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So that happened. :-P Yes, after seemingly ages and ages of work and study, I graduated on Saturday. Of course, the semester wasn't quite over, so I didn't hand in my final project until today. But whatever! As of Saturday, I was a degree-holding college graduate! I walked and everything, even though I didn't quite want to and had a minor breakdown before hand. But whatever. I attended the tediously long ceremony (seriously, three and a half hours, six speakers BEFORE the keynote speaker, it was awful), and walked across stage to receive my "diploma." The real one won't actually be sent to me until July, so I simply received a congratulatory letter from the school. But again, whatever. My parents came, and did Palmer's mom and brother, so afterward we all met up outside in the blazing sun and took awkward photographs.

That night my parents took Palmer and I out to dinner. We went to 8407 Kitchen Bar, had delicious food and delicious cocktails. Sunday was, quite literally, a day of rest, where I just relaxed and did nothing. Yesterday was my birthday, and I went out with Palmer, his mom, and his brother. Again, had delicious food.

And so, here we are. I have begun the process of looking for jobs in my field. And here's where I run into some difficulty. What the hell do I want to do? Something in environmental management and sustainability, yes. But what? Do I want to conduct research? Do I want to analyze data? Do I want to focus in communications, conveying the ideas and work to people not in the field? I just don't know, and now I've actually been asked, and I have no idea what to answer. So. I guess over the next few days I'll be looking through the types of jobs available, and seeing what is available that I'm actually good at, and going from there. Its just frustrating.

On the plus side, one of my regular customers is helping me network, and one of those contacts said I had a very impressive resume. So there's that. :) I guess I'll just research and read up on the kind of jobs there are, and figure it out.

But whatever- I graduated!
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This weekend is the Silver Spring Art Fair, which I'd forgotten about until we got down to the area and saw all the tents. Oops? Anyhow, last year we'd seen an artist we really liked, but at that point we weren't sure about buying one of his pieces. Well, he was back this year, and he still had the piece we really liked, so we bought it! It is seriously awesome, words can't even describe. We're going to hang it above the couch, and possibly get another piece by this artist to go with it. And soon our apartment will actually look lived in! It'll be amazing!

I did a new blog post over at my blogspot, its a short post on nail art, with some pics of the newest project. So, if you're interested, check it out!

God, graduation is in one week and I'm freaking out. I have my history paper to write, my final project in ENMT to do, and one final quiz- and here I am, sitting on the internet. Gah! Whatever, once I post this I'll sit down and do the quiz, and tomorrow I'll start on the history paper. If I can finish history by Tuesday, it'll give me the rest of the week to work on ENMT. And then done! DONE!

Ok- off to work on school shit. And in one week, I will be done with school forever! Muahaha!
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I have been procrastinating so hard on this history midterm. It is due tomorrow evening and I seriously just got started. Sigh. Ah well, I am 1/3 done, and plan to knock out at least 1 of the 2 essays tonight. If I get them both done tonight, awesome, if not at least I don't have the WHOLE THING to work on tomorrow. Procrastination really is a weak point for me- I know that I should work on things in advance, schedule out my time and whatnot, but I just... don't. I rationalize pushing it back until the last minute, and then I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and write a 4 page paper in 2 hours the day its due. Fun!

Went to the mall today with the mission of buying pants, a belt, and more Lush products. Well. I succeeded in one of those endeavors! Seriously, why does nowhere make jeans that I want/fit me? Torrid has like, 3 styles, and I want something new, GAP doesn't do skinny jeans, and Old Navy still doesn't quite fit. Grr. Whatever. I bought stuff from Lush, I am excited. 3 more bath bombs, some dry shampoo, and some new conditioner. The girl ringing me out took a look at my purchases and was like, "Wow, I'm guessing you like citrus." I might be a little one-note, but at least it is a nice-smelling note!

We got our meat CSA today! Went down and retrieved it (and got a free dozen eggs since it was our first pick up) and were encouraged to come out to the farm for a 'farm day' thought I can't find out when they are or what they are about. Alas. But yeah, I think we got invited out because I said I was happy about being able to eat pork guilt-free. The guy talking to us got really excited and was like, come out to farm day and see the pigs, you'll see how happy they are! So that was funny. It didn't hurt that he was super-cute, but don't tell Palmer I said that. :-P Anyhow, wrote up the purchase here if you're interested.

