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Since we've cleaned the house and sorted through the unsorted stuff, I find myself more eager to have people over. (Before it was like, Look away from my shame!) So a few days before the Superbowl we asked if a few friends wanted to come over to watch the game at our place. I said I'd make dinner if people could bring snacks and desserts, and so a plan was set! Went shopping for ingredients on Sunday, and decided to make two types of chili - a white chicken chili that I've made before, and a red slow cooker chili that was new to me. Both ended up delicious, though we do have leftovers. (Like, a lot. Those recipes weren't playing around.) And we had a good time with our friends. Except that Coco got sick.

Not sure if she ate something or caught a bug from doggy day care, but Sunday evening she was nauseated and puking. The poor thing kept trying to eat leaves and grass (either to make herself puke or to calm her stomach, not sure) and just looked miserable. I gave her some Pepto Bismol, which helped, but didn't want to give her too much in case she really did need to expel something. She looked better yesterday, if a little quiet, but threw up again both during the day and when I got home. We took her to the vet, and they said her vitals were fine. They gave her some anti-nausea stuff and fluids to fight the dehydration, and said we should fast her and then give her a bland diet. So no food for poor Coco last night. This morning I boiled some chicken and cooked some white rice, and Palmer has been giving her a bit at a time. Knock on wood, but so far so good. Ugh, it just sucks when your animals get sick. They feel bad, and you feel bad, and you just want to cuddle them and help them feel better and UGH!

Anyhow. The other fun thing from the weekend was a flat tire on my car. The "check pressure" light came on Saturday night, so I figured I'd go get some air in the tires Sunday morning. Nope! Completely flat! Changed it out for the spare and discovered a screw had punctured the tire, right in the middle. Which mean that first thing Monday I was at the tire place getting it patched. At least it could be patched - cost me $18 instead of the several hundred it would have cost to get new tires.

And that's the big stuff from the weekend. Hope everyone else had a less eventful one than I did!


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