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One of the frustrating things about my job (and believe me, I know this is small bananas) is my boss' music habits. See, he has a Pandora paid account. Which is great, theoretically. No ads, tons of stations! Only problem is, he plays the same station (maybe two) ALL THE TIME. And its always mellow shit I've heard during yoga classes. Seriously, I have heard many of these songs in actual yoga classes. And that's fine, he can play what he wants. The problem happens when I am already playing music, and he comes in and turns his music on anyways. Like, I'm not going to get into a volume war with you, that's childish. But could you maybe acknowledge that we listen to your music ALL THE TIME, so when I turn on, say, Explosions in the Sky, we could take like AN HOUR to listen to that instead? But no. Comes in, sits down, music on. Gah!

Whatever, this is why I have headphones at work.

I got a shiny new phone yesterday! My beloved old HTC One had really started to crap out on me. Apps weren't working right or were taking forever to load, the battery life was decreasing, texts weren't going through... so even though it probably has a few months left in its usable life, I decided it was time to get a new phone. Coincidentally, Motorola just released their latest phone, and it is FANTASTIC. One, it is enormous compared to my old phone. Not quite Fablet territory, but pretty close. Two, it was fully customizeable, so I got 64 gigs of space, pretty colors, and a personalized back and welcome screen. Three, IT IS SO SHINY! I haven't been able to play with it a ton, because work, but I've slowly been getting my apps on there, getting everything set the way I like. You know what I also really like? That the technology now exists to transfer all your shit from your old phone to your new phone. So now I have my text and call history, my contacts, my photos - that last is crucial. While I have everything backed up, its nice to still have all my photos on my new phone. So if there's something I snapped that I didn't post to Facebook or Instagram, I can still pull it up really easily. Awesome!

Work is busy. Our big shoot starts tomorrow, and I was running around (not literally) all day getting ready. Hopefully all goes smoothly, the client loves us, their Kickstarter campaign is a massive success, and we all become millionaires.

Is that not how it works?
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After a few weeks of not reading and then a few weeks struggling to catch up, I'm really excited that I'm now ahead on my goal of "Read 1 book per week" - granted, not by much, but still! I'm sure this week I'll get even more ahead, as I'm in Mt. Kisco, NY because Palmer has an IBM training thing that he's not at all excited about. He was pretty bummed, in fact, until I offered to come with him. So now he's happy, and I'm doing some work from the hotel room, and anticipating a lot of reading. Now, as in right at this moment, I'm also quite annoyed, because housekeeping just buzzed open my door without knocking. After they'd already come by earlier and went away. AFTER KNOCKING. Who doesn't knock before entering? What the actual hell?

Anyhow. New York. Bored. Don't want to work, but have to. Some stuff I can't get to because I don't have the answers I need, and no one is responding! On that one, if I don't get a response in another hour, I'll ask someone else, cause this shit has to get done. However, it'd be nice to be able to communicate with my contact person!


Had my early birthday dinner on Saturday, which was lovely. Both my sisters were in town, which was awesome. We all went to Core Power Sculpt that morning, and two days later I'm still sore. Seriously, ouch. But yeah, my parents got me a gift card for 5 classes at that yoga studio, after which I'll hopefully be signed up for Work for Yoga and get classes FREE! Well, in exchange for four hours of work/week. :-P My sisters got me a gift card to New York and Company, and Palmer got me a Po Campo bike bag. Excited! We'll go into NYC tomorrow night to celebrate, should be cool.

Sunday was Mothers Day brunch and then traveling up to NY. Brunch was great, traveling not so much. Sore legs and bad traffic. But at least the company was good!

Ok, time to go figure out the lunch situation around here. Which likely involves walking some distance. Whatever. Good for me. Hopefully by the time I get back, my contact will have returned my email.
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You'd think that after leaving my job for a part time job, I'd be less busy than I was when I was working full time. You'd be wrong! This week was the week for Getting Shit Done! Monday morning, while it was snowing in DC and therefore the apocalypse, I had a dental appointment. While it was not the most pleasant thing, and I did require a heavy cleaning, I ended up ok. My teeth, while plaque-ridden, were quite healthy otherwise. Then on Wednesday, the plan was to go get my hair cut. Except, oh no! The receptionist that booked me scheduled my appointment on my stylist's day off. Great! So I borrowed the car and drove to Tyson's Corner for nothing! Now, I realize that as a hair model, I get my haircuts for free. HOWEVER. That was a huge waste of my time, and incredibly frustrating, and if you only have 15 stylists, YOU SHOULD KNOW THEIR DAYS OFF!

