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One of the frustrating things about my job (and believe me, I know this is small bananas) is my boss' music habits. See, he has a Pandora paid account. Which is great, theoretically. No ads, tons of stations! Only problem is, he plays the same station (maybe two) ALL THE TIME. And its always mellow shit I've heard during yoga classes. Seriously, I have heard many of these songs in actual yoga classes. And that's fine, he can play what he wants. The problem happens when I am already playing music, and he comes in and turns his music on anyways. Like, I'm not going to get into a volume war with you, that's childish. But could you maybe acknowledge that we listen to your music ALL THE TIME, so when I turn on, say, Explosions in the Sky, we could take like AN HOUR to listen to that instead? But no. Comes in, sits down, music on. Gah!

Whatever, this is why I have headphones at work.

I got a shiny new phone yesterday! My beloved old HTC One had really started to crap out on me. Apps weren't working right or were taking forever to load, the battery life was decreasing, texts weren't going through... so even though it probably has a few months left in its usable life, I decided it was time to get a new phone. Coincidentally, Motorola just released their latest phone, and it is FANTASTIC. One, it is enormous compared to my old phone. Not quite Fablet territory, but pretty close. Two, it was fully customizeable, so I got 64 gigs of space, pretty colors, and a personalized back and welcome screen. Three, IT IS SO SHINY! I haven't been able to play with it a ton, because work, but I've slowly been getting my apps on there, getting everything set the way I like. You know what I also really like? That the technology now exists to transfer all your shit from your old phone to your new phone. So now I have my text and call history, my contacts, my photos - that last is crucial. While I have everything backed up, its nice to still have all my photos on my new phone. So if there's something I snapped that I didn't post to Facebook or Instagram, I can still pull it up really easily. Awesome!

Work is busy. Our big shoot starts tomorrow, and I was running around (not literally) all day getting ready. Hopefully all goes smoothly, the client loves us, their Kickstarter campaign is a massive success, and we all become millionaires.

Is that not how it works?
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Whoops, accidentally let 3 weeks go by without an update. Heh. Sorry. Anyhow! The past few weeks have been pretty grueling. DC was hit by the coldest February in years (daily avg 14 degrees below what's normal for the season) plus a few more snow and ice storms, and everyone was basically sick of it. Luckily, we've finally gotten some warmer weather. It's actually pretty amazing - we've hit 60 once or twice, and have had a few more days in the 50s, and everyone just seems so much happier. For a few weeks I was hanging on to what felt like very thin strands of hope, like "Oh that tree has a few fuzzy buds on it, we're almost to spring!" and "Hey, we're getting up to the 30s today, that's so much better than it has been!". Like I said, thin strands. But since Saturday afternoon, it has actually felt like spring is almost here. It's pretty wonderful. When I walked Coco this morning, I saw that the first of the crocuses I planted last fall have sprouted. I almost cried. Ok, not really, but I was REALLY EXCITED! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for jonquils, next.

This past weekend we actually started prepping for our spring/summer garden. Since the maple in our backyard has now been taken down (and that's something to get used to, how empty our backyard is now) we're planning to build a raised bed in its former spot. So this weekend we bought seeds! I got cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers (at Palmer's insistence), mixed lettuce, and carrots. The lettuce and carrots can go directly in the ground once it warms up, and the others have now been started in little pots. Hopefully at least some of them will sprout! I also bought some gladiolus bulbs, half of which have been planted in a large pot and placed on the tree stump in our front yard. I'll plant the others in a second pot, but that one lived outside all winter and the soil was still frozen on Sunday, so they'll go in this weekend.

Finally got back to the gym after a shamefully long absence. Went on Monday, and again today. I tried to set the alarm early to go Tuesday morning, but the call of the bed was too much. As much as I'd like to be, I'm really not a "hit the gym first thing" kind of gal. Anyhow, I'd like to try to go at least 3 times a week. I pay for the damn thing, might as well use it! Plus, I can either listen to podcasts or watch HGTV (guilty pleasure!) while I work out, so win-win!

That's about it. Work continues to be work. Had a shoot at ass-oclock on Monday, but it went well, and the client told me that she's going to pass us more opportunities as they arise. My boss has a shoot this weekend out of town with another big client, and this is now the 4th project we've done for them, so that bodes well for future work.

