Apr. 11th, 2013 06:38 pm
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Went out to the North Bethesda coffee shop today to meet with the owners. Before I'd left, we'd discussed my continuing to work for them, just in a different capacity. After sitting down and talking with them today, it is official - I'm the social media manager for the coffee shop! Again, BAM! We have a whole campaign planned out - well, laid out, a skeleton of a campaign that we'll flesh out, and I have my rate, and my day to go in, and if this turns into a full campaign I might get more days! One of the owners wants to go H.A.M. on this, integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the website, Yelp, etc., while the other is a little more cautious. But I think we can convince her that going all out is the way to go. Because that would be awesome!

Flush with success, I decided that today needed more awesomeness. So I walked down to the local hardware store and bought some herbs for our container garden! Got oregano, parsley, and basil, along with a new pot for the basil. Got home, transplanted and watered them, and now they're sitting pretty next to the other pots. Rock on!

One less than fun but utterly necessary activity over the past few days has been a thorough clean-up of the couch. Loki waged a campaign of terror and pee against the couch a while ago, and while we battled valiantly, it has never quite recovered. Well, I was sick of it! So! The couch has been stripped, the cover washed with detergent and vinegar (twice), the frame has been sprayed down, and now all the cushion covers are getting washed and the cushions sprayed down. By the time this is over, the couch will smell like roses, dammit! Or at least not cat pee. It is already smelling better, though also worse- by taking the cover off we're allowing the odor to air out, which means that although the couch itself smells better, the apartment doesn't. Ah well. That's what Febreeze and open windows are for. Loki, the troublemaker, has just been looking askance at the cushions and covers strewn about the apartment. As if he weren't the cause of all this to begin with!

That's it for now. Back to sweating in the apartment and cleaning cat pee out of cushions. My life, so awesome.
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New Year is really just an arbitrary day to base goals on, I mean, what is to prevent someone from making a goal at any other time of year? Nothing! But New Years is traditional, and comes with all sorts of ideas about new year equaling fresh starts, and so we all decide that on January 1st we're going to completely change ourselves for the better.

I got impatient. Palmer and I went to La Madeleine for breakfast, and while I was sorely tempted by the pastries and the croque monsieur, I restricted myself to an oj, a fruit salad (still don't like cantaloupe, but honeydew is acceptable), and a quiche. I doubt I'll ever just be able to have a fruit salad for breakfast and be satisfied, because I love savory way too much. But if I can do things like start with a fruit salad and then have an egg, I think that'll work out far better than the eggs benedict or canadian bacon that are my weaknesses.

We stopped by World Market after breakfast, and I purchased 2 more antique style furniture knobs for my jewelry case project. I need one more (I forgot how many vertical areas there were) and then some pretty hooks for the horizontal areas. After I get all the knobs, I need to purchase paper to back the case with. I'm thinking just one paper, and maybe I'll alternate between wood and paper. Then, I have to purchase the correct size drill bit. And then crafting!

Palmer's back hurt, so we cut the shopping short and came back home, where he's been relaxing on the couch with a heating pad. I was relaxing with him for a while, then decided that I might as well clean and reorganize the kitchen. Which I've done. I've also done laundry and finally finished off that DIY dry erase board. The super glue for the magnets is drying as I type.

We also had to give Loki a bath. We gave Goblin a bath last week because I noticed he had poop stuck in the fur near his butt, and Goblin... reacted badly. We also had to cut out a rather serious mat we discovered while drying him, which has led to the decision to start having Goblin trimmed regularly. Anyhow! Loki also had poopy butt, which I didn't particularly want all over the chairs and carpet, so into the bath he went. Despite the fact that he is bigger, heavier, and more obnoxious than Goblin, Loki was the easier one to bathe. True, he tried to leap out of the tub, and eventually yowled mournfully, but he didn't writhe about nearly as much as Goblin, and actually allowed me to use soap on him. Once we got him out of the tub and were drying him, he calmed down significantly, and even let me pick him up. He's a brat, but he's my fave.

We're hanging out at the apartment until this evening, and then we'll head over to a friend's house for a small party. Should be fun.

Happy New Year everybody!
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Just in case you were missing something.

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My Kindle arrived! Hooray! It is so very shiny and new, and I'm so damn excited about it! Currently it is charging (well, I think it is, it may be done, I haven't really looked at it in an hour), and sitting snug in its neoprene case. After reading the User Guide I immediately had to get several books onto it, so I took the easy way and went for those that are out of copyright. So far I have two Austen books, Shakespeare's The Tempest, and a collected works of H.P. Lovecraft. I mean, I've been reading Something Positive for years, and you know Randy loves himself some Cthulu jokes, yet I've never read any Lovecraft? Travesty! So yes, I got four books, and for those books I paid a total of $0.99. Apparently Amazon doesn't offer Lovecraft for free, and I was too lazy to check out Open Archive. Soon, my pretties. Soon.