And that's it! Off to write some more on history!
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After several weeks of being way too busy to even think about cooking, I've decided that it is time to get back into the swing of things! Sunday after work I hit up the grocery store to get blackberries for the vodka we're infusing (more on that in a bit) and decided to pick up some stuff for dinner as well. Got a bunch of greens and some tilapia, and ended up making a pan-fried blackened tilapia with an onion and leek salad. Too much onion and leek, not enough lettuce, but still really tasty. And the tilapia- oh god, tilapia is my new favorite fish. The raw fillets feel really weird, like they're dry and kind of tough. But then you start to cook them and the fish just turns so tender and tasty! Om nom nom! Last night I was planning to cook pork tenderloin, but forgot to take it out of the freezer and stick it in the fridge before I left for work. The meat was frozen solid, there was no way I was going to have it thawed in time. So instead I made a pasta with asparagus, peas, onions, garlic, and toasted panka. It was delicious! Tonight is Taco Tuesday, so no cooking. But Wednesday- oh that pork tenderloin is going to be so good!

Still pretty fed up with my debate team in class. It is me and one guy doing all the work for the group, we didn't even hear from the girl who was Team Leader this past week. But whatever, the guy and I carried on a pretty good debate against the other team, and I had a fun time arguing. Even if I didn't really believe in what I was arguing. Ah well. Let me tell you, looking up "global warming hoax" is not fun.

Cut for talk of weight loss )

So, infused vodka! Finally got the tea jar with spigot, and bought a pop-top bottle to pour the finished product into. Decided to start with blackberries (I thought habanero-garlic might be a bit ambitious for a first attempt) and threw 24 oz chopped blackberries in with 750ml of Svedka vodka. Within an hour the vodka had already turned purple, and has continued to darken. [personal profile] greyweirdo, I saw your reply re: infusion time. Most of the websites I read suggested a week for berries, but the uncertainty of the strength of infused flavors is why we got the tea jar- we can pour little test shots after a few days to see how the flavor is coming along! I do hope it is done by Sunday, because I told my mom I'd bring it over for Easter dinner. That's right. She's cooking lamb and asparagus, I'm bringing the vodka.

And that's it! Studying today, then tacos tonight. Rock!
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I don't believe I mentioned this before, but I got A's in both my Emergency Management course and in my Business Writing course. You know, those two classes who each had assigned a MASSIVE paper, both due within hours of each other? Yeah, those two. Well, after a few days of nail biting and obsessively checking my grade portfolio, I found out the results- 95% on the Emergency Management paper and 100% on the Business Writing paper! And for the emergency management paper he said that although I'd left off a few things that would have been useful, it was overall a great emergency management plan! ROCK!

So then I had my final project due in my GIS class this week. It was due Thursday, and then we have to critique our classmates maps (two critiques, 100 words each) by Sunday. Handed in, critiqued, and graded- 95% motherfuckers! Which means that I have an A in that class as well!

So- cross your fingers for me that I don't fuck it up in my other classes, but graduation is getting closer every day!

On a pissy note- I am fucking fed up with my debate teammates in my capstone course. Only one of my teammates and I have bothered to post anything in the debates, and the girl who is "team leader" this week hasn't even contacted us. The debate is due (with summaries of our points) by Monday night! wtf?! I posted a rebuttal to the other team, but haven't been able to post a main point because SHE is supposed to direct that!! GAH!!!

Deep breath. Whatever. I will keep on rebutting like a champ, and if she doesn't send anything by tomorrow night, I'll post a main point, her input be damned.

Back to cheerful- uh... I got new Threadless shirts, and we bought a bird feeder, and we bought a pop-top bottle to pour our soon to be fruit infused vodka into! Rock!
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Unfuck Your Habitat has this concept of 20/10s, where you clean for 20 minutes (set a timer!) and chill for 10 (again, on a timer). The mind behind UFYH also has a suggestion for studying, which is sessions of 45/15s. I don't know about everyone else, but 45 minutes is not long enough of a study session for me to actually accomplish anything. So today, I changed it up. (If you love Community, feel free to imagine that as "Chang-ed it up"). I did 60/15s all day, and actually got a shit ton of work done. Setting a timer really did help. At the beginning of the day I was a bit daunted by how much work I *had* to get done by tonight, because it was a lot. But after two 60/15s, I was feeling a lot better. I ended up doing about 6 hours of studying, broken up by dishes, laundry, and lunch, and got everything done that had to be done by tonight, and a few other things as well. So. Go me!

