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I always forget how awful cramps are until they happen again. This time was my own stupidity - I forgot to renew my bc prescription and it didn't arrive until 6 days into the new pill cycle. Since that would be impossible to catch up to, I decided to wait and just restart with the new cycle. But goddamn. My birth control not only helps with the whole not-pregnant thing, but also reduces my cramps to almost nothing. Which, considering the debilitating pain that happens without the birth control, is nigh miraculous. But, since I didn't take it this month, guess what I got today? That's right, wicked cramps! It's super fun! Anyhow. Drinking water, sitting on the couch with a heating pad, and planning to take the dog for a walk in a few minutes.

Took Palmer's mom out for a girls day yesterday; manicures and coffee. Turns out it was the first time Susan had ever gotten her nails done, so she had a blast. Got her a nice neutral cream color while I went a bit... bolder. She did say she'd try to work up to purple. :-) Coffee was at Quartermaines, and I didn't know either of the baristas, it was super weird. But hey, the girl made some damn good drinks, so no complaints.

I'm a little torn about my job. I enjoy it, I like the work I do, I like my boss (most of the time), but it's not my field. And I keep seeing postings for jobs in my field, and it's tempting. I saw a recent posting that is what I'm doing now, but also more editorial, and for a conservation group in the area. And I really want to apply. It's less money, but more vacation and actual benefits, and it's in my field. So I'm thinking about it. I don't know. I have a few weeks before the application deadline, we'll see what I decide.

Getting in shape has been going alright. I have been better about cooking (cooked 5 of 7 days last week) and I try to walk at least two miles a day - but sometimes get up to 5! I've lost a few pounds already, which is nice, and I do feel better. Now to cut down on the wine! :-P

I swear the next post will actually be about Coco - since I promised to write one all those months ago and never did. Til then!
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Wow, it has been way too long since I've actually posted something. A TON has happened, so let's get cracking!

Hair Stuff )

We Bought a House! )

Cut for discussion of weight )

So that's the big stuff. Everything else is going well. Work is good. Cats are good. We'd like to adopt a dog shortly - probably in the next few weeks. With a huge yard like ours, we pretty much have to, right? :-)

I'll also try to update more often. 3 months is a ludicrous absence, and I love LJ. Even when they eff with the layout and other stuff.

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Cut for specific talk of weight )

Decided to (finally) start training for this race in November, and have thus downloaded a C25K app from RunDouble. I had tried, twice, just going out and jogging, and it was pretty miserable both times. And the first time, my quadriceps were horribly sore for days afterwards. Not the most fun. But after two days of Couch to 5k running, I feel pretty good. Running isn't, and I doubt it will ever be, my favorite thing. But I made a promise, and dammit, I'm going to follow through!

Also, according to a customer who is a physical trainer, anything high-impact burns more calories than low-impact activities like biking and elliptical. So, despite my elliptical telling me that half an hour burns five hundred calories while RunDouble tells me that it only burns 300 calories, I'll stick it out with the running.

Though I'm going to need new running shoes shortly. Mine are 5 years old, and I'd like to NOT give myself knee problems from old shoes. So, soon. Probably next weekend.

That's all for now!

I lied

Jun. 20th, 2012 11:08 pm
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This was a clusterfuck of a morning, in so many ways.

Last night I went to sleep about half an hour earlier than normal, cause I was tired and wanted to make sure I got a full night of sleep before work. Which would have worked out great were it not for the fact that our apartment building's fire alarm started going off at 2 in the morning. So Palmer and I get up, get the cats in the carriers (with me getting scratched badly in the process) and get downstairs and outside. Where we waited, for like, 10 minutes until the alarm stopped blaring. We then hauled the cats back upstairs, let them out of the carriers, and crawled back into bed. Where I was then unable to fall back asleep. I think I may have finally dozed off around 4 am, only to have my alarm go off 20 minutes later. So that was fun.