Ahem. Anyhow- had Bethesda Green on Monday and Wednesday, production company on Tuesday and Thursday. It looks like the production company is going to up my hours, and BG thinks they might be able to get me a few paid days a week. Plus I have an interview with another Green organization, and a meeting with Quartermaine people to discuss my doing some social media management for them. So yes. Quite busy.

Today I did ALL THE LAUNDRY! Ok, not all of it - Palmer has the terrible habit of letting his hamper overflow to ridiculous levels, but I did get a lot of laundry done. I also cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. And went to the gym! Tomorrow I'm going to try and clean out the fridge. Basically, doing a great big Massive Clean on the apartment in my free time.

And thats it! Ciao!
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Last day of the coffee shop was today! It went well, no asshole customers and only one minor emergency. The drainage pipe for the espresso machine clogged, but luckily it 1)happened almost first thing, so we weren't busy, and 2)is a supremely easy fix, involving nitrous and a hose. Customers started in early on the "Make Suze Cry" competition, and succeeded 8 times throughout the day. I seriously didn't think I was going to be this affected, but the outpouring of affection from my regulars was overwhelming. I will definitely be going by there to visit, because the relationships I've formed over the past three years are too worthwhile to be forgotten, just because I no longer work there.

I also got tattooed (some more) today! Finished up the coloring in the body, and got started on the outline of the tail, plus the background. It is looking AWESOME! I'll admit, it is like, 4 times bigger than what I had originally envisioned, but I really love it. It is going to be stunning once its done. I never thought I'd be one to get a huge piece, but hey- you only live once! Oh god, did I really just YOLO? Is it less objectionable because I didn't use the acronym? Let's hope so.

Tomorrow is chillaxing, followed by dinner with friends in Arlington. Sunday is MORE chillaxing, followed by dinner with Palmer's mom. Monday... well, I don't have to wake up at 4:20 am any longer!

I do actually have shit to do- I scheduled a bunch of stuff for this week, including a dentists appointment Monday morning, so I will actually be busy. But I won't be awake before the sun rises! And that is really exciting!
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I told my parents that obviously something bad was going to happen this week. Not catastrophic or anything, but just something bad that would remind me why I'm happy to be leaving the coffee shop. Asshole customer, something breaking, etc. I did NOT mean getting ill AGAIN! BLARG!

Woke up yesterday with my throat feeling like hell, but otherwise feeling mostly ok. So I packed up some cough drops to take with me, and drank plenty of tea and water all day at work. I knew that I shouldn't push myself, so I didn't go in to my internship, just went home to have a nap. Which lasted for 5 hours. And from which I woke feeling even shittier. Last night was a misery of coughing and weakness. But hey, Palmer bought me OJ, made us dinner, and then fixed us bowls of ice cream to soothe my poor throat.

Today isn't quite so bad- its not GOOD, not at all, but it isn't so bad as last night. Took the day off from the production company, and am trying to rest and drink plenty of fluids. I'm also trying to get small things done- I unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, and did the dishes that are too big/can't go in the dishwasher. Maintenance also came by, and fixed the kitchen cabinet shelf that didn't have the right support, as well as the bathroom outlet that just didn't work. Hooray! I'm not putting the spices back in the cabinet, though, because the lazy Susan I ordered might arrive today. And I don't want to put everything back just to take it out again.

Customers have already entered into the "make Suze cry" mission - one customer and her daughter baked me a cake in the shape of the coffee shop logo! (And it was freaking delicious!) Another customer, who is also a nationally known member of the media, wished me luck and said he'd be sure to stop in and say goodbye before my last day. I just- I'm glad to leave, because I need a change, but I really will miss all the awesome people I've gotten to know.

And now I'm going to try and fold laundry. and then maybe fall over.
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Entering into my last week of working at the coffee shop. Have already started to say goodbye to some people, and I'm sure it'll happen more this week. Coworker Barista said that he and Manager were going to make me cry my last day, or at least try to. It probably won't be hard - I'm happy and excited to get out of there, but I have been there for three and a half years, and I'll miss plenty about it. But still - next Monday, I DON'T have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. EXCITED!

