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Bwah, ok - less than one month to go before the wedding, and I had my first horrific breakdown Friday before last. It was great, let me tell you! Basically, I was feeling two things. 1)Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF that has to get done, and 2)Realizing that this is not at all the wedding I wanted and that its too late to change any of it! Hooray! Well. Planning wise, we've gotten a lot of stuff done, checking shit off the list is incredibly satisfying. Wedding-I-want-wise, well - I'm not paying for it, so it isn't really my wedding anyway. It'll be pretty, the food will be good, and I just have to remember that.

Planning wise - we got the cake, my head piece has arrived, we have the rehearsal dinner set, we got the flowers, we have dance lessons, we sent in the RSVPs. Though several of those have their own drama. Still to do - seating chart and escort cards, finalize the playlist, finalize the ceremony, make sure my brother in law can legally PERFORM the ceremony. Other stuff too, but that's the big stuff.

Also, lose the last little bit of weight before the wedding. Gah. I keep doing really well, then eating kinda shitty and drinking too many beers over the weekend. I mean, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at - but it'd be nice to be a few pounds less.

Had the bridal shower on Saturday! It was good times, family and friends, tasty food, lovely presents. Also got the thank you notes out today, LIKE A BAMF! I am not gonna be one of those brides who waits until the year is up before sending notes - those things are going out the second I get the gift (pre-wedding) because I DO NOT WANT that stress!

Buh. Like, 25 days to go, I'm dying. Also, got shade thrown at me when getting my passport. The guy (who was otherwise very nice) just "didn't understand" that I'm not taking Palmer's name. DEAL WITH IT. Palmer is fine with it, so you, random stranger, should have NO OPINION ON THE MATTER.

Ahem. What's up with you?
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Ok, I can do this whole "writing" thing, right? After all, I now (pretty much) write for a living, so writing a blog I've had for 10+ years shouldn't be that hard, right? Right!

So. Wedding planning is going apace. My mom and I took Palmer's mom out shopping yesterday for a "mother of the groom dress." It was a good time! We wandered around Macy's a bit, picked out a few dresses, then asked a saleslady for help. She picked out this beautiful purple lacy three quarter sleeve dress that Susan absolutely loved, and BAM! Dress bought! We then went to go get her some appropriate shoes (that she could actually walk in) and while doing that I managed to find a pair of shoes for myself! For the wedding. I am still going to get a back-up pair, because I don't want to wear heels for 5 hours. But! I have some shoes!

Some friends and I have started a book club. Really, its a "Lets Drink Some Fucking Cocktails" and read club, but whatever. We're starting with Italo Calvino's "If On a Winter's Night a Traveler" which should be interesting. Had to buy it, cause the library didn't have it in ebook format, and only has 2 copies in book format, neither of which were available. I shall start tomorrow!

Bought a dress for the bridal shower, its cute and I'll be able to wear it to other occasions. Got Palmer his tux, and picked out the tuxes for the guys. So things are... coming along. Blargh.

Man. I need to get back into this writing for pleasure thing, cause this is rough!

More later, when I feel more motivated.
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Things are progressing. Got the corset and Spanx for the wedding dress, so now we can make an appointment for alterations. Went to the printer today and ordered invitations - they should be done by Friday. I have updated the website to include dinner options, and I am in the process of uploading everyone into the site so they can pull up the exact names in their party. I am waiting on the addresses of the friends that Palmer's mom wants to invite, as well as a few of our own friends who owe me mailing addresses.

Went to the batting cages on Saturday to get some practice in. I feel better about my swing and making contact with the ball. But I also have 5 blisters on my hands to show for it. They're all mostly healed already (thank god) but the nastiest of them burst during the practice, so I've had a band-aid on it for the past 2 days. It was... not pretty. And not fun!

