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For some reason, my last post decided that it was posted on March 15th, instead of March 7th like it actually was. For those of you following along at home, today is March 15th, and that post was about two weekends ago, so I was a bit confused... Anyhow! Adjusted the date, all is right with the world, and now I can talk about this past weekend.

Friday was a bit of a clusterfuck - this professional group that I'm in did a night at a local theater to benefit that theater's program for high school kids. The play was fine, super depressing, and about 20 minutes longer than it needed to be. More annoying than that was the fact that only ONE OTHER PERSON from our group showed up. I mean, really? GAH! So afterwards we went to a restaurant I've been wanting to try, only to discover that Surprise! It is super expensive! Not horrifically so, but more than we were planning to spend. So we got the cheapest option (pasta) and then got the fuck out of there.

Saturday was good. Got brunch at our favorite spot in Silver Spring, ran some errands, took Coco on a nice long walk. Then that night was our friend Eric's birthday party, which was fun. Got to hang with that group, eat three types of Mac & Cheese, and try Guinness' new "nitro" IPA. It's pretty good!

Sunday I felt like shit. Palmer's been fighting a cold for the past week and apparently I caught the same one. The bummer was, we had concert tickets for that night. I rallied, we went to dinner (which was tasty) then headed to the concert. During the opener I thought I was going to pass out, I felt so badly. I almost just called an Uber and went home - but I'm glad I didn't! When the band came on (Metric) I started to feel better. Not great, but well enough that I could stand for an hour or so and enjoy some music that I like. We got home and I immediately passed out.

Yesterday was a bit of a waste. I had to go into work cause I had a phone call that afternoon with a potential client. Well guess who never called? And then we rescheduled for today (with the understanding that he would call me) and guess who didn't call again? At this point I'm kinda over it. Anyhow yeah, yesterday sucked, felt like poop, went to bed very early. Thank god for Nyquil. Today I'm feeling better, but still clearly sick - its just moved all up into my head, which is very clogged. I've taken some Sudafed and I'm staying hydrated, but still - no fun.

I got accepted onto a committee I applied for, which will be nice resume-builder. (God I got old. When did that happen?) I also dyed my hair blue! (There, that's better.) Palmer and I are planning to paint the living room a fun teal color, then our big house project for the year will be to re-do the floors. Well, first check to make sure that we do in fact have hardwood under the carpet, then hire some folks to rip up the carpet, sand the floors, and stain them a nice dark finish. Yay, modernity! (Seriously, right now we have builder beige walls and beige carpet, its a PROBLEM.)

And that's about it. What have you been up to?
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I told my parents that obviously something bad was going to happen this week. Not catastrophic or anything, but just something bad that would remind me why I'm happy to be leaving the coffee shop. Asshole customer, something breaking, etc. I did NOT mean getting ill AGAIN! BLARG!

Woke up yesterday with my throat feeling like hell, but otherwise feeling mostly ok. So I packed up some cough drops to take with me, and drank plenty of tea and water all day at work. I knew that I shouldn't push myself, so I didn't go in to my internship, just went home to have a nap. Which lasted for 5 hours. And from which I woke feeling even shittier. Last night was a misery of coughing and weakness. But hey, Palmer bought me OJ, made us dinner, and then fixed us bowls of ice cream to soothe my poor throat.

Today isn't quite so bad- its not GOOD, not at all, but it isn't so bad as last night. Took the day off from the production company, and am trying to rest and drink plenty of fluids. I'm also trying to get small things done- I unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, and did the dishes that are too big/can't go in the dishwasher. Maintenance also came by, and fixed the kitchen cabinet shelf that didn't have the right support, as well as the bathroom outlet that just didn't work. Hooray! I'm not putting the spices back in the cabinet, though, because the lazy Susan I ordered might arrive today. And I don't want to put everything back just to take it out again.

