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One of the frustrating things about my job (and believe me, I know this is small bananas) is my boss' music habits. See, he has a Pandora paid account. Which is great, theoretically. No ads, tons of stations! Only problem is, he plays the same station (maybe two) ALL THE TIME. And its always mellow shit I've heard during yoga classes. Seriously, I have heard many of these songs in actual yoga classes. And that's fine, he can play what he wants. The problem happens when I am already playing music, and he comes in and turns his music on anyways. Like, I'm not going to get into a volume war with you, that's childish. But could you maybe acknowledge that we listen to your music ALL THE TIME, so when I turn on, say, Explosions in the Sky, we could take like AN HOUR to listen to that instead? But no. Comes in, sits down, music on. Gah!

Whatever, this is why I have headphones at work.

I got a shiny new phone yesterday! My beloved old HTC One had really started to crap out on me. Apps weren't working right or were taking forever to load, the battery life was decreasing, texts weren't going through... so even though it probably has a few months left in its usable life, I decided it was time to get a new phone. Coincidentally, Motorola just released their latest phone, and it is FANTASTIC. One, it is enormous compared to my old phone. Not quite Fablet territory, but pretty close. Two, it was fully customizeable, so I got 64 gigs of space, pretty colors, and a personalized back and welcome screen. Three, IT IS SO SHINY! I haven't been able to play with it a ton, because work, but I've slowly been getting my apps on there, getting everything set the way I like. You know what I also really like? That the technology now exists to transfer all your shit from your old phone to your new phone. So now I have my text and call history, my contacts, my photos - that last is crucial. While I have everything backed up, its nice to still have all my photos on my new phone. So if there's something I snapped that I didn't post to Facebook or Instagram, I can still pull it up really easily. Awesome!

Work is busy. Our big shoot starts tomorrow, and I was running around (not literally) all day getting ready. Hopefully all goes smoothly, the client loves us, their Kickstarter campaign is a massive success, and we all become millionaires.

Is that not how it works?


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