Mar. 11th, 2015

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Whoops, accidentally let 3 weeks go by without an update. Heh. Sorry. Anyhow! The past few weeks have been pretty grueling. DC was hit by the coldest February in years (daily avg 14 degrees below what's normal for the season) plus a few more snow and ice storms, and everyone was basically sick of it. Luckily, we've finally gotten some warmer weather. It's actually pretty amazing - we've hit 60 once or twice, and have had a few more days in the 50s, and everyone just seems so much happier. For a few weeks I was hanging on to what felt like very thin strands of hope, like "Oh that tree has a few fuzzy buds on it, we're almost to spring!" and "Hey, we're getting up to the 30s today, that's so much better than it has been!". Like I said, thin strands. But since Saturday afternoon, it has actually felt like spring is almost here. It's pretty wonderful. When I walked Coco this morning, I saw that the first of the crocuses I planted last fall have sprouted. I almost cried. Ok, not really, but I was REALLY EXCITED! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for jonquils, next.

This past weekend we actually started prepping for our spring/summer garden. Since the maple in our backyard has now been taken down (and that's something to get used to, how empty our backyard is now) we're planning to build a raised bed in its former spot. So this weekend we bought seeds! I got cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers (at Palmer's insistence), mixed lettuce, and carrots. The lettuce and carrots can go directly in the ground once it warms up, and the others have now been started in little pots. Hopefully at least some of them will sprout! I also bought some gladiolus bulbs, half of which have been planted in a large pot and placed on the tree stump in our front yard. I'll plant the others in a second pot, but that one lived outside all winter and the soil was still frozen on Sunday, so they'll go in this weekend.

Finally got back to the gym after a shamefully long absence. Went on Monday, and again today. I tried to set the alarm early to go Tuesday morning, but the call of the bed was too much. As much as I'd like to be, I'm really not a "hit the gym first thing" kind of gal. Anyhow, I'd like to try to go at least 3 times a week. I pay for the damn thing, might as well use it! Plus, I can either listen to podcasts or watch HGTV (guilty pleasure!) while I work out, so win-win!

That's about it. Work continues to be work. Had a shoot at ass-oclock on Monday, but it went well, and the client told me that she's going to pass us more opportunities as they arise. My boss has a shoot this weekend out of town with another big client, and this is now the 4th project we've done for them, so that bodes well for future work.

Oh! Went to my first "Girls Pint Out" event this past weekend. Sunday was International Women's Day, and we had a beer brunch at Scion in Silver Spring. Boys were welcome, so Palmer was dragged along. Food and beer were both DELICIOUS, though they probably could have done slightly smaller portions of the food. I was stuffed! But I had a fun time, and I'm looking forward to going to more events!

That really is it. Ciao!


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