So as to avoid breaking up work with an unnecessarily long trip to Bethesda, I did my workout (and car-getting mission) first thing this morning. Got to Bethesda around 10, had breakfast and coffee at my job, got the car, and was back to Silver Spring and to work by 11. I am also rather unshowered, because where the hell else was I going? So... yeah, a bit sweaty and gross and all day, but whatever, I got shit done!

One thing that I'm happy about is that I avoided the internet all day. I mean, I checked my email occasionally, and I glanced at Facebook while waiting for my school's website to load, but no Cracked, no LJ, no Tumblr, no nothing. Which means that now I have an overabundance of content to look at! I'm acting a little bit like a chicken with my head cut off, I'm just jumping around from tab to tab, but seriously- CONTENT!

Ok, off to frolic in the internet for another hour, and then bed!
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I finished all my homework up that was due by today, and I decided to get an early start on the next session of classes by going through the syllabus and writing down all the assignments and readings. And then I died a little. My last two classes are 1)History of the U.S. 1945-Present and 2)Environmental Management Capstone. The reading. Oh god the reading. Like, 10 chapters a week between the two of them, not to mention conference responses and writing assignments. If I do not post in the next two months, you will know why. (It is because my books have literally drowned me in reading, that's why)

So this week went from my down time (only one class, imagine all the free time!) to "lets see if I can get a head start on this MASSIVE amount of reading, yeah? I will count myself lucky if I can complete the first week's reading this week. If I can stay a week ahead on reading I will be incredibly happy. But that is highly unlikely. Sigh. College is hard, who knew?!

I do have plans for this week though, to be slotted in between ALL THE READING! Tomorrow I aim to bike the Crescent Trail all the way to Georgetown and back up to Bethesda. Getting to Georgetown is the easy part. When I say back up to Bethesda, I do mean UP. The entire trail is uphill heading in that direction. But it should be good! I just need to remember to pack a granola bar or something so I don't die 3/4 of the way through.

Tomorrow evening is Taco Tuesday with Palmer (obvs), Duante, and Joe (who SWEARS he will show up this time). Hopefully Quarry House will not be as jam-packed as it was last time.

Wednesday I have a hair-model appointment with my stylist. Probably nothing much will happen, as there is a workshop in a month. But I imagine he'll take some of the weight off the back, making me look less mullet-y.

And that's about it! Crafting may commence at some point, if it does I shall post pictures!

Almost forgot- who has two thumbs and an A in Emergency Management? THIS GIRL!

Hot damn!

Mar. 11th, 2012 03:39 pm
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So, that whole post on Wednesday about Unfucking and working on projects and whatnot? Totally did it! Finished Project from Hell on Thursday, then as promised rode to Bethesda. Got back and worked on my GIS reading, quizzes, and conference responses. Friday I did some last-minute research for Project 2, Saturday I banged out 7 pages, and today I finished it off! LIKE A BAMF! Now I'm posting to LJ because I needed a break from homework. I'll probably get up and go clean out the fridge (its a problem) and then settle back in for some work on my GIS lab.

But seriously- finishing these projects and exams meant that I now only have 3 classes between me and my degree. WHAT?!?!?! Ack! Dying here, a little bit. In awesomeness, one of my customers works with a company I would LOVE to work for, and said she'd start passing my name around. Ack in a good way!

On a calmer note, went bowling on Friday night with Palmer and some coworkers. It was a good time, we played Guys v Gals, and us girls beat them 2 out of 3. And in the second game, I scored 2 strikes in a row and had the overall highest score! Rock!

Saturday night we went out with Palmer's family to celebrate his mother's birthday. Dinner was good, we went to Ruby Tuesday, which is apparently trying to totally change its image? It is all "Signature Seafood" and "Premium Steaks" now, it was a bit freaky. But! I had the Asiago Peppercorn Steak and wow, it was pretty damn tasty. And only 400 calories! How did they do that?!

Today I did my manager a favor and went in to work for a few hours. The girl who was scheduled had been fired on Friday, so I went in to work bar and help them through the morning rush. It wasn't too bad, I just focused on the bar and getting drinks out quickly. The shift went by pretty fast, and then I got the hell out of there. After that I picked up Palmer and we went to Elevation Burger for lunch. Oh my god. If there is an Elevation Burger anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and go. Seriously. Delicious.

