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When we moved in to our new home, Palmer and I were actually pretty good about getting things unpacked. All the major and not-so-major stuff was out of boxes and put where it made sense. But other things just... lagged. So we kinda got used to a random box or two being around the house, and didn't really think about it. But my aunt came in town for Christmas, and asked to come by to see our house. Now, this aunt is very chill and wouldn't have minded the mess, but in my mind, it turned into "MUST BECOME SUPREME HOSTESS. MUST HAVE SPOTLESS HOUSE!" and so the cleaning began. The day after Christmas, Palmer and I actually spent several hours cleaning, sorting through clutter, and organizing the house.

It looked so good, you guys. You don't even know!

And so the aunt, along with my mom and dad, my eldest sister, her husband, and their twins, all came over two days after Christmas for cocktails and appetizers. It went really well! Everyone got the tour (not a big one, cause it's not a big house), I made cocktails for those that wanted them (I make an awesome Old Fashioned), and we hung out. It went so well, in fact, that when friends suggested New Years plans, we offered to host! Luckily this was a small get-together, but still - hosted people for New Years, like a boss! And the house has actually remained fairly clean - there's some dishes that need washing, and some mail that needs looking at, but overall I'm very happy with the status of our abode.

Yesterday we went on a hike, and took Coco along with. It was a nice walk, though very muddy. Coco had a blast - ran through puddles, rolled in poop, just a grand old time overall. But the coolest thing, for me, was seeing a huge number of Eastern Bluebirds. I know they're not exactly rare (population estimated at 22 million, thanks Cornell!), but before yesterday, I'd only ever seen one or two in my lifetime. So it was incredible to walk into a bit of a clearing and see bird after bird fluttering around and realizing that every single one was a bluebird. Near the end of the walk I was almost convinced they were following us - there were a few that kept flying back and forth across our path, and definitely seemed to watching us. Not as blatantly as the sheep in the next pasture, but still. (That was a creepy sheep!)

Since I didn't mention it in my New Years post, Christmas was good. Everyone seemed to like the gifts I got them, and I got some nice stuff in return. Most used is the FitBit One my parents got me. Most squealed over is the penguin Nativity scene from my aforementioned aunt. It is a thing of beauty.

Tomorrow will be laundry and going over to the in-laws to chill. Then Monday is back to work. After so much time off, it'll be weird. But I'll have plenty to keep me busy, so that's good!
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Ok, lets not talk about how much I fail at updating, despite repeated vows to get better. We'll pretend that I'm awesome at updating, or that I don't make repeated vows, and we'll be just fine, yes? Great!

So, I had the death. It was terrible. I am on horse pill sized antibiotics now, which seems to be doing away with the death. But let me tell you, going to bed one night with a mild cold and runny nose and waking up the next day with your ENTIRE FACE hurting from sinus pressure is not so fun.

Cards will be going out over the next few days- didn't really have the energy while I was sick, and now I need stamps. So. Stamps will be acquired tonight, cards will go out by Saturday. So you might get your card a little later than I'd intended, but certainly before the New Year!

I am going to savagely beat a coworker, and I don't think a single other coworker would blame me. This guy is always late. I mean, always. By at least 20 minutes. And three times in the last month, he's been an hour and a half late. And since he's my relief, I can't leave until he gets there. So yes. Savage beatings will commence, and then this little fuckup will learn not to let his shit infringe on other people's lives.

Ok, no actual savage beatings. Just savage glee when he's fired in the new year. Bastard.

On a positive note! Christmas shopping is all done! Wrapping is all done! We didn't actually decorate this year, mostly out of laziness, but the spirit is there! I have candy cane nails, that counts for something, doesn't it?

Alright. I potentially have some exciting news, but I don't want to jinx it- so I won't post about it until it happens. But please think good thoughts for me, ok?

Much love!
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So. Holidays! And cards! Once again I'm sending out cards related to some Vague Early Winter Possibly Religious Festival, and you should tell me whether you want in!

If you'd like a card, leave a comment with your name, address, and whether you'd like a Christmas-y card or just a Winter-y card. Or either!

Comments are screened, obvs.

Its Christmastime motherfuckers! (seriously, favorite tag ever)
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Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy 5th night of Hanukkah! I can also sign "Merry Christmas" but that wouldn't easily be conveyed via text. I had to ask one of my deaf customers how to say it, and its surprisingly easy. Much simpler than "Happy Jesus's Birth Day" which was the only thing I could think of. Though that is really fun to sign.

Anyhow! Presents have been given and received, a delicious breakfast of bagels & lox and Bloody Marys has been consumed, and adorable babies have been played with. The loot:

-10 inch chef's knife
-6 inch vegetable knife
-cast iron skillet
-small roasting pan
-slotted spoon
-wall calendar
-cordless power drill
-Art Deco nail stripers
-OPI crackle polish

Plus some other stuff in the stocking like lotion and whatnot. Everyone seemed to like their presents, and Mom's scarf got oohs and ahs. After breakfast I helped my dad set up and register his Kindle. There were some slight difficulties, but we got it worked out, and he has downloaded his first book, the Kindle Classic version of Pride and Prejudice. Unfortunately I purchased the wrong case for his Kindle, but I've bought the correct one and I'll figure out how to return the incorrect one.

I'm back at my apartment now, I need to shower and change into more appropriate clothing. But I wanted to post and say that I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Busy Week

Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:31 pm
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So uh... my lack of motivation regarding schoolwork may have extended up until today. Heh. So I've spent several hours today slogging through statistics homework. Oh, how I hate statistics. Whatever. Almost done! 2 questions left! Go me. :)

But! I got a ton done around the apartment! I cleaned the bedroom, organized my closet, folded SO much laundry. I also cleaned the living room, vacuumed, cleared the dining table, cleaned out and organized the hall closet. And I tackled the kitchen! Went through the fridge and cleaned out grody leftovers, swept and mopped the floor, took out SO MANY recyclables, and DID ALL THE DISHES!

