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First things first - I am shocked and sickened by what is happening in Ferguson right now. I highly recommend reading Shakesville's article, and reading #ferguson on Twitter. But be prepared to get angry, not just at what is happening, but at what is being said.

I'm just going to leave that up there, because smarter people than me have discussed it much better than I ever could.

Onto personal things.

We're adopting a dog! We met her over the weekend, she was spayed this week, and we're picking her up tonight! Her name is Coco, she's a pitbull/boxer mix, 3 years old, about 50 pounds. Sweet, sweet girl who is supposed to be good with cats, other dogs, and kids. The adoption center recommends we keep her separated from the cats for 10 days, so we have her crate, food and water dishes, etc set up in our spare bedroom. We'll spend plenty of time with her in there, but we want her to have a safe space while she and the cats get used to each others smells and noises. I am really excited, a little nervous, and crossing my fingers that Loki and Goblin don't hate us forever. I'll post a picture in a few days - the only one I have is a screengrab off the adoption site, and not the best. But yay, doggie!

Unpacking, sorting, and furnishing continues apace. We now have an armchair and ottoman to go with our couch, along with some lovely lamps. Of course, Goblin has already inserted claws into the ottoman. Not surprising. Now we just need to reupholster our old armchair, and get a coffee table, side tables, and a floor lamp. And our living room will be done!

Trying to figure out what to do with the yard. Back yard will remain mostly grass (cause of doggie!) but the front yard needs some sprucing up. Thinking maybe a crape myrtle on one side and planting wildflowers on the other... the less grass, the better. We'll see!

And that's it. Dog pictures in a few days!
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You know what's the worst? A cold in the middle of summer. Especially a cold that you get a few days before you go to the beach for a long weekend. That's what I had to deal with this past weekend; snot, coughing, and other lovely cold symptoms.

Actually, the whole weekend was a bit of a clusterfuck health-wise. I actually felt a bit better when we got to the beach. Still had to blow my nose and take medicine, but didn't feel beat down like I did during the worst of it. But over the weekend I managed to scrape my toe on a tack strip (it looks really gross right now, let me tell you), cut my finger while chopping veggies (not seriously, but still), and gouge my finger with own nail while catching a football. I am grace personified, let me tell you.

But other than that stuff, we had a great time! Got to the beach all three days, though we quickly got rained out on the second day. And since we stayed at our friends' house in Berlin, MD (instead of renting a place in Ocean City like we normally do) we ended up going to the beach at Assateague. Wild horses! I also got to do a "photo shoot" with their dog, a gorgeous greyhound. Hopefully with a little more practice I'll be ready to go volunteer at shelters and take photos of the adoptable animals. (If you want to see some of the photos I've taken so far, check out my Flickr gallery.)

We got home late last night, and I pretty much passed out right away. Unfortunately my cold has moved into the "hacking cough" stage, which is not fun, and I woke up a few times during the night. I feel slightly better today, but am still coughing a lot. Hopefully this is the end of it, and tomorrow I'll wake up feeling fine and dandy.

And that's about it!
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Wow, it has been way too long since I've actually posted something. A TON has happened, so let's get cracking!

Hair Stuff )

We Bought a House! )

Cut for discussion of weight )

So that's the big stuff. Everything else is going well. Work is good. Cats are good. We'd like to adopt a dog shortly - probably in the next few weeks. With a huge yard like ours, we pretty much have to, right? :-)

I'll also try to update more often. 3 months is a ludicrous absence, and I love LJ. Even when they eff with the layout and other stuff.

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 I decided to change things up! I like my natural color, but it had been way too long since I'd done something really crazy. (Like, 8 years too long!) So I went to Vidal a few weeks ago and asked to go blond! There's one more step after this, but that's a surprise. Keep your eyes peeled next week though...

sparkfrost with somewhat dark hairsparkfrost with blond highlightsSparkfrost with Blond hair

So yes! Some blond ambition right there! Currently my hair is a wee bit traumatized from the bleach, so I'm experimenting with the shamphree lifestyle. Not fully, cause my hair starts to look gross after a few days, but reducing the amount that I shampoo. Plus, I've been using some product that is supposed to add volume to my roots, but also lets me push my hair back to look at slick and awesome. Which is fun! After all this craziness I may go back to the color in the middle. I really liked it, it was fun, and didn't take too much effort to get to. Maybe in the fall...