Weight talk )

And that's it! Cleaning and then more homework, LIKE A BOSS!
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I realize the Tumblr is Unfuck your Habitat, but today's post is about behavior, not living space. I posted about Project From Hell yesterday, and did manage to get some of it done. But every single word was like pulling teeth, and after a few hours of work and 3 pages generated, I gave up. Well. I do not want to be frantically working on 2nd Project up until midnight Sunday, so today I was determined to get shit done. I biked home from my coffee shop (making it in 23 minutes!) and spent the first 20 minutes home cooling down. Then I emptied the dishwasher, filled it with dishes in the sink, and took the trash and recycling out. Once I'd done that I had stopped sweating and was fully cooled down, so I sat down and got to work.

3 hours later: 5 more pages written! I probably have... 5 more pages to go, sadly, but if I buckle down tomorrow morning I should (knock wood) be done by midday. Project From Hell is incredibly frustrating, but I just have to focus on one fact: completing this project means passing this class means one step closer to graduating in May. So. Must complete!

If I can get Project From Hell done by midday, I'll give myself a break and bike to Bethesda to get the car, and grab some lunch. Then in the afternoon I will get started on my homework for GIS, and post the required conference response. Friday I'll begin Project 2, Saturday will be Project 2 plus Emergency Management exam, and Sunday and Monday will be finishing up GIS. Ambitious, yes. But it is what has to be done, and I am bound and determined to do it.

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I work, as you may know, at an independent coffee shop. There have been... issues... in the past about getting things fixed, or replaced, or what have you. To name a few: backsplash, bean grinder, lamp, other bean grinder, leaky faucet, broken ceiling tile, air conditioning, freezers... you get the idea. But we have a (somewhat) new manager now, and apparently the owners have decided to let him fix things. So. Twice, since the new manager has been hired, I've brought up an issue to one of the owners, and both times I was told to go ahead and take care of it. That is unprecedented. I have actually been able to look up what we need, go to the manager and show it to him, and have him authorize the order. AMAZING!

The first thing was new floor mats. After catching my foot in a hole (yes a hole) in the old mat and subsequently banging the shit out of my knee and hip, we got new mats. And more recently, after one set of blinds fell down (yeah, they were that old) resulting in sunlight streaming into the store, blinding customers, and roasting the barista on bar, I got in touch with a blinds company, and now we have some! Phenomenal! And while I can (and do) take credit for ordering the stuff, the only reason it was approved is because my manager actually gets shit done. Wonderful!

Yeah, blinds and floor mats are small things to get excited about, but let me have my indulgences. I get so few at my job.

I am procrastinating like woah and am going to regret it come this weekend, but gah. Don't want to do projects! Want to play with GIS, but know that projects should get done first. Blech! Also, Emergency Management class? You suck.

Rode my bike to Bethesda today. It was cold out, so I decided to (finally) try out some of that gear I was given. Wow. What a difference. Seriously. Wool base layer, who knew? And apparently I can wear "SmartWool" without too much irritation to my skin, though I believe I'll aim for synthetic for the next one. And hey! No one tried to run me over today! Unlike last week, where a douchebag honked at me for daring to wait for a break in traffic!

Ok. Enough. Must do project. Even if I don't want to.
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My GIS class has been thwarting me every step of the way this week. First the Census Bureau totally changed their website, meaning that not only was my book out of date, the teacher's updates to the book are now out of date! So I had to email the professor and let her know, which stalled out my progress on Tuesday. Then yesterday, having gotten the correct files, ArcMap starts fucking with me! I tell it to delete identical files, it deletes, like, half the map. I undo it, and I try again. Nothing happens. I try a third time, et voila! But it didn't isolate them like its supposed to, so I couldn't write down the FIDs and Country_IDs for the homework assignment! GAH! So now I'm pausing and taking a deep breath, and when I finish this entry I will get back to work on this stupid stupid map.

I know I sound like I hate this class, but it is really quite interesting. ArcMap is just frustrating. But shiny! Plus, new skill set! Check me out with my GIS skills!

Weight talk )

Tried (and failed) to go to Taco Tuesday this week. Quarry House was jam-packed, so we went across the street to Corporate Bar and Grill, formerly Piratz Tavern. Well. Bar Rescue really screwed them right the fuck over, and I have no idea what they're going to do. But right now they have the old menu, so we got some delicious pirate-y cocktails and some sandwiches, and hung out for a while. Duante and I also took a picture of our angry faces and sent it to Joe, who'd ditched for the second time in a row.

