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We had a packed weekend, and it was pretty damn awesome. Well, Saturday started out kinda blah, had a dentist appointment. I'd had to reschedule my original appointment because of a cold, and the only one they had left was that Saturday morning. So yay, woke up early on a weekend got my teeth poked at. But hey, no cavities!

Anyhow, the weekend fun really started with dim sum at noon. My friend Sarah invited us to join her and her friends, and it was AWESOME. I feel like some dim sum dishes are hit or miss, but everything I tried on Saturday was delicious. I was so freaking full by the end of lunch, I about fell into a food coma. But we couldn't do that, no - we had THINGS TO DO.

Community Forklift is a shop up in Hyattsville that sells old furniture and home supply items like doors, windows, appliances, etc. Saturday was their "Garden Party" celebrating spring, so we went to walk around and see if there was anything we wanted. Unfortunately they didn't have a good plant selection, so we didn't get any veggies. But! We found a light fixture that we think will work well for our living room (we want to get a ceiling light put in) and a sweet hatchet. Why do we need a hatchet? Don't you worry. (Actually just for yard work.)

Since our plant purchasing had been foiled, we decided to go to a nursery near our house and see what they had. They had a decent amount! So we got broccoli, spinach, snap peas, seed potatoes, and a few herbs. Plus some summer-blooming bulbs. When we got home we let Coco run around the yard and got the veggies (minus the potatoes, which have to wait a few weeks) into the ground, and the herbs into the pots.

That night we stayed in, had wine and cheese, and watched Daredevil. QUITE enjoying it so far!

Sunday we met up with my family for some day drinking. To clarify - my sister and her family are in town for a visit, and we met up with them and my parents at a local brewery for lunch. Palmer and I had been to 7 Locks Brewing a few times already, but my parents hadn't and obviously my out-of-town sister and her husband hadn't either. My dad bought us lunch, and we all had a few beers - a flight first to try a bunch of different ones, then a full-size beer. Meanwhile the twins (age 5) ate their lunches, played with other families' kids that were there, and learned how to play giant Jenga. Good times!

After beers, Palmer and I went BACK to the nursery to get a few things we forgot about. Did a bit more in the garden, then headed to the movies to FINALLY watch Deadpool. It was hilarious, and very gross. I was laughing and going "Ew!" a lot throughout. Definitely glad we caught it before it left theaters. Now we need to try to catch Zootopia...

And that was our wild and crazy weekend! We were super productive, had delicious food and beers, and got shit done!
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For some reason, my last post decided that it was posted on March 15th, instead of March 7th like it actually was. For those of you following along at home, today is March 15th, and that post was about two weekends ago, so I was a bit confused... Anyhow! Adjusted the date, all is right with the world, and now I can talk about this past weekend.

Friday was a bit of a clusterfuck - this professional group that I'm in did a night at a local theater to benefit that theater's program for high school kids. The play was fine, super depressing, and about 20 minutes longer than it needed to be. More annoying than that was the fact that only ONE OTHER PERSON from our group showed up. I mean, really? GAH! So afterwards we went to a restaurant I've been wanting to try, only to discover that Surprise! It is super expensive! Not horrifically so, but more than we were planning to spend. So we got the cheapest option (pasta) and then got the fuck out of there.

Saturday was good. Got brunch at our favorite spot in Silver Spring, ran some errands, took Coco on a nice long walk. Then that night was our friend Eric's birthday party, which was fun. Got to hang with that group, eat three types of Mac & Cheese, and try Guinness' new "nitro" IPA. It's pretty good!

Sunday I felt like shit. Palmer's been fighting a cold for the past week and apparently I caught the same one. The bummer was, we had concert tickets for that night. I rallied, we went to dinner (which was tasty) then headed to the concert. During the opener I thought I was going to pass out, I felt so badly. I almost just called an Uber and went home - but I'm glad I didn't! When the band came on (Metric) I started to feel better. Not great, but well enough that I could stand for an hour or so and enjoy some music that I like. We got home and I immediately passed out.