My coworker was late, and I was rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to help customers and prep three to-go boxes of coffee at the same time. Then, after he gets here, the first thing to happen is a customer spilling an extra-large iced drink all over the floor. It was a total accident, and she apologized, but still, had to go clean that shit up while a line starts to build. Eventually got our shit together and got shit done, but still- the first two hours were SO FREAKING STRESSFUL, I can't even.

On the positive side, I was able to take a nap when I got home this afternoon, and had my first bikram yoga class this evening. Good god, that was tough. I'm so glad that I chugged water throughout the day in preparation, because I was sweating balls. I couldn't do the entire thing- halfway through I cut back to doing just one set of the two, and there were one or two poses that I didn't even try. But I'm pretty happy with how I did, especially since the other women complimented us after class. So that was nice. Going back tomorrow, and a few more times before next Tuesday, to see if this is something I actually want to invest in, or if its a once a month sort of thing. I guess we'll see!

Hope everyone is surviving this ludicrous heatwave we're all going through. Montana and the Dakotas, I wasn't talking to you, stay out of it. :-P
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Cut for specific discussion of weight and measurements. )

Anyhow, I've been working out almost every day, and have been cooking a lot more. The meat share is working out really well- this week I did lamb chops and pork ribs, and I have another recipe for pork shoulder that I'll do sometime this coming week. Tonight is avocado pasta, get excited.

And that's about it!
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As I've mentioned, I've been biking 5 days a week, doing the trip between Silver Spring and Bethesda, which is about 6 miles. I had begun doing longer rides, but with school winding down (by which I mean building up, because EVERYTHING is due) I figured those long bike rides could wait until after graduation. Knock on wood. And I love biking, and I'm glad that I've been doing so much of it, but I kind of feel like I need to do other things too, you know?

I agreed back in November to run a 10k with my mother. I still have 6 months before I have to run that 10k, but I figured I should probably try to get a start on running so that my body doesn't go into shock when I start training for real. Well. That was kind of a failure. I ran on the treadmill for 2 minutes, and then I realized that I am not in good enough shape yet to do that. So I slowed down to a really fast walk, and did that for 30 minutes, then hopped onto the elliptical for another 15. I felt sweaty and awesome, and I think I'm going to keep trying to do that, until I'm able to up it to a slow jog on the treadmill. And then so on.

My friend Laura expressed interest in bikram yoga (hot yoga) and mentioned a studio in Takoma Park that offers it. I'm not sure when we're going to try to go, but I am excited to give it a shot. I have been warned by multiple people how much the first session drains you, but they all also said how awesome it felt after. So, there's that.

I'm going to take measurements today, and I'll do a post later about weight and such. For now, though, off to study!
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After several weeks of being way too busy to even think about cooking, I've decided that it is time to get back into the swing of things! Sunday after work I hit up the grocery store to get blackberries for the vodka we're infusing (more on that in a bit) and decided to pick up some stuff for dinner as well. Got a bunch of greens and some tilapia, and ended up making a pan-fried blackened tilapia with an onion and leek salad. Too much onion and leek, not enough lettuce, but still really tasty. And the tilapia- oh god, tilapia is my new favorite fish. The raw fillets feel really weird, like they're dry and kind of tough. But then you start to cook them and the fish just turns so tender and tasty! Om nom nom! Last night I was planning to cook pork tenderloin, but forgot to take it out of the freezer and stick it in the fridge before I left for work. The meat was frozen solid, there was no way I was going to have it thawed in time. So instead I made a pasta with asparagus, peas, onions, garlic, and toasted panka. It was delicious! Tonight is Taco Tuesday, so no cooking. But Wednesday- oh that pork tenderloin is going to be so good!

Still pretty fed up with my debate team in class. It is me and one guy doing all the work for the group, we didn't even hear from the girl who was Team Leader this past week. But whatever, the guy and I carried on a pretty good debate against the other team, and I had a fun time arguing. Even if I didn't really believe in what I was arguing. Ah well. Let me tell you, looking up "global warming hoax" is not fun.