Went out for a friend's birthday party on Friday, we all went to Dave and Busters. Which I love, and also hate. I hate it more since they started letting kids remain after hours, honestly. I like kids, but I do not want them in the same place as a bunch of drunk adults. Also, its loud enough with all the video and arcade games and drunk people, I don't need 20 shrieking kids on top of it. Isn't that what Chuck E. Cheese is for?

Went wedding dress shopping yesterday! And got a dress! Another check off of that list! But yeah, went with Mom and my maid of honor, tried on a few dresses and found the one for me. It is lovely and simple, needs a bit of altering, and was mad inexpensive. ROCK!

Sorry for the lack of updates, crazy busy and just plain crazy, don't ya know. Much love!
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So, remember that potentially good news I hinted at before Christmas? Well, it happened! One of the incubator companies at my internship is hiring me part time to do writing, website content management, and social media. There is the further possibility of doing some writing for an upcoming film project as well! The job starts at 10 hours a week, and can move up to 20. So I've already told my manager that I need to cut a day off my schedule, and warned him that he should be looking for a replacement for me. If this works out, I'll be there three days a week, and there is a distinct possibility that the internship will turn into a second part time job as well. Between the two of them, I should have 40 hours a week, paying better than the coffee shop, in my field, and not forcing me to wake up at 4am daily. So. Hooray!

The "book a week" thing is going well so far. I've created a post to keep track of the books read, so we'll see if I keep it up. Right now I'm reading three books, though I should probably just pick one and commit. It won't be Les Mis- that one is definitely a "read steadily for several months" type of book, not a "devour in three days" book. Because my god. It is LONG. But Catch 22 and Guns, Germs, and Steel are both interesting, and I'm about 100 pages into each- so it is time to choose! Probably Catch 22 first, then Guns. But who knows? After that I'll pick out some other stuff from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, cause I still have gift cards for them. Then I have a few books on my shelf that I should read. Then, the library!

I have FINALLY found a pannier for my bike. It is a Jandd Laptop Pannier and seems like the perfect solution. I can get the weight of the computer off my back, and still carry stuff in my messenger bag besides. This way, if it gets colder, I can actually wear and pack my windproof bike pants! Hooray!

Tonight is Tex-Mex and a movie with friends. Tomorrow is sushi with former coworkers. Then right back to the grindstone. But after this week and next, my early morning days will be down to 4. And hopefully even less shortly after.

Palmer and I have been looking at venues, and we've found a few promising ones. I'm going to email a few of those tonight, and try to get things rolling. Then once we have a date, its photographer, dress, etc etc etc. Wish me luck!
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Ok, lets not talk about how much I fail at updating, despite repeated vows to get better. We'll pretend that I'm awesome at updating, or that I don't make repeated vows, and we'll be just fine, yes? Great!

So, I had the death. It was terrible. I am on horse pill sized antibiotics now, which seems to be doing away with the death. But let me tell you, going to bed one night with a mild cold and runny nose and waking up the next day with your ENTIRE FACE hurting from sinus pressure is not so fun.

Cards will be going out over the next few days- didn't really have the energy while I was sick, and now I need stamps. So. Stamps will be acquired tonight, cards will go out by Saturday. So you might get your card a little later than I'd intended, but certainly before the New Year!

I am going to savagely beat a coworker, and I don't think a single other coworker would blame me. This guy is always late. I mean, always. By at least 20 minutes. And three times in the last month, he's been an hour and a half late. And since he's my relief, I can't leave until he gets there. So yes. Savage beatings will commence, and then this little fuckup will learn not to let his shit infringe on other people's lives.

Ok, no actual savage beatings. Just savage glee when he's fired in the new year. Bastard.

On a positive note! Christmas shopping is all done! Wrapping is all done! We didn't actually decorate this year, mostly out of laziness, but the spirit is there! I have candy cane nails, that counts for something, doesn't it?

Alright. I potentially have some exciting news, but I don't want to jinx it- so I won't post about it until it happens. But please think good thoughts for me, ok?

Much love!
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The race! That happened! A week and a half ago I decided to go out at 1 in the morning and run a 5k, like a crazy person! Along with 700 other crazy people, and my mom. It was fun! Managed to run the whole way, no walking, and never felt like I was about to die. It also helped that my mom set the pace, so we went a bit slower than I would have on my own; almost certainly why I never felt like I was about to die. We ran it in 35 minutes, approximately, cooled down, turned in our chips, and went home to sleep. But still, fun! I doubt I'll run much if at all this winter, but once spring comes around I'll start up again. I'd like to run a few 5k races each year, and I think that's about it. Maybe eventually work up to a 10k, but who knows. But yes! Completed the race!

