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I always forget how awful cramps are until they happen again. This time was my own stupidity - I forgot to renew my bc prescription and it didn't arrive until 6 days into the new pill cycle. Since that would be impossible to catch up to, I decided to wait and just restart with the new cycle. But goddamn. My birth control not only helps with the whole not-pregnant thing, but also reduces my cramps to almost nothing. Which, considering the debilitating pain that happens without the birth control, is nigh miraculous. But, since I didn't take it this month, guess what I got today? That's right, wicked cramps! It's super fun! Anyhow. Drinking water, sitting on the couch with a heating pad, and planning to take the dog for a walk in a few minutes.

Took Palmer's mom out for a girls day yesterday; manicures and coffee. Turns out it was the first time Susan had ever gotten her nails done, so she had a blast. Got her a nice neutral cream color while I went a bit... bolder. She did say she'd try to work up to purple. :-) Coffee was at Quartermaines, and I didn't know either of the baristas, it was super weird. But hey, the girl made some damn good drinks, so no complaints.

I'm a little torn about my job. I enjoy it, I like the work I do, I like my boss (most of the time), but it's not my field. And I keep seeing postings for jobs in my field, and it's tempting. I saw a recent posting that is what I'm doing now, but also more editorial, and for a conservation group in the area. And I really want to apply. It's less money, but more vacation and actual benefits, and it's in my field. So I'm thinking about it. I don't know. I have a few weeks before the application deadline, we'll see what I decide.

Getting in shape has been going alright. I have been better about cooking (cooked 5 of 7 days last week) and I try to walk at least two miles a day - but sometimes get up to 5! I've lost a few pounds already, which is nice, and I do feel better. Now to cut down on the wine! :-P

I swear the next post will actually be about Coco - since I promised to write one all those months ago and never did. Til then!
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