Customers have already entered into the "make Suze cry" mission - one customer and her daughter baked me a cake in the shape of the coffee shop logo! (And it was freaking delicious!) Another customer, who is also a nationally known member of the media, wished me luck and said he'd be sure to stop in and say goodbye before my last day. I just- I'm glad to leave, because I need a change, but I really will miss all the awesome people I've gotten to know.

And now I'm going to try and fold laundry. and then maybe fall over.
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I've had anemia for years. Over a decade, in fact. First manifested in my teens, and has persisted since then. Other than preventing me from donating blood, it hasn't been too big a deal. Until, apparently, now.

My GP has had me on an iron supplement for the past year or so, trying to get my iron levels up and get rid of my anemia. Iron deficiency, after all, is one of the most common causes of anemia. So I faithfully took my iron pills daily, and went back in for bloodwork, sure that the problem would be fixed. Except it wasn't. So then I faithfully took TWO iron pills a day, sure that this time, the anemia would be gone. But it isn't. And my iron levels are normal. Yet I still present with anemia.

Not a big deal, I thought to myself. After all, I've had anemia for years and nothing has come of it! Sure, recommend a hematologist, once you send me the referral I'll make an appointment just so you don't worry. Because there's nothing to worry about!

Huh, why am I getting head rushes all of a sudden? Why are they even worse than the ones I got back in high school, when my anemia first manifested? Why am I getting them after mundane activities, like stooping to pick up a pen from the floor? I eat healthily, I've been reducing my drinking, I've been cutting back on smoking, I exercise... why am I getting head rushes?

Traipse on over to WebMD and the list of potential causes for anemia is enormous. And includes fun things like celiac, Crohn's, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and more! So.

Got the list of referrals yesterday, and I'm going to spend some time tomorrow calling and trying to get an appointment with a doctor that takes my insurance. Because if its just a vitamin deficiency, great, I will take a multi-vitamin. But I really need to know if its something worse. And these head rushes need to stop. Before I fall over or vomit, or both.
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So I seem to have caught some sort of bug. Likely via my friends' wedding last weekend, or from working in food service and being exposed to dirty germy people all day long. One or the other. Either way, I went home Thursday feeling craptacular, took a hot hot bath that I almost fell asleep in, then spent the next few hours in bed watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (Yes, I've succumbed.) Palmer was nice enough to get us comfort food - chicken soup and mashed potatoes - after which I stumbled back to bed and fell asleep.

Friday started out ok - I woke up feeling much better, and figured that I'd beaten what must have been a 24 hour bug. And then. I felt progressively worse at work, until even customers were asking if I was alright. Was finally able to go home at noon, and I promptly fell into bed. Woke up around 430 because my cats are demons, fed them, then watched more LBD. Palmer came home, we ordered food, and I stayed up to the very late hour of 10pm.

Woke up at 7 this morning, couldn't go back to sleep. Didn't want to wake Palmer, so I moved out to the couch, where I read a book and surfed the internet, and generally tried not to feel crappy. Palmer woke up eventually and made us breakfast with my direction. Egg in a hole. He'd never had egg in a hole! What kind of childhood is that? Anyhow, having been introduced to the deliciousness, we enjoyed breakfast, watched Community, and then Palmer headed off to his day of board games with the guys. I've been surfing the internet and occasionally mustering up the energy to do things like fold laundry, do more laundry, and then fold that as well. Interspersed with intensive couch sitting and lots of water.

The frustrating this is, I don't feel awful. I just don't feel right. And I don't feel right enough that I kinda have to just sit here. Because if I exert myself too much (doing laundry, taking out the recycling) I feel like crap and I have to go sit down again until the dizziness goes away. Not so much fun. But. I have been hoarding energy all day so that we can go out to dinner with a friend who's visiting from out of town. I will make it through dinner, and then I will come back here and sit on the couch some more. And try to not be terribly jealous of the Smiths v Cure dance party they're going to at the Black Cat. If laundry made me dizzy, a dance party at the Black Cat would almost certainly kill me.

