked to the employees and they advised us on the proper brackets, which we purchased, and suggested locking nuts to hold them in place instead of screws. Palmer will be going by there at some point to get them, because we're trying to have this thing constructed by the end of the week.

Sunday night was Death Cab for Cutie! It was fairly awesome. :D The concert was at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and we had actual seats instead of lawn. Good call us! Except for how freaking hot it was under the pavilion, exacerbated by the rather large gentleman sitting to my right and blocking the slight breeze that had been reaching me before. Thankfully, he and his son moved farther back, I assume because he was as uncomfortable as I was. We stayed in our seats for Frightened Rabbits, who were good in a Mumford & Sons way, then escaped into the open air during the set break. When we came back, we decided to sit further back where we could still see ok, but had much more breathing room. And Death Cab was fucking awesome. They played a bunch of songs from their new album, they played License & Registration as well as Soul Meets Body, and then they closed the encore with Sound of Settling followed by Transatlanticism. It was epic.

Today I'm doing homework (fucking research paper group project goddammit), but earlier I went down to the fitness center to work out. I've gained weight back, and that fucking sucks, so I've decided enough of this shit, let's work out! Between the treadmill and the elliptical, I "ran" 4.5 miles. Go me! I was dripping sweat by the time I was done, but I felt awesome.

And that's about it!
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After slowly going insane from stress and getting into a fight with Palmer (which we resolved that night) I decided that I needed to step down from my position as senior lead, and cut down my shifts at the coffee shop. 32 hours a week combined with 5 courses (15 credits) was just too much, and it was killing me. I was falling behind in my classes, I was always tired, and I had no social life because all I was doing was working or studying. My reduced hours go into effect next week, but I'm already feeling relieved just knowing that its going to happen. And I got over the worst bit of the semester (midterms plus research paper is not so much fun), so it should be a bit easier from here on out. (Knock on wood.)

Last week I went back to Vidal Sassoon to be a hair model in their spring workshop. Not sure what the overall look is for this season, but I wound up with a funky, asymmetrical cut (how shocking!) and red & purple hair. :D The red has, sadly, faded a bit, but I still think it looks awesome. Check out a pic of it, complete with my new nerd frame glasses, and tell me what you think:

I've gotta admit, I'm dorkily in love with those glasses.

Anyhow! This past week was the most socializing I've done in a long time. Last Saturday we went out to Dave and Busters for a few hours to celebrate a friend's birthday. Tuesday was pub quiz with our friend Cara, who was back in town for spring break. Wednesday was Vidal. Thursday was St. Patrick's Day with Palmer, Cara, and Diego, during which Cara and I spouted facts about Irish history and culture, and made jokes about the handbook they give out to everyone born with even a drop of Irish blood. (That would be me, btw- Cara is actually 100 percent Irish descent, all of her grandparents came over from Ireland.) Friday and Saturday were a bit calmer, though Palmer and I did go out for oysters Saturday evening. Last night was concert night!

I haven't been to a concert in months, which is distressing when I think about it, but last night was Travie McCoy with Black Cards at the Recher Theatre in Towson. Palmer, sweetheart that he is, had agreed to go with me, and we had a really good time. Palmer's favorite act was XV, who came on just after we arrived. I'll admit, XV was quite awesome, and I look forward to buying his cd when it comes out. Black Cards were on next, and oh my do I love their music and Bebe's voice. And Pete is a total furry, and it is hilarious. But they were awesome, loved the Gnarls Barkley cover, loved their dorky and awkward stage banter, and Pete broke my heart a bit when he said that part of him just wanted to curl up in bed for the next 10 years. :( But I did get to meet them after their set, though I was a big dork and basically said, "Hi, I loved the music video for Club Called Heaven, the Head that Wouldn't Die is one of my favorite old horror movies, can I get a picture with you all?" Not sure how much of that they even heard other than "iloveyoupicture?" but they all smiled and I got a picture with Pete and Bebe (though the flash on my phone is kind of shitty and its not that great). But still! A picture!