Instead of going into DC over the weekend, a group of us went up to Baltimore to a drive-in movie outside the city. Saw Man of Steel and World War Z. SPOILERS )

This week is going to be super-busy, but I just found out my sister will be in town for a few days, so yay! And that's it!
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Trying to balance everything is hard, yo. Because there's the THREE jobs, the wedding planning, the softball, the yoga for trade, the trying to spend time with my fiancee... busy, busy, busy. But! I'm getting a lot of good feedback from all three jobs, yoga for trade is pretty awesome (I got into Crow pose! Multiple times! Rock!), we're terrible at softball but at least I'm somewhat improving, and I have help with wedding planning.


Anyhow, yeah, the wedding - menu (at least the entrees) are set, so I can update the website for RSVPs and send out those damn invitations. (Printing them first might help) My mom and I went fascinator shopping, so that should be ready hopefully this weekend. Tomorrow or Sunday Palmer and I will hit up a corset shop so I can get one that'll go under the dress, and then I can do fittings! Turns out that getting a non-clergy member certified to perform marriages in the District is a big old pain in the ass, but we're working on it. If all falls through, Palmer and I (and the families) will just go to the courthouse the morning of and do it officially, and then have my brother in law do a non-official ceremony at the event.

What else... started reading Barista Magazine, cause the roasting plant has a subscription. Its pretty interesting! Love reading the field reports, and now I really want to do an origin trip. If only! The lettuce we were growing failed miserably (Goblin chewing on it during the derecho-that-wasn't may have had something to do with it) so I pulled it out and gave it to the compost worms. We'll just have to try again!

This weekend is corset, running, meeting friends in DC, and possibly printing invitations. Like I said, busy busy busy!
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Now that I'm retired (as if) Friday's are my free days. That'll likely change, as I get more hours with the production company and hopefully another job, but for now I have Fridays off. Its pretty great. Last Friday I was super productive, did loads of laundry and cleaning. Today, less so. I've read, I checked out an e-book from Montgomery County library, I read some more, I fed the worms, I washed some dishes, did a load of laundry, read some more... I've spent a lot of today on the couch, is what I'm getting at, and its been pretty great. I guess I feel a little guilty for not going to the gym, but whatever. I can miss a day.

So let's see. Keeping mostly up with my book a week goal. Trying to, at least. On the plus side, I'm reading a lot more. On the minus side, finding new stuff to read has been a bit difficult. But I got a lot of good recs today, put some of those recs on hold through the e-book library, and managed to borrow a book called "Enchantment" which is a fictional story about Rasputin's daughters after his death. Good so far. We'll see how it goes!

GOT THE WORMS! They came yesterday, we had everything ready for them, just had to wet down their bedding so they could burrow and be all happy. I've put some food scraps in there, strawberries and bread and coffee grinds. Hope they like them! I need to leave them alone for a day or two, then give them more food. And basically rotate where I put the food so that they spread all over the container. Then when I'm ready to collect the castings, push all the current bedding to one side, put fresh stuff on the other along with fresh food, and they'll all move over there! Leaving lovely nutrient rich worm poo for me to put on my plants.

Restrung my guitar today. Broke a string over the winter, and hadn't gotten around to replacing it. So I did today, restrung it and tuned it up properly. And then practiced. Oh man. I need to not abandon the guitar for months, because when I go back to it, my fingers KILL me. They're gonna be sore and red for a day or two, and then I'll do it all again. Hooray!

Tomorrow doing a volunteer thing in the morning, the Rock Creek Extreme CleanUp. Then brunch with my love, then shopping for bridesmaid dresses with my M.O.H. Yeah, I've been on some wedding websites. Whatever. I just want to see the colors in person, pick one or two, and tell the ladies to buy a dress in one of those colors that makes them happy. And then there'll be one more thing I can check off the ludicrous list!

And that's it!
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Entering into my last week of working at the coffee shop. Have already started to say goodbye to some people, and I'm sure it'll happen more this week. Coworker Barista said that he and Manager were going to make me cry my last day, or at least try to. It probably won't be hard - I'm happy and excited to get out of there, but I have been there for three and a half years, and I'll miss plenty about it. But still - next Monday, I DON'T have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. EXCITED!

Went out for a friend's birthday party on Friday, we all went to Dave and Busters. Which I love, and also hate. I hate it more since they started letting kids remain after hours, honestly. I like kids, but I do not want them in the same place as a bunch of drunk adults. Also, its loud enough with all the video and arcade games and drunk people, I don't need 20 shrieking kids on top of it. Isn't that what Chuck E. Cheese is for?