Angry faces:

Ok, enough procrastination, back to my mapping!
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So I may read far too many Cracked articles, more than are good for my health perhaps, but when I learn gems like the German word "kummerspeck" it makes it all worthwhile. Would you like to know what it means? Well, it means overeating due to negative emotions, which most of us are familiar with. Ice cream binge anyone? But what it translates to is much better. Kummerspeck literally means "grief bacon." Seriously. Grief bacon. Amazing!

Work is making me hate humanity again. Or maybe just rich assholes who think its cool to go grab their coffee before its paid for. Either way. Next time you take a $3 cup of individually brewed coffee instead of your $2 cup of House blend, I will conk you over the head with a porta-filter, hand to god. And for fuck's sake, if you do take the wrong coffee and have already altered it, the way to go about things is to apologize, and if we tell you to keep the coffee, shut the fuck up and keep it. Do not keep badgering me about 'getting into trouble' because I will end you. You got a better cup than you paid for, shut the fuck up and walk away. GAH!

I regularly ignore the advice of my icons.

Day off today, which will be devoted to studying. I have a paper due this weekend, but I think I'll try to get all my OTHER stuff done first so I can just focus on that. It (hopefully) shouldn't be too bad, and then I just have the final exam left for that class. Which is good, cause I've not been a fan. Ah well. Almost done!

I am busy plotting my next tattoo, which will occur pretty much the second I've graduated. I'm thinking the next one will be the elephant on my inner arm. Bagheera, the crow, and the Portuguese Man o' War will have to wait a while. Expensive! But the elephant should be pretty simple. I'm currently thinking just a line drawing, but I'll talk to a few artists, get some ideas. Subvert the dominant pachyderm! (Plus I love me some oliphaunts)

...and that's it! Ciao!
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I bought a book! It is the Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting which is a getting-started book for knitting. It takes you through simple projects to more complicated ones (ending with sweaters, omg) but teaches you new techniques with each one. It seems interesting! I still have to finish my friend Chris' Redskins scarf, but then I plan on getting started! Of course, the first project is another scarf, but I'll make this one for me! Thick, chunky yarn in a vibrant color, rock!

I bought a second book! The Urban Biking Handbook which talks about gear and safety for urban biking, but also a bunch of how-to maintenance for your bike. I'd like to be able to tinker with my bike a bit more, so it seemed like a good purchase. And now I want to go bike touring. Not a crazy long trip, but out to the Delaware beaches maybe. (Or maybe just to Sandy Point)

After procrastinating for much of last week, I freaked out and did two papers in two days, including one 10 page paper in 4 hours. Because I'm crazy like that. This week should be a little easier, as I don't have 5 things due on the same day. But I do have to start working on two projects that are due in the next 3 weeks, so that'll be good times. Yup.

Palmer and I were super social this weekend! On Friday we went out to Adams Morgan to celebrate my friend Duante's birthday. I don't really... go clubbing at all, so I was super nervous about going to District, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. There was a big group of his friends there, and everyone was dancing and having a good time, and I ended up dancing for something like 5 hours straight. It was intense! Also, I have discovered that I shouldn't sing when dancing, because if someone snaps a picture of me doing so, I look like an idiot. Sigh. But still, super fun! And then we had Jumbo Slice. I really felt like a DC cliche on Friday, let me tell you.

Saturday after the freak out and the paper writing, we met up with our friends Stuart and Kim for dinner and a movie. Dinner was at Lebanese Taverna, which was delicious. We had drinks at Fire Station, which I don't think any of us will be going back to. It just wasn't that great, and it was super noisy and not in a good way. Then we went and saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which was phenomenal. Palmer wasn't a huge fan, but I loved it. Gary Oldman was amazing, and Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite, seriously. Colin Firth and Mark Strong were wonderful as always, and good lord Tom Hardy is an attractive and talented man. But yes, quite liked it, and I may have to start reading some Peter le Carre novels. I do love me a spy thriller!

Sunday I did more studying, then we went out to dinner with Palmer's mom and brother. We went to a Greek place out in Rockville, which served the largest portions ever. Like, I ordered a sampler which had a bunch of stuff like moussaka and spanakopita, and each "sample" was like a full sized serving! I did not finish it all, needless to say. I have leftovers that I will enjoy for lunch today! Palmer and I also got to meet his mom's new kitten, Cami. So tiny! So rambunctious!

