Jan. 1st, 2015

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A lot has happened since my last post (checks, shudders) four and a half months ago. But this post is not for a life update! It is for a discussion of what I'd like to work on in 2015. Not a resolution (it's a trap!) but goals and aspirations. So!

1. Write more consistently. I think part of what has made me back away from updating so often is that I now do it for a living. It's hard to spend all day blogging on various topics and come home to do the same. But I miss writing on LJ, and I'm always a little sad that I don't write here more often, so in 2015 I'll be trying to write more consistently.

2. Get back on track, health-wise. Between house-hunting, moving, unpacking, and stress at work, I've gained back about half the weight that I managed to lose two years ago. It's not terrible, I still fit into my jeans, but I want to do better. Like, actually use that gym membership that I pay for, and take my energetic dog on nice long walks. This also means cooking rather than ordering. It's hard to get home after a long day and be motivated to cook, but I enjoy the results, so...

3. Improve my Spanish. I've forgotten a lot of what I once knew, way back when I was almost fluent. I have, and enjoy using, Duolingo, but I've been slacking for a while. So I'd like to practice more often, and improve/expand my vocabulary. This is a slow goal, but it'd be nice to feel a bit better about my comprehension by this time next year.

4. Keep crafting. I have fun when I do it, the trick is to find a project that fascinates me and will prove *useful* to me. Like, the magnetic makeup board was completed in a weekend, but the scarf I'm knitting has been a WIP for over a year. So - find projects that I like and will use, and do them.

I don't want to overwhelm myself, so that's it for goals. We'll see how I do. But hey, I wrote a post for the first time in four months, so that's going well already!


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