Went wedding dress shopping yesterday! And got a dress! Another check off of that list! But yeah, went with Mom and my maid of honor, tried on a few dresses and found the one for me. It is lovely and simple, needs a bit of altering, and was mad inexpensive. ROCK!

Sorry for the lack of updates, crazy busy and just plain crazy, don't ya know. Much love!
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Had the first full day at the new job! I'd gone in last week for a few hours, and Tuesday for a few more, but today was my first full work day with the company. It went well! At least in my opinion. Spent the first part of the morning doing research (that'll be my "backup" work to do when I've finished everything else), then really got to work on the whole "social media & writing" part of my job description. Spent the afternoon working on a newsletter for the company's mailing list, and collecting links to share on Facebook & Twitter. Two are already posted! But yeah, basically spent the afternoon getting paid to surf the internet for cool and interesting stories. I think I did good work today, and one of the guys told me I was awesome. So there's that! I'm excited by the possibilities of this job, and they're already talking about bringing me on for more hours, so cross your fingers for me, yeah?

We have a date! We spent the last few weeks researching, and emailing, and looking at prices and caterers and tented vs indoors, ad nauseum. But on Wednesday we went into DC to look at a venue my parents had recommended. It was gorgeous, with both indoor and outdoor space (so no worries in case of weather) and is already beautifully decorated so we don't need to add anything! We talked about it Wednesday and yesterday, and decided that it was the one. So! We have the venue booked, a check has been written, and we are good to go! Now all the rest of the planning can start. :-P

Oh. We also got an awesome liquor cabinet. Guy on Craigslist was selling it for practically nothing, and while the piece is a little old fashioned, I think a new stain (and maybe hardware) will make it look really awesome. For now, it is still awesome! And we actually have a place to put liquor bottles that isn't the kitchen counter. Hooray!

That's about it. It snowed this morning, it was pretty, and then everything melted by noon. Oh, DC. Never change.
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Palmer and I are on an epic mission, one which will test our reserves of strength and likely cause much heartbreak. We are trying to make ourselves like IPAs. Neither of us have ever been IPA drinkers, and have avoided beers whose descriptions include "hop finish" and the like. But after a tour of the Heavy Seas brewery in Baltimore, we realized that this was severely limiting our beer choices. Hops apparently make the beer (along with malt, obvs) and by removing them from consideration we were missing out on some interesting beers. So. Hops! We started easy, with the Heavy Seas Loose Cannon. We'd liked it on the tour, and so bought some a few days later. We liked it then, too. We've since tried some other beers, including Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, and as of right now, the 90 Minute IPA. I won't say they are my favorite beers ever- but they're alright. It probably helps that we're drinking them out of glasses instead of the bottle (so adult of us!) as that apparently allows the beer to breathe and our sense of smell to prepare us for the taste. We'll see how this goes. At the very least, we'll get to try some interesting beers along the way.

Along with much of the US, Maryland has been in the midst of an extreme cold snap. Despite these frigid climes, I've still been biking to work. I finally have the opportunity to wear my windproof pants! They've helped immensely, though it is obviously still quite chilly on the bike. The past few days I've also added long underwear into the mix- the first day because it was super cold, and then the past two days because I got a massive rip in my jeans and don't want to flash my bits around before I can buy a new pair.

Speaking of, I have new jeans! Two pairs, hopefully they'll last a bit longer if I alternate them. I also got a new pair of sneakers, as my old ones had developed a crack in the sole, and were starting to hurt my feet.

We went out to Glen Echo today to walk around and evaluate it as a possible location for The Wedding. It is pretty, and art deco, and I think it could be awesome. As with any outdoor location, we are gambling on the weather. But, at the very least, the pavilion has plastic sides that can be pulled down, and we can rent heaters in case of cold. We'll need to talk to caterers and get some estimates to make sure that we can stay within budget, but we're very hopeful. Plus, Glen Echo has a carousel that you can rent! So cross your fingers. If we get this venue, then the rest of the planning can actually begin!