Yesterday was a bit of a waste. I had to go into work cause I had a phone call that afternoon with a potential client. Well guess who never called? And then we rescheduled for today (with the understanding that he would call me) and guess who didn't call again? At this point I'm kinda over it. Anyhow yeah, yesterday sucked, felt like poop, went to bed very early. Thank god for Nyquil. Today I'm feeling better, but still clearly sick - its just moved all up into my head, which is very clogged. I've taken some Sudafed and I'm staying hydrated, but still - no fun.

I got accepted onto a committee I applied for, which will be nice resume-builder. (God I got old. When did that happen?) I also dyed my hair blue! (There, that's better.) Palmer and I are planning to paint the living room a fun teal color, then our big house project for the year will be to re-do the floors. Well, first check to make sure that we do in fact have hardwood under the carpet, then hire some folks to rip up the carpet, sand the floors, and stain them a nice dark finish. Yay, modernity! (Seriously, right now we have builder beige walls and beige carpet, its a PROBLEM.)

And that's about it. What have you been up to?
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H'ok, so - had a crazy busy weekend, it was pretty awesome!

Friday evening after work I went down to Dupont Circle to meet a friend for drinks. This is a networking buddy I met at a client's event, and this was the 2nd time we've gotten together. I like her, we have similar jobs, and she's fun to hang out with. Probably becoming an actual friend, not just someone in my network. ANYHOW. We went down to Kramerbooks and their attached cafe Afterwords and had a few drinks. Last time I was there was about a year ago for the Fug Girls' book-signing for The Royal We. Luckily, the veggie quesadilla app was just as delicious as I remembered.

After drinks I headed back home, and Palmer and I ordered some food, drank some whiskey, and finally finished up Agent Carter season 2. Upon waking up Saturday, I realize that we probably drank too much whiskey, but never mind that. On Saturday we went to a late brunch, then headed downtown. The Renwick Gallery (part of The Smithsonian) has an exhibit called Wonder that I was dying to see and photograph - as was everyone else in DC. When we got there, the line to get in stretched down the block, and we were a bit worried that we wouldn't even be able to get in before they closed. Luckily the line actually moved fairly quickly, so we only waited about 20 minutes. Once inside, getting around took a while cause of the crowd, but the exhibit was gorgeous. Everyone's favorite seemed to be the installation by Gabriel Dawe, which is gorgeous. But I think I liked the one by Janet Echelman the best - fishermen's netting sculpted to mimic the energy wave released by the Japanese earthquake, with multicolored lights shining all over it. Stunning.

After the Renwick, we headed over to Yards Park on the Anacostia Waterfront. They had some enormous luminescent bunnies on display that I wanted to see and photograph before they were taken down on Sunday. So we wandered around Yards Park for a bit, then headed back to the Metro to go home. Unfortunately the Metro ride made me super queasy, so when we got home I pretty much chugged an Alka Seltzer then took a 2hour nap. When I got up we ate dinner and hung out for a bit, then I went right back to bed.

Sunday the nausea was gone, thankfully. We went to brunch at my new favorite place, Carluccio's at Pike & Rose. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD, OK? Then we took Coco on a nice long walk. We'd abandoned her Saturday to do our downtown exploring, so we wanted to make it up to her with a lot of exercise. We did a 5 mile walk through Rock Creek Park, which seemed to do the trick - that evening she was zonked. (So were we!) After the walk we went to a new brewery that opened up near us, and did a flight of their beers. They were all good, but we decided on a growler of the Honey Ale. On the way home we grabbed some Chipotle, which we then enjoyed with that growler. Finished out the night watching the democratic debate, and went to bed around midnight.

Good times!

This week is busy - have a craft meetup tomorrow, lunch with my parents Wednesday, and then a full weekend of stuff going on, including a Metric concert. SO excited! So yeah, managed to get off my ass and go do stuff this weekend, here's hoping I can continue the trend. :)

Oh! I gave up weeknight drinking for Lent (which I think I mentioned before?) and I've lost 7 pounds since starting! Rock on!


Jan. 25th, 2016 06:34 pm
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Figured being snowed in for four days was a good enough reason to actually post something here. Hi! I missed you!