Ah, what else? Gave my friend his Redskins scarf, he loved it. Another friend has since also asked for a Redskins scarf, so I'll add that to my queue. But first, finishing my scarf. Which I might not even be able to wear, because me and animal fiber don't get along.

Still applying to jobs. Just got a call back from one, though it was while I was work and therefore couldn't answer. Called back and left a message, hopefully we'll connect soon. A lot of what I'm currently looking at is advocacy and campaign stuff. I don't particularly relish the idea of campaigning through the winter, but alot of these positions have the option of upwards movement. And outreach/advocacy/education is where I want to be headed, so as long as the pay is comparable, why not?

Ooh! I won a prize! Filled out a "Best Of..." survey by the Gazette, and won a Visa gift card! Most of it will go into savings, but I want to buy some panniers for my bike, and some hiking boots. All the rest will be transferred over to my bank. But yay, money! And yay, things! I was already planning to buy those, but the purchases would have been way spread out. Now I get ALL THE THINGS!

Um. Saw Wreck-It Ralph, which was wonderful. Going out for tacos tonight. Gym+wine date on Friday. Possibly hanging with my friend Joe this week as well. Busy! And yes, I said gym+wine date. My friend Elle and I go to the gym for an hour or so, then back to my apartment, drink some wine, and gossip. Its great!

And that's it. More on fitness later, probably tomorrow. Ciao!
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So this week and next week are my mad weeks. The Bethesda Green annual gala is this coming Thursday, and EVERYTHING has to get done immediately. So I've been working on the sponsor guest list, soliciting donations for the silent auction, and writing educational blurbs for our green living installations. I'm also working at the coffee shop five days a week, and still trying to run occasionally. Blech. I know that after the 11th it'll calm down quite a bit, its just rough right now.

I sent my resume into a business newsletter, they're looking for writers for their DC edition. I got an immediate request to send in a writing packet, so we'll see where that goes. It'd be nice to have a job where I can sleep until 7 instead of 4:30, and while commercial real estate is not quite where I envisioned heading, it would be interesting and a good opportunity. Plus, considering the increasing popularity and prevalence of LEED certified buildings, I would likely be writing a good deal about sustainable projects. Also, I'd get to live out the childhood fantasy of "Susanna Parker: Intrepid Girl Reporter" and I might even get to carry around a notepad. :-P

Coffee shop remains what it is. I worked less with Malingering Coworker this week, which was a plus. But the shift I did work with him was SO FRUSTRATING! It was the day before our weekly inspection, it wasn't that busy, and we were all cleaning. Except for him. Who stood there watching while Mohawk Coworker and I cleaned all the things. And then, when I gave him a specific task to do, he just went on his lunch and Mohawk Coworker ended up doing it anyway! GAH.

Today was half over before it began. Slept until 2, I think I finally caught up on sleep. Then we went to late lunch, then to Wal-Mart to get an EZ Up. We've got a Redskins game tomorrow, and it is supposed to rain buckets, so we figured some sort of protection from that might be nice. I also bought a Redskins hoodie, which I'm quite excited about. It is SUPER warm! This afternoon we've been hanging out, I worked on some stuff for Bethesda Green, and I made cornbread for the tailgate tomorrow. It just came out of the oven, and smells pretty tasty. Guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Now we're headed over to the craft cocktail bar for drinks and dinner, then probably to bed. Have to wake up early tomorrow for dem Skins!
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Didn't realize that it has been almost the full length of September since I've updated. Whoops? Basically, the lack of updating boils down to this: I open the coffee shop five days a week and intern 3 of those days. I'm also attempting to train for a 5k while keeping the apartment somewhat clean and mainlining seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. So uh, yeah, not really posting a lot.

Ok lets see. Work is work. One of my coworkers is an 18 year old kid who regularly makes me want to shake him. He gets sullen, doesn't like being corrected even when he's doing shit wrong, and bitches about working "so hard" after a shift full of standing around doing nothing. So yeah. Sometimes I want to smack him. I'm not working with him as much this coming week, I think, so maybe I won't have a rage-induced embolism after all. That'd be nice.