On the plus side, I now have a lot of clean clothes. Yay!
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Ok, lets not talk about how much I fail at updating, despite repeated vows to get better. We'll pretend that I'm awesome at updating, or that I don't make repeated vows, and we'll be just fine, yes? Great!

So, I had the death. It was terrible. I am on horse pill sized antibiotics now, which seems to be doing away with the death. But let me tell you, going to bed one night with a mild cold and runny nose and waking up the next day with your ENTIRE FACE hurting from sinus pressure is not so fun.

Cards will be going out over the next few days- didn't really have the energy while I was sick, and now I need stamps. So. Stamps will be acquired tonight, cards will go out by Saturday. So you might get your card a little later than I'd intended, but certainly before the New Year!

I am going to savagely beat a coworker, and I don't think a single other coworker would blame me. This guy is always late. I mean, always. By at least 20 minutes. And three times in the last month, he's been an hour and a half late. And since he's my relief, I can't leave until he gets there. So yes. Savage beatings will commence, and then this little fuckup will learn not to let his shit infringe on other people's lives.

Ok, no actual savage beatings. Just savage glee when he's fired in the new year. Bastard.

On a positive note! Christmas shopping is all done! Wrapping is all done! We didn't actually decorate this year, mostly out of laziness, but the spirit is there! I have candy cane nails, that counts for something, doesn't it?

Alright. I potentially have some exciting news, but I don't want to jinx it- so I won't post about it until it happens. But please think good thoughts for me, ok?

Much love!
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Thanks to my broken toe, I've been unable to exercise since last Saturday. And since my New Year's Resolution included more exercise, this has been frustrating, to say the least. Well, my toe has been feeling steadily better, so I decided to give the whole "working out" thing a try again today. I didn't want to re-damage my toe, so I avoided impact activities like running and elliptical. Instead I hopped on the stationary bike and worked out on that for 20 minutes. It was a good workout, I sweated, I approved. And then I decided to do some weights. The bike had only really worked on my legs, so I thought that doing some upper body weight work would be a good idea.

Oh. My. God. Its been about 2 years since the last time I did weights, and boy do my arms feel it. Seriously, my muscles are all weak and trembly, and my arms feel like jelly. It is not super fun. It isn't painful, so that's good, but it isn't the best thing that's happened. Mostly because I'm now restricted to a T-Rex's range of motion. Not so great, actually.

My classes start tomorrow, as I've mentioned, and one I post this I plan to get a head start and read the first chapter of my Emergency Management book. Should be interesting! Business Writing, on the other hand, looks horrifying. Ah well. Wish me luck!
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Random observation- idly watching VH1's top 100 songs of the 00's hosted by Pete Wentz. We're up to Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl, and PWentz is all "And here I thought we were over the pseudo-lesbian pop culture moment. Nope!" Damn, Wentz. BURN!

Broken toe is broken. Wore the post-op shoe to work yesterday, but those things are not made to be stood in for 8 hours. After about 4 hours, my alignment was thrown off, the sole of my foot hurt, and all my muscles ached from compensating for my foot. So I called Palmer and asked him to bring me my other sneaker. In case I haven't said it, Palmer is a prince among men.

Today, I wore my normal shoe, but brought the post-op just in case. Didn't end up using it today, but did have to move quickly to the back room to cry and curse after Buddy Coworker accidentally kicked my broken toe. Well, not kicked. Rather, turned and stepped back just as I was passing, and our feet collided. It hurt like hell. I seriously had to hurry to the back so that I wouldn't be spewing f-bombs behind the counter. Buddy Coworker felt really guilty, but it wasn't his fault. Just a stupid accident that hurt like a motherfucker.