I think thats about it. Currently reading Catch-22, and liking it, though it is slow going. My new job officially begins next week, lets hope I don't crash and burn. Ciao!
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So, remember that potentially good news I hinted at before Christmas? Well, it happened! One of the incubator companies at my internship is hiring me part time to do writing, website content management, and social media. There is the further possibility of doing some writing for an upcoming film project as well! The job starts at 10 hours a week, and can move up to 20. So I've already told my manager that I need to cut a day off my schedule, and warned him that he should be looking for a replacement for me. If this works out, I'll be there three days a week, and there is a distinct possibility that the internship will turn into a second part time job as well. Between the two of them, I should have 40 hours a week, paying better than the coffee shop, in my field, and not forcing me to wake up at 4am daily. So. Hooray!

The "book a week" thing is going well so far. I've created a post to keep track of the books read, so we'll see if I keep it up. Right now I'm reading three books, though I should probably just pick one and commit. It won't be Les Mis- that one is definitely a "read steadily for several months" type of book, not a "devour in three days" book. Because my god. It is LONG. But Catch 22 and Guns, Germs, and Steel are both interesting, and I'm about 100 pages into each- so it is time to choose! Probably Catch 22 first, then Guns. But who knows? After that I'll pick out some other stuff from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, cause I still have gift cards for them. Then I have a few books on my shelf that I should read. Then, the library!

I have FINALLY found a pannier for my bike. It is a Jandd Laptop Pannier and seems like the perfect solution. I can get the weight of the computer off my back, and still carry stuff in my messenger bag besides. This way, if it gets colder, I can actually wear and pack my windproof bike pants! Hooray!

Tonight is Tex-Mex and a movie with friends. Tomorrow is sushi with former coworkers. Then right back to the grindstone. But after this week and next, my early morning days will be down to 4. And hopefully even less shortly after.

Palmer and I have been looking at venues, and we've found a few promising ones. I'm going to email a few of those tonight, and try to get things rolling. Then once we have a date, its photographer, dress, etc etc etc. Wish me luck!
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Sometimes it felt like 2012 dragged on and on. Other times it felt like it was rushing past too fast to handle. But its over, and 2013 has begun, and its time for that hallowed tradition of a New Year's post.

So last year's resolutions were as follows: Lose 5 pounds per month, Find and complete DIY projects, and Put $20 of each paycheck into savings. Well. I've lost 50 pounds since January 1st, 2012, have completed another knitting project, and have been putting 5% of each paycheck into savings. Not bad! Getting back into shape was my biggest success. I still have some work to do, but I'm so so happy with my progress. (Less happy with how much money I have to spend on clothing now, but hey- I'll deal!) I didn't do as much DIY stuff as I wanted, but I'm going to blame school and work for that. :-P And I'm going to continue putting 5% of my paychecks into savings, because its working and it isn't a hardship.

So! New resolutions!

1. Run at least two 5k races, and one 10k over the next year. I'm not a huge fan of running, but it is good exercise, and the races themselves are fun. I'd like to be able to run the 2013 Turkey Chase 10k, and by continuing to run throughout the year, I'm giving myself a better chance of actually doing it.

2. Read one book a week. I've tried and failed in the past to do the 100 books challenge. But I really do miss reading, and haven't been doing as much lately. So this is an effort to change that. They don't have to be great classics or anything like that, but I do want to try and read 1 book every week for this year. I have a bunch that I own and haven't read, so I'll likely try to start with those. And then we'll see!

3. Plan a wedding without going out of my mind with stress Did I mention?

On December 21st, 5 years (and 2 days) after we'd first said "I love you" Palmer asked me to marry him. Obviously, I said yes. We've declared a two week moratorium on planning, just to give ourselves some time to enjoy being engaged. But we're thinking a fall wedding, so in the 2nd week of January, planning will begin in earnest. We want to keep it fairly small, and to be as low stress as possible, so that is my goal for this year- plan a nice event without going crazy from stress and pressure. We'll see how well we do.

Happy New Year!


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