Cut for talk of weight loss )

So, infused vodka! Finally got the tea jar with spigot, and bought a pop-top bottle to pour the finished product into. Decided to start with blackberries (I thought habanero-garlic might be a bit ambitious for a first attempt) and threw 24 oz chopped blackberries in with 750ml of Svedka vodka. Within an hour the vodka had already turned purple, and has continued to darken. [personal profile] greyweirdo, I saw your reply re: infusion time. Most of the websites I read suggested a week for berries, but the uncertainty of the strength of infused flavors is why we got the tea jar- we can pour little test shots after a few days to see how the flavor is coming along! I do hope it is done by Sunday, because I told my mom I'd bring it over for Easter dinner. That's right. She's cooking lamb and asparagus, I'm bringing the vodka.

And that's it! Studying today, then tacos tonight. Rock!

Hot damn!

Mar. 11th, 2012 03:39 pm
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So, that whole post on Wednesday about Unfucking and working on projects and whatnot? Totally did it! Finished Project from Hell on Thursday, then as promised rode to Bethesda. Got back and worked on my GIS reading, quizzes, and conference responses. Friday I did some last-minute research for Project 2, Saturday I banged out 7 pages, and today I finished it off! LIKE A BAMF! Now I'm posting to LJ because I needed a break from homework. I'll probably get up and go clean out the fridge (its a problem) and then settle back in for some work on my GIS lab.

But seriously- finishing these projects and exams meant that I now only have 3 classes between me and my degree. WHAT?!?!?! Ack! Dying here, a little bit. In awesomeness, one of my customers works with a company I would LOVE to work for, and said she'd start passing my name around. Ack in a good way!

On a calmer note, went bowling on Friday night with Palmer and some coworkers. It was a good time, we played Guys v Gals, and us girls beat them 2 out of 3. And in the second game, I scored 2 strikes in a row and had the overall highest score! Rock!

Saturday night we went out with Palmer's family to celebrate his mother's birthday. Dinner was good, we went to Ruby Tuesday, which is apparently trying to totally change its image? It is all "Signature Seafood" and "Premium Steaks" now, it was a bit freaky. But! I had the Asiago Peppercorn Steak and wow, it was pretty damn tasty. And only 400 calories! How did they do that?!

Today I did my manager a favor and went in to work for a few hours. The girl who was scheduled had been fired on Friday, so I went in to work bar and help them through the morning rush. It wasn't too bad, I just focused on the bar and getting drinks out quickly. The shift went by pretty fast, and then I got the hell out of there. After that I picked up Palmer and we went to Elevation Burger for lunch. Oh my god. If there is an Elevation Burger anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and go. Seriously. Delicious.

Weight talk )

And that's it! Cleaning and then more homework, LIKE A BOSS!
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My GIS class has been thwarting me every step of the way this week. First the Census Bureau totally changed their website, meaning that not only was my book out of date, the teacher's updates to the book are now out of date! So I had to email the professor and let her know, which stalled out my progress on Tuesday. Then yesterday, having gotten the correct files, ArcMap starts fucking with me! I tell it to delete identical files, it deletes, like, half the map. I undo it, and I try again. Nothing happens. I try a third time, et voila! But it didn't isolate them like its supposed to, so I couldn't write down the FIDs and Country_IDs for the homework assignment! GAH! So now I'm pausing and taking a deep breath, and when I finish this entry I will get back to work on this stupid stupid map.

I know I sound like I hate this class, but it is really quite interesting. ArcMap is just frustrating. But shiny! Plus, new skill set! Check me out with my GIS skills!

Weight talk )

Tried (and failed) to go to Taco Tuesday this week. Quarry House was jam-packed, so we went across the street to Corporate Bar and Grill, formerly Piratz Tavern. Well. Bar Rescue really screwed them right the fuck over, and I have no idea what they're going to do. But right now they have the old menu, so we got some delicious pirate-y cocktails and some sandwiches, and hung out for a while. Duante and I also took a picture of our angry faces and sent it to Joe, who'd ditched for the second time in a row.