Still been doing a lot of couch sitting. But at least I'm getting out the apartment between sessions on the couch. Classes start on Tuesday, so this is my last free weekend. Must. Celebrate. Exhaustively.
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Weight Loss )

In other news, I have successfully cooked fish! I've never cooked fish before, and was nervous about doing so, but I rocked it, if I may say so myself. I did blackened tilapia with steamed carrots. It was mad tasty! In fact, we're having the leftovers tonight. But not with steamed carrots. Palmer is grabbing a microwavable side, because I should not be on my feet today. And why is that?

Clicky! )

I have no idea how to wrap up this entry so I'm just going to stop writing. There! That solves that!
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Sorry for the TMI, but Palmer and I totally bought diaper cream on Saturday due to the wicked chafing we had from moving all our furniture to the new apartment on the hottest day of the year. Seriously, it hurt to wear underwear. Not fun. But diaper cream? Wonder drug! Put it on and instantly felt better! We were able to go back to the old apartment and move even more stuff! So yes, in case of godawful chafing, use diaper cream. You're welcome.

Anyhow! Friday was our official move-in day. We managed to move everything from our storage unit, plus the 55" inch tv we had left at his mom's place, plus all the furniture (except the bookcase) from the old apartment to the new. Saturday we went to Target for much needed supplies, then moved a whole bunch more boxes. Today we completely packed up the kitchen, then cleaned the hell out of it. How did I accumulate so much crap?! Whatever. We have through next Sunday to finish moving, and we're going to use all of that time so that we don't burn out. Tomorrow I'll be cleaning out the bathroom and disassembling the bookshelf (and doing laundry), and we'll tackle the bedroom and the living room after that. It'll be all good. Meanwhile, we definitely have the new place set up to be livable, though our clean clothes supply is running perilously low, hence the laundry. Basically, super busy for the next week. But by the end of this coming week, we should be both fully moved, and fully unpacked. Rock on!

Things we still need to buy:
-A second dresser. We decided on the long, low 6-drawer model, but we want to measure my car and make sure it'll fit in it before we actually spend money on it. It should fit, we just want to make sure.
-Another utensil holder. The drawer space in the kitchen is not optimal, and silverware takes up most of the one available drawer. Another countertop utensil holder is necessary.
-A kitchen workstation. There is also minimal counter space in the kitchen, and Ikea sells an awesome workstation for about $200. We just need to measure and double-check that it'll fit, but I am optimistic.

So yes. We've gotten the place livable, and over the next week we'll move everything else over and clean the shit out of the old place. Once everything is done I'll post pictures, but trust me, the new place is awesome.

Til next time!
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So I guess you don't really realize just how much you depend on your thumbs until you accidentally smash the shit out of both of them and are unable to use them to their full extent.


Basically, this morning I noticed that the bookshelf I had JUST FIXED, SERIOUSLY, had a shelf that had gone askew. I carefully removed the books from the shelf, and as I attempted to remove the shelf and realign it, the shelf above came crashing down onto the end portions of both my thumbs.

Again, ouch.

Nothing appears to be broken (they both move, so at least the joints are ok), and I can actually use the thumbs, but too much pressure causes quite a bit of pain. And they're starting to swell a bit. :( And I'm pretty sure that they are both starting to bruise. I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't lose the nails. Because that would be fucking gross.

So anyhow, I'm sitting on my couch all weepy because even though it happened hours ago I'm reading depressing fanfic which really isn't helping matters. Oh well. Back to ANTM! 3 bitches remain!
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I'm not sure how I did it, but I managed to injure my right arm in such a way that it hurts to perform any movement involving the tricep and bicep muscles. Typing? Fine. Pointing to something without moving above the elbow? Also fine. Reaching out to pick up a coffee cup and have a sip? OH GOD, WHY DOES IT HURT SO BADLY?!?!?!

It started yesterday, about half an hour into the store being open. I had been fine, then suddenly (while working the espresso bar) I realized that my right upper arm was really starting to hurt. It was all downhill after that. Duante suggested that I not move it, Abey wanted me to have one of them try to massage out what he thought was a knot, Tanisha suggested I just "pop it back" to normal, and Judith tried to pressure the knot away only to cause more pain. Basically, everyone had different ideas, none of them worked. Well, holding it still worked pretty well, but since I was AT work, in a COFFEE SHOP, I couldn't realistically do that for long. So I mostly just gritted my teeth and groaned at any extended movement. Fun times!

