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Like the title implies, there are teh dramaz at work. We have a new manager, who has no experience in coffee shops, my equivalent at the other store walked out after the owners cut his wage, and another employee refuses to learn, listen, or improve, yet thinks he's the shit.

So there's that! The first one is my problem because I'm the one not only training the manager, but hearing all the complaints about him. The second one is NOT my problem, because I do not make the schedule and I would have done the exact same fucking thing in that situation. The third is partially my problem, because I have to work with him, but I'm planning on sitting the new manager down and having a frank talk with him about this other employee.

Because, seriously. He's been here over a month, yet still makes basic mistakes, doesn't do tasks when directly asked, gets snappy when corrected, and still managed to brag about how he's so awesome. Whatever. I've now heard complaints from every person who has worked with him, so I know its not just me. And I've also found out that said coworker tried to complain ABOUT ME to another supervisor, saying that I was "rough" on him when we worked together. But I also heard that the supervisor (who is my equal, he just does the closing shifts) shot him down, saying that he didn't want to hear gossip about me, that if the coworker had an issue he should take it up with me, and that if I was being hard on him, there was probably a damn good reason. Needless to say, I thanked my coworker for having my back. :)

Now for something completely different!

In an attempt to be less of a hermit, I've been trying to socialize more. So on Saturday, while Palmer was participating in bachelor party shenanigans (playing paintball and drinking) (also, not HIS bachelor party, jsyk) I managed to hang out with not only my friend Elle (who filled me in on LOTS of drama) but also my friend Chris (the aforementioned equivalent who walked out on his job). Good times! I also had lunch today with a friend from work, and have plans for lunch tomorrow with a friend from Chinese class two years ago. So. Trying to actually reach out and hang with people, so that i don't become a sad hermit in my apartment alone reading Suits fanfic.

Did I mention I'm into Suits?


Jan. 17th, 2011 06:43 pm
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Will someone PLEASE explain to me why the BBC Pride and Prejudice is not available for streaming on Netflix? Palmer and I are TERRIBLE about Netflix DVDs, I don't want to put it in our queue! If there were any justice in the world, I could have Colin Firth streaming on my computer screen RIGHT NOW!

/Here ends the rant solely about a first world problem.

(Though the proper term is developed nation problem. First and third world are problematic terms.)


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