Bethesda Green internship is going well. I'm there three days a week doing whatever needs doing. This week we had the StartUp Maryland bus stop at the office, and there was an event with our incubator companies and some other green entrepreneurs. Good times! Our annual Gala is in two weeks, so I'll be busy helping with that until then. Then it'll be back to focusing on the green restaurant project, and then probably helping out with the Green Fields job fair. Then we'll see, I guess.

My friend Bert wants to recruit me for his bike shop. He knows that I'm getting pretty tired of the coffee shop, and offered to pay me the same rate and teach me some basic bike mechanics before starting. I've already learned how to replace brake pads and a brake cable, so that's a start. I also now have new brake pads and a new brake cable and housing! Fancy! In a few weeks I'm going to see about getting my handle bar grips redone. The grips are the original ones that came with the bike, and they're starting to get nasty and sticky from age. I'm not sure whether I'll just go for tape, or get new grips, but Bert said he'd show me some options. Pretty soon the only original part of the bike is going to be the frame, I swear.

Football season has started up, and we've attended our first Redskins home game. Obvs the DC team is likely to suck again, but Robert Griffin III is very exciting to watch. If only our other players would stop getting injured, our offensive line prevent RGIII from getting hit so often, and our defensive line actually working as a defense, we might sometime win a game!

Tattoo, session 2 was today. )

Am obsessed with this craft cocktail bar in Silver Spring. The bartender made me an Old Fashioned, it was so freaking good. And then the other bartender made me a bourbon drink with grapefruit bitters and sour cherries, AND comped me for it, it was awesome. The drinks are expensive, but I still love it. Palmer likes it as well, but we both agree that its an "every few weeks" kind of place, not our regular watering hole. That's still reserved for Quarry House.

Long post is long. I'm going to cut this off now, and try to be more responsible about posting. And commenting. I read faithfully, but I'll try to be better about interacting. After all, I like you guys, and I want to talk to you more!
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It is problematic.

In other news, I'm trying hard to be better about cooking and menu planning and the like. This is made both easier and more difficult by our meat-CSA membership. On the one hand, I don't have to think about what meats to cook, because hey! We have 12 pounds in the freezer! On the other hand, I have to figure out how the hell to cook these cuts that I've never even thought about buying before. Lamb shanks? That's what I'm cooking tonight, and seriously, what the fuck are lamb shanks? Little lamb legs, obviously, but I had to figure out how they were supposed to be cooked and find an adequate recipe- fun, but also stressful.

Work is work. Summer means that we alternate between dead and slammed, which is super fun. I had hoped to have a job in my field by now (or at least one lined up), but that is obviously not the case. Since it appears that I will be staying here for the foreseeable future (fucking economy) I need to seriously press the issue of a raise. At any other coffee shop, I'd already have the title of Assistant Manager, and I would damn sure be making more than I am now. And honestly, if they want me to stay, I need a living wage.

Unfuck Your Habitat continues to be a revelation, and our apartment continues to be abnormally clean for two slobby people such as ourselves. I'm not saying its immaculate- the "dining room" table is currently covered in various and sundry homeless items, but the sink is empty of dishes, the carpet has been vacuumed, I just did laundry... hooray cleanliness!

This heat wave can go fuck itself. Heat index of 118, are you fucking kidding me? Pretty sure we broke records today in DC, and it was not fun. The wicked thunderstorm seems to have cooled things off a bit, thank god. I can deal with mid-90s, no problem. I did grow up in DC, I'm used to heat and humidity. But over 100 for several days in a row? Like I said- the heat wave can go fuck itself.

That's it- attempting once again to update on a somewhat regular basis. We'll see how it works!

I lied

Jun. 20th, 2012 11:08 pm
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This was a clusterfuck of a morning, in so many ways.

Last night I went to sleep about half an hour earlier than normal, cause I was tired and wanted to make sure I got a full night of sleep before work. Which would have worked out great were it not for the fact that our apartment building's fire alarm started going off at 2 in the morning. So Palmer and I get up, get the cats in the carriers (with me getting scratched badly in the process) and get downstairs and outside. Where we waited, for like, 10 minutes until the alarm stopped blaring. We then hauled the cats back upstairs, let them out of the carriers, and crawled back into bed. Where I was then unable to fall back asleep. I think I may have finally dozed off around 4 am, only to have my alarm go off 20 minutes later. So that was fun.