Loki is cuddled up next to me on the couch (I think he missed me over the past few days) and is trying to sleep but failing. The failing is mostly due to the determined kitten bathing his face. Goblin just won't stop licking him! It is pretty adorable, I gotta admit. On that note, I'm really glad that Palmer and I got Goblin back in July. Loki is a much happier cat with Goblin around, and while he'll still bat at frames to wake us up and yowl for food when he decides its dinnertime, he's much more well-behaved. He just seems really happy with Goblin, and Goblin clearly adores him. I'm glad my cats like each other.

Randomly, I appear to have lost my sweet tooth. I'm finding that I much prefer savory foods, and even having the Georgetown Cupcakes right across the street hasn't tempted me into indulging. What is tough, though, is resisting the siren song of the bagel store. I decided to give up bagels for a while because I had plateaued in my weight loss efforts, and I'm pretty sure the daily morning bagel was the reason for it. So I've been resisting, and eating apples and drinking smoothies for breakfast, but its hard, let me tell you. Especially when my coworkers get bagels and I can smell them. GAH!

Tonight I'm asking Palmer to grab us some frozen stir-fry stuff, but tomorrow I'm making a slow-cooker dish I just looked up, a Sausage Vegetable Medley. It looks delicious, and I would like it to be in my mouth ASAPt. I also bought myself a recipe book so I can write down and keep those dishes which we want to repeat. Nothing super fancy, just a binder with dividers and a pretty cover, but hopefully it'll come in handy and I'll make use of it.

That's all I can think of for now. Let me know if you've gotten your Christmas cards, yeah?
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Just for you, I have the most adorable video ever of Loki giving Goblin a bath. Check it out!
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I have a truly epic amount of work that I have to get done by the end of the weekend. I am also going to the beach this weekend, followed by the Redskins/Cowboys game on Sunday. So basically, I have an epic amount of work I have to get done today. And what am I doing? Procrastinating, of course!

But only briefly. Today I have to write up a health article, read two bio chapters, participate in the online conference, do my math homework, and probably try to read two chapters for Environmental Management. That just leaves 2 chapters and the online conference for Environmental Change and Sustainability, and I can do that over the weekend. Good times, right?

Goblin is teething. This means he is attempting to chew on everything he can get his little teeth into, from power cords to Starbucks straws. Of course, this means that Loki has rediscovered *his* love of Starbucks straws, and has now stolen the straw from poor Goblin. I attempted to buy Goblin a chew toy, but he was not very interested. Mostly just bats it around.

Work is stressful as fuck. We're seriously understaffed, one of the leads is leaving at the end of the month, and the manager is annoyed that 3 of us are off next weekend. To be fair, I'm only off one day, for another football game, but two other people requested the whole weekend off. Or rather, I requested and got approval, they wrote it on the calendar and assumed they did. Ugh, we just need to hire more people (like woah) and possibly poach some supervisors from Starbucks so we can have more people who will be trusted to handle the money.

I've started keeping track of how much I'm moving about during the week, made a handy-dandy spreadsheet and everything. It currently just has weekly totals, once I get a few more weeks on there I'll start doing a running total.

That's about it for now! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
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I have a day off today! I have errands that I will eventually be running, but first I thought I'd traipse about the internet catching up on various websites. Also, since I've been totally breaking my promise to post more often, I thought I'd remedy that!

Classes start in less than one week! Well, three of them do. I went into the online classrooms to check the various syllabus (syllabi?) and it looks like I'll be well and truly swamped this semester. Good times. But seriously, SO many papers for my Environmental Change and Sustainability class, it isn't even funny. At least Math and Bio don't look too bad. We'll see what happens with Enviro Management and my multi-disciplinary course.

Somewhat related to school- my parents bought me a new laptop! My current laptop, which has been a faithful companion for 5 years, is now starting to fall apart both physically (the screen's casing is popping apart) and in regards to its computational prowess (blue screens of death, difficulty connecting to the internet, etc). So I told my parents about it and they agreed to buy me a new computer. Probably helps that a new Dell is about half the price now than it was five years ago. It will probably arrive early next week, once it does I will take shiny shiny pictures and post them.