Angry faces:

Ok, enough procrastination, back to my mapping!
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I bought a book! It is the Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting which is a getting-started book for knitting. It takes you through simple projects to more complicated ones (ending with sweaters, omg) but teaches you new techniques with each one. It seems interesting! I still have to finish my friend Chris' Redskins scarf, but then I plan on getting started! Of course, the first project is another scarf, but I'll make this one for me! Thick, chunky yarn in a vibrant color, rock!

I bought a second book! The Urban Biking Handbook which talks about gear and safety for urban biking, but also a bunch of how-to maintenance for your bike. I'd like to be able to tinker with my bike a bit more, so it seemed like a good purchase. And now I want to go bike touring. Not a crazy long trip, but out to the Delaware beaches maybe. (Or maybe just to Sandy Point)

After procrastinating for much of last week, I freaked out and did two papers in two days, including one 10 page paper in 4 hours. Because I'm crazy like that. This week should be a little easier, as I don't have 5 things due on the same day. But I do have to start working on two projects that are due in the next 3 weeks, so that'll be good times. Yup.

Palmer and I were super social this weekend! On Friday we went out to Adams Morgan to celebrate my friend Duante's birthday. I don't really... go clubbing at all, so I was super nervous about going to District, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. There was a big group of his friends there, and everyone was dancing and having a good time, and I ended up dancing for something like 5 hours straight. It was intense! Also, I have discovered that I shouldn't sing when dancing, because if someone snaps a picture of me doing so, I look like an idiot. Sigh. But still, super fun! And then we had Jumbo Slice. I really felt like a DC cliche on Friday, let me tell you.

Saturday after the freak out and the paper writing, we met up with our friends Stuart and Kim for dinner and a movie. Dinner was at Lebanese Taverna, which was delicious. We had drinks at Fire Station, which I don't think any of us will be going back to. It just wasn't that great, and it was super noisy and not in a good way. Then we went and saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which was phenomenal. Palmer wasn't a huge fan, but I loved it. Gary Oldman was amazing, and Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite, seriously. Colin Firth and Mark Strong were wonderful as always, and good lord Tom Hardy is an attractive and talented man. But yes, quite liked it, and I may have to start reading some Peter le Carre novels. I do love me a spy thriller!

Sunday I did more studying, then we went out to dinner with Palmer's mom and brother. We went to a Greek place out in Rockville, which served the largest portions ever. Like, I ordered a sampler which had a bunch of stuff like moussaka and spanakopita, and each "sample" was like a full sized serving! I did not finish it all, needless to say. I have leftovers that I will enjoy for lunch today! Palmer and I also got to meet his mom's new kitten, Cami. So tiny! So rambunctious!

Cut for discussion of weight )

That's about it! Going to do some more studying here at the apartment, then snag some lunch, then bike to Bethesda, do some studying there, and collect the car so I can get to work tomorrow. Tonight we're being social again, going out to Quarry House for Taco Tuesday. I am excite!
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After well over a month of not biking to and from Bethesda, I decided to get back into the swing of things. Between the holidays and my broken toe, I just hadn't had the time or energy. But the holidays are over, my toe is healing, and this is the mildest winter in recent memory, so it seemed that the time was right to get back on the proverbial horse. Well, bike. I biked home from work Monday, biked back to Bethesda Tuesday, and biked home from work again yesterday. Monday and Tuesday were frickin tough, let me tell you. The rides were not nearly as bad as they were when I first started taking this route, but they were harder than they had been before the hiatus. However, on Friday I broke a personal time record for getting home, which was awesome. It was partly inspired by the pedo-van that was driving after me for the last 2 miles, which was less than fun, but definitely got me biking faster. I don't think the van was actually following me, but it gave me a creepster vibe and encouraged me to get to a more populated area, fast. So yes, I made the 5 mile ride in 25 minutes. I know that's not super fast, but considering that 3 of those miles are gravel trail, and 4 of those miles are hills, I think I did pretty good. :)

I have been procrastinating hard-core on school work this week. Idk, I'm just not feeling motivated. I'll get off my ass and get it done, I'm just feeling lazy and blah. Whatever, 3 more months and I'll be done with school. I can bust my ass for that much longer, yeah?