In other news, Palmer and I are house hunting. We hope to have a place soon, definitely by mid-summer. Staying in the same area we are now, but probably a little farther out because of cost. We've sent all our paperwork in, so once we have a preapproval the hunting will begin in earnest. Meanwhile Zillow has become my new favorite website, as I peek at all the houses in our area and lust over many of them. Wish us luck! The market's tough right now, so we need all the luck we can get!

What else... Been having fun with the camera Palmer gave me for Christmas! Took some pictures out at the Potomac yesterday during our hike, I'll try to link to them shortly. Also took pictures at the National Aquarium a few weeks ago, some of which turned out very well. Now I just have to edit them all!

And that's it, I think. Seeing Captain America Tuesday with friends. Excited for Once Upon a Time tonight and THEN - OH THEN - Game of Thrones is back! SO EXCITED! Ahem. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!
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EDIT: BAM! Bingo! But I'll keep going, cause hey - maybe I can block off the whole thing!

So I have blatantly stolen this from [personal profile] channonyarrow because it looked awesome! Should be fun trying to fill it out (especially since I've already fulfilled some of the squares this year). 

A book with more than 500 Pages.A Forgotten ClassicA Book that Became a MovieA Book Published this YearA Book with a Number in the Title
A Book Written by Someone Under ThirtyA Book with Non-Human CharactersA Funny BookA Book by a Female AuthorA Book with a Mystery
A Book with a One-Word TitleA Book of Short StoriesFree SquareA Book Set on a Different ContinentA Book of Non Fiction
The First Book by a Favorite AuthorA book you Heard About OnlineA Best-Selling BookA Book Based on a True StoryA Book at the Bottom of your To Be Read Pile
A Book Your Friend LovesA Book that Scares YouA Book that is More Than 10 Years OldThe Second Book in a SeriesA Book with a Blue Cover

And wow, that table was a pain in the ass. Anyhow! As I fill the squares I'll change the color of the text, and then put the title below. Sound good? Awesome.

A Book With More than 500 Pages: City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments
A Book That Became a Movie: The Maze Runner
A Book With Non-Human Characters: Zoo City
A Book by A Female Author: The Girl Who Chased the Moon
A Book With A Mystery: The Peach Keeper
A Book Set on a Different Continent: Roses Under the Miombo Trees: An English Girl in Rhodesia
A Book of NonFiction: Sister Queens: The Noble, Tragic Lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana, Queen of Castile
A Book You Heard About Online: The Shining Girls
A Book Based on a True Story: The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival
The Second Book in a Series: City of Ashes: The Mortal Instruments Book 2
A Book That is More Than 10 Years Old: Morvern Callar
A Book of Short Stories: For The Relief of Unbearable Urges
A Book With A Blue Cover: If I Stay


Feb. 19th, 2014 08:08 pm
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Last week at this time, it was snowing, and DC was braced for the most snowfall we'd seen in four years. This week, it got up to 60 degrees and for the first time this winter, I wore shoes that aren't boots! Ah, Maryland weather. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Work is starting to ramp up. We've signed on to film four episodes of a television show, we've got a bunch of clients wanting us to do video series for them, and we're trying to start production on a documentary film this year. Remember what I said about feeling like a fraud? Some days that goes away, but others it comes roaring back. How the hell am I going to manage the production on a film? Well, fake it til you make it!

We've spent the last weeks pretty much glued to the Olympics. Even for sports we don't care about. But damn, would it kill NBC to show some curling during prime time? I mean, I love the snowboard and ski events, and ice skating is lovely, but I want to watch some weird sports, ok?

Busy time coming up, but exciting. I'll try to keep posting, sorry if they're rambling like this one is.
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Despite the warnings all over social media and Buzzfeed, once Palmer downloaded Flappy Bird I knew I had to try it. I am a bit obsessed. My current high score (achieved tonight!) is 58, which I'm quite proud of. I'd like to breach 60 in the next few days, we'll see how that goes. The nice thing is, I don't seem to have been overcome by the rage that has infested (apparently) every other person who has played this game. At least, judging from the reviews on the Google app store.

