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Last day of the coffee shop was today! It went well, no asshole customers and only one minor emergency. The drainage pipe for the espresso machine clogged, but luckily it 1)happened almost first thing, so we weren't busy, and 2)is a supremely easy fix, involving nitrous and a hose. Customers started in early on the "Make Suze Cry" competition, and succeeded 8 times throughout the day. I seriously didn't think I was going to be this affected, but the outpouring of affection from my regulars was overwhelming. I will definitely be going by there to visit, because the relationships I've formed over the past three years are too worthwhile to be forgotten, just because I no longer work there.

I also got tattooed (some more) today! Finished up the coloring in the body, and got started on the outline of the tail, plus the background. It is looking AWESOME! I'll admit, it is like, 4 times bigger than what I had originally envisioned, but I really love it. It is going to be stunning once its done. I never thought I'd be one to get a huge piece, but hey- you only live once! Oh god, did I really just YOLO? Is it less objectionable because I didn't use the acronym? Let's hope so.

Tomorrow is chillaxing, followed by dinner with friends in Arlington. Sunday is MORE chillaxing, followed by dinner with Palmer's mom. Monday... well, I don't have to wake up at 4:20 am any longer!

I do actually have shit to do- I scheduled a bunch of stuff for this week, including a dentists appointment Monday morning, so I will actually be busy. But I won't be awake before the sun rises! And that is really exciting!
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Didn't realize that it has been almost the full length of September since I've updated. Whoops? Basically, the lack of updating boils down to this: I open the coffee shop five days a week and intern 3 of those days. I'm also attempting to train for a 5k while keeping the apartment somewhat clean and mainlining seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. So uh, yeah, not really posting a lot.

Ok lets see. Work is work. One of my coworkers is an 18 year old kid who regularly makes me want to shake him. He gets sullen, doesn't like being corrected even when he's doing shit wrong, and bitches about working "so hard" after a shift full of standing around doing nothing. So yeah. Sometimes I want to smack him. I'm not working with him as much this coming week, I think, so maybe I won't have a rage-induced embolism after all. That'd be nice.

Bethesda Green internship is going well. I'm there three days a week doing whatever needs doing. This week we had the StartUp Maryland bus stop at the office, and there was an event with our incubator companies and some other green entrepreneurs. Good times! Our annual Gala is in two weeks, so I'll be busy helping with that until then. Then it'll be back to focusing on the green restaurant project, and then probably helping out with the Green Fields job fair. Then we'll see, I guess.

My friend Bert wants to recruit me for his bike shop. He knows that I'm getting pretty tired of the coffee shop, and offered to pay me the same rate and teach me some basic bike mechanics before starting. I've already learned how to replace brake pads and a brake cable, so that's a start. I also now have new brake pads and a new brake cable and housing! Fancy! In a few weeks I'm going to see about getting my handle bar grips redone. The grips are the original ones that came with the bike, and they're starting to get nasty and sticky from age. I'm not sure whether I'll just go for tape, or get new grips, but Bert said he'd show me some options. Pretty soon the only original part of the bike is going to be the frame, I swear.

Football season has started up, and we've attended our first Redskins home game. Obvs the DC team is likely to suck again, but Robert Griffin III is very exciting to watch. If only our other players would stop getting injured, our offensive line prevent RGIII from getting hit so often, and our defensive line actually working as a defense, we might sometime win a game!

Tattoo, session 2 was today. )

Am obsessed with this craft cocktail bar in Silver Spring. The bartender made me an Old Fashioned, it was so freaking good. And then the other bartender made me a bourbon drink with grapefruit bitters and sour cherries, AND comped me for it, it was awesome. The drinks are expensive, but I still love it. Palmer likes it as well, but we both agree that its an "every few weeks" kind of place, not our regular watering hole. That's still reserved for Quarry House.

Long post is long. I'm going to cut this off now, and try to be more responsible about posting. And commenting. I read faithfully, but I'll try to be better about interacting. After all, I like you guys, and I want to talk to you more!
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So I may read far too many Cracked articles, more than are good for my health perhaps, but when I learn gems like the German word "kummerspeck" it makes it all worthwhile. Would you like to know what it means? Well, it means overeating due to negative emotions, which most of us are familiar with. Ice cream binge anyone? But what it translates to is much better. Kummerspeck literally means "grief bacon." Seriously. Grief bacon. Amazing!

Work is making me hate humanity again. Or maybe just rich assholes who think its cool to go grab their coffee before its paid for. Either way. Next time you take a $3 cup of individually brewed coffee instead of your $2 cup of House blend, I will conk you over the head with a porta-filter, hand to god. And for fuck's sake, if you do take the wrong coffee and have already altered it, the way to go about things is to apologize, and if we tell you to keep the coffee, shut the fuck up and keep it. Do not keep badgering me about 'getting into trouble' because I will end you. You got a better cup than you paid for, shut the fuck up and walk away. GAH!

I regularly ignore the advice of my icons.

Day off today, which will be devoted to studying. I have a paper due this weekend, but I think I'll try to get all my OTHER stuff done first so I can just focus on that. It (hopefully) shouldn't be too bad, and then I just have the final exam left for that class. Which is good, cause I've not been a fan. Ah well. Almost done!

I am busy plotting my next tattoo, which will occur pretty much the second I've graduated. I'm thinking the next one will be the elephant on my inner arm. Bagheera, the crow, and the Portuguese Man o' War will have to wait a while. Expensive! But the elephant should be pretty simple. I'm currently thinking just a line drawing, but I'll talk to a few artists, get some ideas. Subvert the dominant pachyderm! (Plus I love me some oliphaunts)

...and that's it! Ciao!


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