Cut for talk of weight loss )

Can anyone recommend any good yoga videos, either on YouTube or for purchase? The one I have is really hippy-dippy, and while it is a nice set of poses, it is also kinda boring after one or two times.

Ok. I need to do my conference responses, and at least 1 page of my request to conduct research. If I do those, then I can watch White Collar! Yay, Neal Caffrey! (Matt Bomer is a fox, what can I say? And Peter and Neal's epic friendship/bromance doesn't hurt either!)
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My broken toe is slowly but surely recovering as the days go by. Last week there were several days where I had to wear the post op shoe because my toe had swollen up, and there was even one day when I had to ask Palmer to drive to Bethesda so he could bring my shoe to me at work. Not the best day. But it has been getting better, and I've been able to start exercising again. I started off slowly, sticking to the stationary bike followed by weights. Yesterday I was feeling lucky, and decided to try hopping on the elliptical. Oh, elliptical. How I've missed you so! It was AWESOME! Did 25 minutes, felt disgusting and was dripping with sweat afterwards, it was phenomenal. And then I did weights, focusing on my arms. I'll do legs today or tomorrow. But yes. I feel great!

Cut for specific talk about weight )

Anyhow, on to academia. Classes have started (I am procrastinating on reading right now!) and they seem like they will go ok. A lot of work, and a lot of information to cram into my head over an 8 week period. But it should be interesting.

I have finally applied for graduation! My adviser emailed me this morning (and then called) to let me know that my degree evaluation had been completed, that I had enough credits to graduate this spring, and that I should go ahead and apply for graduation. So I have! ROCK! I also edited my name in the system, just to make sure that my full name appears on my diploma. None of this first name, last name shit. I worked hard, and they are going to put my middle name on there, dammit! Plus, my middle name is awesome. So there.

In terrifying news, I've started peeking around various websites looking for job openings in my field. And there is one in the EPA- they do an "intensive two year program" for new graduates that seems to be basically exactly what I want. Applications open up in March, and they only take 30-40 people per year. But those who are accepted get a major foothold, not to mention being paid in the 7-9 range. (I looked it up, that is a good range to get paid in) So. Come March I will be applying, and then I will be having constant nervous breakdowns until I hear back. Good times!

I have seriously procrastinated enough for today, I'm going to sit down and get to work. Ciao!
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Yesterday was an adventure, and not in a good way. Palmer and I had decided to start having Goblin professionally groomed, simply because he was starting to mat on his lower belly, and the fur on the back of his rear legs was getting crap (literally) caught in it. So yesterday I drove Palmer to work, so that I could use his car to take Goblin in for grooming. I get Goblin there just fine, and the sanitary grooming only takes 10 minutes. On the drive back to our apartment, I notice a police officer driving behind me, but don't think much of it. After all, I am going the speed limit, and since its raining I have my lights on. No worries, yeah? Oh no. Lights go on, and I pull over. The officer comes up to the car, and asks if I know that I'm driving on expired tags.

Uhhhh, no?! Oh yes. Apparently Palmer's tags expired back in September, and he hadn't known. Why hadn't he known? Because apparently changing your address with USPS doesn't mean that the Motor Vehicle Association registers that change. So all the notifications of tag expiry went to Palmer's FORMER residence. Rock. Anyhow, the officer was actually quite nice, and I think saw that from my panicked reaction (not to mention searching frantically for Palmer's registration) convinced him that I was truly unaware of the expired tags. So he let me off with a warning, and actually told me how to renew tags online. So. Alls well that ends well. Though it is ridiculous that Palmer has been driving his car for 4 months with the expired tags and not gotten pulled over, and I drive it for one day and get flagged down by a cop. Sigh.