My books challenge is going well! I'm quite ahead so far, and would like to continue my pace so I more than meet my goal. I've been reading a lot of books by the same few authors; Sarah Addison Allen, Lauren Beaukes, and Cassandra Clare. Yeah, I know Clare has a shitty history in fandom, but it's not like I'm paying for her books. The miracle of e-book libraries! That being said, I read the first three of Clare's Mortal Instruments series, and found them enjoyable. I couldn't understand why there were in the series, and when I read the reviews, decided I didn't want to continue. Complete changes in characterization and a new narrative voice? Eh.

I fought a cold all last week, which was less than pleasant. I ended up staying home on Thursday, drank several gallons of water, and felt much better the next day. Saturday my company tabled at an internship fair. I attended the fair as a job seeker last year, and it was a little odd to be manning a table this year. Especially because of how young everyone was! Little babies! Ok, yes, young adults ready to enter the workplace, but still. Babies! Oh, especially this kid who I chatted with for a few minutes. So young and enthusiastic, I couldn't even deal. Precious!

That's about it. Watching the Olympics a bit, trying to cook more often, etc etc. Obviously I've failed at updating frequently in January, but I'll work on it in February.
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This week at work I'm all by my lonesome. The guys have been on Jam Cruise all week, hired to film the music festival and create daily videos about life on the boat. Which is great! They love jam bands, they're working, they've avoided the polar vortex that's swept over the United States... all good.

Except they've left me here alone to manage production on an upcoming project. And so far I'm handling it, I'm pleased, I think the clients are pleased, but damn do I feel like a fraud. I was a science major for Christ's sake, I know nothing about production except the little I've learned over the past few months. Gah! So yeah, I just feel a little like a fake as I have conference calls and schedule production days and talk about storyboarding. Oh well. It'll pass. Just have to keep working until I'm not faking it!
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Keeping on with my tradition of goals instead of resolutions, here are mine for the upcoming year.

1. Read One Book Every Week

I made this goal last year, and almost succeeded. 51 books read! This year, I'd like to try again. Because any way you cut it, that's a lot more books than I read when I didn't set that goal for myself. So yeah, read ALL THE BOOKS!

2. Lose Those Last 20-ish Pounds

Compared to where I was two years ago, I am really happy with my body and overall health. However, I gained weight after the wedding, and thus I am still about 20 pounds over my healthy weight range. (Ok, 15-20 pounds). Regardless, over the next few months I need to get back into the swing of working out and eating healthily.

3. Actually Use My Shiny New Toys

I got some excellent Christmas presents this year, including a DSLR camera and a Brother Free Arm Sewing Machine. So my goal is to regularly *use* them. I already played around with the camera, taking pictures of the Smithsonian sculpture gardens and DC sparrows. But I need to find a place to set up my sewing machine, and then actually get to sewing. No letting it gather dust!

4. Eat Homemade At Least 4 Nights a Week

Exceptions will obviously be made if we have a ton of evening plans and the like, but I'd really like to get back into cooking. Yesterday I made a slow-cooker beef and barley soup, and today I've got a pot roast in there. Tomorrow I probably won't cook, but there will be leftovers. And then Friday I can cook again! Basically, I'm tired of eating out at the same three places, and would like to improve my cooking skills and (hopefully) my health.

5. Blog More Regularly

I don't want to set myself impossible goals, but I really slowed down on the blogging this year. I'd like to aim for once a week - it isn't too big a commitment, but gives me something solid to work toward. Yeah. Once a week is a good goal.

Alright! Those are my goals! Like in 2013, I'll be keeping track of my books read in a forward-dated post here as well as over on Goodreads, if you want to follow along. And if you have any book or sewing project suggestions, I'm all ears!
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One of my goals for 2013 was to read one book for every week of the year. Ambitious, yes. And since I didn't trust myself to remember every book I'd read throughout the year, I kept track both here and on Goodreads. All my mini reviews are below, as well as their Amazon links. Just in case I piqued your interest!

Keeping Track )
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Bwah, ok - less than one month to go before the wedding, and I had my first horrific breakdown Friday before last. It was great, let me tell you! Basically, I was feeling two things. 1)Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF that has to get done, and 2)Realizing that this is not at all the wedding I wanted and that its too late to change any of it! Hooray! Well. Planning wise, we've gotten a lot of stuff done, checking shit off the list is incredibly satisfying. Wedding-I-want-wise, well - I'm not paying for it, so it isn't really my wedding anyway. It'll be pretty, the food will be good, and I just have to remember that.