Oh! Went to my first "Girls Pint Out" event this past weekend. Sunday was International Women's Day, and we had a beer brunch at Scion in Silver Spring. Boys were welcome, so Palmer was dragged along. Food and beer were both DELICIOUS, though they probably could have done slightly smaller portions of the food. I was stuffed! But I had a fun time, and I'm looking forward to going to more events!

That really is it. Ciao!
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Despite the warnings all over social media and Buzzfeed, once Palmer downloaded Flappy Bird I knew I had to try it. I am a bit obsessed. My current high score (achieved tonight!) is 58, which I'm quite proud of. I'd like to breach 60 in the next few days, we'll see how that goes. The nice thing is, I don't seem to have been overcome by the rage that has infested (apparently) every other person who has played this game. At least, judging from the reviews on the Google app store.

My books challenge is going well! I'm quite ahead so far, and would like to continue my pace so I more than meet my goal. I've been reading a lot of books by the same few authors; Sarah Addison Allen, Lauren Beaukes, and Cassandra Clare. Yeah, I know Clare has a shitty history in fandom, but it's not like I'm paying for her books. The miracle of e-book libraries! That being said, I read the first three of Clare's Mortal Instruments series, and found them enjoyable. I couldn't understand why there were in the series, and when I read the reviews, decided I didn't want to continue. Complete changes in characterization and a new narrative voice? Eh.

I fought a cold all last week, which was less than pleasant. I ended up staying home on Thursday, drank several gallons of water, and felt much better the next day. Saturday my company tabled at an internship fair. I attended the fair as a job seeker last year, and it was a little odd to be manning a table this year. Especially because of how young everyone was! Little babies! Ok, yes, young adults ready to enter the workplace, but still. Babies! Oh, especially this kid who I chatted with for a few minutes. So young and enthusiastic, I couldn't even deal. Precious!

That's about it. Watching the Olympics a bit, trying to cook more often, etc etc. Obviously I've failed at updating frequently in January, but I'll work on it in February.
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This week at work I'm all by my lonesome. The guys have been on Jam Cruise all week, hired to film the music festival and create daily videos about life on the boat. Which is great! They love jam bands, they're working, they've avoided the polar vortex that's swept over the United States... all good.

Except they've left me here alone to manage production on an upcoming project. And so far I'm handling it, I'm pleased, I think the clients are pleased, but damn do I feel like a fraud. I was a science major for Christ's sake, I know nothing about production except the little I've learned over the past few months. Gah! So yeah, I just feel a little like a fake as I have conference calls and schedule production days and talk about storyboarding. Oh well. It'll pass. Just have to keep working until I'm not faking it!
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Had the first full day at the new job! I'd gone in last week for a few hours, and Tuesday for a few more, but today was my first full work day with the company. It went well! At least in my opinion. Spent the first part of the morning doing research (that'll be my "backup" work to do when I've finished everything else), then really got to work on the whole "social media & writing" part of my job description. Spent the afternoon working on a newsletter for the company's mailing list, and collecting links to share on Facebook & Twitter. Two are already posted! But yeah, basically spent the afternoon getting paid to surf the internet for cool and interesting stories. I think I did good work today, and one of the guys told me I was awesome. So there's that! I'm excited by the possibilities of this job, and they're already talking about bringing me on for more hours, so cross your fingers for me, yeah?

We have a date! We spent the last few weeks researching, and emailing, and looking at prices and caterers and tented vs indoors, ad nauseum. But on Wednesday we went into DC to look at a venue my parents had recommended. It was gorgeous, with both indoor and outdoor space (so no worries in case of weather) and is already beautifully decorated so we don't need to add anything! We talked about it Wednesday and yesterday, and decided that it was the one. So! We have the venue booked, a check has been written, and we are good to go! Now all the rest of the planning can start. :-P

Oh. We also got an awesome liquor cabinet. Guy on Craigslist was selling it for practically nothing, and while the piece is a little old fashioned, I think a new stain (and maybe hardware) will make it look really awesome. For now, it is still awesome! And we actually have a place to put liquor bottles that isn't the kitchen counter. Hooray!

That's about it. It snowed this morning, it was pretty, and then everything melted by noon. Oh, DC. Never change.


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