My poor, poor triceps were tight and sore all yesterday, and through much of today. However, I sucked it up, and got back on the weight machines. This time, though I did more machines, I did much lighter weights, and I think that is the way to go. My arms are still sore, but there was no jelly feeling after my workout today.

Classes started yesterday, and I've gotten one class's reading done already. The second class has SIX CHAPTERS of reading, so I guess I'll get a start on that tomorrow. Joy.

Tomorrow is also my hair dye appointment. I'm wondering if she's actually going to do anything drastic, considering that my stylist barely took anything off last time. I have the sneaking suspicion that they want me available for the spring workshop, which means keeping me basic. Well, whatever. Free is free.

I think that's about it!
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Thanks to my broken toe, I've been unable to exercise since last Saturday. And since my New Year's Resolution included more exercise, this has been frustrating, to say the least. Well, my toe has been feeling steadily better, so I decided to give the whole "working out" thing a try again today. I didn't want to re-damage my toe, so I avoided impact activities like running and elliptical. Instead I hopped on the stationary bike and worked out on that for 20 minutes. It was a good workout, I sweated, I approved. And then I decided to do some weights. The bike had only really worked on my legs, so I thought that doing some upper body weight work would be a good idea.

Oh. My. God. Its been about 2 years since the last time I did weights, and boy do my arms feel it. Seriously, my muscles are all weak and trembly, and my arms feel like jelly. It is not super fun. It isn't painful, so that's good, but it isn't the best thing that's happened. Mostly because I'm now restricted to a T-Rex's range of motion. Not so great, actually.

My classes start tomorrow, as I've mentioned, and one I post this I plan to get a head start and read the first chapter of my Emergency Management book. Should be interesting! Business Writing, on the other hand, looks horrifying. Ah well. Wish me luck!
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Weight Loss )

In other news, I have successfully cooked fish! I've never cooked fish before, and was nervous about doing so, but I rocked it, if I may say so myself. I did blackened tilapia with steamed carrots. It was mad tasty! In fact, we're having the leftovers tonight. But not with steamed carrots. Palmer is grabbing a microwavable side, because I should not be on my feet today. And why is that?

Clicky! )

I have no idea how to wrap up this entry so I'm just going to stop writing. There! That solves that!
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I believe I mentioned that I've started experimenting with nail art, and that I would post pictures at some point. Well, this is that point!

Nail Art: A Progression )

Dieting is going well. My friend Lauren recommended an Android app called My Fitness Pal. You input weight, height, and desired rate of weight loss (between .5 lbs a week and 2 lbs a week) and your daily level of activity. It then calculates the calories you should be consuming to reach your fitness goal. The app also has a pretty large database of standard foods, plus you can create your own listings as well. So far (what, 4 days in?) its going well. This weekend I'll probably enlist Palmer's help to take "before" pictures, and on Sunday I'll post an update on actual weight loss.

Tomorrow I have an advising appointment, so I'll make sure that I'm set for graduation at the end of the semester. Wish me luck!

Also, I need a tag for nail art. Suggestions?
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Had lunch with previously mentioned friend at the Chinese buffet. Either I've been building that place up in my head over the last year, or their quality has gone significantly down. Regardless, they put tripe in my pho. DO NOT WANT INTESTINES, PLEASE KAY THANKS! It was unpleasant, and totally ruined the pho. Blech. Icky rubbery bits that look like white cat tongues. Gross!