My coworker was late, and I was rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to help customers and prep three to-go boxes of coffee at the same time. Then, after he gets here, the first thing to happen is a customer spilling an extra-large iced drink all over the floor. It was a total accident, and she apologized, but still, had to go clean that shit up while a line starts to build. Eventually got our shit together and got shit done, but still- the first two hours were SO FREAKING STRESSFUL, I can't even.

On the positive side, I was able to take a nap when I got home this afternoon, and had my first bikram yoga class this evening. Good god, that was tough. I'm so glad that I chugged water throughout the day in preparation, because I was sweating balls. I couldn't do the entire thing- halfway through I cut back to doing just one set of the two, and there were one or two poses that I didn't even try. But I'm pretty happy with how I did, especially since the other women complimented us after class. So that was nice. Going back tomorrow, and a few more times before next Tuesday, to see if this is something I actually want to invest in, or if its a once a month sort of thing. I guess we'll see!

Hope everyone is surviving this ludicrous heatwave we're all going through. Montana and the Dakotas, I wasn't talking to you, stay out of it. :-P
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This is an actual interaction that occurred today at my coffee shop.

Coworker: Hey Suze, this customer wanted to return something...?
Dickhead: Yeah, I bought the wrong size filters, I need to return them.
Me: Ok, that shouldn't be a problem-
*Sees scotch tape across the opening*
Me: Ah, I'm sorry, they've been opened, I can't do a return.
Dickhead: Well yeah, I opened them, saw they were the wrong size, and closed them, so I want to return them.
Me: Well...let me check with my manager.
*Explains situation to manager, who reinforces my decision*
Me: I am really sorry sir, but we are unable to return coffee filters once they've been opened.
Dickhead: Well that's bullshit!
Manager: Unfortunately, we have to treat filters like they're food items, once they've been opened-
Dickhead: Yeah well, fuck you, this is fucking unbelievable-
Me: Sir, please leave.

(Not a lot of you have heard me speak, but please be assured that this request was not actually a request, and was "get the fuck out before I kick you in the nuts" couched in more polite wording.)

Dickhead started to storm out, realized he'd forgotten his wrong-sized filters, turned around to grab them, and then stormed out for real.

I am not sorry to see the last of him. Dude has been a dickhead every single time he's come in the store, though this is the first time he's used profanity. But! Now that he has, I'm allowed to ban him from the store. Which will be fucking awesome next time he tries to come in. I seriously can't wait. Fucking entitled piece of shit who treats everyone else like they're worthless, I cannot wait for the day that he tries to come in and I tell him that his custom is not welcome nor wanted. Fuckface.

(That very last part will likely be internal).
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Have finally resumed knitting, thank god. It looks like I may actually get my friend's Redskins scarf completed before the football season. At the very least before next winter. :-P

Purchased a Lush Bath Bomb and tried it out on Wednesday. Oh. My. God. I need a million more of these in my life. I am going to take SO MANY BATHS it will be EPIC!

Palmer and I signed up for a Meat CSA. Once a month we'll be getting 12 pounds of meat from a farm in Pennsylvania. We chose the "Everything" package, so we'll be receiving beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, all pasture raised. I am excite! We signed up for 3 months of it, so we'll see how it goes. First pick-up is next week!

Work is just getting worse and worse. I have been seriously tempted to quit twice in the last week. Thank god the semester is almost over, and I can GTFO. I have officially started the job search, and sent in an application yesterday for an internship with a global sustainable development company. Cross your fingers!

Cooking tonight- making this avocado pasta (2nd try, first time we got an avocado that wasn't ripe enough, so it didn't blend well) with a spinach salad and fresh bread. Can you tell we went to a farmer's market today?

Resumed my blogspot experiment, and started with a post about blackberry vodka. Check it out!

Going to procrastinate for a bit more, then get a start on my Annotated Bib that's due tomorrow, simply so I don't have to freak out about it then. There may possibly be a pedicure.

Hot damn!

Mar. 11th, 2012 03:39 pm
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So, that whole post on Wednesday about Unfucking and working on projects and whatnot? Totally did it! Finished Project from Hell on Thursday, then as promised rode to Bethesda. Got back and worked on my GIS reading, quizzes, and conference responses. Friday I did some last-minute research for Project 2, Saturday I banged out 7 pages, and today I finished it off! LIKE A BAMF! Now I'm posting to LJ because I needed a break from homework. I'll probably get up and go clean out the fridge (its a problem) and then settle back in for some work on my GIS lab.