Cut for discussion of weight )

That's about it! Going to do some more studying here at the apartment, then snag some lunch, then bike to Bethesda, do some studying there, and collect the car so I can get to work tomorrow. Tonight we're being social again, going out to Quarry House for Taco Tuesday. I am excite!
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After well over a month of not biking to and from Bethesda, I decided to get back into the swing of things. Between the holidays and my broken toe, I just hadn't had the time or energy. But the holidays are over, my toe is healing, and this is the mildest winter in recent memory, so it seemed that the time was right to get back on the proverbial horse. Well, bike. I biked home from work Monday, biked back to Bethesda Tuesday, and biked home from work again yesterday. Monday and Tuesday were frickin tough, let me tell you. The rides were not nearly as bad as they were when I first started taking this route, but they were harder than they had been before the hiatus. However, on Friday I broke a personal time record for getting home, which was awesome. It was partly inspired by the pedo-van that was driving after me for the last 2 miles, which was less than fun, but definitely got me biking faster. I don't think the van was actually following me, but it gave me a creepster vibe and encouraged me to get to a more populated area, fast. So yes, I made the 5 mile ride in 25 minutes. I know that's not super fast, but considering that 3 of those miles are gravel trail, and 4 of those miles are hills, I think I did pretty good. :)

I have been procrastinating hard-core on school work this week. Idk, I'm just not feeling motivated. I'll get off my ass and get it done, I'm just feeling lazy and blah. Whatever, 3 more months and I'll be done with school. I can bust my ass for that much longer, yeah?

Cut for talk of weight loss )

Can anyone recommend any good yoga videos, either on YouTube or for purchase? The one I have is really hippy-dippy, and while it is a nice set of poses, it is also kinda boring after one or two times.

Ok. I need to do my conference responses, and at least 1 page of my request to conduct research. If I do those, then I can watch White Collar! Yay, Neal Caffrey! (Matt Bomer is a fox, what can I say? And Peter and Neal's epic friendship/bromance doesn't hurt either!)
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My broken toe is slowly but surely recovering as the days go by. Last week there were several days where I had to wear the post op shoe because my toe had swollen up, and there was even one day when I had to ask Palmer to drive to Bethesda so he could bring my shoe to me at work. Not the best day. But it has been getting better, and I've been able to start exercising again. I started off slowly, sticking to the stationary bike followed by weights. Yesterday I was feeling lucky, and decided to try hopping on the elliptical. Oh, elliptical. How I've missed you so! It was AWESOME! Did 25 minutes, felt disgusting and was dripping with sweat afterwards, it was phenomenal. And then I did weights, focusing on my arms. I'll do legs today or tomorrow. But yes. I feel great!

Cut for specific talk about weight )

Anyhow, on to academia. Classes have started (I am procrastinating on reading right now!) and they seem like they will go ok. A lot of work, and a lot of information to cram into my head over an 8 week period. But it should be interesting.

I have finally applied for graduation! My adviser emailed me this morning (and then called) to let me know that my degree evaluation had been completed, that I had enough credits to graduate this spring, and that I should go ahead and apply for graduation. So I have! ROCK! I also edited my name in the system, just to make sure that my full name appears on my diploma. None of this first name, last name shit. I worked hard, and they are going to put my middle name on there, dammit! Plus, my middle name is awesome. So there.

In terrifying news, I've started peeking around various websites looking for job openings in my field. And there is one in the EPA- they do an "intensive two year program" for new graduates that seems to be basically exactly what I want. Applications open up in March, and they only take 30-40 people per year. But those who are accepted get a major foothold, not to mention being paid in the 7-9 range. (I looked it up, that is a good range to get paid in) So. Come March I will be applying, and then I will be having constant nervous breakdowns until I hear back. Good times!

I have seriously procrastinated enough for today, I'm going to sit down and get to work. Ciao!
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Thanks to my broken toe, I've been unable to exercise since last Saturday. And since my New Year's Resolution included more exercise, this has been frustrating, to say the least. Well, my toe has been feeling steadily better, so I decided to give the whole "working out" thing a try again today. I didn't want to re-damage my toe, so I avoided impact activities like running and elliptical. Instead I hopped on the stationary bike and worked out on that for 20 minutes. It was a good workout, I sweated, I approved. And then I decided to do some weights. The bike had only really worked on my legs, so I thought that doing some upper body weight work would be a good idea.

