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It is problematic.

In other news, I'm trying hard to be better about cooking and menu planning and the like. This is made both easier and more difficult by our meat-CSA membership. On the one hand, I don't have to think about what meats to cook, because hey! We have 12 pounds in the freezer! On the other hand, I have to figure out how the hell to cook these cuts that I've never even thought about buying before. Lamb shanks? That's what I'm cooking tonight, and seriously, what the fuck are lamb shanks? Little lamb legs, obviously, but I had to figure out how they were supposed to be cooked and find an adequate recipe- fun, but also stressful.

Work is work. Summer means that we alternate between dead and slammed, which is super fun. I had hoped to have a job in my field by now (or at least one lined up), but that is obviously not the case. Since it appears that I will be staying here for the foreseeable future (fucking economy) I need to seriously press the issue of a raise. At any other coffee shop, I'd already have the title of Assistant Manager, and I would damn sure be making more than I am now. And honestly, if they want me to stay, I need a living wage.

Unfuck Your Habitat continues to be a revelation, and our apartment continues to be abnormally clean for two slobby people such as ourselves. I'm not saying its immaculate- the "dining room" table is currently covered in various and sundry homeless items, but the sink is empty of dishes, the carpet has been vacuumed, I just did laundry... hooray cleanliness!

This heat wave can go fuck itself. Heat index of 118, are you fucking kidding me? Pretty sure we broke records today in DC, and it was not fun. The wicked thunderstorm seems to have cooled things off a bit, thank god. I can deal with mid-90s, no problem. I did grow up in DC, I'm used to heat and humidity. But over 100 for several days in a row? Like I said- the heat wave can go fuck itself.

That's it- attempting once again to update on a somewhat regular basis. We'll see how it works!
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Woke up late, lay in bed for a bit while Palmer slept, then managed to convince him to wake up and go to breakfast. Well. Brunch. Anyhow! Went to Austin Grill, whose food is regularly delicious but whose Bloody Marys are lacking in quality. Palmer always makes fun of me for complaining about Bloody Marys, because apparently no one can do them quite right. Eggspectation gets closest, but isn't quite there. Whatever. I know how I like my drinks, and semi-sweet isn't it!

Bummed around on our computers for a while, but I appear to have exhausted the internet. Wanted to go to our building's gym, but apparently there was a flood in there? And so it is closed for emergency maintenance. Well. That is sucky and puzzling, and I hope they get it fixed without too much damage. So! We went on an hour long walk instead. We explored the area behind downtown Silver Spring, which is rather pretty, if rather full of hills and somewhat confusing. Seriously, I don't think I could repeat the route we took, we got quite turned around. But it was fun, and on the way back home we swung by the liquor store for vodka.

That's right! Infusion Project 2: Electric Boogaloo is upon us! This time we are doing Garlic-Habanero vodka, and I am excited! The garlic was easy, just had to smash the cloves and peel them before tossing them into the pitcher. The habaneros were a bit more complicated. See, I have no desire to get that liquid on my bare skin, so I ended up wearing rubber dish gloves in order to cut and de-seed the peppers. But even that was tough, as the vapors from the cut fruit made me cough! Whatever. Got everything sliced and the seeds removed, and tossed them in along with most of a liter of vodka. Apparently this infusion takes far less time, so we should be able to try it out mid-week, and decant it into the other bottle.

Checking out a new hibachi & sushi restaurant in downtown Silver Spring, then off to hang with friends. Ta!
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Have finally resumed knitting, thank god. It looks like I may actually get my friend's Redskins scarf completed before the football season. At the very least before next winter. :-P

Purchased a Lush Bath Bomb and tried it out on Wednesday. Oh. My. God. I need a million more of these in my life. I am going to take SO MANY BATHS it will be EPIC!

Palmer and I signed up for a Meat CSA. Once a month we'll be getting 12 pounds of meat from a farm in Pennsylvania. We chose the "Everything" package, so we'll be receiving beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, all pasture raised. I am excite! We signed up for 3 months of it, so we'll see how it goes. First pick-up is next week!

Work is just getting worse and worse. I have been seriously tempted to quit twice in the last week. Thank god the semester is almost over, and I can GTFO. I have officially started the job search, and sent in an application yesterday for an internship with a global sustainable development company. Cross your fingers!

