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So, occasionally on Fandom!Secrets there will be a secret saying that the OP wants to "hit" some character, but OH NOES! They're total jerks and players and misogynists and how COULD SHE want to hit that, totally FEMINISM FAIL!

Really? Really, OP? Just because you find someone hot you fail as a feminist? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't feminism the idea that women are equal to men and therefore deserve equal treatment? So, you like a character because he's hot and you want to do him. That character sleeps with women because they're hot and he wants to do them. Seems pretty equal to me!

Honestly, that sort of attitude pisses me off, because it seems more like a failure of feminism than wanting to sleep with an asshole. Guys admit attraction to women they find despicable all the time. I mean, there is a reason that the femme fatale is such a popular literary character, so why do women get all upset when they find themselves attracted to a villain? That seems like more of a double standard to me- guys are allowed to find evil people hot and want to sleep with them, but then again, guys are dogs, right? Whereas us women are sugar and spice and everything nice and we always have to be attracted to the clean-shaven, polo shirt wearing good guy, otherwise its... feminism fail? Now I've just confused myself. Explain how that works exactly? Oh, wait, you can't, because it doesn't make sense.

So lets go over this again. It is OK to be attracted to assholes. Really! James Kirk is a womanizing son of a bitch, but hot damn is he hot. Brendon Urie? Probably a dick! But I'd still hit it. (Well, I would if he weren't like, two feet shorter than me.) Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a transsexual prostitute, yet he still stars in romantic comedies and gets girls' panties wet. (If my language offends you, feel free to clutch those pearls) But do you see what I mean? Just because someone is a dick doesn't mean that you're a failure of a feminist for being attracted to him. It means that they are good looking, or charismatic, or say "hello" in a way that makes you want to strip to your skivvies and have a heavy petting session on your couch. Whatever floats your boat!

But basically, stop saying that you fail as a feminist over something as silly and inconsequential as physical attraction. Its not a political statement, its hormones for fucks sake. Chill!


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