But seriously- finishing these projects and exams meant that I now only have 3 classes between me and my degree. WHAT?!?!?! Ack! Dying here, a little bit. In awesomeness, one of my customers works with a company I would LOVE to work for, and said she'd start passing my name around. Ack in a good way!

On a calmer note, went bowling on Friday night with Palmer and some coworkers. It was a good time, we played Guys v Gals, and us girls beat them 2 out of 3. And in the second game, I scored 2 strikes in a row and had the overall highest score! Rock!

Saturday night we went out with Palmer's family to celebrate his mother's birthday. Dinner was good, we went to Ruby Tuesday, which is apparently trying to totally change its image? It is all "Signature Seafood" and "Premium Steaks" now, it was a bit freaky. But! I had the Asiago Peppercorn Steak and wow, it was pretty damn tasty. And only 400 calories! How did they do that?!

Today I did my manager a favor and went in to work for a few hours. The girl who was scheduled had been fired on Friday, so I went in to work bar and help them through the morning rush. It wasn't too bad, I just focused on the bar and getting drinks out quickly. The shift went by pretty fast, and then I got the hell out of there. After that I picked up Palmer and we went to Elevation Burger for lunch. Oh my god. If there is an Elevation Burger anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and go. Seriously. Delicious.

Weight talk )

And that's it! Cleaning and then more homework, LIKE A BOSS!
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I work, as you may know, at an independent coffee shop. There have been... issues... in the past about getting things fixed, or replaced, or what have you. To name a few: backsplash, bean grinder, lamp, other bean grinder, leaky faucet, broken ceiling tile, air conditioning, freezers... you get the idea. But we have a (somewhat) new manager now, and apparently the owners have decided to let him fix things. So. Twice, since the new manager has been hired, I've brought up an issue to one of the owners, and both times I was told to go ahead and take care of it. That is unprecedented. I have actually been able to look up what we need, go to the manager and show it to him, and have him authorize the order. AMAZING!

The first thing was new floor mats. After catching my foot in a hole (yes a hole) in the old mat and subsequently banging the shit out of my knee and hip, we got new mats. And more recently, after one set of blinds fell down (yeah, they were that old) resulting in sunlight streaming into the store, blinding customers, and roasting the barista on bar, I got in touch with a blinds company, and now we have some! Phenomenal! And while I can (and do) take credit for ordering the stuff, the only reason it was approved is because my manager actually gets shit done. Wonderful!

Yeah, blinds and floor mats are small things to get excited about, but let me have my indulgences. I get so few at my job.

I am procrastinating like woah and am going to regret it come this weekend, but gah. Don't want to do projects! Want to play with GIS, but know that projects should get done first. Blech! Also, Emergency Management class? You suck.

Rode my bike to Bethesda today. It was cold out, so I decided to (finally) try out some of that gear I was given. Wow. What a difference. Seriously. Wool base layer, who knew? And apparently I can wear "SmartWool" without too much irritation to my skin, though I believe I'll aim for synthetic for the next one. And hey! No one tried to run me over today! Unlike last week, where a douchebag honked at me for daring to wait for a break in traffic!

Ok. Enough. Must do project. Even if I don't want to.
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So I may read far too many Cracked articles, more than are good for my health perhaps, but when I learn gems like the German word "kummerspeck" it makes it all worthwhile. Would you like to know what it means? Well, it means overeating due to negative emotions, which most of us are familiar with. Ice cream binge anyone? But what it translates to is much better. Kummerspeck literally means "grief bacon." Seriously. Grief bacon. Amazing!

Work is making me hate humanity again. Or maybe just rich assholes who think its cool to go grab their coffee before its paid for. Either way. Next time you take a $3 cup of individually brewed coffee instead of your $2 cup of House blend, I will conk you over the head with a porta-filter, hand to god. And for fuck's sake, if you do take the wrong coffee and have already altered it, the way to go about things is to apologize, and if we tell you to keep the coffee, shut the fuck up and keep it. Do not keep badgering me about 'getting into trouble' because I will end you. You got a better cup than you paid for, shut the fuck up and walk away. GAH!

I regularly ignore the advice of my icons.