Planning wise - we got the cake, my head piece has arrived, we have the rehearsal dinner set, we got the flowers, we have dance lessons, we sent in the RSVPs. Though several of those have their own drama. Still to do - seating chart and escort cards, finalize the playlist, finalize the ceremony, make sure my brother in law can legally PERFORM the ceremony. Other stuff too, but that's the big stuff.

Also, lose the last little bit of weight before the wedding. Gah. I keep doing really well, then eating kinda shitty and drinking too many beers over the weekend. I mean, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at - but it'd be nice to be a few pounds less.

Had the bridal shower on Saturday! It was good times, family and friends, tasty food, lovely presents. Also got the thank you notes out today, LIKE A BAMF! I am not gonna be one of those brides who waits until the year is up before sending notes - those things are going out the second I get the gift (pre-wedding) because I DO NOT WANT that stress!

Buh. Like, 25 days to go, I'm dying. Also, got shade thrown at me when getting my passport. The guy (who was otherwise very nice) just "didn't understand" that I'm not taking Palmer's name. DEAL WITH IT. Palmer is fine with it, so you, random stranger, should have NO OPINION ON THE MATTER.

Ahem. What's up with you?
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So, I bought a car? When I graduated last year, my parents made it clear that they were willing to assist me financially in buying a car, as they'd done for my sisters when they graduated college. It was an incredibly generous offer, but I asked if I could wait for a while, until I had a job more permanent (and higher paying) than the coffee shop. They graciously agreed. Well, as you may know, I now have three jobs, each of which paying more than the coffee shop did. What you might not know is that they're all over the County, and public transportation can be a bitch. While its not a problem when I only need to go to a single location in a day, it quickly becomes a major issue when I need to get to multiple locations. I end up spending hours on public transport and waiting for public transport, and its very frustrating. So! I asked my parents if they were still willing to help me get a car, and they were! The amount they gave me was more than generous, and was enough to buy a year or two old used car. But while researching, I discovered that the cars I was interested in keep their value quite well - so a two of three year old car is still quite expensive! After more research, and some lengthy talks with Palmer, we decided that I should take out a small loan and use it to make up the difference to get a new car.

And so I did! I bought a 2014 Nissan Versa Note in white, and its awesome! I bought it last Saturday, and my life has been SO MUCH SIMPLER over the past week. Instead of checking bus schedules and waiting outside in the heat, I've been driving - its pretty amazing! And since it gets really good gas mileage, I'm not too worried about blowing a lot of money on fuel!

I'm just - guys, I own a car. I'm 29 years old and this is the first car that's ever been mine, and with some clever financing and bargaining, I only owe $2500 on it! GAH! AMAZEBALLS! Ahem. Sorry.

Anyhow, yay car!
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Ok, I can do this whole "writing" thing, right? After all, I now (pretty much) write for a living, so writing a blog I've had for 10+ years shouldn't be that hard, right? Right!

So. Wedding planning is going apace. My mom and I took Palmer's mom out shopping yesterday for a "mother of the groom dress." It was a good time! We wandered around Macy's a bit, picked out a few dresses, then asked a saleslady for help. She picked out this beautiful purple lacy three quarter sleeve dress that Susan absolutely loved, and BAM! Dress bought! We then went to go get her some appropriate shoes (that she could actually walk in) and while doing that I managed to find a pair of shoes for myself! For the wedding. I am still going to get a back-up pair, because I don't want to wear heels for 5 hours. But! I have some shoes!

Some friends and I have started a book club. Really, its a "Lets Drink Some Fucking Cocktails" and read club, but whatever. We're starting with Italo Calvino's "If On a Winter's Night a Traveler" which should be interesting. Had to buy it, cause the library didn't have it in ebook format, and only has 2 copies in book format, neither of which were available. I shall start tomorrow!

Bought a dress for the bridal shower, its cute and I'll be able to wear it to other occasions. Got Palmer his tux, and picked out the tuxes for the guys. So things are... coming along. Blargh.

