Apr. 11th, 2013 06:38 pm
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Went out to the North Bethesda coffee shop today to meet with the owners. Before I'd left, we'd discussed my continuing to work for them, just in a different capacity. After sitting down and talking with them today, it is official - I'm the social media manager for the coffee shop! Again, BAM! We have a whole campaign planned out - well, laid out, a skeleton of a campaign that we'll flesh out, and I have my rate, and my day to go in, and if this turns into a full campaign I might get more days! One of the owners wants to go H.A.M. on this, integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the website, Yelp, etc., while the other is a little more cautious. But I think we can convince her that going all out is the way to go. Because that would be awesome!

Flush with success, I decided that today needed more awesomeness. So I walked down to the local hardware store and bought some herbs for our container garden! Got oregano, parsley, and basil, along with a new pot for the basil. Got home, transplanted and watered them, and now they're sitting pretty next to the other pots. Rock on!

One less than fun but utterly necessary activity over the past few days has been a thorough clean-up of the couch. Loki waged a campaign of terror and pee against the couch a while ago, and while we battled valiantly, it has never quite recovered. Well, I was sick of it! So! The couch has been stripped, the cover washed with detergent and vinegar (twice), the frame has been sprayed down, and now all the cushion covers are getting washed and the cushions sprayed down. By the time this is over, the couch will smell like roses, dammit! Or at least not cat pee. It is already smelling better, though also worse- by taking the cover off we're allowing the odor to air out, which means that although the couch itself smells better, the apartment doesn't. Ah well. That's what Febreeze and open windows are for. Loki, the troublemaker, has just been looking askance at the cushions and covers strewn about the apartment. As if he weren't the cause of all this to begin with!

That's it for now. Back to sweating in the apartment and cleaning cat pee out of cushions. My life, so awesome.
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Now that I'm retired (as if) Friday's are my free days. That'll likely change, as I get more hours with the production company and hopefully another job, but for now I have Fridays off. Its pretty great. Last Friday I was super productive, did loads of laundry and cleaning. Today, less so. I've read, I checked out an e-book from Montgomery County library, I read some more, I fed the worms, I washed some dishes, did a load of laundry, read some more... I've spent a lot of today on the couch, is what I'm getting at, and its been pretty great. I guess I feel a little guilty for not going to the gym, but whatever. I can miss a day.

So let's see. Keeping mostly up with my book a week goal. Trying to, at least. On the plus side, I'm reading a lot more. On the minus side, finding new stuff to read has been a bit difficult. But I got a lot of good recs today, put some of those recs on hold through the e-book library, and managed to borrow a book called "Enchantment" which is a fictional story about Rasputin's daughters after his death. Good so far. We'll see how it goes!

GOT THE WORMS! They came yesterday, we had everything ready for them, just had to wet down their bedding so they could burrow and be all happy. I've put some food scraps in there, strawberries and bread and coffee grinds. Hope they like them! I need to leave them alone for a day or two, then give them more food. And basically rotate where I put the food so that they spread all over the container. Then when I'm ready to collect the castings, push all the current bedding to one side, put fresh stuff on the other along with fresh food, and they'll all move over there! Leaving lovely nutrient rich worm poo for me to put on my plants.

Restrung my guitar today. Broke a string over the winter, and hadn't gotten around to replacing it. So I did today, restrung it and tuned it up properly. And then practiced. Oh man. I need to not abandon the guitar for months, because when I go back to it, my fingers KILL me. They're gonna be sore and red for a day or two, and then I'll do it all again. Hooray!

Tomorrow doing a volunteer thing in the morning, the Rock Creek Extreme CleanUp. Then brunch with my love, then shopping for bridesmaid dresses with my M.O.H. Yeah, I've been on some wedding websites. Whatever. I just want to see the colors in person, pick one or two, and tell the ladies to buy a dress in one of those colors that makes them happy. And then there'll be one more thing I can check off the ludicrous list!

And that's it!
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My previous apartment had no balcony and no yard access. Technically I was supposed to be able to use the yard, but I was never given a key. Oh well. Our current apartment, however, has a nice little 5x15 balcony outside the living room, facing east. So not the best sunlight, but good enough that we were able to grow a tomato and a pepper plant on it last year. This year, we're doing it again! But getting a bit more ambitious. Palmer picked out a jalapeno pepper, so we're going to try our hand at starting a plant from seed. Once it warms up some more, we'll buy a tomato seedling, and we're also planning to do a bunch of herbs. The basil went wild last year, so we'll likely do that again - I just need to be more on top of plucking it regularly. The rosemary and chives wintered over, and we're planning to add on thyme and parsley, and maybe a few other herbs. Basically, I want a lush little container garden for our balcony, and dammit, that's what we're going to have.

Also worms. I've convinced Palmer to try composting, and apparently vermicomposting is the easiest and least smelly option for an apartment. So over the next few days I'm going to buy a container and drill holes in it, gather up newspaper to shred, and see about getting my hands on some red wrigglers. And then compost! We might have to keep the bin inside the apartment, since they're not supposed to go in direct sunlight. But everything I've read says that worm composting bins don't really smell at all, and since it'll have a lid, its not like the cats will be able to get at them. Now I just need to figure out where to buy worms from. I want to start small, like a half pound or less, because I don't want to risk starving the worms if we don't generate a ton of food scraps. I guess we'll figure it out.

But I am excite!


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