So yeah, Winter Storm Jonas (known 'round these parts as "Snowzilla") came rolling in at 1:00pm on Friday. My boss was out of town, but he knew about the storm and told my coworker Nick and I to work from home on Friday. So I got a nice view into the backyard as the snow started. And then didn't let up for 36 hours. YAY!

We got a bit above 2 feet in our neighborhood, though with the drifts it felt like a lot more. On Friday night Palmer and I ventured out with Coco to get her some exercise and it wasn't too bad then. Snowing hard, but about 5 inches on the ground. But like I said, it kept going. So Saturday we take her out again (cause dogs need to pee, its a thing) and it was miserable. Coco had no idea what to do with that much snow, we had to break a path through the snow pretty much the whole way, and it was STILL SNOWING. Lucky for Coco, we bumped into her doggy friend Maxine, so they got to romp in the snow for a bit. That is, until we saw that Coco was literally shivering from the cold. Then it was time to take her inside, dry her off, and cocoon her in a nest of blankets to get her warmed up again.

Here's her and Maxine in the snow:

Coco and her bestie playing in the snow. #blizzard2016 #snowzilla #dogsofinstagram

A video posted by Suze (@suzefrost) on

The rest of Saturday we just lounged about. We were a bit worried we'd lose power, but luckily the snow was the light dry kind, so we were good. We basically started drinking early, played a lot of video games (Super Mario World FTW!) and began watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Sunday we began the process of digging out. Our neighbor owns a plow, so he'd already done our driveway, which was AMAZING of him. But we still had to clear our walkway and the sidewalk in front of our house, plus ATTEMPT to start getting the cars out. Couldn't get my car all the way out before we had to stop and rest, but made a good start. Then it was football and video games for the rest of the night. Plus pupusas that our OTHER awesome neighbor made us!

Today Palmer and I both worked from home. Everything is closed, and residents are urged to stay off the roads to let the plows do their work. So that's what we did. Around 1:30 I went out to finish digging out my car. And succeeded! Then Palmer came out and we got his car dug out too. They're now safe and sound in our very clean driveway. AND! As Palmer went off to grab some more wine (priorities, we have them) I decided to try to clear the side exit of our house. I thought I'd just get the stoop cleared so we could access the trash cans, but ended up shoveling out a path to the cleared driveway. Did I mention the huge berm I had to shovel through to do so? I'm proud of what I accomplished, but ouch. My everything hurts.

So! Tomorrow I will attempt to go into work, we'll see how I fare. I will be glad to get out of the house. Less glad to have to put on real clothes. As I said on Twitter, you know what makes pajamas work appropriate? A bra. But tomorrow I'll have to do more than that. Sigh.

Anyhow, hope everyone in the path of the storm stayed safe, hope everyone else had a great weekend, kisses! MWAH!
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For friendly and sociable people, Palmer and I sure are recluses a lot of the time. Part of it is laziness, part of it is we really enjoy each other's company and like spending time together without other people. But a lot of it is laziness. Anyhow, we were NOT lazy this weekend! In fact, we did TONS of stuff!

Ok, so I'd been reading all week about how Jupiter Ascending is amazing and stupid and crazeballs and amazeballs and space werewolves etc., and the excitement finally got the better of me. I told Palmer that I wanted to see it, that I wanted to see it that night, and went and bought tickets. We just got an iPic Theater close to us, so I bought tickets there. For those who don't know, iPic is a "luxury" theater that has armchair seating and waitservice. I got the cheaper seats, so we had to go to the bar and order (LIKE PLEBES) but it was still super nice. And oh, Jupiter Ascending. If there's ever an instance where "Shine on you crazy diamond" is appropriate, it is for this movie. I'm stealing a thought from Tumblr which is that everything in the movie can be preceded by SPACE! and still make sense. SPACE BEES! SPACE WEDDINGS! SPACE POLICE! SPACE REGENERATION! HOT SEXY HALF-ALBINO SOMETIMES-WINGED SPACE WEREWOLVES! See? Jupiter Ascending is a treasure, it really is. An orgy of gorgeous special effects and actual orgies. A feast for the eyes! Plus the guilty pleasures of Channing Tatum (looking damn fine as the afore-mentioned space werewolf) and Eddie Redmayne doing his very best Space Voldemort. Mila Kunis is awesome (and screw people saying she's a damsel in distress - she does quite well for herself amidst extremely weird and dangerous situations!), Sean Bean is awesome, everyone is awesome. GO SEE IT! Ahem.