Oh. My. God. Its been about 2 years since the last time I did weights, and boy do my arms feel it. Seriously, my muscles are all weak and trembly, and my arms feel like jelly. It is not super fun. It isn't painful, so that's good, but it isn't the best thing that's happened. Mostly because I'm now restricted to a T-Rex's range of motion. Not so great, actually.

My classes start tomorrow, as I've mentioned, and one I post this I plan to get a head start and read the first chapter of my Emergency Management book. Should be interesting! Business Writing, on the other hand, looks horrifying. Ah well. Wish me luck!

Busy Week

Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:31 pm
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So uh... my lack of motivation regarding schoolwork may have extended up until today. Heh. So I've spent several hours today slogging through statistics homework. Oh, how I hate statistics. Whatever. Almost done! 2 questions left! Go me. :)

But! I got a ton done around the apartment! I cleaned the bedroom, organized my closet, folded SO much laundry. I also cleaned the living room, vacuumed, cleared the dining table, cleaned out and organized the hall closet. And I tackled the kitchen! Went through the fridge and cleaned out grody leftovers, swept and mopped the floor, took out SO MANY recyclables, and DID ALL THE DISHES!

Finally, I took out the Christmas decorations! Now, I don't have a lot of Christmas decorations, and since we've moved to the new, bigger apartment, the few that I have look even sparser. But! I have put them up! And last night Palmer and I bought and decorated a little 3' tabletop Spruce! It is lovely, and small, and covered in ornaments! No lights, because it is wee. But it is still pretty! And oh-so-intriguing to the cats. Goblin and Loki keep sticking their heads right into the needles, and making weird faces. Thankfully they've not yet gone after the ornaments.

Today Palmer and I went out to Ikea to buy him a dresser. He'd been storing most of his clothes in his closet, but it was getting a bit silly, so we finally went and got him a dresser of his own. We set it up this evening, and put my old tv on top of it. It looks good! And now we can watch different things at the same time! Or just watch tv in bed. Whatever.

That's about it. Made Peasant Soup tonight, it was pretty tasty! Next time I'll cut the sugar a bit, I like my food more salty. But still, quite nombly! Tomorrow I won't be cooking, but Monday I'm having my second go at risotto. Wish me luck!
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So, you all remember how I'm in school right? Did I mention that my university switched over from 12-15 week classes to 8-week accelerated courses? Did I mention that I'm taking 4 of them? Did I mention that I'm in the last week for two of them, and that I'm drowning in coursework? Because oh my god. Two final projects, plus "presenting" them to the class and responding to comments. Two final exams, one of which included twenty essay questions. Not to mention the homework and conference response for business statistics (HATE) plus the conference response, quiz, and partial project due for risk assessment. So far I've gotten the projects presentations and responses done, as well as one final exam. That leaves the other final exam, plus all that other shit, all due before Sunday. Shoot me in the face!

And of course this hell week takes place on Thanksgiving week, where I not only lost half a day to the family celebration, but have to work an extra shift because the other opener is in Argentina visiting her family. Basically, for the rest of the weekend I'll be glued to my desk, except for 10 hours on Sunday when I'll be at work. Blech.

However, Thanksgiving was wonderful, so its not like I regret it. :) My mom and dad hosted dinner for my aunt and uncle, me and Palmer, and Palmer's mom and brother. Big crowd! Palmer and I got there a bit early so I could get started on the mashed potatoes. They were delicious, if I may say so myself. Just some Yukon gold potatoes boiled in salted water, then mashed with butter and skim milk. Perfect! My mom did up the turkey & stuffing, my dad did a sweet potato casserole, and my aunt and uncle brought cranberry relish as well as pearl onions in a cream sauce. And I managed not to horribly stuff myself, so go me. I also managed to agree to run next year's Turkey Chase 10k with my mom, so there's that. Guess I have to start training? Fun times!

Just as a reminder, if you want a holiday card (Christmas themed optional) please don't forget to fill out this post. Comments are screened!