Cooking tonight- making this avocado pasta (2nd try, first time we got an avocado that wasn't ripe enough, so it didn't blend well) with a spinach salad and fresh bread. Can you tell we went to a farmer's market today?

Resumed my blogspot experiment, and started with a post about blackberry vodka. Check it out!

Going to procrastinate for a bit more, then get a start on my Annotated Bib that's due tomorrow, simply so I don't have to freak out about it then. There may possibly be a pedicure.
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After several weeks of being way too busy to even think about cooking, I've decided that it is time to get back into the swing of things! Sunday after work I hit up the grocery store to get blackberries for the vodka we're infusing (more on that in a bit) and decided to pick up some stuff for dinner as well. Got a bunch of greens and some tilapia, and ended up making a pan-fried blackened tilapia with an onion and leek salad. Too much onion and leek, not enough lettuce, but still really tasty. And the tilapia- oh god, tilapia is my new favorite fish. The raw fillets feel really weird, like they're dry and kind of tough. But then you start to cook them and the fish just turns so tender and tasty! Om nom nom! Last night I was planning to cook pork tenderloin, but forgot to take it out of the freezer and stick it in the fridge before I left for work. The meat was frozen solid, there was no way I was going to have it thawed in time. So instead I made a pasta with asparagus, peas, onions, garlic, and toasted panka. It was delicious! Tonight is Taco Tuesday, so no cooking. But Wednesday- oh that pork tenderloin is going to be so good!

Still pretty fed up with my debate team in class. It is me and one guy doing all the work for the group, we didn't even hear from the girl who was Team Leader this past week. But whatever, the guy and I carried on a pretty good debate against the other team, and I had a fun time arguing. Even if I didn't really believe in what I was arguing. Ah well. Let me tell you, looking up "global warming hoax" is not fun.

Cut for talk of weight loss )

So, infused vodka! Finally got the tea jar with spigot, and bought a pop-top bottle to pour the finished product into. Decided to start with blackberries (I thought habanero-garlic might be a bit ambitious for a first attempt) and threw 24 oz chopped blackberries in with 750ml of Svedka vodka. Within an hour the vodka had already turned purple, and has continued to darken. [personal profile] greyweirdo, I saw your reply re: infusion time. Most of the websites I read suggested a week for berries, but the uncertainty of the strength of infused flavors is why we got the tea jar- we can pour little test shots after a few days to see how the flavor is coming along! I do hope it is done by Sunday, because I told my mom I'd bring it over for Easter dinner. That's right. She's cooking lamb and asparagus, I'm bringing the vodka.

And that's it! Studying today, then tacos tonight. Rock!
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In an effort to be less of a crazy shut in, and because we hadn't hung out in forever, I invited [ profile] cinaea and [ profile] samanthahirr over for drinks and dinner. Which meant I had to clean! My place is never like, a danger zone, but it had gotten cluttered and messy over the past couple of weeks. So yes, much of yesterday was devoted to getting the recyclables outside, sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, and, of course, cooking! They said they'd be down with a slow cooker dish, so I decided to try my hand at Doro Wat, spicy Ethiopian chicken. Oh my goodness. SO GOOD! So very spicy as well, but so so tasty. Basically you throw boneless chicken thighs in the slow cooker with lots of onions, tomatoes, spices, butter, and water, and by the time its done the chicken is just falling apart, it is so tender. I think the next time I make it (because oh god that recipe is a keeper!) I'm going to add more tomatoes and throw some potatoes in as well. And then maybe serve it with rice, or noodles. Something. Because it was tasty, but I thought it could have used something more. But still! Ethiopian chicken! I can has!

I actually had a super busy day yesterday, because not only did I have guests over in the evening, but I had lunch with my dad in Bethesda. We decided to go to Mussel Bar, which I've been to before, but he has not. We got the Wild Shroom Mussels (heavy cream, cheese, mushrooms, and bacon in the sauce with the mussels) and the spinach salad. Sooooo tasty! Since it was his belated birthday present, I treated, and since it was such a nice day outside, we walked around to my coffee shop and I made us fruit smoothies! Of course my coworkers gave me a hard time for not being able to stay away, even on my day off, but whatever, I make a mean smoothie. And a regular commented on how dressed up I look (i.e., NOT in work clothes), which I think was meant to be a compliment. At least, that's how I took it.