So that was Friday evening. Saturday we went out to breakfast at our favorite spot in Downtown Silver Spring, then headed over to Rockville to look at furniture. We need a dining room table, cause the one I bought 5 years ago is tiny, shaky, and looks silly in our proper-sized dining room. So we went to Bob's Discount Furniture and then a proper furniture showroom to look around. Each had tables that we liked, but Bob's wasn't as sturdy as we hoped, and the one at the furniture showroom was more money than we had planned on spending. We thought about them, and talked about them, and decided that for now, we'd be ok with what we have, but that we'd keep dining room tables in mind, and check semi-regularly for options.

Saturday evening it snowed, but we had Valentine's plans and braved the weather anyway. We went to Denizens Brewing Co in Silver Spring for their beer and chocolate event. Each ticket got you five tasting rounds of beer pared with a hand-crafted chocolate made by a Silver Spring-based chocolatier, plus light fare. It was a great time. Crowded, but we managed to get a table, and all the pairings were awesome, as was the food. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get something for a proper dinner, and then it took us an hour to GET home because the snow turned into whiteout conditions and no one in MD can drive. But! We made it home safely, had dinner and more beer, and had a good night overall.

Sunday was chores and hanging out. Palmer's family came over for an hour to see us (but mostly Coco) and then we got some takeout for dinner. My boss had already told me to wait until noon to come in, so I was able to stay up a bit later than normal.

This morning I was getting ready to go in when I got a text from my boss telling me to stay and work from home. We've got a winter storm moving in (it's been snowing for a few hours now as I type this) and he didn't want to risk me driving. So I ran to the grocery store really quick for some lunch stuff for tomorrow and the ingredients for dinner on Wednesday (a slow cooker dish I'm making for parents, who are coming by) and it didn't take me as long as I feared. Longer than I liked, but even though the lines were crazy, the cashiers were moving quickly. Everyone was fairly nice and calm, though people need to learn how to not block aisles with their bodies and carts. Then I got home and spent the next five hours working.

Now we're making dinner. I'm doing some red skin mashed potatoes and Palmer will be cooking steaks. I made us cocktails, but they kinda froze while we let Coco out, so we're waiting for them to thaw. After dinner, idk. Maybe I can convince Palmer to watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Or maybe we'll watch House of Cards. Either way we're safe and sound, and happy to be able to work from home tomorrow.

For those in the path of this storm, stay safe!
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You know what's the worst? A cold in the middle of summer. Especially a cold that you get a few days before you go to the beach for a long weekend. That's what I had to deal with this past weekend; snot, coughing, and other lovely cold symptoms.

Actually, the whole weekend was a bit of a clusterfuck health-wise. I actually felt a bit better when we got to the beach. Still had to blow my nose and take medicine, but didn't feel beat down like I did during the worst of it. But over the weekend I managed to scrape my toe on a tack strip (it looks really gross right now, let me tell you), cut my finger while chopping veggies (not seriously, but still), and gouge my finger with own nail while catching a football. I am grace personified, let me tell you.

But other than that stuff, we had a great time! Got to the beach all three days, though we quickly got rained out on the second day. And since we stayed at our friends' house in Berlin, MD (instead of renting a place in Ocean City like we normally do) we ended up going to the beach at Assateague. Wild horses! I also got to do a "photo shoot" with their dog, a gorgeous greyhound. Hopefully with a little more practice I'll be ready to go volunteer at shelters and take photos of the adoptable animals. (If you want to see some of the photos I've taken so far, check out my Flickr gallery.)

We got home late last night, and I pretty much passed out right away. Unfortunately my cold has moved into the "hacking cough" stage, which is not fun, and I woke up a few times during the night. I feel slightly better today, but am still coughing a lot. Hopefully this is the end of it, and tomorrow I'll wake up feeling fine and dandy.