I think that the universe (and my coworkers) are conspiring to ensure that I do not work with Annoying Coworker. Excellent! I was supposed to work with him today, but come 8am, Coworker Blond walks into the store and clocks in! And I love Coworker Blond! Mostly, as I told him, for his boyish good looks and charming personality. I then agreed to stop calling him "BoyBand" and instead refer to him as either Kurt (Cobain) or Dogtown (,Lords of). Look, he has swoopy hair and a lip ring, its not my fault I'm hilariously mean!

Speaking of me being mean, I think that people think I'm joking when I warn them I'm mean. They really shouldn't think that. It isn't that I'm cruel, or vindictive, but at work, I'm tough. Like, I've been there two years, I have ways that I like things done, and if you keep fucking with my routine, I'm not going to be super nice to you! Some people adapt. Owner's Daughter got snapped at her first shift because she DID NOT LISTEN the first few times I told her something. But after that, we've gotten along quite well, and Owner's Daughter has told Owner that she loves working with me because I "run a tight ship." Talkative Coworker, who I used to butt heads with due to his aforementioned talkative nature, now regularly calls me the "hardest working employee" of the coffee shop. So whatever. I'm mean, but I back up my expectations with my own performance. Adapt, or GTFO.

I think I need to start doing yoga again. I've been noticing that my muscles (especially back and leg) get really tight after I work a shift. So I think I'm going to restart yoga to try and stretch myself out and prevent any soreness.

Started on Fitocracy thanks to [ profile] audacian, and I like it so far! I'll keep it up, see if it still works and is fun. A lot easier to have a website that logs my workouts than making a spreadsheet like I did last year. Good times!

That's about it! Til next time!
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Saturday started off with a rough day at work. Nothing wrong with any of the people I was working with, but 2 of them are new hires and the other does not work bar. Which meant that I had to run the shift, get change, make sure people were doing their various tasks, and handle all the drinks on the espresso bar. Fun. Apparently I was looking more and more annoyed between the hours of 8 and 9, because several people asked if I was ok. Oops. At 9, another employee arrived and began doing a whole lot of things that had been sliding, and eventually took over bar for me so I could run outside for a break. After that, things got better.

That evening, Palmer & I went out to dinner (mmm, sushi!) and then went over to the Dome to hang with friends. It was a good time, much quieter than last weekend, and I got to see a few people I hadn't in a while. I was the designated, so I woke up Sunday feeling just fine. Palmer, not so much.

Sunday morning we went to Einstein Bros to have bagels, then walked over to Strosneiders Hardware to take a look at shelf brackets. Basically, we're constructing a hutch for our flat screen out of two existing bookcases and a piece of lumber, and we needed to know what kind of brackets we'd need in order to do so safely. Safely meaning, the cats can walk across the piece of lumber without causing everything to come crashing down onto the television. Anyhow, we talked to the employees and they advised us on the proper brackets, which we purchased, and suggested locking nuts to hold them in place instead of screws. Palmer will be going by there at some point to get them, because we're trying to have this thing constructed by the end of the week.

Sunday night was Death Cab for Cutie! It was fairly awesome. :D The concert was at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and we had actual seats instead of lawn. Good call us! Except for how freaking hot it was under the pavilion, exacerbated by the rather large gentleman sitting to my right and blocking the slight breeze that had been reaching me before. Thankfully, he and his son moved farther back, I assume because he was as uncomfortable as I was. We stayed in our seats for Frightened Rabbits, who were good in a Mumford & Sons way, then escaped into the open air during the set break. When we came back, we decided to sit further back where we could still see ok, but had much more breathing room. And Death Cab was fucking awesome. They played a bunch of songs from their new album, they played License & Registration as well as Soul Meets Body, and then they closed the encore with Sound of Settling followed by Transatlanticism. It was epic.

Today I'm doing homework (fucking research paper group project goddammit), but earlier I went down to the fitness center to work out. I've gained weight back, and that fucking sucks, so I've decided enough of this shit, let's work out! Between the treadmill and the elliptical, I "ran" 4.5 miles. Go me! I was dripping sweat by the time I was done, but I felt awesome.

And that's about it!


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