Finally, I took out the Christmas decorations! Now, I don't have a lot of Christmas decorations, and since we've moved to the new, bigger apartment, the few that I have look even sparser. But! I have put them up! And last night Palmer and I bought and decorated a little 3' tabletop Spruce! It is lovely, and small, and covered in ornaments! No lights, because it is wee. But it is still pretty! And oh-so-intriguing to the cats. Goblin and Loki keep sticking their heads right into the needles, and making weird faces. Thankfully they've not yet gone after the ornaments.

Today Palmer and I went out to Ikea to buy him a dresser. He'd been storing most of his clothes in his closet, but it was getting a bit silly, so we finally went and got him a dresser of his own. We set it up this evening, and put my old tv on top of it. It looks good! And now we can watch different things at the same time! Or just watch tv in bed. Whatever.

That's about it. Made Peasant Soup tonight, it was pretty tasty! Next time I'll cut the sugar a bit, I like my food more salty. But still, quite nombly! Tomorrow I won't be cooking, but Monday I'm having my second go at risotto. Wish me luck!


Dec. 1st, 2011 06:26 pm
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If you want a holiday card this year, please respond to this post with your name, address, and whether you prefer a religious or secular card. Not that any of my cards are religious, but it'll change whether I say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays". Cause I'm considerate like that.

Also, some of you may have noticed my tag for the holiday season. Let's just say, when you work at Starbucks and they make you wear shirts that say "Its time for some jolly, by golly!", "It's Christmas Time, Motherfuckers!" holds a certain appeal. I'll be honest though- I kinda miss that shirt!
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So, you all remember how I'm in school right? Did I mention that my university switched over from 12-15 week classes to 8-week accelerated courses? Did I mention that I'm taking 4 of them? Did I mention that I'm in the last week for two of them, and that I'm drowning in coursework? Because oh my god. Two final projects, plus "presenting" them to the class and responding to comments. Two final exams, one of which included twenty essay questions. Not to mention the homework and conference response for business statistics (HATE) plus the conference response, quiz, and partial project due for risk assessment. So far I've gotten the projects presentations and responses done, as well as one final exam. That leaves the other final exam, plus all that other shit, all due before Sunday. Shoot me in the face!

And of course this hell week takes place on Thanksgiving week, where I not only lost half a day to the family celebration, but have to work an extra shift because the other opener is in Argentina visiting her family. Basically, for the rest of the weekend I'll be glued to my desk, except for 10 hours on Sunday when I'll be at work. Blech.

However, Thanksgiving was wonderful, so its not like I regret it. :) My mom and dad hosted dinner for my aunt and uncle, me and Palmer, and Palmer's mom and brother. Big crowd! Palmer and I got there a bit early so I could get started on the mashed potatoes. They were delicious, if I may say so myself. Just some Yukon gold potatoes boiled in salted water, then mashed with butter and skim milk. Perfect! My mom did up the turkey & stuffing, my dad did a sweet potato casserole, and my aunt and uncle brought cranberry relish as well as pearl onions in a cream sauce. And I managed not to horribly stuff myself, so go me. I also managed to agree to run next year's Turkey Chase 10k with my mom, so there's that. Guess I have to start training? Fun times!

Just as a reminder, if you want a holiday card (Christmas themed optional) please don't forget to fill out this post. Comments are screened!

Much love.
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Let me tell you friends, after five years of not working in a coffee shop, standing on my feet for eight hours a day serving coffee is somewhat hard on the feet. Yesterday I was almost crying by the end of my shift, my feet hurt so badly. I got home and immediately got into bed, where I proceeded to hack up a lung and get freaked out about possibly being sick, pass the fuck out, wake up after a FUCKED UP dream, fall asleep again in the freezing cold apartment (did I mention my heat broke?), wake up around 9am after 13 hours of sleep, go BACK TO SLEEP, then wake up at 12 to shower and go to work. It was alternately awesome and horrible. On the plus side, my feet hurt less today!

For the most part I'm really enjoying the coffee shop. There are a lot of regulars, and many of them are incredibly nice. An older Italian gentleman complimented me on my pronunciation of his name and asked if I spoke Italian! I've gotten right back into the swing of things regarding the espresso machine, and I've gotten several compliments on my drinks. And people tend to be understanding when we're mad busy. Of course, there are also douches. But that's life.

Christmas was awesome, got to hang with the fam, and gift exchanges went well. Everyone seemed to like the gifts that Palmer and I got them, so that's a relief. I got some nifty stuff! A new battery for my laptop, which was much needed. Some pretty clothes, a stainless colander, Glee soundtrack, and most awesome, a puffer coat! My poor winter coat was so shitty, and now I have a wonderful new one! It is this gorgeous deep blue/purple color, and has the highest collar, its so warm! I need to buy a hat and gloves to match, but I am so SO excited about it!

So yes, Christmas was awesome. I have three days off in a row starting tomorrow, and there are plans afoot! One plan is to move everything to my external hard drive and installing a different operating system. Windows has been causing all sorts of problems, and I can't upgrade to 7 because my laptop is too old. Another plan is to attend my first physical training session, where I hope to have my ass kicked and sweat alot. A third plan is sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'll try to post more regularly from now on. A resolution, if you will!
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Just coming online for a minute to say "Happy Holidays!" to all my flist. Hope everyone is having a great day and a wonderful Vague Early Winter Possibly Religious Festival season!

Back upstairs to sit in front of the fire and pet my devil kitten.


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