And that's about it!
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Friday night we went out to a Nationals game for our friend Kim's birthday. It was a good time, the Nats won which is always nice to see. But the game was over super quickly, which kinda sucked. Whatever, afterwards we went out to U Street, where I had two too many cocktails, then over to Adams Morgan for some karaoke. Definitely felt it the next morning, but it was super fun. Just need to remember that moderation is key.

Saturday, as mentioned, I felt like hell. But we got it together in time to go to the Dance for Water, a fundraiser for the Reel Water Film Festival that the production company is co-sponsoring. It was fun - learned the basic foxtrot step, as well as the "club swing" which is a type of hustle. Also won an item in the silent auction, a tour and tasting for four at Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard.

Sunday was better, went to yoga at Core Power Bethesda. Spoke to them about doing work for yoga, cause god knows I can't afford the $135/month membership fee, and it looks like I'll be able to start that in a few weeks. Hooray!

Today has been... not good. I don't know if its the weather, or what, but I am crazy depressed and it blows. I didn't go in to Bethesda Green today (though I did work on that stuff from home) and I've basically just sat on the couch. cut for specific talk of weight )

And that's where I am right now.
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Palmer and I decided to be active members of society (rather than couch-dwelling hermits as is the norm) and went out to Sugarloaf Mountain in Dickerson, MD. Technically right within the bounds of Montgomery County, Sugarloaf is a popular destination for the DC area because its the only place that is actually somewhat mountain-like. And since it was a beautiful fall day and all the leaves have been changing colors, EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN of Montgomery County was at the mountain on Saturday. There was a line to park. There was a line on the trail. There was a line to exit. Lots of people.

It actually wasn't that bad- once we got off of the Orange Trail (that goes straight UP to the summit) and started hiking around the mountain, there were a lot less people. It seems that most people want to climb up, take pictures, and climb down. Boring! So we walked around the mountain (though not the big loop, the little one) and took pictures that I later Instagram'd, and had inappropriate conversations in between groups of hikers. After we left the mountain, we stopped at Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, and bought some local wines. Place was packed, lots of drunk people pretending that their day drinking was sophisticated cause it was wine, and a long line for the sales counter. But we eventually got wine and got out. Got some cheese and grapes to eat with it, and felt very hedonistic that evening.

Sunday was lazy, watched the football game, had dinner with Palmer's family.

Monday I completed my 2nd knitting project, the Redskins scarf! LOOK! )

I've already bought yarn for another project, but that is a post for another day. For now, I'm tired, and there is a beer calling my name. Ciao!
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H'ok, so.

The Gala was Thursday night. That day, I got off work around 2 and headed out to the building to help with setup. Worked on that for 2 hours, then got changed for the gala itself. I wore a skirt, a nice knit top, and low heeled boots. BIG mistake. I hadn't known that the floors were either marble or concrete, but oh man. My feet could tell. Anyways. Worked registration for the event, and things went a bit haywire. Luckily we scrambled a bit and managed to get things taken care of, but I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off for a good portion of the evening. I eventually managed to get some food and sit down for a bit, and I did get to see the intro video to the program. But other than those two breaks, I was working steadily throughout the evening. Today when I went in, my mentor led everyone in thanking me for my hard work, which was very nice. She then thanked me twice more while I was in the office today, saying that I had been her right hand person, and she really appreciated everything I'd done. A really good feeling after working hard all week. So yay!

Friday I worked, but was sent home early. Basically, everyone could see how exhausted I was, there was plenty of coverage, and my manager said he would stay and do the count. I stayed at work until the paychecks arrived, then booked it home. Where I promptly fell asleep for four hours. I then got up and made myself go on a run (which I'd been avoiding). 5 minutes into the run, my phone decides to restart. So rather than wait for it to do so, and then restart that day's run, I just continued to run. Phone came back on, figured I had six more minutes for that interval, and then did the rest of them based off my phone's time rather than the Run Double app. But hey! Ran 16 minutes total, which I would NOT have been able to do 5 weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure I'll handle the 20 minute run tomorrow just fine. Again, yay!

Saturday was Ren Fest, which was the same as every year. Lots of delicious fatty foods, beer, and throwing sharp things. Also Johnny Fox. This year was a bit different, we had a friend with us who'd never been before, so it was fun seeing his reactions. Also managed to see everyone that I knew was going to be there, but hadn't made specific meetup plans with.