Much love.
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The television hutch DIYed out of bookshelves is not going so well. Or rather, not at all. Well, a little. But it has clearly become the new Dresser of DOOM in our lives, as it is still deconstructed on the living room floor. Meaning that books cannot be put away yet, so they are also sitting, in boxes, on the living room floor. We have, however, gotten the correct screws, nuts & bolts, and drill bit required for the construction of this thing. We have also gotten (and drilled) a test piece of wood to make sure that 1)we know how to use a power drill and 2)we did actually get the right stuff for this project. We did! Yay!

Palmer also got a stud finder because he's been wanting one. Next on the list? Multimeter. A multimeter measures multiple electronic things like voltage and amperage, plus a whole bunch of other stuff. Palmer likes stuff like this. I am sure we will have need for it someday.

The summer session of hell is finally over, and I know I'm going to have to retake one of the classes. The depression got too much, and the class just fell to the wayside. I literally did not have the energy to do more than one class's worth of work, and Risk Assessment was not that class. Awesome. I've also decided to drop my minor, because if I kept it, I would have to take an additional semester to get all my credits in, and if I do that I will cry and vomit.

Speaking of, I think that "I will cry and/or vomit" has become my new favorite descriptor for when I'm feeling unbearably shitty. When the AC at work broke a few weeks ago, that was my standard response after 6 hours in the 95 degree heat. I think I will integrate it into my regular vernacular, but hope not to use it too often.

Seattle was awesomesauce, though we were woefully unprepared for the trip. But we swam in a freezing cold lake, drank a lot with friends, saw two good friends get married, saw the Battlestar Galactica exhibit at the Experience Music Project, spent too much money on food, and closed out a hipster bar. Also! Had a layover in Vegas, during which I played the quarter slot machines, and beat the house! That's right! Started with 10 dollars, ended with 10 dollars 25 cents. Rock!

That's about it for now. Have a month until the fall session starts, and I plan to relax and focus on getting the apartment looking put together. Tomorrow I'm going to the Borders to try and get some cheap cheap picture frames for some of our art.

Good times, sports fans!
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Saturday started off with a rough day at work. Nothing wrong with any of the people I was working with, but 2 of them are new hires and the other does not work bar. Which meant that I had to run the shift, get change, make sure people were doing their various tasks, and handle all the drinks on the espresso bar. Fun. Apparently I was looking more and more annoyed between the hours of 8 and 9, because several people asked if I was ok. Oops. At 9, another employee arrived and began doing a whole lot of things that had been sliding, and eventually took over bar for me so I could run outside for a break. After that, things got better.

That evening, Palmer & I went out to dinner (mmm, sushi!) and then went over to the Dome to hang with friends. It was a good time, much quieter than last weekend, and I got to see a few people I hadn't in a while. I was the designated, so I woke up Sunday feeling just fine. Palmer, not so much.

Sunday morning we went to Einstein Bros to have bagels, then walked over to Strosneiders Hardware to take a look at shelf brackets. Basically, we're constructing a hutch for our flat screen out of two existing bookcases and a piece of lumber, and we needed to know what kind of brackets we'd need in order to do so safely. Safely meaning, the cats can walk across the piece of lumber without causing everything to come crashing down onto the television. Anyhow, we talked to the employees and they advised us on the proper brackets, which we purchased, and suggested locking nuts to hold them in place instead of screws. Palmer will be going by there at some point to get them, because we're trying to have this thing constructed by the end of the week.

Sunday night was Death Cab for Cutie! It was fairly awesome. :D The concert was at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and we had actual seats instead of lawn. Good call us! Except for how freaking hot it was under the pavilion, exacerbated by the rather large gentleman sitting to my right and blocking the slight breeze that had been reaching me before. Thankfully, he and his son moved farther back, I assume because he was as uncomfortable as I was. We stayed in our seats for Frightened Rabbits, who were good in a Mumford & Sons way, then escaped into the open air during the set break. When we came back, we decided to sit further back where we could still see ok, but had much more breathing room. And Death Cab was fucking awesome. They played a bunch of songs from their new album, they played License & Registration as well as Soul Meets Body, and then they closed the encore with Sound of Settling followed by Transatlanticism. It was epic.

Today I'm doing homework (fucking research paper group project goddammit), but earlier I went down to the fitness center to work out. I've gained weight back, and that fucking sucks, so I've decided enough of this shit, let's work out! Between the treadmill and the elliptical, I "ran" 4.5 miles. Go me! I was dripping sweat by the time I was done, but I felt awesome.

And that's about it!


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