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Ok, onto news that doesn't relate to massive, massive wank going on in HP fandom right now!

I am one presentation away from being done with my semester and therefore with my associates degree! Hooray! After tonight I can actually take time to do stuff in my apartment, like laundry, and cleaning. Rock on! I've had three of my four exams this week, and they all went pretty well.

Piano was nerve-wracking because I had to play in front of other people. I ended up playing Fur Elise, but I swear I should have gone with Journey. I know it better and I would have been less nervous. But whatever, I played Beethoven, made a few mistakes, but overall did well.

Chinese was also ridiculously terrifying. Luckily, one of the Korean guys in the class had shrunk down all the vocab from 6-10 into notecard sized sheets of paper and gave me one. Before anyone gets tetchy, this was allowed, we were permitted to bring in one 3x5 notecard with whatever characters and translations we wanted. So I translated 8-10 and made sure to write the measure words on the back, and ended up getting an 88 on the final. I would have gotten higher, but I got nervous at the ending paragraph and completely mistranslated it. Go me! But anyway, the 88 was enough to get me a solid A in the class, ROCK ON!

Environmental Bio was last night. I had an A in the class going in, and I'm confident I did well on the exam. But frankly, so long as I got above a 50 percent on the exam, I'll get an A in the class. The only thing that has me worried about the exam are the essay questions. I think I did well on them, but they're really a matter of opinion, so I hope I explained my positions well and in a logical manner. I should find out by tomorrow!

Tonight is my final presentation for Adobe Flash, I think it'll be fine. Once again, I have an A in the class so as long as I don't completely bomb the presentation I should be fine.

Work started last week, and so far I really like it. Everyone has been really nice to me, and they seem impressed that I actually know how to do things. According to the assistant manager, they get lots of people who used to work at Starbucks and "none of them know anything." She was pleasantly surprised when I hopped on the espresso bar and made a bunch of drinks. :D Tips are also pretty awesome, on Sunday I got 5 bucks in tips for two hours work. Compared to the 'bucks, that is phenomenal.

I still need to finish my Christmas shopping, but I should be able to do that over the weekend. Also still need to figure out what we're doing for New Years, since our annual party has apparently fallen through.

That's about it with me! Next week I'm going to try to get back into the writing swing of things, do a bunch of exercises from my old textbook. So, you may start to see a bunch of ficlets getting posted every couple of days. Just so you know!
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-I got a 92% on my Chinese midterm test! Holler! Seriously, I was convinced that I had bombed it. Ok, well not bombed it bombed it, but still, I was sure that I had gotten a low B. But no! A for me! And then the teacher started calling on the people with the high scores asking how they studied, and she called on me! So I got to tell everyone about the genius of flashcards! Hooray! Also, my midterm grade is a 98.3%, fuck yeah! Who is kicking ass in Chinese? Wo shi! (I am)

-I have a hilarious Halloween outfit planned out! I'm going as Kelly from the "Shoes" and "Let Me Borrow That Top" videos, creation of The Liam Show. It'll be fucking awesome, I'll walk around the party in my hideous wig asking people to borrow their tops and calling them 'betches' and 'decks'. It'll be great!

-Last night I was worried that a midterm slump had set in, and I got myself good and worked up about it. Then I came in and did my Environmental Bio midterm, and tonight I pounded out my Career Development homework. (Heh, dirty!) Anyhow, apparently my worries were baseless, because I just needed a bit of fear motivation to get my ass back in gear. Good times!

-Glee! Glee in all of its incarnations! I am definitely writing Glee fic, I have to figure out where the hell I want the story to go but I love what I have so far! Tomorrow in my class breaks I'll be writing. If I'm feeling expansive, you all may even get WIP snippets! Hee!

-Nathan Fillion. If you're a Firefly fan, watch the first minute of the latest episode of Castle on Hulu. You will thank me.

-Red wine! (Oh yeah, Gaga...) But uh, I may have had a glass or two and am all bubbly and enthusiastic and I'm making FLASHCARDS and then I'll read more fic! Hoorah!

(Who needs Adderall or caffeine when you have me around? I provide boundless energy for all!)


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