Sunday was the Redskins game. Despite my pessimism, the Skins won! It was pretty fantastic, if nerve-wracking. But by the time we got home, I was exhausted. Basically fell right into bed.

Today has been fine, even good. A customer knows the founder of the company I applied to recently, and he told me to send him an email with the job description and my qualifications, and he'd speak to the owner on my behalf. And then, while I was at my internship, I got an email from a company I'd applied to a month ago. The position I applied to has been filled, but they have another opening they think I'm qualified for. So I responded that yes, I am interested, and yes, I am available for a phone interview on Wednesday. Hooray!

And that's about it!
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For the... fourth? year in a row, Palmer and I have gone with friends to Ocean City for a long weekend/vacation. This year it was Palmer and I, two other couples, and two friends who came without their significant others. We rented a townhouse right on the edge of Delaware, and were there from Thursday night up to today. It was fun! Weather wasn't as great as the Wednesday forecast said it'd be, but oh well.

So yeah, Thursday night we got there first (as we tend to do), and had a beer while waiting for others to arrive. Once everyone got there, there was a lot MORE beer drinking, and lots of talking and hanging out on the porch. Until like, 4 in the morning. Friday we got up and went to "breakfast" at 12, then hit up the beach. The water was pretty great that day- rough, but not so bad it was scary. Plus, all that wave action meant that there was very little sand left in my bathing suit. Additional plus, the rash guard I bought from REI not only looked cute, but totally prevented sunburn!

Friday we stayed up late again, and the other girls and I indulged in Skinny Girl margaritas, Prosecco, and red wine. That may have been a mistake, as Saturday I was CRAZY hungover. Saturday was also rainy and gross, and so not much happened. We went to breakfast, then came back to the house and basically everyone passed out for a while. Palmer woke me up around 3 and we (along with his former housemates) all walked over to the community pool to swim (and drink a beer) in the rain. That night we went out to go grocery shopping, and ended up making salad and ordering pizza. I also passed out crazy early.

Sunday was another beautiful day, and since we'd bought a bunch of breakfast food at the grocery store, we stayed in for that meal, and then headed to the beach. Unfortunately, the wind and rain had created a perfect storm of tidal roughness that made actually getting into the ocean quite difficult and scary. Palmer and I got past the break when we first got in, but it was still so rough that we quickly got out of the water. After that was an hour or so of beach volleyball (my overhand serve is the shit!) and then another attempt at the water. Didn't go in past the break, but did play in the surf and dive through a wave or two. Got a TON of sand everywhere, which was slightly less fun.

That night we grilled and hung out on the porch again. Mostly an awesome time, except for a few minutes of horror when the GIANT spider that lived on the porch decided that its new web should go between the wall and our friend's chair. So, after some shrieking, I kept Shelob illuminated with my flashlight while Stuart relocated that chair to the yard.

Today was cleaning, Dunkin Donuts, mini golf, and the drive home. Tonight is wine and catching up on TV episodes. Good times!

Hot damn!

Mar. 11th, 2012 03:39 pm
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So, that whole post on Wednesday about Unfucking and working on projects and whatnot? Totally did it! Finished Project from Hell on Thursday, then as promised rode to Bethesda. Got back and worked on my GIS reading, quizzes, and conference responses. Friday I did some last-minute research for Project 2, Saturday I banged out 7 pages, and today I finished it off! LIKE A BAMF! Now I'm posting to LJ because I needed a break from homework. I'll probably get up and go clean out the fridge (its a problem) and then settle back in for some work on my GIS lab.

But seriously- finishing these projects and exams meant that I now only have 3 classes between me and my degree. WHAT?!?!?! Ack! Dying here, a little bit. In awesomeness, one of my customers works with a company I would LOVE to work for, and said she'd start passing my name around. Ack in a good way!

On a calmer note, went bowling on Friday night with Palmer and some coworkers. It was a good time, we played Guys v Gals, and us girls beat them 2 out of 3. And in the second game, I scored 2 strikes in a row and had the overall highest score! Rock!