Man. I need to get back into this writing for pleasure thing, cause this is rough!

More later, when I feel more motivated.
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Let my paid LJ account expire, which is fine, but now I miss my icons. :-( I may need to delete everything and pick my fave 6 to reupload, because all of icons are angry now. Well. Many are angry! Oh, icons. The only reason to have a paid account on LJ. Well, and the polls. Those were pretty good.

I was about to say its been a busy weekend, but that would be a lie. We did go to the farmers' market yesterday, got some peaches (SO GOOD) and some summer vegetables. Tonight I made a spicy mustard marinade for chicken breasts, and roasted squash with olive oil and rosemary. Pretty good... the veggies needed more salt.

I went to yoga sculpt this morning with my sister, and have realized that my muscles, which I thought were strong, are truly weak and flabby. Sigh. But it was a great workout! Might try to incorporate a sculpt class into my practice. I'd like sculpted arms in time for the wedding...

Took the invitation template to the store, they're in the process of being printed now. I'm annoyed, because I thought they would be done by Friday, but oh well. Que sera, sera.

Busy week this coming week - three days at the production company, plus one day at the roasting plant. Barbecues on the Fourth as well as Saturday, should be good times! As long as it doesn't storm all week, as predicted. Yay.

That's it! Off to drink a beer and watch True Blood. Yes folks, this is as good as it gets.
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Things are progressing. Got the corset and Spanx for the wedding dress, so now we can make an appointment for alterations. Went to the printer today and ordered invitations - they should be done by Friday. I have updated the website to include dinner options, and I am in the process of uploading everyone into the site so they can pull up the exact names in their party. I am waiting on the addresses of the friends that Palmer's mom wants to invite, as well as a few of our own friends who owe me mailing addresses.

Went to the batting cages on Saturday to get some practice in. I feel better about my swing and making contact with the ball. But I also have 5 blisters on my hands to show for it. They're all mostly healed already (thank god) but the nastiest of them burst during the practice, so I've had a band-aid on it for the past 2 days. It was... not pretty. And not fun!

Instead of going into DC over the weekend, a group of us went up to Baltimore to a drive-in movie outside the city. Saw Man of Steel and World War Z. SPOILERS )

This week is going to be super-busy, but I just found out my sister will be in town for a few days, so yay! And that's it!
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Trying to balance everything is hard, yo. Because there's the THREE jobs, the wedding planning, the softball, the yoga for trade, the trying to spend time with my fiancee... busy, busy, busy. But! I'm getting a lot of good feedback from all three jobs, yoga for trade is pretty awesome (I got into Crow pose! Multiple times! Rock!), we're terrible at softball but at least I'm somewhat improving, and I have help with wedding planning.


Anyhow, yeah, the wedding - menu (at least the entrees) are set, so I can update the website for RSVPs and send out those damn invitations. (Printing them first might help) My mom and I went fascinator shopping, so that should be ready hopefully this weekend. Tomorrow or Sunday Palmer and I will hit up a corset shop so I can get one that'll go under the dress, and then I can do fittings! Turns out that getting a non-clergy member certified to perform marriages in the District is a big old pain in the ass, but we're working on it. If all falls through, Palmer and I (and the families) will just go to the courthouse the morning of and do it officially, and then have my brother in law do a non-official ceremony at the event.

What else... started reading Barista Magazine, cause the roasting plant has a subscription. Its pretty interesting! Love reading the field reports, and now I really want to do an origin trip. If only! The lettuce we were growing failed miserably (Goblin chewing on it during the derecho-that-wasn't may have had something to do with it) so I pulled it out and gave it to the compost worms. We'll just have to try again!

This weekend is corset, running, meeting friends in DC, and possibly printing invitations. Like I said, busy busy busy!
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Survived New York! Hooray! Went into NYC on Tuesday night for my birthday dinner. Palmer and I took the train down, because there was no way we were trying to drive in the city. So Karin met us at Grand Central and we walked through Midtown to Cask Bar & Kitchen (or something like that) where we had craft cocktails, pickleback shots, and tasty food. It was a low-key birthday, and I got to celebrate with two of my favorite people. Also, I had a drink with bourbon and sage and it was freaking delicious. I need to look at their menu and figure out how they made it, becuase oh my god. SO TASTY.