I also got to say hi to [ profile] crossouttheeyes and [ profile] jukeboxromeo which was awesome. I am exceedingly jealous both of their week of awesome, and of their tattoos. In addition, Travie McCoy was fucking awesome, and I am so impressed with his charisma and stage presence, I can't even say.

Today is normally a work day, but I requested off so I wouldn't have to leave the concert early. So basically I've been doing homework and fucking around on the internet in no particular order. Eventually I have to go get the car from my parents house so I can get to work in the morning, but that'll happen later.

Once again, I'm going to work on updating more. I didn't for awhile because of stress about work and school, and upset about what happened in Bethesda, but I'll try to do better about staying in touch.
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Yeah, totally forgot to do a concert recap of Gold Motel at DC9, and don't feel like typing a whole lot of it. So basically, DC9 is a tiny venue, Family of the Year was kickass (and responded to me on Twitter when I mentioned their album amongst a whole group of others), and Greta is lovely and so friendly.

Palmer, [ profile] athrill, and I were standing right in front of Greta the entire concert, and [ profile] athrill and I were definitely dancing like fools. Right before the band started in on their second to last song, Greta said she expected to see everyone dancing, "Especially YOU!", pointing at [ profile] athrill who of course tried to start beef between DC and Chicago by refusing. But it all worked out ok! Dancing was done, I sang along to all the songs that they played off their EP, which didn't go unnoticed by Greta, and got a few good pics.

After the show we got a chance to talk to Greta for a few minutes, and she is as friendly as all my friends who've met her have led me to believe. She thanked us all for coming out, we talked about high heels versus flats, and decided, due to a mis-hear, that PETA is like Texas, cause they're assholes. Sorry Texas buddies!

Didn't get too many pics, but there are a few under the cut, including one of me about to crack up while Greta looks slightly mischievous.

Gold Motel )

But yeah, great show and I'd love to see them again. Can't wait for their album to come out this summer!
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Palmer and I went to see Muse on Wednesday night at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore. I don't want to spoil the concert for anyone who is going, but I will say this: GO! Sweet Jesus, that was one of the best fucking rock shows I've ever been to, and I've gone to a lot.

Love that band!
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Ok, so they might be 3 months late, but hey! I'm lazy! Anyhow, below the cut are photos from their performance at the 930 Club in Washington, DC

Your Automatic Eyes )
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I know, its been over a month, but I fucking finally sat down and organized my photos. So! Below the cut are concert photographs!

Check Yes, Juliet )
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So I decided I'd dilly-dallyed long enough on the TAI photographs- so here you go! The Academy Is... at Warped Tour!

Attention, attention! )
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We The Kings )

And thats it! Up next I'll combine Reel Big Fish and The Bouncing Souls, and then the massive, massive post of The Academy Is. Oh, TAI. I may be a little... captivated... by them. Just a little.

And if I had to go to to check for an alternate meaning of obsessed, what of it?
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Ok, so its all under cuts and separated by band- enjoy!

Against Me )
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Art Attack was fucking awesome. Simple Plan rocked the fuck out and reminded me why I liked them, The Bravery kicked ass and played all of their songs I like, and Wyclef fucking Jean is beyond words. Unbelievable. But, most importantly of all was Cobra motherfucking Starship! And look!

Pictures, bitches! )

So yes! Awesome awesome show! I'm really excited for Warped Tour so I can see them again, cause I've had a kickass time each show I've been to. Oh, Cobra!
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Pictures of Panic at the Disco performing during the Honda Civic Tour!

Because this is a BIG post full of bandwidth eating pictures! )

So! Hope you all liked that, those were my favorites of the ones I took. Spencer and Jon are both remarkably hard to catch holding still, even a little bit, I'm sorry that I couldn't have more pics of them. But yeah, enjoy!


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