Saturday night we went out with Palmer's family to celebrate his mother's birthday. Dinner was good, we went to Ruby Tuesday, which is apparently trying to totally change its image? It is all "Signature Seafood" and "Premium Steaks" now, it was a bit freaky. But! I had the Asiago Peppercorn Steak and wow, it was pretty damn tasty. And only 400 calories! How did they do that?!

Today I did my manager a favor and went in to work for a few hours. The girl who was scheduled had been fired on Friday, so I went in to work bar and help them through the morning rush. It wasn't too bad, I just focused on the bar and getting drinks out quickly. The shift went by pretty fast, and then I got the hell out of there. After that I picked up Palmer and we went to Elevation Burger for lunch. Oh my god. If there is an Elevation Burger anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and go. Seriously. Delicious.

Weight talk )

And that's it! Cleaning and then more homework, LIKE A BOSS!
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Saturday started off with a rough day at work. Nothing wrong with any of the people I was working with, but 2 of them are new hires and the other does not work bar. Which meant that I had to run the shift, get change, make sure people were doing their various tasks, and handle all the drinks on the espresso bar. Fun. Apparently I was looking more and more annoyed between the hours of 8 and 9, because several people asked if I was ok. Oops. At 9, another employee arrived and began doing a whole lot of things that had been sliding, and eventually took over bar for me so I could run outside for a break. After that, things got better.

That evening, Palmer & I went out to dinner (mmm, sushi!) and then went over to the Dome to hang with friends. It was a good time, much quieter than last weekend, and I got to see a few people I hadn't in a while. I was the designated, so I woke up Sunday feeling just fine. Palmer, not so much.

Sunday morning we went to Einstein Bros to have bagels, then walked over to Strosneiders Hardware to take a look at shelf brackets. Basically, we're constructing a hutch for our flat screen out of two existing bookcases and a piece of lumber, and we needed to know what kind of brackets we'd need in order to do so safely. Safely meaning, the cats can walk across the piece of lumber without causing everything to come crashing down onto the television. Anyhow, we talked to the employees and they advised us on the proper brackets, which we purchased, and suggested locking nuts to hold them in place instead of screws. Palmer will be going by there at some point to get them, because we're trying to have this thing constructed by the end of the week.

Sunday night was Death Cab for Cutie! It was fairly awesome. :D The concert was at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and we had actual seats instead of lawn. Good call us! Except for how freaking hot it was under the pavilion, exacerbated by the rather large gentleman sitting to my right and blocking the slight breeze that had been reaching me before. Thankfully, he and his son moved farther back, I assume because he was as uncomfortable as I was. We stayed in our seats for Frightened Rabbits, who were good in a Mumford & Sons way, then escaped into the open air during the set break. When we came back, we decided to sit further back where we could still see ok, but had much more breathing room. And Death Cab was fucking awesome. They played a bunch of songs from their new album, they played License & Registration as well as Soul Meets Body, and then they closed the encore with Sound of Settling followed by Transatlanticism. It was epic.

Today I'm doing homework (fucking research paper group project goddammit), but earlier I went down to the fitness center to work out. I've gained weight back, and that fucking sucks, so I've decided enough of this shit, let's work out! Between the treadmill and the elliptical, I "ran" 4.5 miles. Go me! I was dripping sweat by the time I was done, but I felt awesome.

And that's about it!
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Trying to start posting more regularly, since I've basically been disappeared for months. So I figured an easy way to get back in the swing of things would be to do a Weekend Update! So, let's see-

Friday I got out of work around 8:25, and managed to walk back to my parents place in 15 minutes. I'm getting faster! Got their car and agreed to look after their cats this weekend. Went by my place, fed the cats and cuddled them a bit, grabbed my computer and some laundry and went off to Palmer's. We ordered Thai food, I watched an episode of LOST, and then we were hanging out with his roommate Mike the rest of the night. It was a good time, but we drank way too much, Saturday morning was unpleasant.