Monday afternoon I drove down to Vidal Sassoon to talk with my stylist about being his house model. It was pretty funny, because basically all that happened was this: I walked in, he gave me a hug, touched my hair for like, 10 seconds, and then said, "Ok, so I'm doing a workshop in a month, want to be my model?" [ profile] cinaea and [ profile] samanthahirr told me that the new looks are all with slightly longer hair, which explains why he wanted to see mine, I'm just amused that our "meeting" lasted all of two minutes. Anyhow, in a month I should have a funky new haircut! Meanwhile, it'll just get shaggy and more Bieber-ish until then. :D

Tomorrow's plans include breakfast with Palmer, buying short sleeve button down shirts for work, taking old clothes to Value Village to donate them, and going to hang out with [ profile] lillbet and her friends in the evening. Sometime in there I'll have to squeeze in a few hours of homework. Good times!

That's about it for now. Ciao!
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I just wanted to post to say hey, still alive and kicking, just kind of busy. I'm taking this whole "cooking" thing seriously, and have made 3 recipes so far from Cooking Light. Each have been delicious, and I look forward to trying more!

I'm slowly getting used to my new haircut. I still don't like the way that I photograph with it, but give me a week or so and we'll see if that changes. Though the changing weather has been wreaking havoc with my hair- it is so freaking staticky I don't know what to do with it, and its starting to flip out in an annoying fashion. Gah! Must use product!

Work has been going fine. There is the occasional asshole customer, but my coworkers are cool. I love working with Dante cause we crack each other up and it doesn't really feel like work. Which is a good thing!

Classes start next week, I still haven't bought books yet. Boo! I'll do that Thursday, hopefully I'll be able to get them all.

I thought Franklin Covey was the way to go with planners, but all their binders are kind of really ugly. Its unfortunate. All I want is a cute, functional day planner, is that too much to ask for?

Tonight is pub quiz, then I'm cooking dinner for Palmer and myself. So basically, I'll drink some PBR there cause its cheap, and raspberry lambic here because it is delicious. Wonderful! I've already done some prep for dinner (cut all the roasting veggies) so hopefully we won't have to wait too long before eating.

And that's about it! Until next time!
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So you may have heard a rumor that I got a haircut. I did, its true. I'm somewhat torn on how I feel about it. It is very short and very structured, and requires the use of a flat iron in the morning in order to not look stupid. From some angles I really like it, and I certainly do like the color. But my inability to take a decent picture of myself now has really damaged any liking I have for the style. I don't know. I mean, the stylist was super happy with it, and it certainly is a skillful and interesting cut. But I don't know if it is the right cut for me. On the plus side, the Vidal Sassoon creative director loves my hair (complimented me on how soft it is) and I've gotten a ton of positive feedback on the cut itself. That doesn't change the fact that I cried, a lot, once I got home from the salon. Sigh.

I went shopping with my first paycheck (only *some* of the check) and got new sneakers, a new belt, and several pretty scarves. God, I love scarves. I know it makes me a total emo hipster kid (not helped by the skinny jeans, funky haircut, and preference for whiskey and cheap beers), but seriously, I'm wearing a scarf right now that is pink, teal, white, and grey, and I LOVE IT! Plus, its square so I can actually do the scarf thing where I tie it in back and its all fringy and puffy in the front. Good times!

My eldest sister got me a years subscription to Cooking Light, and I am attempting the first recipe tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes! I was also recently linked to a blog called "A Year of Slow Cooking" so I'll be trying a lot of the dishes from there as well. Hooray, cooking! Went to the gym yesterday for cardio and today for my last PT session. I really like our trainer, maybe next paycheck I'll try to budget a bit and see if I can sign up for a few more sessions. I seriously get a great workout with her, and she helps me change it up from my standard elliptical workout. Also, she gave me tips on workouts to strengthen my knees. My poor, weak, liable to bust at any moment knees. I don't want to tear my ACL like my dad did, that sounds horribly painful.

Sorry I didn't post for almost a week, ennui kept me away from LJ. I've backread my Flist through Monday, let me know if I missed anything crucial over the weekend. Love!

And yes, I picked this icon because Audrey is wearing a scarf. Sue me.


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