It still hurts today- feels like a tendon is popping back and forth over muscles, which I'm not sure is possible. If it doesn't feel better by tomorrow morning I'm going to a doctor to get checked out. I'm ok, its not that I am UNABLE to move, just that it hurts to do so. :(

Anyhow, the rest of today's plans include homework. And that's it. Thankfully, doing homework does not involve a lot of upper arm movement. GO ME!
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Well, we've had cooler weather followed by a torrential downpour, so I guess fall is finally here. Normally I'd be sad about it, but good god, this summer was stupidly, painfully hot and I'm glad to be done with it.

Monday must have been "Everybody be an Asshole to Suze" Day, because seriously, everybody was. Six customers (I counted) were complete douchebags to me for NO REASON. Seriously, there is no possible action that I took that would have made it okay for them to treat me the way they did, and yet. Manager actually hauled me outside after two in a row took their assholish anger out on me, just to give me a few minutes to calm down. I did get props for not flipping out on them, so that's something. And then, to make it all better, while walking home that day a car sped right through a puddle splashing me. And like, not just a bit either. My jeans were soaked, I had road water on my face, it was disgusting, and on top of the shitty shitty day I'd already had was enough to make me cry as I walked home. Awesome. And then I did math homework! Yay!

Tuesday wasn't much better, between finding out some family news that is good but also really upsetting, to getting into a brief fight with Palmer, to being totally unmotivated to do jack shit and therefore falling behind in getting schoolwork done, to being so obviously distressed when I went to get my parents car that they kept trying to find out what was wrong and all I could tell them was "bad day"... It was a rough start to the week.

Wednesday was a bit better, but I was still completely unmotivated and didn't get shit done. Today has gone a bit better, completed all the work for one class and most of it for another, hopefully will finish that up and get to work on a third. And then I'll have the whole weekend to finish up the last two, good times.

So, my knee has been acting up over the past couple of weeks, and last night/this morning I kept hearing and feeling it pop and crack as I moved around. While not entirely painful, it wasn't really pleasant either, so today I'm wearing my knee support brace, and I think it has helped a bit. My knee isn't popping as much, so that's good. A while back I talked to a trainer about my knee issues, and she recommended lifting weights to improve strength. So from now on I guess I'll be incorporating weights into my gym workouts.

I haven't biked at all this week due to the constant rain, but I have been walking to work, so at least I'm doing something. A regular at the shop offered to help me tune up my bike and show me how to put new tires on, so as soon as I can I'll take the bike over and work on it. And that's about it!
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(If anyone corrects me on the spelling of ya'll I won't be held accountable for my actions.)

I have spent the morning listening to music and resizing all the photos my mom took in Turkey and sending them to her. Damn was that repetitive. However, she took some lovely pics and she'll be glad to have them.

Now I'm going to fix a sandwich, then I'm going to move all the music I just got onto my external hard drive, iTunes, and my iPod. Good times!

So I got a 3.92 for the semester overall. I aced the Urban Watersheds exam, which is totally awesome. I was really confident about it, but it was still nice to see 94/100 on the website. Now I'm trying to figure out transfer stuff for the University of Maryland. If its a straight-forward transfer then I have 8 days to complete it. If its an application for reinstatement then I have two months to complete it, but my GPA will take a dive once I get back into UMD. Bah.

Still quite irritated at a group of people irl. Whatever. Fuck em.

Seeing Empires tonight in Baltimore! Quite excited and plan to take copious pics.

I do wish my face would stop breaking out. It is quite painful and unsightly. Also, I don't understand why I had lovely skin throughout my adolescence but I get to adulthood and suddenly I'm Craterface McGee. WTF?! Maybe I should get ProActiv, see if that shit helps.