Saturday we stumbled out of bed (seriously, quite unpleasant), fed my parents cats, fed my cats, fed ourselves, then sat on the couch staring at our computers until around 8pm, when it was time to feed all sets again. Palmer and I went out to Joe's Crab Shack, which is always quite delicious, and both got the King Crab legs. God, those things are sinfully good. I do wish they would put more Old Bay on the "Chesapeake Style" legs, but ah well. Unfortunately, after the meal my headache returned with a vengeance, and when we got home I went right to bed. Palmer told me that when he came into the bedroom, Loki was curled up between my calves and Goblin was curled up right next to him between my knees. I vaguely remember this, but apparently it was super cute!

Today has been fairly epic. Fed the parents cats, then attempted a trip to Target for Simple Green so I can clean my bathroom properly. I swear to god, no place in this area carries it, it is QUITE frustrating. After Target we met friends at an Indian restaurant for lunch buffet, then decided that we should all go to Value Village to go thrift store shopping. That place is irresistible, I swear. I ended up buying a Polaroid camera, a samovar-style pitcher that is now sitting in my bookshelf, and two shadow boxes with miniature kitchen implements and recipes that I will hang in my kitchen. All awesome!

Unfortunately, this evening we had to take the kitties to the emergency animal clinic. Goblin has been sneezing since we got him, and though the vet had said that it would probably run its course, his cold has been getting worse. And today Loki was totally lethargic and had no interest in food, so we decided we should take them both in to get checked out. Good thing we did! Loki is fine, just a bit under the weather (and he still hates the vet, though he didn't scratch this time- mostly because we just removed the top of the carrier to examine him and the vet had me hold him and talk to him while she checked his vitals), but Goblin's cold has turned bacterial. So! Goblin now has antibiotics that I have to give him once a day, and we have cans of tuna to feed them that should penetrate their stuffy noses and incite their appetites. Hopefully within a few days this will all be behind them.

On the plus side, they are total best buds now. Loki has been repeatedly trying to bathe Goblin over the last several days, and like I mentioned, Goblin loves to sleep next to Loki. It is quite adorable, and I'm glad they're getting along so well. Today they comforted each other after the traumatic ordeal that was the emergency clinic:

Too cute! )

Anyhow, tomorrow I have to work, but I plan on swinging by Strosneiders in the morning to 1)check for Simple Green, 2)buy some ceramic water dishes for potted plants, and 3)purchase a hanging pot for my spider plant. Then on Tuesday I will continue the epic cleaning project that I started today. Good times!
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Because I am poor and my family is awesome, my mother took me clothes shopping yesterday. I have a serious lack of winter clothes, which is a problem considering that winter is upon us. So I asked my mom (well, begged cutely) if she could buy me a few shirts and shoes with no holes in them (and maybe a pair of jeans) and she said yes!

She rocks. I have clothes, they're warm! And stylish! And WARM! And they look really good on me! Oh man, and I bought the tightest pair of grey skinny jeans ever, they're kind of insane and I love them. I'm definitely wearing them, my new grey sweater (so soft!) and my new black boots to dinner tonight at my parents place.

We also went shopping for my mom. In a week and a bit she's going on a 2 week trip to Turkey, and needed to buy a few last minute 'travelers items.' We went to Chicos and she got a nice cardigan and shell she can wear out in Istanbul, as well as a jersey outer shell thing that she can wear on the plane. No luck finding quick-drying socks, but I recommended REI for their camping gear.

After the shopping extravaganza, Palmer and I went to see Where the Wild Things Are. Oh man. Go see this movie. Seriously, I don't care what you're doing, put it down and go watch this amazing movie. I can't believe its getting mixed reviews, this thing is so beautiful, the cinematography is epic, the child actor is wonderful- everything about this movie was awesome, and as Palmer said, I could watch it again and pick up a whole different layer of meanings. Just lovely.

After a year of having a crockpot and never using it, I decided to rectify the situation. My mother gave me a recipe for White Chicken Chili, so Palmer and I made that last night. The final result was delicious, but the crockpot took forever to cook it properly! The recipe called for two hours in there, but it wasn't done until 4 hours had passed! Aiee! I think next time I make it I'll set the timer for 3 hours and check the progress then. I just do NOT want to eat undercooked chicken, I like not puking.

Anyhow, I'm killing time now, then Palmer and I will head over to my parents place for my mom's birthday dinner, then some studying tonight. And that's about it!


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