Day off today, which will be devoted to studying. I have a paper due this weekend, but I think I'll try to get all my OTHER stuff done first so I can just focus on that. It (hopefully) shouldn't be too bad, and then I just have the final exam left for that class. Which is good, cause I've not been a fan. Ah well. Almost done!

I am busy plotting my next tattoo, which will occur pretty much the second I've graduated. I'm thinking the next one will be the elephant on my inner arm. Bagheera, the crow, and the Portuguese Man o' War will have to wait a while. Expensive! But the elephant should be pretty simple. I'm currently thinking just a line drawing, but I'll talk to a few artists, get some ideas. Subvert the dominant pachyderm! (Plus I love me some oliphaunts)

...and that's it! Ciao!
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So, you all remember how I'm in school right? Did I mention that my university switched over from 12-15 week classes to 8-week accelerated courses? Did I mention that I'm taking 4 of them? Did I mention that I'm in the last week for two of them, and that I'm drowning in coursework? Because oh my god. Two final projects, plus "presenting" them to the class and responding to comments. Two final exams, one of which included twenty essay questions. Not to mention the homework and conference response for business statistics (HATE) plus the conference response, quiz, and partial project due for risk assessment. So far I've gotten the projects presentations and responses done, as well as one final exam. That leaves the other final exam, plus all that other shit, all due before Sunday. Shoot me in the face!

And of course this hell week takes place on Thanksgiving week, where I not only lost half a day to the family celebration, but have to work an extra shift because the other opener is in Argentina visiting her family. Basically, for the rest of the weekend I'll be glued to my desk, except for 10 hours on Sunday when I'll be at work. Blech.

However, Thanksgiving was wonderful, so its not like I regret it. :) My mom and dad hosted dinner for my aunt and uncle, me and Palmer, and Palmer's mom and brother. Big crowd! Palmer and I got there a bit early so I could get started on the mashed potatoes. They were delicious, if I may say so myself. Just some Yukon gold potatoes boiled in salted water, then mashed with butter and skim milk. Perfect! My mom did up the turkey & stuffing, my dad did a sweet potato casserole, and my aunt and uncle brought cranberry relish as well as pearl onions in a cream sauce. And I managed not to horribly stuff myself, so go me. I also managed to agree to run next year's Turkey Chase 10k with my mom, so there's that. Guess I have to start training? Fun times!

Just as a reminder, if you want a holiday card (Christmas themed optional) please don't forget to fill out this post. Comments are screened!

Much love.
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Had lunch with previously mentioned friend at the Chinese buffet. Either I've been building that place up in my head over the last year, or their quality has gone significantly down. Regardless, they put tripe in my pho. DO NOT WANT INTESTINES, PLEASE KAY THANKS! It was unpleasant, and totally ruined the pho. Blech. Icky rubbery bits that look like white cat tongues. Gross!

I think that the universe (and my coworkers) are conspiring to ensure that I do not work with Annoying Coworker. Excellent! I was supposed to work with him today, but come 8am, Coworker Blond walks into the store and clocks in! And I love Coworker Blond! Mostly, as I told him, for his boyish good looks and charming personality. I then agreed to stop calling him "BoyBand" and instead refer to him as either Kurt (Cobain) or Dogtown (,Lords of). Look, he has swoopy hair and a lip ring, its not my fault I'm hilariously mean!

Speaking of me being mean, I think that people think I'm joking when I warn them I'm mean. They really shouldn't think that. It isn't that I'm cruel, or vindictive, but at work, I'm tough. Like, I've been there two years, I have ways that I like things done, and if you keep fucking with my routine, I'm not going to be super nice to you! Some people adapt. Owner's Daughter got snapped at her first shift because she DID NOT LISTEN the first few times I told her something. But after that, we've gotten along quite well, and Owner's Daughter has told Owner that she loves working with me because I "run a tight ship." Talkative Coworker, who I used to butt heads with due to his aforementioned talkative nature, now regularly calls me the "hardest working employee" of the coffee shop. So whatever. I'm mean, but I back up my expectations with my own performance. Adapt, or GTFO.

I think I need to start doing yoga again. I've been noticing that my muscles (especially back and leg) get really tight after I work a shift. So I think I'm going to restart yoga to try and stretch myself out and prevent any soreness.

Started on Fitocracy thanks to [ profile] audacian, and I like it so far! I'll keep it up, see if it still works and is fun. A lot easier to have a website that logs my workouts than making a spreadsheet like I did last year. Good times!

That's about it! Til next time!


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