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On Instagram:

Palmer: So, does putting a filter on things automatically make it art?
Suze: I don't think so, no.
Palmer: So I can't just put a filter on a turd and call it art? What if I make it green?

Palmer: Ok, I've put it on Instagram, I really hope no one is following me.
Suze: I'm following you, and that's disgusting.
Palmer: I know! The filter makes it look extra grungy!
Suze: Yeah, its disgusting.
Palmer: I am so proud of this. I'm sending it to Eric!
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*As I'm eating an English muffin*
Palmer: What is that you've got on your muffin?
Suze: Strawberry.
Palmer: Strawberry what? Jam, jelly, preserves, marmalade, what?
Suze: Strawberry preserves.
Palmer: Why not jam? What's so wrong with jam? What do you have against jam?
Suze: Strawberry preserves are my jam.
Palmer: think you're so funny.
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Palmer: Oh, you have a Tumblr now? You've become one of those people.
Suze: Whatever. Clearly I need to follow more tumblrs, because it is unacceptable that my Dashboard hasn't been updated.
Palmer: Oh my.
Suze: Look, I'm not sure you understand- there are a lot of GIFs, ok?
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Palmer: I didn't mean it, I only said that to rile you. And I was wildly successful!
*Palmer turns back to his computer*
*Suze starts the Death Glare (TM) and maintains*
*After 30 seconds, Palmer turns to look, and jumps*
Palmer: Jesus! Was that really necessary?
Suze: Worth it!!
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Watching the first episode of Breaking Bad, and Walt has just collapsed.
Palmer: I don't want you to worry- he's not dead.
Suze: I know, he has cancer.
Palmer: *blank look*
Suze: It's the whole premise of the series!
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While watching a Geico commercial-
Actor in commercial: I am the very model of a modern Major-General/I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral/I know the Kings of England and... uh...
Palmer: I quote the fights historical/From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical. I mean, come on!
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Suze: So basically, a few months ago... [stumbles over words]... meh meh meh.
Palmer: ...ok?
Suze: If I were a professional actor, I'd be awesome for gag reels.
Palmer: You do make fun noises.
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Palmer, quoting Scrubs: It's pronounced analgesic, sir. The pills go in your mouth.
Suze: I'm so glad I've never had to put pills up my butt.
Palmer: ...I don't think that's a controversial opinion.
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Palmer: So you want me to pour you a glass of a wine you don't like?
Suze: No, I bought Yellowtail, of which I've had two glasses.
Palmer: I can tell.
Suze: Look-
Palmer: I did look, that's how I could tell!

Suze on BSG

Apr. 9th, 2011 04:05 pm
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Spoilers for Battlestar Season One )

(Also, omg Jamie Bamber, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?! Hot damn!)
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Palmer: Edward James Olmos is such a teddy bear of a commander!
Suze: Huh?
Palmer: I just want to squeeze him!
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Palmer: I also have tiny little pizzas. I know how you like tiny little pizzas!
Suze: Very true.
Palmer: I mean, who doesn't like tiny little pizzas?
Suze: Heathens.
Palmer: Yeah! God-damned heathens!
Suze: ...that's what makes them heathens...

Palmer: Damn, I wish Stuart hadn't turned off his computer before he left.
Suze: Indeed.
Palmer: Now we can't switch his home page to goatse!
Suze: I'm blogging this.
Palmer: Oh well, at least I can still mushroom-stamp his keyboard!
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Suze: Sweetheart, will you grab me a beer?
Palmer: Sure thing babe.
*Palmer re-enters living room, holds beer on crotch*
Palmer: Is this the beer you wanted?
Suze: Can I see your beer babe? I promise I won't put it on my crotch.
Palmer: Ok, just because I'm curious.
*Suze takes beer, sets it on the cat on her lap*
Suze: Don't worry, I'm just going to put it on my pussy.
Palmer: You think you're so clever.

Regarding The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Suze: You know honestly, I didn't see the relationship between Edmund and Caspian as brotherly affection.
Palmer: Oh no, they were totally about to make out.
Suze: Ok! I'm so glad you agree with me!
Palmer: Oh yeah, that scene where they were putting the armor on? Totally preceded by handies.
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Palmer: Though I didn't realize that one Glee actor was so old, he's like 30.
Suze: Babe, he's about 27, he's our age.
Palmer: Your age, maybe, I'm 25.
Suze: You'll be 26 in less than a month!
Palmer: But now I'm 25. I am in my mid-twenties.
Suze: Yeah, well pretty soon you'll be in your late twenties.
Palmer: No, I'll be in my mid-twenties until I'm 29 and a half. Then I'll be like, MY GOD, I'M OLD!!!

Palmer: So I was transferring a file between my two laptops, and I was listening to The Fountainhead soundtrack. It was so cool!
Suze: ...ok.
Palmer: No, cause like, the music built to a crescendo as the file was finishing the transfer, it was awesome! It was like the Dark Side of the Moon, but with The Fountainhead and file sharing!
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While discussing the recent riots and potential coup in Ecuador:

Palmer: I've got a great idea for a sitcom about coups.
Suze: Oh, do you?
Palmer: It'd be called Coup's The Boss!

Suze: What does coup d'etat even mean? Something about power?
Palmer: Well I think "etat" means head...
Suze: Oh, so maybe "cutting off the head"?
Palmer: *in a snobby voice* In the original Latin, yes.
Suze: "Coup d'etat" is French.
Palmer: As I said, in the Latin...
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Suze: I think I've figured out what the overarching plot (of Supernatural) is.
Palmer: Incestuous love between brothers?
Suze: If only!
Palmer: *laughs*
Suze: No, but really-
Palmer: Giving each other handies while fighting demons?
Suze: That seems impractical.
Palmer: You know what is impractical? Getting married on a ship caught in a whirlpool while you fight the undead!
Suze: You did not just reference Pirates of the Caribbean 3.
Palmer: But it happened!

I'm Alive!

Jul. 6th, 2010 01:44 pm
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I promise! I know I've disappeared and not posted, but I am still alive! (And in your journals, reading your entries. Via my flist, so stop being creeped out, kay?)

Florida happened. I will write an actual post about this tonight or tomorrow night, complete with pictures! Mostly of birds, but still, pictures!

It is painfully hot in DC today, and will continue to be so for days. We're under heat advisory (though not Code Red yet, so I still have to pay to ride the bus), and in PG and Montgomery counties they are under water restrictions. Lost of suburbanites pissed off about their dead lawns, but oh well!

Today I'm chilling in Silver Spring, waiting for the World Cup game to start. After that I'll head home, paint my nails, and get psyched for pub quiz. (Also, I'm pretty excited about my new nail polish colors- butter yellow, pinkish plum, and jade green. Pretty!)

Last night, after rescuing a beetle from the mailbox and its certain death, I placed it on a climbing vine on the side of the house. It then proceeded to determinedly climb the vine, which ended about a foot up.

Me: What happens when it reaches the top of the vine?
Palmer: Profit?

I love my boyfriend.
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Two conversations...

Suze: I do love Adam Lambert!
Palmer: Its kind of ridiculous how America thinks he's so controversial.
Suze: I know, right? I mean, he kisses a boy, America freaks out. Britney and Madonna kiss...
Palmer: And everyone thinks its the best thing ever! But Adam Lambert does it and suddenly people are like, "My God, he's recruiting!"

Palmer: Do you think farmers make jokes about shucking corn? Like, shuck you! Or, I shucked your mom!
Suze: Go shuck yourself!
Palmer: Aw, fucks. I mean, what?


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