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So remember how Coco got sick last weekend? Well, she didn't get better. She ate her bland diet and seemed ok, but Wednesday she didn't eat anything. Thursday morning she threw up - and there were leaves in her vomit. So I took her to the vet Thursday afternoon where they did an x-ray. Sure enough, undigested mass in her stomach. They sent us home, told us to fast her, and then bring her in Friday first thing for a serial x-ray. Friday morning, the second x-ray showed the same undigested mass. So guess who got an endoscopy! That's right, we had to take poor Coco to the animal hospital where she got more x-rays, blood work, and an ultrasound, and then got an endoscopy. That procedure took 2 hours to get out the mass of undigested leaves, sticks, and something *rotting* in her stomach. Gross.

And poor Coco. She was so unhappy Friday night. Not only had we left her to get this procedure, but she was coming out of anesthesia and still quite nauseated. Not to mention her sore throat. Or the putrid stink that followed her around. So. We were given meds for her and told to keep her on a bland diet. She's just today starting to get some regular food again (which she loves!). But ugh - one of the meds can't be given with food, and apparently tastes really bad. Let me tell you, trying to get a 60 pound dog to take medication they don't like is not easy. Luckily, she doesn't hold it against me. I actually called the hospital to ask whether it HAD to be mixed to a liquid, and the tech said it could be given as a solid - so I'll be trying that tonight and hopefully it'll go down easier. Literally.

Now the only thing I'm worried about her intestines - she hasn't pooped since yesterday, and I REALLY HOPE there's not an obstruction in her bowels, cause that would require surgery. Considering we already spent over $2K on vet bills, we're really not looking to spend another $5K to get THAT fixed.

Ugh. Thoughts and prayers for Coco's health and my sanity would be appreciated. If you'll excuse me, I'm now off to drown my sorrows in a glass of whiskey.


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