Whatever, more shit to do, off to go do it. Kisses!
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Alas, my annual wretched cough has arrived. It began yesterday with a slight itchiness of the throat combined with achiness of the chest. I thought that a dose of NyQuil might kill it, but unfortunately the bottle was down to 1/4 of a full dose. I took that anyway, hoping that it would be enough to let me sleep through the night. Miracle of miracles it did, but the second I hauled myself out of bed this morning the cough was back with a vengeance. Ugh. The painful cough combined with wicked cramps to form a morning of suffering. Luckily the cramps have gone away (I love ibuprofen!) but the cough lingers on. So I drink tea with honey and eat Ramen (what, its steamy!) and pray that the cough fades quickly.

In other news! Class starts today! Well, tonight. I have a 6pm class tonight and a 4pm class tomorrow. Good times! Tonight I have Introduction to Physical Science, which turned out to be a pre-req for almost all of my environmental management classes. But hey, at least it'll count towards my minor! Palmer is incredibly excited that I'll be studying physics, and in fact insists on calling the class Physics 101. Never mind that physics will only be a small part of what we're studying, and we probably won't even get to it until the end of the semester. He is bound and determined to call it physics.

Speaking of cats in small spaces (that was a physics joke, hee!), Loki has recently discovered how to open the door to the cabinet that is under the sink, and spent all morning going in and out of there. Which worries me a little bit because there is an access hole to pipes and ducts and whatnot back there and I don't want him getting stuck in crawlspace. But he seems content to just sit inside the dark space under the sink, batting at the plastic bags I store down there in between trips to the supermarket.

What else, what else? My planner is scheduled to arrive today, but I don't know how accurate that is. A makeup store in Downtown Silver Spring had a sale on O.P.I nail polish, so I bought three bottles. "I'm dating a Royal" blue, "Do You Lilac It?" (obvious), and "Kyoto Pearl" which is a lovely silvery color. My nails are now a vibrant lilac color, which I approve of, and I'll probably do my toes tonight. My Threadless shirt has shipped but has not arrived, WHERE IS IT?! I wants it, I needs it! Oh, and my books shipped, they should get here Wednesday. Hopefully they don't require a signature, since I'll be at work most of that day. And the next day and so on through Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

For some reason, Firefox is now running off of British spelling, and insists that "color" is not the correct way to spell that word. It also doesn't recognize "downtown" which seems odd to me. Do British people not have downtowns in their cities? (I'm being sarcastic. Mostly.)

Anywho, off to waste more time before catching the bus to campus. Ciao, bellas!
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My uterus has decided to attempt a hostile takeover of my body, and is basically doing a blitzkreig of cramps on my poor midsection. It has been going on for 12 hours now, and my heating pad-defense is barely working. WHY, URSULA?! (By the way, Ursula is totally the name of my uterus. It is nicely alliterative, and also descriptive of the evil sea-bitch she can be when angry.)

On a brighter note, Palmer and I had our first physical training session today. It went well! Was completely exhausting and we're still recovering, but we definitely got a workout. I really do like our trainer, she's a nice woman who works us hard but jokes around and knows our limits. Our next appointment is in two weeks, but we have to go to the gym several times between now and then, so wish us luck!

I've amazed all my local friends with tales of the Victoria Bitter/Andrew Blake wank, which truly is the wank that keeps on giving. Regarding the latest bullshit, I don't know which option is worse- that Andy has his followers believing that evil undead Shamans are attacking AND that Andy and the DAYDians (and wouldn't that be a great band name?) can defeat them, or that Andy and one minion decided to use the incredibly personal information of someone who considered Andy a friend in order to fuck with someone else. They are both shitty, shitty options and I am so glad that I backed out of that friendship before I got sucked into all that bullshit.

That's about it! More tomorrow on the heating situation and thinking about resolutions.


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