Hobgoblin and the Lokasaur have been slowly getting better. Goblin appears to be 100% recovered, and while Loki is still sneezing a bit and has red eyes, his appetite and energy are both back to normal. And I have meds for his eyes, which he fucking hates, but at least doesn't hiss and scratch like he does at the vet. Goblin does have the bad habit of trying to play with Loki for far too long, which tends to result in Loki biting harder than he should. Goblin doesn't seem to mind too much, but I've been breaking them apart when the growling starts. Other than that they are quite sweet together, and I think Palmer and I really did get the best cat for us that we could. Plus, he is seriously adorable. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen this already, but for those who haven't:


I switch over to opening shifts starting tomorrow. I'm nervous, but also excited. Nervous because of having to get up early and function, excited cause of MADLY increased tips! Anyhow, wish me luck!
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Trying to start posting more regularly, since I've basically been disappeared for months. So I figured an easy way to get back in the swing of things would be to do a Weekend Update! So, let's see-

Friday I got out of work around 8:25, and managed to walk back to my parents place in 15 minutes. I'm getting faster! Got their car and agreed to look after their cats this weekend. Went by my place, fed the cats and cuddled them a bit, grabbed my computer and some laundry and went off to Palmer's. We ordered Thai food, I watched an episode of LOST, and then we were hanging out with his roommate Mike the rest of the night. It was a good time, but we drank way too much, Saturday morning was unpleasant.

Saturday we stumbled out of bed (seriously, quite unpleasant), fed my parents cats, fed my cats, fed ourselves, then sat on the couch staring at our computers until around 8pm, when it was time to feed all sets again. Palmer and I went out to Joe's Crab Shack, which is always quite delicious, and both got the King Crab legs. God, those things are sinfully good. I do wish they would put more Old Bay on the "Chesapeake Style" legs, but ah well. Unfortunately, after the meal my headache returned with a vengeance, and when we got home I went right to bed. Palmer told me that when he came into the bedroom, Loki was curled up between my calves and Goblin was curled up right next to him between my knees. I vaguely remember this, but apparently it was super cute!

Today has been fairly epic. Fed the parents cats, then attempted a trip to Target for Simple Green so I can clean my bathroom properly. I swear to god, no place in this area carries it, it is QUITE frustrating. After Target we met friends at an Indian restaurant for lunch buffet, then decided that we should all go to Value Village to go thrift store shopping. That place is irresistible, I swear. I ended up buying a Polaroid camera, a samovar-style pitcher that is now sitting in my bookshelf, and two shadow boxes with miniature kitchen implements and recipes that I will hang in my kitchen. All awesome!

Unfortunately, this evening we had to take the kitties to the emergency animal clinic. Goblin has been sneezing since we got him, and though the vet had said that it would probably run its course, his cold has been getting worse. And today Loki was totally lethargic and had no interest in food, so we decided we should take them both in to get checked out. Good thing we did! Loki is fine, just a bit under the weather (and he still hates the vet, though he didn't scratch this time- mostly because we just removed the top of the carrier to examine him and the vet had me hold him and talk to him while she checked his vitals), but Goblin's cold has turned bacterial. So! Goblin now has antibiotics that I have to give him once a day, and we have cans of tuna to feed them that should penetrate their stuffy noses and incite their appetites. Hopefully within a few days this will all be behind them.

On the plus side, they are total best buds now. Loki has been repeatedly trying to bathe Goblin over the last several days, and like I mentioned, Goblin loves to sleep next to Loki. It is quite adorable, and I'm glad they're getting along so well. Today they comforted each other after the traumatic ordeal that was the emergency clinic:

Too cute! )

Anyhow, tomorrow I have to work, but I plan on swinging by Strosneiders in the morning to 1)check for Simple Green, 2)buy some ceramic water dishes for potted plants, and 3)purchase a hanging pot for my spider plant. Then on Tuesday I will continue the epic cleaning project that I started today. Good times!
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Meet Goblin:

He is a 4 month old grey tabby who will likely turn out to be long-haired.

Palmer and I got him yesterday, through PetSmart, from Last Chance Animal Rescue.

We had been looking for a young female to be a companion for Loki, but as we walked past his enclosure, this little guy reached through the bars toward us, meowing and purring. We just couldn't resist his charms.

Loki is, as you can imagine, a bit displeased with the situation. He spent much of yesterday guarding "his" territory, and hissing and batting at Goblin when he came near. Loki did jump into bed with me in the middle of the night, so I know he's not horribly angry at the situation, just a bit taken aback and sullen.

Today has been much better. Goblin keeps trying to be friends with Loki, and eventually managed to jump up on the bed and settle down a foot or two away from the Lokasaur.

Of course, a few minutes later Loki jumped off the bed and went into the kitchen in a huff, but I have high hopes for an eventual friendship between the two. Besides, do you really think Loki can resist this adorableness?

Thought not.

Ooh, video!

Feb. 7th, 2010 01:05 pm
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YouTube was very excited that after 3 years as a member, I've finally uploaded my first video!


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