The train ride home that night was exciting, mostly because two guys were drunk and were trying to buy a ticket with their debit card, and the conductor was an asshole who was having none of it. He called the cops and the guys got kicked off in Harlem. Good times! I was also afraid that I'd managed to get us on the wrong train, but luckily in my tipsiness I'd picked the right line. Go me!

Wednesday I went back into the city to hang with Karin. We basically walked around and caught up. Got to walk along the High Line, ate at a tasty restaurant, saw a lot of Chelsea and the West Village, and met some of Karin's friends from work. Also got to hang with Rachel, who I'd not seen in 2 years, so that was cool.

Very very glad to be home. NYC is great, and I want to visit more, but being stuck in a hotel room all day is not so fun. The cats are happy we're back too, though Loki is whining for food now, and has been for the last hour. You'd think we starve these guys.

My phone has been fixed! For the past few weeks I've been getting more and more frustrated with it, as it has been refusing to make calls, not sending texts, and generally being really goddamn slow. I was pretty pissed because I didn't want to have to get a new phone the second I was up for one, and it was looking more and more like I'd have to. Yesterday I was complaining to Palmer about it, and he suggested that we could try resetting it to factory default, as that might fix some of the problems. After doing a bit of research and discovering that other users were having the same problem, we decided to go ahead. Oh my god. It works so much better now! And because it deleted all my apps, I'm now going through and being selective about what I re-install! My phone is so clean now! And works! And makes calls, and texts, and loads pages quickly, I love it! :-D :-D :-D

Ok. This week is gonna be super freaking busy, and then we're leaving for Florida on Saturday. Should be a good time!
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After a few weeks of not reading and then a few weeks struggling to catch up, I'm really excited that I'm now ahead on my goal of "Read 1 book per week" - granted, not by much, but still! I'm sure this week I'll get even more ahead, as I'm in Mt. Kisco, NY because Palmer has an IBM training thing that he's not at all excited about. He was pretty bummed, in fact, until I offered to come with him. So now he's happy, and I'm doing some work from the hotel room, and anticipating a lot of reading. Now, as in right at this moment, I'm also quite annoyed, because housekeeping just buzzed open my door without knocking. After they'd already come by earlier and went away. AFTER KNOCKING. Who doesn't knock before entering? What the actual hell?

Anyhow. New York. Bored. Don't want to work, but have to. Some stuff I can't get to because I don't have the answers I need, and no one is responding! On that one, if I don't get a response in another hour, I'll ask someone else, cause this shit has to get done. However, it'd be nice to be able to communicate with my contact person!


Had my early birthday dinner on Saturday, which was lovely. Both my sisters were in town, which was awesome. We all went to Core Power Sculpt that morning, and two days later I'm still sore. Seriously, ouch. But yeah, my parents got me a gift card for 5 classes at that yoga studio, after which I'll hopefully be signed up for Work for Yoga and get classes FREE! Well, in exchange for four hours of work/week. :-P My sisters got me a gift card to New York and Company, and Palmer got me a Po Campo bike bag. Excited! We'll go into NYC tomorrow night to celebrate, should be cool.

Sunday was Mothers Day brunch and then traveling up to NY. Brunch was great, traveling not so much. Sore legs and bad traffic. But at least the company was good!

Ok, time to go figure out the lunch situation around here. Which likely involves walking some distance. Whatever. Good for me. Hopefully by the time I get back, my contact will have returned my email.
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So I stopped flipping out. Well, first I flipped out harder, cause oh my god they fried my hair and why am I blond, but then I got over it. Mostly. Some kind words from good friends helped quite a bit, as did the lovely weather over the past few days. Of course today is gross and shitty outside, but I was in "get shit done" mode, and shitty weather can't get me down!

Ahem. So yes - the hair. )

Onto other topics! Last day with Bethesda Green will be Saturday. I've been hired as a part-time contractor with another non-profit (one that will PAY me) and just won't have time to be there twice a week for full days. I told them I'd like to keep writing the weekly blog post, cause that only takes about an hour, I like doing it, and it builds my writing portfolio. In return, they said there might be room in the budget for me to be paid for those blog posts. So hooray!

Going to see Iron Man 3 tonight, SO EXCITED!

That's it about it, ciao!


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