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Apparently I can only bring myself to update when it snows. Which is... not good news for the majority of the year. Hrm. Anyhow! Worked from home today because they were calling for 4"-8" to fall during the day, followed by sleet to ice over the roads. Did not want to drive in that! The majority of all that ended up missing us, but hey whatever. Got to wear my slippers all day!

Yesterday was a bit of a rollercoaster. Started off well - went to breakfast in Kensington where the service was bad but at least the food was good. Then took Palmer's mom and brother out so we could buy her a winter coat - our Christmas present to her. We went down to Tysons Corner in Virginia, and managed to get her a very nice coat with a faux fur-lined hood. She and Derby then bought me my belated Xmas gift, a set of serving utensils. Long story, but they'd ordered some for me well before Xmas, then the company went out of business and said they didn't actually have those items in stock. Fun! (And not that long, as it turns out...) So we went to Sur la Table and I picked out a set I quite like.

We invited them back to our house so they could play with Coco, whom they adore. Coco was so excited to see them that she scarfed down her food, then promptly vomited it all back up. So that was fun. While I was soothing her, we noticed that one of her toes was swollen. So while Palmer drove Susan and Derby back to their house, I gave Coco's foot a bath with some antiseptic shampoo the vet gave us. Seemed to be ok, so we left for Valentine's Day dinner.

Oh. My. God. This dinner was AMAZING. So it was "Valentine's Day Three Way" at Denizens Brewing Co., featuring their beers and main courses, cheeses from Firefly Farms, and chocolates from a local chocolatier, Puja Satiani. Again, oh my god. The cheese course was a black and blue cheese paired with a tripel, and a bella vita paired with an esb. The second course was a yummy salad paired with a rye ipa. The third course was this DELICIOUS pasta paired with a red ale. And the fourth course was the chocolates, paired with two different beers: a quadrupel (which was WAY too sweet) and a very nice oatmeal stout. AND! We got Denizens glasses and a little box of chocolates to take home with! Like I said, dinner was AMAZING.

So then we got home, and it all went to shit. Well, kinda. Coco's toe had swelled up even more and she was favoring it and licking it. So back in the car we went, this time with her in the backseat, and headed over to the 24-hour vet clinic. They said it looked like a spider had bitten her and it had subsequently gotten infected. So they bathed it, gave her a shot of steroids, and gave us some antibiotics and a topical to give her. And they put her in a cone, poor girl. So wee had a not so triumphant end to the weekend with a very sad dog in a cone.

She's in better spirits today, but is still favoring that foot a little bit. We've also been giving her Benadryl (per instructions) so hopefully the swelling will go down soon.

I'm a bit obsessed with my new planner, but that's a whole post in and of itself. I've also joined a group that practices hand-lettering; I posted a bunch of pictures to Facebook, go check em out! So yeah, that's been a lot of fun. The next meeting is in a few weeks, the theme is "What Inspires You" so I have to think on that.

And that's about it!


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