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We had a packed weekend, and it was pretty damn awesome. Well, Saturday started out kinda blah, had a dentist appointment. I'd had to reschedule my original appointment because of a cold, and the only one they had left was that Saturday morning. So yay, woke up early on a weekend got my teeth poked at. But hey, no cavities!

Anyhow, the weekend fun really started with dim sum at noon. My friend Sarah invited us to join her and her friends, and it was AWESOME. I feel like some dim sum dishes are hit or miss, but everything I tried on Saturday was delicious. I was so freaking full by the end of lunch, I about fell into a food coma. But we couldn't do that, no - we had THINGS TO DO.

Community Forklift is a shop up in Hyattsville that sells old furniture and home supply items like doors, windows, appliances, etc. Saturday was their "Garden Party" celebrating spring, so we went to walk around and see if there was anything we wanted. Unfortunately they didn't have a good plant selection, so we didn't get any veggies. But! We found a light fixture that we think will work well for our living room (we want to get a ceiling light put in) and a sweet hatchet. Why do we need a hatchet? Don't you worry. (Actually just for yard work.)

Since our plant purchasing had been foiled, we decided to go to a nursery near our house and see what they had. They had a decent amount! So we got broccoli, spinach, snap peas, seed potatoes, and a few herbs. Plus some summer-blooming bulbs. When we got home we let Coco run around the yard and got the veggies (minus the potatoes, which have to wait a few weeks) into the ground, and the herbs into the pots.

That night we stayed in, had wine and cheese, and watched Daredevil. QUITE enjoying it so far!

Sunday we met up with my family for some day drinking. To clarify - my sister and her family are in town for a visit, and we met up with them and my parents at a local brewery for lunch. Palmer and I had been to 7 Locks Brewing a few times already, but my parents hadn't and obviously my out-of-town sister and her husband hadn't either. My dad bought us lunch, and we all had a few beers - a flight first to try a bunch of different ones, then a full-size beer. Meanwhile the twins (age 5) ate their lunches, played with other families' kids that were there, and learned how to play giant Jenga. Good times!

After beers, Palmer and I went BACK to the nursery to get a few things we forgot about. Did a bit more in the garden, then headed to the movies to FINALLY watch Deadpool. It was hilarious, and very gross. I was laughing and going "Ew!" a lot throughout. Definitely glad we caught it before it left theaters. Now we need to try to catch Zootopia...

And that was our wild and crazy weekend! We were super productive, had delicious food and beers, and got shit done!


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