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Jan. 25th, 2016 06:34 pm
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Figured being snowed in for four days was a good enough reason to actually post something here. Hi! I missed you!

So yeah, Winter Storm Jonas (known 'round these parts as "Snowzilla") came rolling in at 1:00pm on Friday. My boss was out of town, but he knew about the storm and told my coworker Nick and I to work from home on Friday. So I got a nice view into the backyard as the snow started. And then didn't let up for 36 hours. YAY!

We got a bit above 2 feet in our neighborhood, though with the drifts it felt like a lot more. On Friday night Palmer and I ventured out with Coco to get her some exercise and it wasn't too bad then. Snowing hard, but about 5 inches on the ground. But like I said, it kept going. So Saturday we take her out again (cause dogs need to pee, its a thing) and it was miserable. Coco had no idea what to do with that much snow, we had to break a path through the snow pretty much the whole way, and it was STILL SNOWING. Lucky for Coco, we bumped into her doggy friend Maxine, so they got to romp in the snow for a bit. That is, until we saw that Coco was literally shivering from the cold. Then it was time to take her inside, dry her off, and cocoon her in a nest of blankets to get her warmed up again.

Here's her and Maxine in the snow:

Coco and her bestie playing in the snow. #blizzard2016 #snowzilla #dogsofinstagram

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The rest of Saturday we just lounged about. We were a bit worried we'd lose power, but luckily the snow was the light dry kind, so we were good. We basically started drinking early, played a lot of video games (Super Mario World FTW!) and began watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Sunday we began the process of digging out. Our neighbor owns a plow, so he'd already done our driveway, which was AMAZING of him. But we still had to clear our walkway and the sidewalk in front of our house, plus ATTEMPT to start getting the cars out. Couldn't get my car all the way out before we had to stop and rest, but made a good start. Then it was football and video games for the rest of the night. Plus pupusas that our OTHER awesome neighbor made us!

Today Palmer and I both worked from home. Everything is closed, and residents are urged to stay off the roads to let the plows do their work. So that's what we did. Around 1:30 I went out to finish digging out my car. And succeeded! Then Palmer came out and we got his car dug out too. They're now safe and sound in our very clean driveway. AND! As Palmer went off to grab some more wine (priorities, we have them) I decided to try to clear the side exit of our house. I thought I'd just get the stoop cleared so we could access the trash cans, but ended up shoveling out a path to the cleared driveway. Did I mention the huge berm I had to shovel through to do so? I'm proud of what I accomplished, but ouch. My everything hurts.

So! Tomorrow I will attempt to go into work, we'll see how I fare. I will be glad to get out of the house. Less glad to have to put on real clothes. As I said on Twitter, you know what makes pajamas work appropriate? A bra. But tomorrow I'll have to do more than that. Sigh.

Anyhow, hope everyone in the path of the storm stayed safe, hope everyone else had a great weekend, kisses! MWAH!


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